Hello all! Since last week we have more than doubled our staff at the news team and thus have the capability to bring you plenty more content! We have write-ups from both conferences, a few match summaries from last week and even an interview! With over 2000 words of content this week I am proud for you to see content you’ve seen before from both myself and Viking alongside newcomers Aces and Crazi! We can still make more content with more members and so if you feel as though this is something you’d like to do then please send in an application. Alternatively you can influence the power rankings the community sees every week by applying for that also. Without further ado, please enjoy!


  1. Primal Esports
  2. Team Absolut – tied with Aztecs
  3. Aztecs – tied with Team Absolut
  4. Built By Us (+2)
  5. Sonic Wave (-1)
  6. Enigma (-1)
  7. Royals
  8. DéjàVu eSports (+1)
  9. Shamrock eSports (-1)
  10. Warlocks eSports
  11. Instinct eSports (+2)
  12. RL Ireland (+2)
  13. Shadow eSports (-2)
  14. Austrian Force (-2)
  15. AEon eSports
  16. Crown Gaming



  1. Insanity
  2. Warhawks (+1)
  3. NoHope eSports  – tied with Team Ascendant (+1)
  4. Team Ascendant – tied with NoHope eSports (-1)
  5. Glacier (-1)
  6. Bad Karma eSports (+3)
  7. R3D Water (-1)
  8. – tied with Throne Gaming (+3)
  9. Throne Gaming – tied with (-1)
  10. Xero (-2)
  11. Prophecy (-1)
  12. Oasis eSports (+4)
  13. eNightmare (-2)
  14. Erisean eSports (+1)
  15. Reflux (-2)
  16. Triumph (-2)




Primal Esports (13-1) – Top Dog

Primal have just taken out their biggest competition in the conference as of yet: Team Absolut. There is a summary of that fixture below, so I won’t say much other than a sweep against such a big name has solidified their name into first place now and likely also first in the conference headed into playoffs. The team of veterans is certainly showing off, but the loss that they faced against a now poor performing Warlocks demonstrates that a loss is possible at any point for them, so they must always be on their guard if they are going to win playoffs or else any team of any skill can defeat Primal. The playstyle is very much rotational offensive, with no mechanical player on the team they are forced to rotate quickly with little room for error, but this tends to strangle the opponent into conceding as they cannot discover a break. This is similar to Insanity, but they are more offensive and thus also are still more mechanical, despite not having a player who prioritises it, so a clash between these two at any point would be one to watch!


DéjàVu eSports (5-9) – Rising Star

The worst team of the franchise has accumulated four more losses than wins, which has hindered the possibility of playoffs substantially. Despite this, I have adopted them the title of ‘Rising Star’ for this week due to an exciting new signing. They have released Ding0h, a good player, but not one who fits with Roks and Battery, two balanced players. I believe Ding0h to be quite defensive, leaving Roks and Battery to attack. Whilst Battery suits offence, Roks is quite defensive himself. Fq, whom used to be the star player of the Primal pro roster at the beginning of last season, has joined to balance the team with a mechanical offence; this is a playstyle that Fq is one of the best at in the league. Because of all of this, I believe that DJV will begin winning games, but is this prediction to be correct? If so, can they fasten the vast gap preventing them from reaching playoffs?


Built By Us (10-4) – Dark Horse

BBU have achieved another 2-0 week, similar to last week, which has allowed them to overtake Sonic Wave and achieve second, only to Primal. Playoffs are now looking likely due to the win streak they behold, but only one win separating them from third doesn’t look overly promising. If they are to solidify their playoff position then we should expect to witness Salty Gaben, season 2 pro champion, step up to the plate and really be the star player for the team in hopes of claiming his second title. His teammates aren’t to be underestimated however, TheSunderlad may be the lowest DSN player of the main roster, but his DSN is lower due to playing last season as well. So, he could equally begin to shine and really drive BBU to playoffs.


