Hello everybody, apologies for all of the inconveniences recently with the news, but we are back! Now that we are half way through the season, we have decided to do shorter write-ups… on every team. That’s right, no more complaining about not having a write-up on a team because you get a write-up, you get a write-up, everybody gets a write-up! These will be summaries on your first half of the season. This took a lot of effort and even some volunteers, so this is not a sustainable task, thus it will revert to normal after this. Thanks to Teather, Aces and Sell for the outside help! Any comment(s) or feedback is much appreciated and will be taken into account, just message myself or @ me in Discord.

As a side note, we are currently short of news staff, if you would like to see more news get released regularly and feel like you might be fit for the job, then send in a staff application and we can start getting your work out to the IEL community!



  1. Primal Esports
  2. Team Absolut
  3. Aztecs
  4. Sonic Wave
  5. Enigma
  6. Built By Us
  7. Royals
  8. Shamrock eSports
  9. DéjàVu eSports
  10. Warlocks eSports
  11. Shadow eSports
  12. Austrian Force
  13. Instinct eSports
  14. RL Ireland
  15. AEon eSports
  16. Crown Gaming



  1. Insanity
  2. Team Ascendant
  3. Warhawks
  4. Glacier
  5. NoHope eSports
  6. R3D Water
  7. Throne Gaming
  8. Xero
  9. Bad Karma eSports – tied with Prophecy
  10. Prophecy – tied with Bad Karma eSports
  11. eNightmare
  13. Reflux
  14. Triumph
  15. Erisean eSports
  16. Oasis eSports




SILICON: – CowardlyViking


Team Absolut (10-2)

There hasn’t been much in the way of shocks for Team Absolut so far. A surprise loss to DejaVu earlier in the season is really the outlier in what has been a pretty dominating run so far. While they have surprisingly few sweeps (and more than a few close calls) they have nevertheless come out on top. However, with Primal on the horizon, they are going to need to press hard – their rivals are close behind them and won’t miss a chance to bit their heels if they get it.

Aztecs (9-3)

The Aztecs Prospect team is sitting pretty solid right now, separated from the leaders only by an unfortunate forfeit early in the season. Given that they hold both the highest win percentage and by far the best goal difference stats in the division, there is no reason to believe they can’t challenge for top spot. With that said, their only losses this season so far have come against teams ranked higher than them. They may need to kill a giant to get to the top here.

Enigma (8-4)

Sitting in third place, Enigma still have every reason to be hopeful for a playoff spot this season, with only two wins separating the top three teams. Two other factors may cause concern though; they are only working on a goal difference of -8 compared to their rivals’ impressive tallies, and right now they are without a fourth player on the roster. Mixing a new player in at this point in the season, with the record they have, is a big wild card that could take them higher or sink them completely.

Shamrock eSports (6-6)

The only team in the division to maintain an even W-L split so far, Shamrock are holding on to a far-from-safe 4th place. So far their only losses have come to teams placed above them, while teams below have been dealt with pretty easily. A forfeit in this last week won’t have helped, so now Shamrock may be looking for someone to be a breakout star – even stats for the team is good but they may lack the star quality.

DéjàVu eSports (5-7)

So far the DéjàVu season has been one of narrow losses and narrow wins, with a couple of exceptions. In one season they’ve managed to claim one of Absolut’s rare losses but also fall to Shadow and RLI ranked below them. Ding0h so far has been the only full-time player on the team and looks to have solid defence with a one-per-game average on saves, but a relatively low goal count needs to be sorted out for DéjàVu to have any chance to salvage a playoff chance.

Shadow eSports (4-8)

The Shadow Prospect team is up in the air at the time of writing, with the fourth spot in the roster sitting empty. Like other teams around them, a change may have been what was called for as they sit 3rd from bottom in the division with the majority of their 4 wins coming against low-lying teams and only 26 goals in total, the lowest in the division by far. 3 wins in the last 4 probably prompted that roster change, so lets hope the change is a good one.

Instinct eSports (4-8)

An up and down season so far for my own team, a few amazing glimpses of what could be along with a large pile of what never should. Still, there has been a more settled feeling in the team as of the start of week 6 (helped along by a forfeit as well) and there is a lot of optimism. Pakk joining the team has added an interesting element to work with, but now the challenge is taking down a team higher up the standings – wins against other strugglers won’t cut it.

