Good evening and I present the news’ team third work of week 7: masters. We have Bahi on write-ups once again and Crazi doing interviews. If you would like to see more content in master then please do apply for the news team, or you could join power rankings and help order the teams for the league! Anyways, back on track, please enjoy!



  1. Warlocks eSports
  2. RL Ireland
  3. Primal Esports – tied with Austrian Force + DéjàVu eSports (+5)
  4. Austrian Force – tied with Primal Esports + DéjàVu eSports
  5. DéjàVu eSports – tied with Primal Esports + Austrian Force
  6. Team Ascendant (-2)
  7. Erisean eSports (-1)
  8. Glacier
  9. Enigma (+1)
  10. Aztecs (-3)
  11. Oasis eSports (+2)
  12. Shamrock eSports (+2)
  13. Sonic Wave (+2)
  14. Prophecy (-2)
  15. Triumph (-4)
  16. Crown Gaming



  1. Reflux (+1)
  2. Insanity (+2)
  3. R3D Water (+3)
  4. (-3)
  5. Team Absolut – tied with Royals
  6. Royals – tied with Team Absolut
  7. Warhawks (-4)
  8. Xero
  9. Built By Us (+2)
  10. eNightmare (-1)
  11. Shadow eSports – tied with Throne Gaming (-1)
  12. Throne Gaming – tied with Shadow eSports
  13. Instinct eSports (+1)
  14. AEon eSports (-1)
  15. NoHope eSports
  16. Bad Karma eSports




Caesium Division

RL Ireland – 1st place Caesium Division, 12 win 2 losses

Week 7 held no surprises for the top team in the CaesiumDivision. A forfeit victory against Crown Gaming and a 3-1 win against Aztecs from the Rubidium Division should be enough to bring back the lost confidence after their two unexpected losses in week 5 and 6. With a current standing of 12 wins and only 2 losses RL Ireland is almost finishedcarving their name into one of the 12 playoffs spots, especially considering the 2 win lead they established against the other top teams (Team Ascendant and DéjàVu eSports) in their division. Considering their upcoming matches in week 8(Warlocks eSports and Enigma), RL Ireland will be happy that week 7 did not challenge them too much and gave them an opportunity to prepare mentally for the upcoming challenges. The game against Warlocks will already be a potential forecast who might be ahead in the race towards winning IEL season 4 Master League. A match you don´t want to miss.


DéjàVu eSports – 2nd place Caesium Division, 10 wins 4 losses

After mirroring the result of their competitor for the second place in their division, Team Ascendant, DéjàVu eSports can be grateful for their slightly better win%. This secures them the second place at the moment. A strong win against the top team Warlocks eSports should be a big confidence booster, especially considering the fact that rehzzy (clear MVP of the team; 45 goals and 54 saves so far) was not playing. Their sub C^2 showed impressively that signing him was a good decision. The close loss against Enigma leaves a dark spot on the otherwise great performance in this week. An amazing coincidence allows us to draw a direct comparison between DéjàVu eSports and Team Ascendant during their race for the second place in the Caesium Division. Both teams will be playing against Crown Gaming and Aztecs. Even though this is should be two easier matchups on paper, the pressure is still high because of the tight and direct battle between the two rivals  DéjàVu eSports and Team Ascendant.


Team Ascendant – 3rd place Caesium Division, 10 wins 4 losses

Team Ascendant will look back at week 7 with mixed feelings. A fantastic win against the top team of the Rubidium Division, Warlocks eSports, on one hand but an unnecessary FF against a difficult but definitely winnable matchup, Enigma, on the other hand. This was a result that already put them behind their rival for the second place (based on win%) in their division, DéjàVu eSports. With their overall record of 10 wins and 4 losses Team Ascendant is still a strong team that showed multiple times already that they deserve a spot in the playoffs and maybe even more. Week 8 will see them facing Crown Gaming and Aztecs, an easier week on paper that should give them confidence for their week 9 cross-conference game and the ultimate test against RL Ireland. Two clean victories in week 8 have to be the goal for Team Ascendant to make up for week 7 and don´t lose out on their direct rival DéjàVu eSports, who will be coincidentally facing the exact same teams in week 8.


Erisean eSports – 4th place Caesium Division, 9 wins and 5 losses

Tied with Glacier when it comes to wins and losses, EriseaneSports secures the 4th place due to a 0,77 better win%. Two victories, including a closer than expected 3:2 victory against Oasis eSport and a FF win against Triumph, allow Erisean to still be considered a contender for a playoff spot. Their performance after the cross-division games and the integration of their sub Serve Delight – who still needs to play more games to reach the required amount – will be crucial factors when it comes to the final placing of Erisean eSports. Week 8 will also be an important test of their skill as they need to face Austrian Force, current 2nd place of the Rubidium Division. Winning against them becomes even more important considering that

Erisean´s direct rival Glacier was able to win that exact match in week 7. Because it might be relevant for the outcome, let me say that Team Ascendant and DéjàVu eSports did not win against Austrian Force. In summary Erisean needs to win both games to keep themselves relevant in the fight for a playoff spot.


