Good evening IEL, this week in master we see little movement from Alkali, but a couple teams in Lanthanide have moved a huge amount considering just how late in the season we are now. In terms of content, we have both conference write-ups for you, so please enjoy!

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  1. RL Ireland
  2. Warlocks eSports – tied with DéjàVu eSports
  3. DéjàVu eSports – tied with Warlocks eSports
  4. Austrian Force
  5. Glacier
  6. Team Ascendant
  7. Aztecs (+2)
  8. Enigma – tied with Erisean eSports (+1)
  9. Erisean eSports – tied with Enigma
  10. Primal Esports (-3)
  11. Oasis eSports
  12. Prophecy
  13. Triumph (+2)
  14. Shamrock eSports (-1)
  15. Sonic Wave (-1)
  16. Crown Gaming



  1. Shadow eSports
  2. Reflux
  3. Warhawks (+2)
  4. R3D Water (+2)
  5. (+3)
  6. Team Absolut – tied with Built By Us
  7. Built By Us – tied with Team Absolut (+2)
  8. Royals (-4)
  9. Insanity (-6)
  10. Xero – tied with eNightmare
  11. eNightmare – tied with Xero
  12. AEon eSports (-2)
  13. Throne Gaming
  14. NoHope eSports
  15. Bad Karma eSports
  16. Instinct eSports





With week 11 approaching, the Alkali Conference is looking very stable, unless some interesting losses occur, we should be seeing the top 6 teams going into playoffs with relative ease. The only playoff spot currently in contention is Team Ascendant’s spot.

The following teams are guaranteed a spot in playoffs:
• Warlocks
• Austrian Force
• RL Ireland
• DejaVu
• Glacier
The following teams are ineligible for playoffs no matter what may occur:
• Oasis
• Triumph
• Shamrock
• Crown
• Primal
• Prophecy
• Sonic Wave

So instead of looking at this as we normally do, let’s do a team by team analysis on what must occur for specific teams to reach playoffs in hopes things switch up a little, because this leaves Erisean, Aztecs and Enigma with a possible chance at taking that team Ascendant spot.

Enigma (9-11)
Enigma must win every series from this point onwards against some pretty challenging opponents such as Aztecs and Austrian Force. With no game losses from this point out they would be left on a record of 38 game wins to 34 game losses with a win% of 52.78%. Which as long as Team ascendant lost every match without winning 3 games overall, would result in Enigma taking the last playoff spot so long as the Aztecs and Erisean lose out.

Erisean (9-11)
Erisean are in the second best spot to take Team Ascendant’s place, they must win every single match and if they do, Ascendant would lose out to their win% so long as Erisean attain no more than 5 game losses, so if Erisean can so much as tie a win-loss against Ascendant, they can take their playoff spot no matter how unlikely that situation may be.

Aztecs (11-9)
Aztecs have the most reasonable chance at reaching playoffs, they must only win 3 more series than Ascendant to be guaranteed a place, or should they tie, the odds are not in Aztec’s favour. With quite a number of game losses in their position so far Aztecs’ would have no chance to reach playoffs due to their previous game losses.

So, with Team Ascendant being the team to beat, and with two wins making them completely impervious to any other team, they’d have to make a fairly big blunder to fall from the lowest of the mountains down to base camp. With games next week against Glacier and Prophecy, it may not be too uncommon to see all the playoff spots locked in before the start of the week 12.
But who is to say things will go swimmingly for them? With a few series losses, things could become ever so more interesting with a real scrap for that last playoff spot. Maybe we could see team Ascendant fall a lot faster than they can climb.





After 10 weeks or 20 of 24 games it is time to take a closer look who is actual still able to qualify for the playoffs and how it all could play out. In the beginning we have to be honest with ourselves and establish who has no chance anymore. Even if the team would win all their next games and all the teams above them would lose (which is not possible anymore cause some teams would be playing each other and someone has to win in that scenario) they would still have at least 2 teams with more victories above them:


Cerium Division: NoHope eSports, eNightmare, Xero, AEon eSports

Europium Division: Instinct eSports, Bad Karma eSports, Throne Gaming


Here it is time to congratulate those teams on what they achieved and wish them all the best for the rest of the season and the next season. Who knows maybe we will see some crazy underdog upsets in the last 4 games preventing a so to say “for sure qualified team” to make it after all.


Now let´s take a look at the most realistic outcomes for the places 1 and 2 in both divisions:


Cerium Division:


At the moment we have in the number one spot with 14 wins and 6 loses. They secured that spot with a solid 3-0 win against eNightmare and a ff win against AEon eSports. Week 10 became their 5th “two wins” – week during this season. Eventhough had an impressive start by winning their first seven games in a row beating every other team in their division. Their struggle in the two cross-conference games and the cross-division games has prevented them from securing their playoff spot early. At this point it is highly likely that we willsee in the playoffs. Theoretically it is still possiblefor them to not qualify but it would include losing against Shadow eSports in week 11 and R3D Water in week 12. Additionally they would need to lose against NoHope eSprts and Insanity. Considering that their rivals would need to showimpressive performance for the next 4 games I think at this point is 99,9% in the playoffs. But let´s look at their competition for the number 1 or 2 spot in the division.