Sonic Wave (9-5) – Falling Star

Sonic Wave haven’t played poorly recently, just worse than Built By Us. Due to such a high performance from BBU, they have been dethroned from their playoff spot. They will have to overcome this challenge in order to reach playoffs, but recent losses haven’t supported them in this. Recent losses namely include: Enigma, Team Absolut and R3D Water. Losing against the likes of Absolut and Enigma isn’t hurting them too much, but R3D Water is not an acceptable loss of playoffs is in their minds. This was the cross-conference game however, so they may have improved since then. This roster is by no means out of the running, not only is second still an option, but so is the wildcard position, so if they improve just a little bit more or at the very least keep as it is, then we can still see plentiful success from them.




Team Ascendant (10-4)

Team Ascendant have had a victorious week, making their record 10-4 with wins against Glacier (3-2) and Reflux (3-1). Looking at the statistics from their roster, we can see that this team has proven they are one of the top, especially NeoN with 18 goals, 10 assists, 16 saves and 41 shots. He appears to be the driving force in this team.

They will have a challenging week next week, facing Insanity (13-1) and Bad Karma eSports (7-7) who will be looking give their all this week to secure a positive W/L ratio and increase their win percentage which is exactly 50% as of now. Can Team Ascendant make it out of this week victorious?


Throne Gaming (8-6)

Throne Gaming have had an arguably good week, putting themselves with a record of 8-6, beating Bad Karma 3-2 but Insanity scraped an intense 3-2 series against them. Although they didn’t have a bad week, they temporarily dethroned their playoff spot to NoHope eSports. Both teams have the same record but NoHope have the edge on win percentage (53.49% over 52.50%).

Next week they face Glacier (9-5) and Reflux (3-11).
Will Throne Gaming be able to take back that playoff spot?


Prophecy (7-7)

Prophecy have had a very close week but suffered tight losses to Insanity and Bad Karma eSports with 3-2 losses in both games. Unfortunately, a player from the roster has crashed in both series.

Prophecy have recently bolstered up their roster with 2 new signings. They face Reflux (3-11) and Glacier (9-5). Can they end this week with a positive W/L ratio?


Xero (7-7)

Tied with Prophecy on W/L, they are edged away on win percentage from going higher in their division (Prophecy- 47.27%, Xero- 44.90%).
Their week hasn’t been that great for them, suffering a 3-1 loss against Erisean eSports and swept 3-0 by Warhawks.

Next week they face eNightmare (5-9) and
R3D Water (7-7), can they find their form and work together to take both teams out and secure a higher spot in the division?


Erisean eSports (4-10)

Although having an okay week that puts them at 4-10, Erisean eSports have regrouped, reformed with their new roster. New signings that include Thunds, XzyleTB and Sideline. They may have suffered a forfeit loss to Oasis eSports, but they managed to be victorious over Xero, where we can already see improvements and signs that this team could do something, anything to get higher in their division.
But on a further notice, I want to see this team strive with chemistry and determination. Rotation and communication is key, it will take a lot hard work to get a higher spot in their division but it should not be doubted once so ever.

Erisean eSports faces Triumph (3-11) who currently don’t have a full roster as of now and (6-8). Can we see even more improvements and see Erisean eSports strive further?


Warhawks (10-4)

Despite roster changes throughout the previous weeks, it seems as if Warhawks haven’t lost momentum and hold their position in the playoff spot. Warhawks are currently on an impressive 5 win, recently beating Oasis eSports 3-1 and sweeping Xero 3-0. It seems that 2 players from the roster, Noure, a recently signed addition to the team and Ciaran22004 have formed a deadly partnership.
Sharing the same amount of goals (14), this duo looks like the main powerhouse in the offense.

Warhawks are due to face (6-8) and Triumph (3-11) who currently don’t have a full roster at this moment. Can Warhawks hold their momentum and continue to sustain their position?





