1. Primal Esports
  2. Team Absolut
  3. Built By Us
  4. Enigma (+4)
  5. Aztecs (-1)
  6. Warlocks eSports (+1)
  7. DéjàVu eSports (-2)
  8. Royals (+1)
  9. Sonic Wave (-3)
  10. Instinct eSports – tied with RL Ireland (+1)
  11. RL Ireland – tied with Instinct eSports (+4)
  12. Austrian Force (-1)
  13. Shamrock eSports – tied with Shadow eSports
  14. Shadow eSports – tied with Shamrock eSports (-3)
  15. AEon eSports (+1)
  16. Crown Gaming (-2)



  1. Insanity
  2. Warhawks (+2)
  3. Throne Gaming (+5)
  4. Glacier (+3)
  5. Prophecy – tied with (+4)
  6. – tied with Prophecy (-3)
  7. Team Ascendant (-1)
  8. Bad Karma eSports – tied with NoHope eSports
  9. NoHope eSports – tied with Bad Karma eSports (-5)
  10. R3D Water eSports (-5)
  11. Xero – tied with Erisean eSports (+2)
  12. Erisean eSports – tied with Xero (+1)
  13. eNightmare (-1)
  14. Oasis eSports (-3)
  15. Triumph (+1)
  16. Reflux (-1)


Crazi’s Article



With week 9 the tournament coming to a close and with week 10 starting very soon, it’s important now more than ever to get your team to playoffs. with the roster lock beginning this week it’s important that the team is ready and able to complete all of their games. with a mind I decided to cover two teams from the metalloid conference that might make it, that being dejavu and royals.


DéjàVu eSports:

Dejavu having recovered from their start of the season slump I’m looking dangerous backed by rocks as their team captain and GM. With a close game 5 win against primal as well as a close game 5 win against teams absolut, this team looks like it may do very well in playoffs. The main caveat to that is that they may not actually make it to playoffs and that could cause some severe problems especially with the sudden run of really good form.

With them still yet to play two of the teams above them in the league, they may still have a chance to get that playoff spot through 3rd place in their division. But only time can tell and it’s not for certain this could turn to them being more determined going into later matches and possibly allowing them to get those few games they need to clinch that placement.

So with a scary situation up ahead, only time can tell the future of this team. Which is probably correct because I think we’ve seen this problem before maybe more times than we’d like to.



Another team gripping to the heels of playoffs is royals. the positioning just behind sonic wave put them in a good position to take over and take that final playoff spot. With just the rest of their own conference to face it’s looking like a fair chance. Although the past games against their own division would point to that not being case, I would not be surprised if they have massively changed since then.

Which two other easier games coming up next week, they could be placed ahead of sonic wave by the end of Thursday. But a loss to warlocks would put them behind and may give warlocks that chance at playoffs instead.

With the GM Alfi at the head of his pack this may be one final push to take the throne, or to drop their crown on the ground and walk away.



Aces’ Article (10-8):

Now pulling into 3rd in their division, intact have made a very unpredictable turn around and came back stronger than ever, with a dsn of 1300+ for their 3 roster players, this team is definitely one of the more higher dsn teams. After sweeping Oasis 3-0 and getting a forfeit win against Shamrock, they are in pole position to soon challenge Team Ascendant for the 2nd place spot to playoffs.

Will this team continue on to prove themselves, we shall found out when they face Triumph (3-14) and Throne Gaming (10-8).


Prophecy (11-7):

It seems that Prophecy’s drastic roster change has made very noticeable improvements, now moving into 1st place in their division, this team looks to be in pole position in holding off against other teams for the playoff spot. It seems that the chemistry between the roster has striked a deadly impact which is hard for the other teams to overcome as seen through the win against NoHope and the reverse sweep against Royals.

Next week they face Throne Gaming (10-8) and Triumph (3-14), will this team continue to strive?


Insanity (16-2):

Suffering their 2nd loss this season against Primal in an unlucky 3-0 sweep, Insanity still look in a very secure position for a playoff spot, on par with Primal on W/L. Although suffering that loss, they did manage to beat Reflux 3-1, lifting up some motivation. This team has stuck together since the very start, and with the chemistry only improving and improving, this team is just becoming more dominant.

Next week they face Bad Karma (9-9) and eNightmare(7-10), will any of these teams be able to add a loss to Insanity’s record?


Warhawks (13-5):

After achieving promising wins including a surprise sweep against Aztecs and a 3-1 win vs R3D Water, this team is looking in a good position to continue their road to playoffs. Placed right behind Insanity, this team is proving that they are definitely up there in terms of being a top team. This team has all it takes to hold their spot, it’s up to them to stick with their determined mindset now.

Next week they face Erisean eSports (5-11) and Reflux (3-15), are they determined enough to continue their path and hold onto their position?

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