Rubidium Division


Warlocks eSports – 1st place Rubidium Division, 12 wins 2 losses

Losing both matches in a week is always something that you don´t want to happen. But if your team so far has not lost a single game so far, it is something you for sure don´t want to happen. After week 7, the challenger team of DéjàVu eSportsis the only team in the whole league that has yet to lose a game. Before anybody thinks that the team around WILL., Joyo and Ayd is falling apart let me point out that Warlocks eSport was playing with their sub LukzyRL for the first time in the whole season. This might deliver a rather easy answer to the question: “What happened?”. But at the end of the day Warlocks eSport is still one of the top contenders for winning the title. Losing those two games won´t impact their path towards the playoffs in a big way. I am sure the top team of the Rubidium Division will be able to bounce back and be on top of their competitors once again. At least I hope they will, because, with their match against RL Ireland happening in week 8, it would be a shame seeing the clash of the titans while one of the teams is not playing their absolute best game.


Austrian Force – 2nd place Rubidium Division, 9 wins and 5 losses

Week 7 was a nerve wrecking week for Austrian Force for sure. We saw a close defeat and close win. Against Prophecy, 7th place in the Caesium Division the team played with their Master League sub AllThatRemains and was able to win the 5 game series. Against Glacier, 5th place in the CaesiumDivision, it did not go in their favour. Needing to play with their challenger player aDomiiC the team played another 5 game series. This time the last game did not go in their favor. This is even more disappointing considering that Warlocks, by losing both of their games, gave Austrian Force a chance to close the gap to some extent. With their current standing of 9 wins and 5 losses the team is still comfortable sitting in the second place of their division, 3 wins behind Warlocks eSportbut 2 wins in front of Enigma. Week 9 will give them another tough challenge to prove they deserve their spot in the playoffs: Erisean eSports.


Enigma – 3rd place Rubidium Division, 7 wins and 7 losses

Week 7 turned out to be an important week for Enigma. After their unfortunate but close (considering they had to play with their full challenger roster due to availability issues), 2-3 loss against Sonic Wave in week 6 I was afraid that Enigma wouldnot be able to claim a playoff spot. But oh boy was I proven wrong by Enigma, who as a team bounced back and performed stronger than ever. With an unexpected 3-2 victory against the 2nd place in the Caesium Division, DéjàVu eSports, Enigma was able to secure important points in the race for a playoff spot. The FF win against another strong team from the Caesium Division, Team Ascendant, is additionally very helpful. Enigma was able to pass Aztecs and close some of the gap between them and the second place Austrian Force. With 2 wins behind Austrian Force and a match against RL Ireland in week 8, Enigma will need more great performances like week 7 if they want to be in the playoffs.


Aztecs – 4th place Rubidium Division, 6 wins and 8 losses

So far Aztecs was able to secure one win and one loss every week, perfectly balanced as all things should be. Unfortunately this infamous achievement came to end with Aztecs losing against RL Ireland and Primal eSports. Their 1-3 defeat against RL Ireland is not really surprising as RL Ireland is a favorite to win against almost any team right now. The match against Primal eSports promised to be an exciting and close one. Unfortunately Aztecs had to play without their highest DSN player JayTee. Instead they swapped in Jackseanfrom their Challenger team. The resulting 3-0 sweep from Primal won´t help Aztecs build the momentum they desperately need to keep up with the top 3 teams in their division. Week 8 will be a do or die moment for the team as they are facing two strong teams, DéjàVu eSports and Team Ascendant in their fight of survival (or at least that playoff spot).




Cerium Division – 1st place Cerium Division, 10 win 4 losses

Fans of the top team in the Cerium Division were looking forward to week 7. The matches against Built by Us and Royals looked like another good opportunity to show why is at the top of the table right now. But it would also pose a good opportunity to give their newly signed player Rawvyy (whos name took me too long to spell correctly tbf) and their sub Harstar a chance to play and to reach those minimum games required. In the end it turned out to be a rough week for The team lost and struggled against the 5th place in the Europium Division, Built by Us, and the last game being a 7-2 clap. Their game against place 4th in the Europium Division, Royals ended with a win but for sure no fewer struggles. The match went over 5 games and was a nerve-wrecking back and forth. All in all is still on top of the table and their players got closer to the required minimum games. It will be interesting to see if the team is going to bounce back from this week or if the time of being a dominant top team in the Cerium Divisions is over. I am sure their rivals are hoping for the later.


