Good evening IEL, we are a mere single week away from the end of league play for season 4! Due to being so close to the end, we are not doing any write-ups this week. You’ve seen them countless times before and every team has at least one to their name, if not, many. So, as a replacement in the master league, Bahi and Crazi have taken the liberty to write two new and unique articles for your reading pleasure!



  1. RL Ireland
  2. DéjàVu eSports
  3. Austrian Force (+1)
  4. Warlocks eSports (-1)
  5. Glacier
  6. Team Ascendant – tied with Aztecs
  7. Aztecs – tied with Team Ascendant
  8. Enigma
  9. Primal Esports (+1)
  10. Erisean eSports (-1)
  11. Prophecy (+1)
  12. Oasis eSports – tied with Triumph (-1)
  13. Triumph – tied with Oasis eSports
  14. Shamrock eSports
  15. Sonic Wave
  16. Crown Gaming



  1. (+4)
  2. Reflux
  3. Shadow eSports (-2)
  4. Warhawks (-1)
  5. R3D Water (-1)
  6. Team Absolut
  7. Built By Us – tied with Royals
  8. Royals – tied with Built By Us
  9. Insanity
  10. AEon eSports (+2)
  11. eNightmare
  12. NoHope eSports (+2)
  13. Throne Gaming
  14. Xero (-3)
  15. Bad Karma eSports
  16. Instinct eSports




Who is not making it?

After 11 weeks of nerve-wrecking, mindblowing and straight up entertaining matches in the Alkali Conference (Master) we have a pretty clear picture of who will make it into playoffs and who needs to go back to the drawing board and try again next season. As in every aspect of life there are winners and losers. Teams like Austrian Force, RL Ireland, Warlocks eSports and DéjàVu eSports already showed early that they are in it to win it. A fact that granted them the honor to featured in multiple writeups and other news formats of the IEL team. At this point in the season we think it is time to analyse who exactly will make it and . First let´s establish really quickly who will qualify 100%:


Rubidium Division

It might not be clear who will takethe  number one spot in the table but Austrian Force (1st place; 16-6) and Warlocks eSport(2nd place, 16-6) are both 100% qualified. Even if they lose both games in week 12 and Aztecs (3rd place; 13-9) wins both of their games they still will be 1 win ahead of them. Therefore both teams can approach week 12 very relaxed and enjoy the fruit of their labour from week 1 to week 11. Congratulations.


Caesium Division

In this division we all know who will be in the number one spot when it is all over. RL Ireland (1st place, 20-2) showed throughout the season that they can be considered the top contender for the overall team and at the moment they will be taking number one seed in the playoffs too. In their week 12 they will be playing against DéjàVu eSports (2nd place; 18-4) and Glacier (3rd place; 16-6). Theoretically Glacier can still catch up to DéjàVu eSports by winning both of their games and DéjàVu eSports losing both of theirs. In reality Glacier most likely won´t be able to win both of their games as the are facing off against RL Ireland and DéjàVu eSports won´t lose both of their games as the are facing off against Sonic Wave (8th place; 5-17). Additionally DéjàVu eSports is roughly 10% ahead in the win% statistic. We will see Glacier in the playoffs regardless as they are for sure claming one of the two wild card spots in the Alkali Conference.


Let´s talk about wild card spots now. The fact that each conference is given 2 of those wild cards guarentees another team from the Alkali conference a spot in the playoffs. At the moment those 5 teams are for sure playing in the playoffs (seeded):


1. RL Ireland
2. DéjàVu eSports
3. Austrian Force
4. Warlocks eSports
5. Glacier
6. Team Ascendant (4th place in Caesium Division; 13-9; 55,56%)


We could stop the writeups for this week here and call it a day if there wasn´t the small but interesting detail that Aztecs (3rdplace; 13-9; 46,27%) has the same score and only loses because of their win%. Before I give all the Aztecs fans out there false hopes I need to say that realistcally Team Ascendant will come out on top of that cross-conference duell. Aztecs in week 12 need to not only win both of their games (including the clash against Austrian Force) but also do that in a convincing way to improve their overall lower win%. Their second game in week 12 will be against Enigma (4th place Rubidium Division; 11-11; 47,76%). If that wasn´t hard enough for Aztecs we have to consider that Team Ascendant is playing weaker teams (on paper) and does not need to care about their win%. So at the end of week 12 we will most likely add the Team Ascendant as the 6th team and the 6 seed to the master playoffs from the Alkali conference.


Before we end the writeups for this week we wanted to give some attentio to a team that came so close and theoretically still could make it into playoffs:


Enigma, currently in the 4th position of the Rubidium Division has a balanced score of 11 wins and 11 losses and a win% of 47,76%. We can start this small analysis by saying that on paper Enigma could still qualify for the playoffs. It is very unrealistic but by winning both of their week 12 games with 3-0 and Team Ascendant losing both of their week 12 games with 0-3 Enigma would tie the score and potentially have the better win%. But as soon as Team Ascendant wins one game there chance is gone. In the beginning of the season Enigma established them as a potential name we will see in the playoffs. After their first seven games against everybody else in their division they lost 3 but won 4 games. Expected losses against Austrian Force and Warlocks eSports plus a close fight with Triumph but them not so far away from the top of the table. Once we start looking at their cross-division and cross-conference performance we can see why we won´t see Enigma in the playoffs. Out of the 10 games in the weeks 4 to 9 Enigma was only able to win 3. This includes the ff win against Team Ascendant. After this dark time in the IEL season Enigma stood at 7 wins and 10 losses. This score would make it hard as from now on every game was crucial and the pressure was huge.  Enigma was able to thrive in this situation and win 4 out of their next 5 games only losing against Warlocks eSports by forfeiting. This “win streak” includes an upset against Austrian Force in week 11. With their score now balanced at 11 wins and 11 losses Enigma was able to still keep a theoretical chance of being in the playoffs alive. If Enigma decides to stay in IEL and participate in season 5 I am sure that we will see them again in a similar spot but maybe this time making it all the way into playoffs.


The last week in the Alkali conference will provide us with the answer to the question who will be the 6th team to qualify for the playoffs. The already qualified teams will use their last two games to gain some more confidence before they have to faceoff against the best of the best of IEL.





With the battle for the top spots still underway in the Lanthanide conference, this would be a good time to go over the teams that didn’t make the top of the league and kept up with us along the way.


eNightmare (8-14)

The top spot of our bracket goes to eNightmare. With a comparatively weak team in comparison to others it is no surprise to see them not make playoffs however, they’ve done very well for being so below the bar. Holding the best spot of the current lower bracket they are headed by Zytix, a rather confident player who can handle quite a number of challengers it may seem.
With a guaranteed forfeit to Aeon next week and a game against shadow. There may be a quick drop for this team ahead, it’s hardly going to be a dream.


NoHope eSports (8-14)

Holding the second spot impressively is NoHope, impressive in that they have the lowest winrate for their position, meaning a lot of game 5 wins and a large number of game 3 losses, as well as a few forfeits placed in there to balance things out properly. They stand a pretty good change of placing ahead of all the teams on this list however they do have two very difficult matches in the next week against both insanity and intact.


Aeon eSports (7-15)

The third spot of our grouping here goes to Aeon, with them performing slightly worse on the replays against their own division this time around. They hold a pretty impressive spot for being 400 DSN below the master max meaning they could’ve picked up a bit more firepower along the way.
However, with the team in its current state they have been together for 11 weeks since the very beginning of the league, you have to respect the consistency but maybe a little team change would have allowed them to make a more impressive display in league play.

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