These power rankings are a combination of multiple peoples’ opinions. Ties between averages are designated.


Metalloid Conference

  1. Warlocks Esports (2-0)
  2. Primal Esports (1-1)
  3. Shamrock Esports (2-0)
  4. Team Absolut (2-0)
  5. DejaVu Esports (1-1)
  6. Built By Us (1-1)
  7. Aztecs (1-1)
  8. Royals (1-1)
  9. Enigma (1-1)
  10. Sonic Wave (1-1)
  11. Shadow Esports (0-2)
  12. AEon Esports (1-1) – tied w/ RL Ireland
  13. RL Ireland (1-1) – tied w/ AEon Esports
  14. Crown Gaming (1-1) – tied w/ Austrian Force
  15. Austrian Force (0-2) – tied w/ Crown Gaming
  16. Instinct Esports (0-2)

Noble Conference

  1. Throne Gaming (2-0)
  2. Warhawks (2-0)
  3. Insanity (2-0) – tied w/ Team Ascendant
  4. Team Ascendant (2-0) – tied w/ Insanity
  5. NoHope Esports (1-1)
  6. Reflux (2-0)
  7. R3D Water (1-1)
  8. Xero (1-1)
  9. Bad Karma (1-1) – tied w/
  10. (1-1) – tied w/ Bad Karma
  11. Triumph (1-1)
  12. Erisean Esports (0-2)
  13. Oasis Esports (0-2)
  14. Prophecy (0-2) – tied w/ Glacier
  15. Glacier (0-2) – tied w/ Prophecy
  16. eNightmare (0-2)



Well, the first week of matches in the Metalloid conference is finished, and it has been a reasonably interesting one. A handful of teams have made a big mark, a few have fallen behind but the vast majority have managed an even split on wins and losses.

Coming out of the gate swinging are last season’s champion team Shamrock eSports and Warlocks Esports who, along with Team Absolut, are the only teams so far to maintain a perfect record. Warlocks have so far made the biggest mark, running up an impressive 85% win rate; however, it’s very early in the season and I can’t see those numbers being maintained for much longer.

In the teams with an even split, by stats alone AEon Esports and Sonic Wave have to feel unlucky this week: both coming in with a 75% win rate but only one series win, giving them the second highest rate across both divisions. Conversely, there’s probably quite a bit of nervous optimism over at Crown, who managed to get a win despite only winning 25% of their games.

Pulling up the rear right now are my own team, Instinct Esports. Suffering two losses and a division-low win rate of just under 15% this team will be looking to get a much needed win in their matches next week. Shadow Esports and Austrian Force also had a rough week, failing to put any wins on the board and will also be urgently needing to turn their luck around in the next week.

It’s hard currently to pick out any key winners just yet (and I’m not going to make predictions based on two games to save looking like a fool later) but momentum is key in every aspect of Rocket League and there’s a massive uphill climb for some teams already. My call so far: give it another week to let the opening-week jitters settle down, and then come back to me.

Written by CowardlyViking




BK managed an impressive second place in Prophecy’s preseason tournament, having been knocked down to the lower bracket by R3D Water and then losing in the grand finals to Primal. Whilst this sets them up for success, somehow they have managed to fall behind in this first week. They swept the 16th seed in the Noble division (eNightmare) and then got swept by the 6th seed: Reflux. Two very contrasting outcomes from two very different teams in terms of ability. One might assume that they may place somewhere in between these two, however the preseason tournament creates doubt on this prediction. Next week they face a troubled Glacier and a down R3D Water. They have both beaten and lost to RW, so if they manage to win, then they will surely have returned to form and be ready to take a top spot in Radon!


A returning favourite narrowly bests Glacier in a tense 3-2 series, yet beats RW 3-1. This seems odd at face value when examining the teams at hand, although a possible explanation could be their rotating fourth. Insanity are yet to figure out their main roster and as such oft alter it. We could potentially be seeing a dominant form of the team once this primary lineup has been discovered, so keep your eyes peeled folks for a powerful foe finding its footing in a bloodthirsty division.


These newcomers got a decent place in the preseason tournament, however have accumulated two losses in the first week. It’s a sad demise of a promising team for now, but is there hope for a turn-around? We can take a closer look at their series this week to get a better idea: a tight 3-2 game against (joint 9th seed) and then a sweep against them by the leaders of NeoN (Team Ascendant). Due to a narrow loss against a mid-range team, it seems as though Prophecy definitely have the ability to overcome this challenging first week. Their Triumph series is the one to watch next week, as winning that could ignite the engine for them; it looks very possible and we have our fingers crossed for them!

I reached out to their captain, Deadeye, for a comment on their performance: “We went off to a slow start, [it] has been good competition and we are looking to pick things up throughout the season, adapting to the level and play-style of teams.”


Whilst they are not top of Neon, simply due to win percentage, I have chosen this team to write about because I believe that they will be. Throne has faced off against possibly their toughest opponent in their division: NoHope. It’s a scarily good roster that Throne managed to best and a positive start to the season in the first week can only continue. The next challenge is riding their wave as long as possible, as only one team can potentially keep a perfect record in Neon next week. Throne Gaming vs Team Ascendant will be a great matchup that we are already anticipating to be eventful. One champion will fall and one will remain. With little knowledge on either teams thus far, I will have to place my bet on the rookie roster making a name for themselves! Either way, we are all excited to witness the outcome of the showdown between early titans.

Written by Chop


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