Good evening IEL and welcome to our first article dedicated to one of the more interesting dynamics to the league, transfers! This article will cover the notable transfers between Week 1 and Week 5 as well as providing a further insight into some of the more major roster changes. Some teams have opted to drop their whole rosters as they push for playoffs, as others have gone for smaller changes, hoping to nudge their team forwards as we approach the last few weeks of league play.


Other than the transfers of the Golden Age team, the prospect division has been pretty stable over the first 4 weeks of league play, however as we entered Week 5 that all changed with some big rosters moving around and some changes staying as just rumours for now.

Nootz want a change and Prophecy pick up the valuable pieces.

Borisah: Bad Karma  Nootz
Kevin999000111: Nootz  Prophecy
Oscardoo: Prophecy  Free Agent

The high flying 8-2 Nootz team, surprisingly, made the announcement earlier this week that they would be dropping Kevin999000111 from their roster, a player, who from the outside at least, has seemed to be a root cause of their prolonged winning form and high league position. After playing their two games this week with their sub and, although it could be argued that they did face off against weaker teams, still managed to come out of the week 2-0, it was declared that the duo of Dynomite and Nerivell would be teaming up with Borisah from Bad Karma. This was after Borisah, the 3rd top goal scorer in the league, left Bad Karma after rumours of him joining Disconnected, this clearly fell through and he has managed to get, arguably, the most sought after roster opening in the prospect division, on paper this team has the makings to continue its form, but will the addition of another mechanical and fast player be the downfall of the Nootz team? However we can’t forget about the player that did make up the roster that got Nootz into such a strong position, and that player is Kevin999000111, after his removal from the roster, he wasted no time at all finding a new home with Prophecy becoming that fresh start. He was linked with the Prophecy team in Pre-season and was lined up to sign for them but for one reason or another, he decided Nootz was the best fit. Now, after the removal of Oscardoo, he will be looking for some good results with a Prophecy team of Oliskil1s and Roast, least season’s grand finalists. He may be the one who can push prophecy in the right direction after their far from inspiring and below expectations start to the season and looks to be doing so after a win on his debut against top of the league Reflux and a convincing sweep against mid-table rivals Disconnected.

Disconnected’s long term breakup (Sort of)
SnuWu: Disconnected  Free Agent
Clappy: Disconnected  Free Agent
Tazar: Disconnected  Free Agent
Clappy: Free Agent  Disconnected

The longest-standing 3 man roster in the prospect division and possibly even the entirety of IEL itself has parted ways after almost 2 seasons together. SnuWu, Clappy and Bearded were together since the start of season 5 and after an extremely successful campaign last season with a run in playoffs, they would have been looking to emulate that form but it unfortunately hasn’t been the run of results that are needed to be a real contender for playoffs and this has culminated to the breakup of the team as SnuWu and Clappy were both released along with Tazar slightly after, leaving just Bearded. However in an odd turn of events, only a few days later Clappy was re-signed to the roster restoring some of the original roster together again, this team is yet to find a third but after going 1-1 in week 5 has made their run to playoffs and extremely difficult one.

Other Notable Transfers
Vapidz: Conquest  Bad Karma
Evoke: Auto Celerity  Free Agent
EpgTV: Lions Gaming  Auto Celerity
Dispatchio: Reflux  Prophecy
Tutan: Deathmask  Free Agent
Diggin: Crosssbar Heroes  Deathmask
Sweenii: Primal  Free Agent


We’re deep into league play now, and since transfers open in week 2, and teams have been busy with many roster changes taking place. In this article I’ll be going over some of the most interesting recent developments in team’s rosters for the Challenger League, and what we can expect from some of the newly formed teams competing in the remainder of the season.

Double or Nothing: Dormant Esports switches half the roster

  • RMD08-: Dormant – Free Agent
  • ROOFÈ: Dormant – Fort Templar
  • andasAP: Reflux – Dormant
  • CammyB: Eidolon – Dormant

It was back in week 3 that the Dormant Challenger captain tburger made the seemingly strange decision to get rid of his other two main roster players after going undefeated in the season. The replacement players CammyB and andasAP had big shoes to fill, and the team would undoubtedly be a laughing stock if the change went badly. But it seems to be working out at least alright at the moment, because the team has remained undefeated ever since. They are the only 10-0 team in the entire IEL, not just challenger league. They are the overwhelming favourites to take the whole thing at this stage, so we shall see if they carry on going strong, or falter on their way to the top.