RL Ireland (3-9)

Currently propping up the bottom of the division, the RLI Prospect team has had a rough first half to the season. A mid-season change-out of players had hoped to reverse fortunes but so far the new addition of Cake-Jumper has only achieved one win, a 3-0 sweep over similarly struggling Austrian Force. At this stage, unless something big changes, RLI are looking at an even W-L spread at the very best, and more heavy losses at the worst.




Primal Esports (11-1) – Teather

Primal look like one of the strongest team coming in to the season as they took the first, preseason, prophecy tournament without losing a game to anyone other than Bad Karma eSports, although there was no one in there division in that. They did seem to stumble a bit against Warlocks eSports in week one losing 3-0 but all the games were close one goal games. Does this show that they have cracks in their armour? If so no one else has been able to find it since, they have won the next 10 series in a row.

Sonic Wave (8-4) – Teather

Sonic Wave were the top seed of the Tellurium division by DSN but they struggled in the first two weeks, losing to AEon eSoprts and Primal Esports. They would have hope to do better vs Primal as the top seeds not even taking a game will have hurt. Things have started to pick up beating Built By Us who are their main challenges for second place. They are in the middle of replacing their sub, could this be the change they need to get themselves to a place to challenge Primal Esports for the top spot?

Built By Us (8-4) – Aces

Built By Us are showing us a great performance this week, now 8-4 on W/L, taking down DéjàVu eSports on stream in a 3-2 victory and taking down Shamrock eSports in a 3-1 win. They are 3rd in their division now, certainly a top team at this moment and if they keep this up, they can certainly overtake Sonic Wave (also with a W/L of 8-4) and take that 2nd position. It looks as if the star player and the driving force for this team is Borikard, with 20 goals 18 assists 22 saves and 62 shots recorded, he is putting a great performance. Butt he team as a whole are showing us they have the chemistry and the willpower to be a top team.
Facing Enigma (8/4) and Shadow eSports (4-8), will they be able to continue their 3 win streak?

Royals (7-5) – Teather

Royals are my pick for dark horse for the Conference and by extension division. Their last three weeks have been very good only losing to DéjàVu eSports taking their disappointing 2-4 record to a solid 4th place and 7-5 record. I asked the captain of the team, Alfi, for a comment about the last three weeks: “After week 3 we were 2-4, not ideal considering we wanted to make playoffs, but we believed in our potential and so we sticked together.
We’re very confident now that we can make playoffs despite our shakey start, but our goal is definitely to win it all, so you should all watch out haha”

Warlocks eSports (5-7) – Aces

Warlocks eSports have had an okay week, beating Shadow eSports 3-2 but losing to Aztecs in a 3-1 loss. At this moment, they are 5-7 on
W/L, there is definitely time to pull back with a positive W/L ratio. With all 3 starting roster players (Wallythekid, Astral, Derg =)) having more saves than goals but with a balanced amount of goals each, this is a very balanced team in offense but a mainly defensive focused team.
Facing DéjàVu eSports (5-7) and RL Ireland (3-9) in the coming week, this warlocks roster has the potential to improve their offense and turn their W/L around to a positive.

Austrian Force (4-8) – Aces

Austrian Force are not having the best week right now, suffering a 3-2 loss to Team Absolut and a 3-0 sweep vs RL Ireland. With a 4-8 W/L, there is definitely time to come together and make a comeback. They have already proved to us that they can still hold as a strong contender, even without their highest dsn player Ladybug, putting up a close performance with Team Absolut on stream. With Rene, showing us he is the defensive wall in this team with a total of 33 saves and also one of the aggressors, with 22 goals is showing a good performance. But from now, they definitely shown they can build up and improve the team chemistry and make a good comeback in their division.
Facing Aztecs (9-3) and Instinct eSports (4-8) in their next games, there is definitely potential that this team can come together a give us a good performance this week.

AEon eSports (3-9) – Chop

Sadly even half way through the season it seems all but over for this team, with such an extremely slim chance of playoffs they will most likely not make it. The rookie roster of new players to the Imperial league have faced the hardship and brutality of the league, witnessing first hand just how difficult it is. Their lowest DSN player seems to be their star one as well: Trafalgerlaw, he has the greatest stats and hasn’t even played the most amount of games on their roster, so he is definitely a huge contributor to their few victories.