Shadow eSports is on an impressive  10 game win streak. That means they have lost their last game in week 5. Week 5! That fact alone and all the momentum and confidence that comes with that makes them a strong competitor for the reamining two weeks. Week 10 turned out to be an important one for Shadow eSports as they were able to beat Insanity in a close 3-2 match. This victory most likely will give them the upper hand against Insanity for the race to the playoffs. Week 11 sees them facing off against Eventhough, based on their previous match it is unlikely for them to win it is their first opportunity to win the upper hand against R3D Water before those two teams face in week 12. In general all 3 teams (, Shadow eSports and R3D Water) are still holding all the opportunites to change their fate in their own hands as they are facing eachother in the remaining 2 weeks. Eventhough R3D Water failed to built momentum in the last weeks they were able to also win the important match last week against Insanity 3-2. A 3-0 win against Xero allowed them to stay only 1 win behind Shadow eSports. Their chance for the playoff spot is still there but it will be a hard fight. So the big question in the the race for the qualifier spots in the Cerium Division is who will win the direct duel of Shadow eSports and R3D Water in week 12.


Possible but not really a scenario I except is Insanity qualifying. At the moment they have 11 wins and 9 loses. Week 10 pretty much crushed their hope for a playoff spot. Facing both of your rivals in one week is for sure a hard challenge. Insanity came so close to actually put them in a perfect spot for the rest of the season. Unfortunately they lost both games in a close 2-3 manner. This is most probably the reason why we won´t see them in the playoffs. They still have the chance to qualify but we would be looking at scenario were multiple games have to go in the favour of Insanity including a game against Pair that with with games that Insanity can´t influence but still need them to end in a certain way I am rather confident in my prediction there.


I preditct Shadow eSports over R3D Water cause of their impressive win streak and all the confidence that comes with that. Shadow eSports might not had the best start in the league but they only got better in the course of the weeks. R3D Water started out strong but kinda failed to keep the momentum and confidence going. Both teams are not playing with the original roster, compared to their clash in week 1 anymore but Shadow eSports in my opinion was able to recruit the better team and really showed what they are capable of during the last weeks. R3D Water at the moment would not qualify as a wildcard as two teams from the Europium Division have either a better score or a better win%. Their goals has to be that wild card spot.


Europium Division:


At the moment we have Reflux sitting in the number one spot with 14 wins and 6 loses. Eventhough they achieved the same amount of wins as in the cross-division Reflux is not fully qualified yet. The big difference is the amount of competition. The next 3 teams ( Warhawks, Team Absolut and Built by US) are only 1 and 2 wins away and still have a realistic chance to pass or at least catch up to Reflux. Especially cause Reflux still needs to play against those 3 teams in the remaining 2 weeks. In week 10 Reflux was able to secure the mandatory wins against Royals and Bad Karma eSports. During the next two weeks Reflux needs to really show how much they want that number 1 spot as I am sure all of their rivals will throw everything they have in that direct duel to snatch that important win. Based on the results from the first round of division games it is gonna be an interesting time. They had a win against 3-1 win against Team Absolut and 1-3 defeat against Warhakws. Their game against Built by Us ended in a ff win for Reflux.


Team Absolut and Warhawks are not only figthing to pass Reflux but also to make sure to stay in front of Built by Us. Warhawks was able to win both of their week 10 games in a impressive fashion. They will be facing off against Built by Us in week 11. This will be the the smaller obstalce in their path to holding their current second place in the league. It will also give them a chance to built some confidence before they will be playing Reflux and Team Absolut in week 12. So until week 12 we won´t be 100% certain who will make it into playoffs. Team Absolut used week 10 and the two wins they were able to secure against Instinct eSports and Throne Gaming  to recover from the loss against Built by Us in week 9. Team Absolut needs to secure the win against Warhawks in week 12 to be 100% certain to qualify in the second or first spot in their division. Their game against Reflux is also a great time for an upset and to put both teams, Reflux and Warhawks under pressure.


Built by Us showed in week 9 that they can more than just annoy the top teams in their division. They won against Team Absolut in a convincing fashion. Eventhough they are 1 win behind Warhawks and Team Absolut and 2 wins behind Reflux their chance for a playoff spot is alive and well. In my opinion their real rival is R3D Water from the Cerium Division as both teams are fighting for a wild card spot. At the moment they are both at 12 wins and 8 loses but Built by Us has the better win%.


With things being that close in the Europium Division it is hard to say who will be in the first to spots after the next two weeks. Based on their recent performance and their individual players I think that Reflux and Warhawks will be able to come out on top. I still think we will see Team Absolut and Built by Us in the playoffs as they will snatch the two wild card spots for their conference.


My prediction:


Cerium Division


2. Shadow eSports

Europium Division

1. Reflux
2. Warhawks

Wild Cards

1. Team Absolut (Europium Division)
2. Built by Us (Europium Division)


Be sure to not miss any important games in week 11 in the Lanthanide Conference: vs. Shadow eSports

Insanity vs.

Reflux vs. Team Absolut

Warhawks vs. Built by Us


Also make sure to read the write ups for week 11 to get the chance to see how wrong I potentially am.

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