Metalloid Conference

  1. Primal Esports (+1)
  2. Warlocks Esports – tied with Aztecs (-1)
  3. Aztecs – tied with Warlocks Esports (+5)
  4. Shamrock Esports (-1)
  5. Team Absolut (-1)
  6. DéjàVu Esports (-1)
  7. Royals (+1)
  8. AEon Esports – tied with Sonic Wave (+4)
  9. Sonic Wave – tied with AEon Esports (+2)
  10. Built By Us (-4)
  11. Instinct Esports (+5)
  12. Enigma (-3)
  13. Austrian Force (+1)
  14. RL Ireland (-2)
  15. Shadow eSports (-4)
  16. Crown Gaming (-2)


Noble Conference

  1. Insanity (+2)
  2. Team Ascendant (+1)
  3. R3D Water (+4)
  4. Xero (+4)
  5. Warhawks (-3)
  6. Throne Gaming (-5)
  7. Bad Karma Esports (+2)
  8. NoHope Esports (-3)
  9. Triumph (+2)
  10. – tied with Reflux (-1)
  11. Reflux – tied with (-4)
  12. Glacier (+2)
  13. Erisean Esports (-1)
  14. Prophecy
  15. Oasis Esports (-2)
  16. eNightmare



After 2 weeks of games the Metalloid Conference is as close as in the beginning. No team is undefeated and with the exception of Shadow eSports,

all teams have a win on their record. This is really close.




Primal Esports is a very good example of committment. Animal9773 and Teather have been together on the same franchise last season as well. Their synergy is very good and with CrexioN, they found a good fitting third. This allowes them to create a constant rain of shots on the opponents net trapping them in their half.

The pressure from this team is strong and scriming against them was nothing short of a strength demostration from them. Their back line is solid as well. Only 19 goals against on record in 4 series is impressive. Their sub mjsa04 has yet to play and leave a mark.

This teams strength is a whole is not to be underestimated. However they got swept by Warlocks eSports, which proves they are not unbeatable. But 

all 3 games were close. So the key seems to counter the pressure with even more pressure. Which is quite the task.



Team Absolut is in my opinion the strongest team in the Silicon division. 

With GT0 they have a mechanically strong attacker that is supported by CrusaderCarl. These 2 people outspeed their opponents and make sure that the other team doesnt come out of defense. Wozalski is didnt really shine compared to those 2 yet, but if he is needed he steps up. He is more of a backline security. ANother is a defending player as well and is one of the best in this league, when it comes to game awareness. His mechanics are not on the level of the other 2, but I expect the captain to hold his team together a keep them cool headed during intense games.

Their only loss came from a subbed game against DèJáVu eSports. So it is going to be interesting to see, who can beat them in their full quad first.




Instinct eSports turned around the tided against the other 2 bottom teams. They swept Shadow and got a Game 5 win against RL Ireland. Now they have to prove that they are made for something bigger. With Team Absolut and Aztecs the 2 strongest teams are waiting for them next week.

Based on their performance I would say there is still a long road ahead, but they have taken the first steps to come back from their week 1 losses.




Shadow eSports did not start well into the season. With no win currently on the board the future looks not very bright. The team needs some change. In which shape or form, that change will come is still unknown. Currently the team is struggling to find their synergy and consistency. There has been some optimistic outlook, because of the good result against Aztecs, which was crushed the week after. The situation is not looking good. Will the team be able to work it out or are roster changes unavoidable?




The Noble conference has somehow gotten closer than last week, with only one remaining undefeated team, Insanity, teams are ruthlessly battling it out for a playoff spot headed into the end of the first run of division games. But some surprises have occurred to enable this tight race, which is what I will be focusing on in this weeks writeup.

Rising Star – Xero:

Xero have gone up four places this week, a huge feat that is reasoned by their impressive victories. A 3-1 win against Triumph is not particularly astonishing, but the same result against the top of Neon in favour of the veteran franchise is a shock to most. So, with such an impressive team, where did their loss accumulate from? Surprisingly enough, it’s 8th in the rankings: NoHope. NoHope swept Xero in their first series, doubling them in goals overall (10-5). Whilst one could consider nerves of the start to the season to be their downfall, I propose it being their roster. In this series they failed to play jd_sixty6 and instead opted for Kuddl3, who has a greater peak than him. Maybe they assumed this to be a better roster initially, but based on their victory with jd_sixty6 against Team Ascendant, I think that he is the best fit. We will be witnessing an abundance more victories for Xero as they play their main roster, so keep checking that top spot, as it just may have a new competitor.