Crown Gaming (2-10) – Aces

Crown Gaming, having lost to Enigma 3-1 and taking a ff loss against Instinct eSports, not having the best week. With a W/L of 2-10 and a 21.95% win percentage, there are still chances to pull it back a bit and go up in there division to avoid staying in that last place position.
In there next games they will be playing DéjàVu eSports who are 5-7 at the moment and RL Ireland who are 3-9 at this time, also last in their division.
It’s up to them now to get themselves together and prove everyone wrong and start fresh from now.






Team Ascendant (8-4) – Chop

The boys on top of Neon are still here, even since the beginning of the season. They have had some teams come close to topping them and even have done, but at the half way point they now are back to where they begun. Their star player is most certainly NeoN, if he is having a bad game then so is the team, which is seen when they lose a series against the likes of Xero. If NeoN can better himself even more, then Ascendant will most certainly make it far into playoffs!

Throne Gaming (7-5) – Chop

Neon is full of teams with a 7-5 record (four to be exact) and Throne happens to have the highest win percentage at 53.33%. Throne have been top of their division in the past and now lack one win to match Ascendant. They are in a prime position to get first place with a bit more of a push. Recently they lost a member of their team and have signed a replacement player – Binbosh, previously from Oasis eSports – which could be a make or break signing. Could somebody from a worse team join Throne and actually improve them? Well, possibly, but it may take some time for him to be given the chance due to his MMR compared to the likes of star players SpeedHax and Calski91, but the first half has perfectly set up the takeover for the latter half of the season.

NoHope eSports (7-5) – Chop

NoHope have had a rough season so far with so many transfers. But, finally, it seems like they have found their roster. After signing Aces, they have won their last four series. Looking at the sudden shift in momentum, I now fully expect to see a battle for playoffs with NoHope at the forefront. They are yet to be truly tested by any big dog, however. The best team that they have faced is Warhawks, who have been known to lose surprising fixtures in the past. We need to see more series out of them, such as Bad Karma, Glacier or Insanity, before we can accurately predict their likelihood for playoffs.

Xero (7-5) – Sell

A team that has been riddled with main man issues, in the last 2 weeks they have picked up 3 top MMR players in the prospect division. The team started with Bxit, a strong solo player with good mechanics but lacked in a team setting, this showed in early results giving Xero a 4-2 record in 3 weeks. However, teams caught up with their cohesion and slowly they have started a descent with their only true result in the last 2 weeks coming from Bad Karma in a narrow 3-2 win. Jd_sixty6 may be considered a sub but has the stats to be in contention for a starting line-up position while both Kuddl3 and TheCrispyOne occupying key roles as defender and all rounder they are just missing that spark of a top tier talent to make them thrive. Maybe Salty Spice will have that impact on them in the coming weeks.

Prophecy (7-5) – Sell

Prophecy had a shaky start to the season losing to both Triumph and Intact however have seemed to have found their footing. Their results do no say anything special but most certainly not a team to sleep on with a close series with Warhawks (8-4) last week. Stuck in a battle for the 2nd spot in the Neon division a wildcard spot is looking like a more achievable target given the inconsistencies in performance from the team, they will need to put the work on the training field in order to stand a viable chance at doing so. NoHope (7-4) seem to be their closest rivals with Prophecy having a win over them however NoHope seem to be in a better position at mid-season with 4 wins from the last 4 games with one being a forfeit. Sabo has come in for Drageta, their main scorer, he will need to produce an attacking overhaul for this team if they stand a chance to remain competitive. (3-9) – Sell

Intact are struggling to stay with the pack however do have key wins over NoHope (7-5) and Prophecy (7-5). There seems to be issues with scheduling for this team with week 2 and week 3 of results having forfeit outcomes, this may be the reason for their lacking record. There has been glimpses of quality from this team outside of IEL scheduling in Prophecy ran tournaments picking up results like wins against Prophecy (7-5), RLI (3-9) and Team Ascendant (8-4) while taking a game from Primal (11-1) and Insanity (11-1) in Bo3’s. They’ve taken Royals (7-5) to game 5, a game off Glacier (8-4) and a game off a recently reinvigorated Bad Karma (7-5) means they can get results it’s just a matter of getting these games scheduled allowing them to play.

Triumph (3-9) – Sell

Triumph while not looking incredible did take Insanity (11-1) to a game 5 thriller over on NoHope’s stream last Tuesday, while not taking the win this result can be considered huge. Thunds is a great sub capable of some bangers when supplied with the prerequisites. 3 completely new players in could see a sign of things to change with Xzyle being the only standing member of a tough start to the season. It will be interesting to see what Yorkie does in the last half combined with the statistics from CRT’s goal a game there’s nothing left to lose, there’s nothing more deadly then a team fighting with an underdog story.

