Good evening IEL, we are a mere single week away from the end of league play for season 4! Due to being so close to the end, we are not doing any write-ups this week. You’ve seen them countless times before and every team has at least one to their name, if not, many. So, as a replacement in the prospect league, we are writing about the teams contesting for playoffs. If you would like to read about what these teams must ensure that they do in this final week of league play to clutch playoffs then you’re in the right place!



  1. Primal Esports
  2. Built By Us
  3. Team Absolut
  4. Aztecs – tied with Enigma (+1)
  5. Enigma – tied with Aztecs
  6. DéjàVu eSports (-1)
  7. Royals
  8. Warlocks eSports
  9. Sonic Wave
  10. Instinct eSports
  11. RL Ireland
  12. Austrian Force
  13. Shamrock eSports
  14. Crown Gaming – tied with Shadow eSports (+1)
  15. Shadow eSports – tied with Crown Gaming
  16. AEon eSports (-1)



  1. Insanity
  2. Warhawks
  3. Glacier – tied with (+1)
  4. – tied with Glacier
  5. Throne Gaming (-2)
  6. Team Ascendant (+1)
  7. R3D Water – tied with Prophecy
  8. Prophecy – tied with R3D Water (-1)
  9. Bad Karma eSports
  10. NoHope eSports
  11. Oasis eSports (+3)
  12. eNightmare
  13. Xero (-2)
  14. Erisean eSports (-1)
  15. Reflux (+1)
  16. Triumph (-1)





After sweeping RL Ireland 3-0 and getting swept by 2nd place DéjàVu eSports 0-3 this week, Enigma find themselves in a curious spot. Playing Instinct to defend their spot and going for the potential top spot in the Silicon Division vs the current 1st place Absolut, this will definitely be a game to watch!


This week was undoubtedly a great result for Royals. Getting a Forfeit over Aeon and the win over the dominating Primal Roster (3-2) will certainly prepare them for their important game vs BBU seeing as a play-off spot is on the line!


In the final weeks of League play a lot of Forfeits have been present due to certain circumstances and have effected some results. One such effected team is Aztecs getting a win over Shamrock but having to forfeit to Absolut due to complications and player availability issues.

DéjàVu eSports

An impressive week from DéjàVu eSports this week, going strong into the final stage. With a new player “Fq” in their roster they are feeling good and ready to go into play-offs. The results also speak for themselves, a 3-1 win over Shadow and the previously mentioned sweep over Enigma give DéjàVu eSports the right mentality going into this week. We did an interview with ROKS to find out how he viewed their performance and the next week:


Interview with ROKS, GM and Prospect player in DéjàVu eSports:

Fluffalz~: So I heard you got a new player, how did that effect your games up until now?

ROKS: Since we got Fq in the team things have been clicking a lot between us 3 a lot more then on the previous roster. We are yet to lose a series with him.

Fluffalz~: Yeah I saw you went 2-0 this week with very impressive wins! So how are you looking to approach next week seeing as a play-off spot is on the line?

ROKS: Not any different then the weeks before. We just need to win both series vs Shamrock and Instinct, if we do that, we’re guaranteed in play-offs

Fluffalz~: Any major obstacles you think could prevent you getting that play-off spot? or do you think that this next week will be comfortable for you?

ROKS: I think we just need to keep focusing on the games and not underestimating any of the teams we’re playing, we always tempt to play worse vs teams that have a worse record then us, but if we stay focused I’m sure we can do it

Fluffalz~: Sounds like a plan! And finally if you make play-offs, you think you guys are going to take it all the way?

ROKS: We definitely have the skill to do it I would say, but it of course depends on the day a lot as well. We’ve already shown our skill by beating top seed Primal once and not having dropped a series since. But I think if we get too overconfident we might go out quickly.

Fluffalz~: Well I wish you the best of luck going into the final stage and thank you for your time!





In Noble we are a mere two teams competing for the final wildcard spots. These two are Team Ascendant and Prophecy. Prophecy have a 13-9 record and Team Ascendant have a 12-10 record. However, Team Ascendant have a 13.81% greater win percentage than Prophecy, which is not closable. Given this, all Team Ascendant have to do is get the same record as Prophecy.


The match-ups for these two incredible teams are as follows. Team Ascendant will play Oasis eSports and Prophecy shall play Despite Oasis’ vast improvement seen in recent weeks, this is still likely a Team Ascendant victory due to them simply being a very strong team. is currently the top team in the Neon division and thus would be a surprise win for Prophecy. The real game to decide the holder of the final wildcard position in Noble is the one between themselves. That’s right, this is coming down to the wire. Whoever wins will likely make playoffs, leaving the other in the dust.


Both teams have been placed first in Neon. Both teams have fallen from the top. Only one, will make playoffs. Judging by their performance, it is fairly easy to predict that both teams wouldn’t do well in playoffs, unless they can dramatically improve between league play and playoffs, however the opportunity to even compete in playoffs is enough of a motivator to turn this match bloodthirsty. This is the single most important match of the week and everybody should be on the lookout for the result.


Prediction: Prophecy have fallen off more recently than Team Ascendant, so due to that I shall be expecting Team Ascendant to return victorious. This could go either way, however, so I predict a close 3-1 score.

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