1. RL Ireland
  2. Warlocks eSports
  3. DéjàVu eSports
  4. Austrian Force
  5. Team Ascendant – tied with Glacier
  6. Glacier – tied with Team Ascendant (+1)
  7. Primal Esports (-2)
  8. Erisean eSports (+1)
  9. Aztecs (-1)
  10. Enigma
  11. Prophecy – tied with Oasis eSports + Shamrock eSports
  12. Oasis eSports – tied with Prophecy + Shamrock eSports
  13. Shamrock eSports – tied with Prophecy + Oasis eSports
  14. Sonic Wave
  15. Triumph
  16. Crown Gaming



  1. Shadow eSports
  2. Reflux
  3. Insanity
  4. Royals
  5. Warhawks (+2)
  6. R3D Water – tied with Team Absolut (-1)
  7. Team Absolut – tied with R3D Water
  9. Built By Us
  10. AEon eSports (+3)
  11. eNightmare – tied with Xero (-1)
  12. Xero – tied with eNightmare
  13. Throne Gaming (-2)
  14. NoHope eSports (+1)
  15. Instinct eSports – tied with Bad Karma eSports (-1)
  16. Bad Karma eSports – tied with Instinct eSports


Master League – Lanthanide Conference write-ups (Bahi) – 1st place Cerium Division, 12 win 6 losses

The struggle for continues (if you even can call being in the first place of your division a struggle). Ever since week 6 the team has yet to win both games in a week, which is surprising considering they won their first 7 seven games during the start of the league. In week 9 it would be a hard task especially with their cross-conference clash against Austrian Force. Their second game against Xero, currently in 5th place with 7 wins and 11 losses should be a challenge but nothing can´t overcome. No surprise, they won their game against Xero, even if it was closer than many expected. With their game against Austrian Force their week took a turn for the worse. After a 1-3 loss is still in the first place but only one win ahead of two teams who both have the potential to pass them and claim their tickets to the playoffs. The next week should provide the team with an opportunity to gain some confidence as they will face place 6 and 7 in their division, eNightmare and AEon eSports.


Insanity – Cerium Division, 2nd place with 11 wins and 7 losses

Starting week 9 with a 10-6 record, Insanity needed every win they can get to defend their second place in the Cerium Division. Looking at their opponents for this week only the cross-conference game against Team Ascendant is standing in the way of a 2-0 week. Their second opponent eNightmare, currently in 6th position in the Cerium Division should not pose a serious threat. At the end of the week Insanity lost one and they won one, both games being game 5 nail biters. After a close 3-2 win against eNightmare, same score as in their first meeting in their division Insanity has achieved the minimum requirements for week 9. Being in a close race with Shadow eSports and R3D Water they also needed they second win to optimally set themselves up for the last 3 weeks. It therefore hurts even more losing their match against Team Ascendant in such a close way. The next week will most likely show if Insanity can claim a playoff spot as they are facing Shadow eSport and R3D Water.


Reflux – Europium Division, 1st place with 12 wins and 7 losses

3 weeks before the end of the division phase of the IEL, Reflux is still sitting on top of their division. But one would be a fool to not see the shaky legs that throne is built on. Only 1 win ahead of 3 teams, who are all competing for their place in the playoffs Reflux, needed a strong showing in week 9. Their match against Throne Gaming was already decided on paper and did not hold any surprises for fans of Reflux as they swept them 3-0 of the field. The second game against their cross-conference challenger Warlocks eSports would be a real test of their skill and a good preparation for their potential time in the playoffs. Even considering that Warlocks eSports is a top contender to win the whole league, only a few people were expecting a 0-3 sweep. Losing one and winning one did not help Reflux to claim their playoff spot once and for all. With 3 weeks left every game counts more than ever. A match that might only really decide who will be playing in the playoffs is the next week´s clash against Royals. Both teams need the win to qualify and will do everything to claim it.


Warhawks – Europium Division, 3rd place with 11 wins and 7 losses

Losing your cross-conference game against RL Ireland with 2-3 is really nothing you need to hide or be annoyed by. That game showed the potential skill Warhawks can bring to the table and their ability to take names in the playoffs. Warhawksfans most likely wish that the write up would end here as their week did not end on a good note. In the current race for the second and even first place in the Europium Division it is not the games that you win but rather the games that you lose that are going to cost you your playoff title. Warhawks needed nothing but a win against Bad Karma eSports, currently in 7thplace. They got a 1-3 defeat. A loss that hurts a lot especially cause their rivals Reflux and Rivals were both able to win at least one game in their week 9. With the worst win% out of that trio, Warhawks needs every 3-0 victory they can get to qualify for the playoffs. Their week 10 matches against Throne Gaming and Instinct eSports is a perfect place to start.



Master League – Alkali Conference Conference write-ups (Bahi)


Austrian Force – Rubidium Division, 2nd place with 13 wins and 5 losses

In a division where the top two teams are well established and only fighting a battle for the first place it is still worth it to highlight a good performance of one those teams. And no I don´t mean their FF win against Triumph, currently 7th in the division. I am talking about their duel against the current second best team (based on the score) in the LanthanideConference, We expected a close game filled with goals from both teams trying to show us why they deserve a spot in the playoffs. We got a rather convincing showing that Austrian Force is in it to win it. Nothing else can be said about the Rubidium Division except that you all should watch the game between Austrian Force and Warlocks eSports in week 11.


DéjàVu eSports – Caesium Division, 2nd place with 14 wins and 4 losses

Week 9 turned out to be an important week for DéjàVueSports as they were able to win both of their games and secure their lead against their rival Team Ascendant from week 7 and 8. But where teams fail other teams will rise. Glacier has emerged as the new threat when it comes to qualifying for the playoffs. With the performance they showed in their 3-1 win against Team Absolut and their 3-2 win against Primal eSports there are only very few errors they need to get rid of before they face off against their rivals in the upcoming 3 weeks. Next week the focus is on beating Team Ascendant and not losing against Erisean eSports. Their match against Team Ascendant will also be an emotional one as I am sure DéjàVu eSports wants to revenge their close loss from week 3.


Glacier – Caesium Division, 3rd place with 13 wins and 5 losses

3 weeks before the division phase ends, Glacier manages to establish themselves as a huge threat for the top teams in the Caesium Division. Looking back it is no surprise that they are close to qualifying for the playoffs as they have only lost 2 games (one in a double FF) of their last 9 games. Week 9 showed no stop in that trend as they again won both of their games. Especially their close 3-2 win against Royals showed that Glacier is serious about making it into playoffs. Their 3-1 win against Sonic Wave is no surprise either. The next weeks will show how far Glacier can ride this momentum train. Week 10 matches against Prophecy and Primal Esport will help them build even more momentum to unleash it all in the clash against DéjàVu eSports in week 11.


RL Ireland – Caesium Division, 1st place with 14 wins and 2 losses

In week 9 RL Ireland did what they do best. Win, win, win no matter what. A close game against Warhawks showed potentially flaws in the game of the Irish powerhouse but those are still not big enough to actually lose a game. The second game against Team Ascendant ended in a FF win. So there is really nothing to say here except that RL Ireland is the team to beat if you want to win the playoffs. If RL Ireland keeps doing what they are doing right now to their competition I personally think there should be an award for the two teams that have been able to draw blood of the giant: Oasis eSports and Shamrock eSports. Both teams struggling in their own division can at least claim to be victorious against RL Ireland. But in all seriousness we will get to see another great display of skill and teamwork in their week 10 games. I expect nothing short of greatness from RL Ireland.

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