Oasis (1-11) – Sell

It’s been a tough season for Oasis with results just not falling their way, a chance at playoffs is looking very slim at this half of the season, both Duck and Binbosh have now left and an attempt to find two skilled players to close of the season will be tough. Yaiba performed well in combines but seemingly hasn’t been able to turn that form into league play however with recent transfers it will be essentially a clean slate allowing a new team to form and put their cards on the table. Maybe a new lineup will be what they need to fit the pieces into the puzzle to close the season or maybe the piece just isn’t in the box, either way it will be compelling to see what lineup will be brought forward and what kind of end this team will have.


RADON: – Chop


Insanity (11-1)

Eleven wins and one loss. This team is unstoppable for first place in the conference! Every player is good in this team, even their lowest MMR one. There is still one major problem with this team however: they won’t win the league playing like they do. Insanity is all rotational and as everybody knows, they are flawless at it. However, they lack mechanics. Without a mechanical player on their roster they failed against the likes of Aztecs, who are not top of even their division. Insanity will go far in playoffs, but unless a player concentrates on improving mechanics, they won’t win. Don’t underestimate this possibility, though, because this will hopefully be on the top of their mind after reading this and we could see some improvement to such a powerhouse already.

Glacier (8-4)

I called them the dark horse before and it seems as though I was correct. They were lurking around at the beginning without much grasp onto other teams, but almost out of nowhere they surprised us all with how far they have come. Whilst recent wins haven’t been against the best of teams, I can still safely call this team good. Looking at their current position, Glacier are trying to secure playoffs now by utilising their momentum to gain some distance between themselves and third in Radon, but this will not be easy as they are no longer an underdog, meaning that they are to be taken seriously by every team.

Warhawks (8-4)

Warhawks had an unbelievable beginning to the season and now are floating near third, but never drift far. They won’t make playoffs like this but will certainly get close. They are close enough however that any little drive will bring them into the playoffs and be among the best of teams. I expect to see greater activity from this team in taking series, but losing against the likes of R3D Water will not allow them to get as far as they have potential to, they just need to unlock it.

Bad Karma eSports (7-5)

Bad Karma have been hiding around the corner a little and poking their head out every now and then. We sometimes see some incredible wins and some disappointing losses. They need to work out the reasoning for this immediately and then they might be able to discover some consistency, allowing them to move forward and compete with the best. They have several hundred unused DSN, so they could very easily swap a player or two out for some higher level players, but they haven’t yet, so this may foretell that they are in fact improving together quickly.

R3D Water (6-6)

As I am writing my own team I have a lot of knowledge about them this season. R3D Water are currently an even 6-6, however only two losses have been accumulated with their main roster (Astakz, Tezzer and myself – Chop) against both Insanity and Bad Karma. One loss was with ex-sub Thunds and the other three using pro league sub ANother from Team Absolut. The inactivity of the main roster poses a threat to the comeback due to how few series they have played together, but if they start playing together more then they could indeed come back and clutch a playoff spot. At the end however, they have still lost with their main roster, poorly at that, so winning is most unlikely and playoffs is most certainly up in the air.

eNightmare (4-8)

During this first half of the season, this team has had a poor start, great middle and poor end. eNightmare really need to discover where their winnings sprouted from if they are to do well, however with such a poor record they may not be able to make the comeback, anyways. It would be nice to see the underdog team continue their winnings further and perhaps do well, but this simply won’t occur the way that they are attempting.

Erisean eSports (3-9)

Erisean have a low record and yet almost half of their games have been won by them (45.83% of them), indicating that they perform very close to their opponents without an outcome to show for it. However, two playoffs spots per conference are given for win percentage; and with a completely new roster – to the point of all four of them are new – they actually have the possibility to grab that playoff spot despite their record. We are yet to see the potential of their roster at work and so have no idea of their skill, but if it’s good, then do not underestimate their playoff possibility.

Reflux (3-9)

If their GM was involved with the prospect roster then plenty of F’s would be handed their way, but alas their roster has plentiful changes and thus an abundance of losses have accumulated for them. Their new roster has had little time to gel and so haven’t been given much of an opportunity to shine, but they are in a similar boat to Erisean in that they have a 45.71% win percentage and poor record. With a huge push they could improve their win percentage for a playoff spot, but half way through the season it’s as likely as eNightmare: unlikely but still possible.

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