Getting a win streak together can be vital for any successful season in IEL, and recovering from a succession of negative results is also crucial if a team wants to turn their season around, and make a push for playoffs after a rough start

There is one team in each league that has not lost a series so far – these are The Neon Flamingo prospect, Dormant Esports challenger and Elated Esports master. No team in IEL history has ever managed a full unbeaten season, so all three of these teams will be hoping to achieve that. Elsewhere, Aardwolf Esports challenger are 6-2 after being 1-2, and in this 5-series winning streak have dropped just 1 game, with 4 sweeps.

On the other end of the scale, there is just one team that has played 8, lost 8 – The Neon Flamingo master. Aside from this, Golden Age challenger have lost 6 in a row after going 1-1 in the first week of the season, and Pucture master managed their first win in their 8th game of the season to make their record 1-7. Prospect seems to be the most competitive league for the lower teams, as no team has won fewer than two series so far (and only The Neon Flamingo have lost fewer than two).

Now I’ll take a look at some teams than have, or have the potential to put together some runs of form to make a positive change, or seem to be slipping behind their original pace.

Tofu and Sons Prospect

This team had a perfect first week, getting two sweeps and sitting top of their conference. Since then they have only managed to win one series, a 3-2 victory over CORL. They conceded as many goals (3) in the entirety of their first series as they did in the opening game of their most recent match. This match was 3-2 loss to Bad Karma in which they were beaten 5-4 in a game 5 overtime, being denied the reverse sweep. That must be a particularly difficult loss to recover from, but they will need to do just that in order to save their season and make a push for playoffs.

Elated Esports Challenger

The season started with 3 wins for Elated, but they were beaten in their second game of week 2 by Shaman Esports. This was a sign of things to come, as they lost their next 3 series to go from 3-0 to 3-4. It seemed like a 5th loss was inevitable as they were playing one of the top teams in the conference in Auto Celerity. They managed to pull off a shock 3-2 victory however, which is a result that still gives them every chance of having a good season if they can use this momentum to turn the season around.

Built By Us master

BBU master were underdogs going into season 7, and it showed from the start as they lost their first three series. They played another team low in the table in Puncture after this, and they managed to pull off a 3-2 victory, giving them a slight hope of pulling their record back. They did get 2 losses in the following week (including one forfeit), but in week 4 they won both of their series, making their record 3-5 at this stage. It would be a phenomenal comeback if they were to make playoffs, but anything is possible if they can get a streak of wins on the board.

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