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With League play coming to an end, and for 13/17 players signifying the end to the season, we have 8 weeks of action to look back upon. Within that time frame, we’ve had some remarkable moments so let’s look back at those stand-out occurrences! It is not listed in any particular order, and there was almost certainly other momentous occurrences, but these are the ones we could think of.

Dominant Dormant (Challenger)
Whether you put Dormant going 15-1, or Hyve Central beating them 3-2 in the final game of the season in front of 120 people to deny Dormant making history in going unbeaten is an impossible choice. Dormant were by far the best team in League Play as they went 15-0, beating essentially everyone. Going 15-0 is especially difficult in the Challenger League which is arguably the most competitive league where any team can beat any other team. This was displayed in Dormant’s penultimate game as they almost lost to Triumph who finished with a record of 5-11. With the series being 2-1 in Triumph’s favour, Dormant decided to sub out tburger for CammyB and then comfortably beat Triumph and kept the invincible record alive.
That was until two days later where they faced 2nd place Hyve Central: The hardest League Play. Naturally, the game was streamed on the twitch channel and it gathered great attention with 120 viewers, one of the highest viewerships in League Play. The game would decide whether Dormant made history and went unbeaten, and with the opponent and setting it was the perfect script. It was an extremely back-and-forth series with some of the best goals the Challenger League had seen, with Semtex and tburger, and Nostic and andasAP seemingly battling each other in who could score the most spectacular goals. It was the sort of high-paced, back-and-forth series you would would expect from the setting, and the production, viewership, gameplay, casting did it justice. It was truly a game of dreams where Hyve in the end just edged out the Game 5, with a late winner after being pressured for the better part of the game.

Hyve Central’s painful Week 8 Disappointment (Prospect)

After an atrocious start to League Play, going 0-4, Hyve Central decided there were changes to made. Dropping three out of four players, Slushy, Tropical and Ding0h came in to play alongside Meowdy. The impact was immediate and significant: They win 8 of their next 10 games, only losing to Clairvoyant and Fort Templar as well as beating the likes of eNightmare.
Ahead of the final week, they need to win both games for their playoffs-chances to be in their hands, otherwise it comes down to whether Delta win their game against Team Peculiarity. Hyve does the first half of their job, sweeping Auto Celerity in a high-scoring series where an average of 7.3 goals were scored per game.
And now came the decisive moment. 8 weeks and 15 games had led up to this point. They face Tofu and Sons, a very decent team. If they win this game they progress into playoffs, if they lose, Tofu and Sons do, and they have rely on Delta losing against Peculiarity. Game one goes the wrong way – Tofu and Sons win 3-1 in a game that was rather even statistically. In Game 2, Meowdy leads them to a 3-1, in their favour this time. It’s in Game 3 it goes wrong. Hyve fail to score as Tofu and Sons edge them out in just about every aspect of the game. Hyve don’t have a response for Game 4, and they get battered 6-0 by Tofu and Sons who were all over them at this point. Delta win their game against Peculiarity and the dream is over, after attempting one of the most spectacular comebacks, they lose it in the final moment.

Reflux’s Substitute Masterclass (Master)

After Week 4 of League Play, Reflux were left with a win-loss record of 3 wins and 5 losses, and playoffs were already looking to be out of reach. After a few conversations between the players, they decided to release Sora from the team and to have Pjoes replace him on the team. After a narrow 3-2 defeat to Dormant in their first series as a roster, Reflux went on a tear, winning their next seven series in succession, taking third place in the Gamma Conference and qualifying for playoffs in convincing fashion.

eNightmare’s Spectacular Winning Streak (Prospect)

After going 1-4, eNightmare succeeded to do what Hyve failed to. With Inza, arguably one of the best players in the Prospect League returning, eNightmare seemed to find the final piece of the puzzle, going on a spectacular 11-game win streak beating the likes of Dormant, Clairvoyant and Fort Templar to finish top of the conference with a 12-4 record, and getting the #2 seed for playoffs, only second to 14-2 Primal. Simply stunning.

Reflux weathering the storm of roster changes (Challenger)

Reflux have had one of the most roster change-heavy seasons in the IEL, and somehow managed to finish with a 11-5 record. The first roster change happened in Week 1, where JROOT left the team after going 2-0 and DylJ99 coming in to replace him. Things were going well enough as they went 5-3, however, with andasAP leaving for 6-0 Dormant, they were forced to make changes. DylJ99 had to go as GM Rubenofski returned to playing with Saprix coming in to complete the roster.
Finally, they felt they had a stable team and they were comfortable in their quality. This was until Saprix had to leave ahead of Week 7 and Reflux was yet again in search for a player. The season seemed cursed, they could not settle. They picked up Altrox from Deathmask after sweeping them, and went into Week 7 with a decent 8-4 record. One thing to note is that they still had to play their sub, and would have to play him in three of their remaining four series. They head into their first series against Ruyter with their sub, and tragedy strikes. They somehow lose 3-2 to the bottom team, and it now looked bleak for them, especially as they didn’t know what to expect with their new player Altrox. They pull it out the bag, however, as they beat top team Auto Celerity 3-2 with Altrox and beating Neon Flamingo and Elated in Week 8, they secure a playoffs spot with an impressive 11-5 record. 11-5 is impressive for a team not plagued by a roster-change crisis, and it is impressive that they managed to do so well with what they had.

Eidolon and Bad Karma’s first losses to RLI and eNightmare (Master)

Heading into their series against eNightmare, Eidolon were yet to lose a series after winning their first five in a row. However, that all changed when Bope assisted ZyApe to score a 0-second goal in Game 5 to ensure that Eidolon wouldn’t be able to go unbeaten for the season, a feat which still hasn’t been completed in IEL history.

RL Ireland delivered the first of Bad Karma’s three defeats of this season in convincing fashion, sweeping them, ending their eight series unbeaten streak to leave them at eight wins and one loss.’

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