Good evening IEL! The power rankings have once again changed very little, this is due to league play beginning to come to a close and teams being fairly safe in their position. We will be seeing some exciting final pushes from teams in the next two weeks to clutch onto a playoff spot, so ensure that you stay tuned to see the two most exciting weeks of league play this season!

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  1. Primal Esports
  2. Built By Us (+1)
  3. Team Absolut (-1)
  4. Enigma
  5. DéjàVu eSports (+2)
  6. Aztecs (-1)
  7. Royals (+1)
  8. Sonic Wave (+1)
  9. Warlocks eSports (-3)
  10. Instinct eSports
  11. RL Ireland
  12. Austrian Force
  13. Shamrock eSports
  14. Shadow eSports
  15. AEon eSports
  16. Crown Gaming



  1. Insanity
  2. Warhawks
  3. Throne Gaming
  4. (+1)
  5. Glacier (-1)
  6. Prophecy
  7. R3D Water – tied with Team Ascendant (+2)
  8. Team Ascendant – tied with R3D Water
  9. Bad Karma eSports
  10. NoHope eSports (-1)
  11. Xero
  12. eNightmare – tied with Erisean eSports
  13. Erisean eSports – tied with eNightmare
  14. Oasis eSports
  15. Triumph
  16. Reflux




Team Absolut (14-6)
Still being on top of their division with a win percentage of 57.53%, this team looks to be getting closer and closer to securing their playoffs spot. But with the likes of Aztecs dropping that 2nd spot to Enigma who also appear to have the same record as Absolut , Absolut must secure these last few games in order to seal their playoffs spot. With the likes of GT0 and Crusader looking to be the powerhouses in the team, it’s hard to doubt that this team will drop down anywhere. But we shouldn’t look at the roster because in the last 2 games (other games were forfeit wins to Absolut) they have actually lost to Glacier (0-3) and DéjàVu (2-3)

Next week they face former rival Aztecs (13-7) and Instinct eSports (8-12).Will they jump back and show us what their made of?


Enigma (12-6)
Getting 2 forfeit wins this week, Enigma have gave themselves a chance to secure their current playoff spot and rise with the likes of Team Absolut. In the roster, it looks to be seen that Lxwey and Alektech have been forming a good partnership along with Hstar looking to be the support through that stats.
But will we see some more action next week as Enigma will look to secure their chances to make playoffs.

Next week they face DéjàVu eSports (11-9) and RL Ireland (8-12). DéjàVu will be looking to desperately increase their chances into that playoff spot too, not being too far behind Aztecs. RL Ireland will no doubt try their hardest to atleast get higher in the division.
Will we see a motivated Enigma dominating next week’s games?


DéjàVu eSports (11-9)
After a lot of ups and downs, this team has finally come together; but is there still time left?
If they are really going to try edge into the playoffs spot, they need to make sure they win all their games from now, and they surely have been showing that with a 6 series win streak. With their new roster change, it looks as if this team has found their form and will be definitely look to compete for that playoffs spot. After beating RL Ireland 2-3 and Aztecs 3-0, they will now be facing Enigma (12-6) and Shadow eSports (5-15). Will they continue their path smoothly to increase their chances into playoffs?


Built By Us (15-5)
After securing 2 wins this week, a forfeit Vs Sonic Wave (11-9) and a 3-0 win against Aeon eSports (5-15), they look to be in a comfortable position in going into playoffs. Built By Us have been continuing to show us that the chemistry and the teamwork is working really well with all 3 main roster players stats being very similar.

Next week they will be facing Crown Gaming (5-15) and Warlocks eSports (11-9). Can they continue their road smoothly next week?





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