Falling Star – Reflux:

Previously sixth on the power rankings and now joint tenth, Reflux have fallen by four places this week. Considering their double win last week, a double loss this week is quite the surprise. They tangled with two big dogs in Radon, Insanity and Warhawks, in which they fell short. Their two wins last week was a startling close 3-2 outcome against Erisean and a shocking sweep against Bad Karma. With only one impressive series on their belt headed into week three, it seems a difficult path for them. To make matters worse, Aces claims to be leaving as soon as the transfer window opens, which would leave Reflux in a difficult situation against another tough opponent known as R3D Water in week four. Can Reflux find their skill that they clearly possessed against Bad Karma in time to repair the damage, or will the team crumble in the ashes of that match? An impossible to answer question as of yet, but I’m certain that we will find the answer next week.

Top Dog – Team Ascendant:

Team Ascendant have climbed one place in the rankings this week, currently placing them second, only behind Insanity. Last week I brought up the question on who will win between the two titans of Neon: Throne or Ascendant? Now we have our answer, alongside a mysterious loss elsewhere. Team Ascendant achieved a sweep against Throne Gaming, an admirable feat, however they lost against Xero, only winning one game in the series. I have stated the reasoning for this in the Xero writeup (above), but this does leave Ascendant beaten. Will this loss get to them and eat away at their confidence, or can they overcome it and better themselves because of it? If studied by the team at the top of their division, then the loss could in fact help them to grow headed into week three and shortly after, the cross-conference series. I predict stability near the top of Neon for Team Ascendant, but they must ensure that Xero is watched carefully, as they could still deprive them from their title.

Dark Horse – Glacier:

I’ve chosen Glacier for the Dark Horse, because they have accomplished two places higher this week, something to not go unnoticed, and yet we don’t have much insight on their team. I will attempt to pick apart the little we know of the rookie franchise with rookie players. Glacier are only 1-3 at the moment, nothing impressive, however they possess a strong 43.75% win percentage. This is due to the fact that despite losing to Bad Karma and Insanity, it was a breathtakingly close 3-2 series both times and they also swept Erisean. Despite this, they did get swept by Warhawks, but that team can be quite deadly if they’re playing at their best. Overall, with a slight improvement, they will be taking series home; but it is a tough environment in the ERLS to adjust to, so we cannot assume that they even ever will do so. We should be watching Glacier next week, in which they face both R3D Water and Reflux, two decent teams that do pose a threat. If they can pull a win in either series, then we may just see the start of a rising star.



PROSPECT PREVIEWS (writer: Viking)


As the Prospect teams head into week three, there’s every opportunity for teams to really start making a name for themselves in this season.

As it stands, the only team to manage a flawless record is Insanity over in the Radon division, who come up against Bad Karma and Erisean this week. Both teams need a win to establish themselves, so you can expect some massive efforts on their part to pull Insanity off of their pedestal. Both R3D Water and Warhawks will be waiting for Insanity to blink.

In Silicon division, there looks to be a stat-lovers dream as both Shamrock and Instinct play both Aztecs and Absolut, giving us that straight comparison we rarely ever get. Of the four games, expect Shamrock v Absolut to be a cracker as both jostle for top spot. Depending on who wins these key games, we could see a very different table going into week 4.

Crown are going to be facing a serious trial this week – they urgently need wins but are up against Sonic Wave and Warlocks, two solid teams. The silver lining here is that both teams are also coming off of a win and a loss next week (bizarrely, all matches being 3-0 sweeps) so Crown should have a decent opportunity to make up some ground if they can keep their heads.

Xero and Ascendent, current leaders in the Neon division, don’t meet this week, and based on their current run of form they should both be looking to pick up maximum points. Xero have to be feeling more confident in their games though, as they take on the two bottom league teams, Oasis and Prophecy. Keep an eye out for Throne however, who share those two opponents and are in every position to make the top of the table a very close thing

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