Primal 3 – 0 Absolut

Before this game I was calling this a make-or-break situation: both Primal and Absolut would be put to the test against teams statistically their equals. What I think no-one expected was Primal to walk away with a sweep. Looking at the stats gives the impression that Absolut simply couldn’t handle Primal’s offense, and while this wasn’t Absolut’s strongest lineup in action, it does raise questions about their ability to compete with the big names of the league.

RL Ireland 3 – 0 Warlocks

This has been a great week for RLI with 2 wins out of 2, especially given their recent form. Captain Dave Forehead has been certainly leading from the front as well, if the last game in the series is anything to go by. While the first two games were reasonably close affairs, Warlocks seem to have been completely overwhelmed in the final game, coming under a barrage of 12 shots from RLI who ended with a dominating 6-1 victory to take the series.

Aztecs 3 – 1 Royals

I mentioned in the half-season reports that Aztecs would be biting at the heels of Absolut and waiting for a slip up, and they’ve capitalised on exactly that. That said, this match is more worthy for the bizarre second-game blip of Royals absolutely demolishing Aztecs 7-2, in a series where they were largely shut out. Keep this in mind: Royals scored 1 goal total across their three lost games, then suddenly put away 7 at once. Whatever they were drinking for that game, I wouldn’t mind a bit myself.




Crazi caught up with Noure, from Warhawks, to ask him a few questions about his transfer, new team and more. There is a writeup from Crazi on the matter afterwards.

Crazi: How do you feel about your move from Reflux to Warhawks, do you feel like it has suited you well to be around a new crowd?

Noure: My move from Reflux to Warhawks wasn’t planned, but I was friends with Ciaran so as soon as he asked if I wanted to play with him it was a no brainer, we have good chemistry and Jroot is a good player that rounds out the team well.

Crazi: What steps have you taken to keep the team under your command moving in the right direction, any special training?
Noure: I haven’t really had to keep them under any command as they are very good at communicating on and off the pitch, we don’t do any specific training we just try to talk to each other.


Crazi: Who would you say is your team’s current biggest competition?Noure: Currently we are very close to Glacier in the table and I feel like it will be between us and them for second in the division.

Crazi: Would you say that your situation regarding playoffs is closer to “when Warhawks get there” or “if Warhawks get there”?                 Noure: If Warhawks get there because we can’t get too ahead of ourselves otherwise, we can become complacent and not play to the best of our ability, this would severely hurt our chances of getting playoffs because of the amount of great teams there are in our conference.


Recently stepping into second place of the Radon division in prospect league is Warhawks, with a new roster looking to make it to playoffs I got in touch with their captain Noure for a few comments about how he feels about his new surroundings. He recently moved from Reflux to Warhawks and says the move “wasn’t planned” yet with another player jumping ship around the same time, it made sense for such a move to take place.

With his team adjusting to life in the top two of their division Noure pointed out that he hasn’t “really had to keep them under any command” because they’re simply a very calm team that can compose themselves well and hold a lot of autonomy, no-one pushing back against them inside their own team could spell fortune as the weeks go on.

Instead of looking 5 weeks ahead towards playoffs Noure seemed to be a lot more grounded in his idea of his team’s position and was honest that his team should not get “complacent” as he sees multiple “great teams” in his conference. An example of a team that is a threat to his team is the recently third place Glacier who have seen a much more impressive run of form since a rocky first few weeks. He sees Glacier as his team’s biggest competition as they fight it out for that guaranteed spot at playoffs.

Turning towards his team he points to a former friendship with Ciaran as his reason for joining Warhawks as well as “good chemistry” with their current third Jroot, a great looking player who appears to “round out the team well”.

With the league just into its second half and with Warhawks just so recently taking that precious second spot in their division, will they be able to hold out from competition nipping at their heels and soar above? Or will they have their wings clipped and fall from the sky. All that can be said for certain is that their position is far from safe.

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