Exodus – Team Ascendant loses three players

  • Azazel: Team Ascendant – Team Berserkers
  • Crispy.:: Team Ascendant – Free Agent
  • NeoN: Team Ascendant – Free Agent

The Team Ascendant roster that started the season stayed together until week 5, but it was at this point that it fell apart. Azazel, NeoN and Crispy all left the team and will now be looking to join a new roster. It’s hard to blame them as the team was on a 1-9 record, but will any team want to sign them knowing their previous performance? The other question is who will Ascendant sign to replace them, joining the remaining player Stypher? If they can get a strong roster together, they may be able to knock off some top teams despite having no chance at playoffs themselves.

Trouble in paradise – spot on Golden Age roster opens up

  • Laps: Golden Age – Free Agent

Golden Age have lost just one series all season so far, a record which cements them as one of the top teams in the Challenger League. The exit of this player creates a spot that almost every Free Agent in the league will no doubt be clambering to fill. It’s a chance to play with one of the best teams in the league, and a guaranteed spot in the playoffs assuming they can win just one more game. It will be intriguing to see who they pick up, and whether their new roster can live up to the high standards that have been set by the season so far.

Constant adjustment – Team Berserkers change it up

  • Helena: Team Berserkers – Free Agent
  • Retzy.: Team Berserkers – Free Agent
  • Aces: Free Agent – Team Berserkers
  • Azazel: Team Ascendant – Team Berserkers

Team Berserkers sit at 3-7 in the challenger league, and two of their main roster players have left the team. Helena and Retzy are back on the free agent list, and Berserkers had two spots to fill. They filled them quickly however, and with some interesting names. Aces was the first player to be taken in, a mechanical player and IEL veteran. The final spot was taken by Azazel, one of the players to leave the aforementioned Team Ascendant side. It will be interesting to see how the season pans out for this new team.

Other Notable Transfers

  • Tyla joins Bad Karma eSports
  • Sideline leaves Shadow Esports
  • TBrood joins Shadow Esports
  • Pato joins Triumph
  • Sintho leaves Triumph
  • Cyclo2Punkt0 joins Triumph


In the first six weeks of league play in the master tier of IEL this season, we have seen many roster moves, some surprising, some less so. With roster lock fast approaching, it’s time to look back at some of the transfers that have taken place over the last six weeks.

Irregular roster for Regulars
Dalek – Regulars -> Free Agent
Cruzey – Regulars -> Free Agent
Brucy – Regulars -> Free Agent
Trixzy – Regulars -> Free Agent
Agn – Regulars -> Free Agent
Lukzy – Free Agent -> Regulars
Cruzey – Free Agent -> Regulars

There has been a whole host of roster moves for this Regulars roster, with seven transfers, including a player rejoining the roster after leaving, which some might think as strange, considering they currently lie 7th in the Gamma Conference in the playoff positions. Bringing in Lukzy, who, at the time of his signing, was the highest DSN player, should give some confidence to the roster and could help lead them towards claiming a place in the playoffs.

Peculiar Moves from Team Peculiarity
Less-Bigmac – Team Peculiarity -> Free Agent
Spooks – Free Agent -> Team Peculiarity
Hazar – Team Peculiarity -> Free Agent
Shad – Team Peculiarity -> Free Agent
Chrono – Free Agent -> Team Peculiarity
Clusj – Free Agent -> Team Peculiarity

Team Peculiarity have been consistently changing their roster about as of late, and they have good reason to do so. Currently with a record of 2-8, GM Hazar has decided to switch up his master roster, with the intention of turning their season around. This involved Hazar releasing himself, as well as Shad, and bringing in Chrono and Clusj to replace them on the roster, although they still haven’t managed to pick up a win since Week 2 of League Play.

Other Notable Transfers
Torex – Deathmask -> Free Agent
Stamiinaa – Free Agent -> Deathmask
C4.DEN – Prophecy -> Free Agent
Spectro – Prophecy -> Free Agent
Sora :^ – Reflux -> Free Agent
Pjoes – Free Agent -> Reflux
Hybrid – Primal -> Prophecy
SlenderMoss – Free Agent -> Ruyter
StealthyWoolf – Free Agent -> Ruyter

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