ERLS Season 3 – Playoff Previews

As the hype continues to build for the ERLS playoffs, the news team have written pieces on every single team that has qualified for the playoffs! We hope you enjoy, and roll on Monday where the action begins! ELITE Warlocks (17-3) (Writer – Nathan) What a league play Warlocks have had! After season 2’s woeful performance, […]

ERLS Season 3 – Week 10 Previews

Good afternoon! In our last preview post for league play this season, we go over the biggest matches that will decide whether teams make the playoffs or miss out! Some huge games this week, so enjoy! ELITE (Writer – Nathan) Austrian Force vs AEon eSports This could be a huge match. Both of these teams have […]

ERLS Season 3 – Week 7 Power Rankings

Evening all, here are your power rankings for week 7! Some interesting results this week. Rankings are an aggregate of myself, Mutschuk, Tails, Lexxa, Chop and Teather’s rankings. For each conference, each team is ranked 1-14, with positions relating to a different amount of points. These points are then tallied up and totalled to give […]