Insanity – 2nd place Cerium Division, 9 wins 5 losses

Week 7 was an important week for the second place in the Cerium Division. After Royals ended their 3 game win streak in week 6 it was important for the players of Insanity to quickly recover from that loss and focus on the future challenges. Especially the game against Warhawks was promising an exciting clash of two potential playoff teams. It is even more unfortunate to see this game ending in an FF win for Insanity. Their game against Throne Gaming, on the other hand was already decided on paper and Insanity made sure to not let anything come between them and their win. A solid 3-0 win allowed Insanity to end their week with two victories, which is especially important considering the fact that their Rival dropped one of their games. With Insanity standing at 9 wins, only one win behind the first place the race for the top position in the Cerium Division is closer than ever.Week 8 could end up being a mixed bag for Insanity as they will be facing the 1st and 8th place of the Europium Division to finish their cross-division games.


Europium Division


Reflux – 1st place Europium Division, 10 wins 4 losses

Week 7 looked like a week that will have no surprises in store for the top team in the Europium Division. Their matches against place 6th, eNightmare and place 8th, NoHope eSportswere a mere test of consistency for the strong performing team of Reflux. With a 3-0 and 3-1 victory Reflux demonstratedthat the team around their MVP syracKs (45 goals and 42 saves so far) has plenty of the before mentioned biggest enemy of every RL player: consistency. The confidence that is happening over at Reflux right now is not only shown by their 6 game win streak (they have yet to drop a single cross-division game) but also by the fact that those solid victories were achieved while playing with their sub Mattymoomoo. Fans of Reflux are looking forward to week 8 and the promising match up against Insanity, 2nd place in the Cerium Division. This will be the final test of Reflux in their cross-division games and a good opportunity for every team in the Alkali Conference to spy on the skill level of the top teams in the Lanthanide Conference.


Team Absolut – 2nd place Europium Division, 9 wins and 5 losses

A marginal difference of 1.68 win% puts Team Absolut currently in the 2nd place of the Europium Division and in this week´s write-ups. Sharing the same standing, 9 wins and 5 losses with their rival Warhawks it is an open race for the second place in this division with both teams showing strong performances so far. Week 7 was maybe not exactly what Team Absolute was hoping for. Their solid 3-0 win against Xero was only secondary. The main focus of the team was on their high-class match up vs R3D Water, 3rd place in the Cerium Division.  The match ended in a close 2-3 defeat. A loss that does not hurt as bad anymore once you look over to their direct rival Warhawks and see that they lost both of their matches in week 7. I am sure that Team Absolut would have loved to establish a lead against them but there is always another week. Week 8 will see them facing against AEon eSports, 7th place in the Cerium Division and, 1stplace in the Cerium Division. Realistically, Team Absolut has to be happy with one victory in this week, but I am sure that is not what they are aiming for.




Crazi has contacted both the season 1 and season 2 pro league champion – Jordan – and season 2 elite finalist, Ayd. He has asked them some questions and also written about them and their teams a bit as well underneath the interview. Here are the two interviews:




Crazi: With your team pulling a jump from a 0-6 record to 7-7, are you confident in your team’s ability to perform in the weeks to come?
Johrdi: Well obviously i believe in my team’s abilities completely, i believe we will make further strides towards a playoffs spot as hard as we can.


Crazi: What sparked off this sudden jump in activity and ability?
Johrdi: Nothing really sparked it off, we had physical problems that some of us needed to fix. Liice and Feraal both had internet issues but as soon as they were fixed, we started to get the win streak.
Crazi: Who would you say is your team’s current biggest competition?
Johrdi: Personally, I believe that Team Ascendant is our biggest competition at the moment, their record is really good at the moment but I feel that with some more wins under our belt we will be able to contend for the third place spot in our division.
Crazi: With 3 wins behind second place in your division, high hopes for taking your place in playoffs?
Johrdi: Yes. we’re all very motivated after going on this win streak, our morale was quite low after going 0-7 as no matter what we did with the situation we were in, we couldn’t nab any wins at all. 
After Primal’s master team’s somewhat miraculous jump in form recently, with seven straight wins in a row, I thought it important to extend an olive branch to the captain of the team Johrdi (Jordan) to get an idea of how they were able to pull this off. The main answer he gave to this was that his team was always able to perform against the best in the league and that the problems his team faced were not in gameplay but outside factors they could not control such as “*internet issues*” that have recently been fixed.
 With a rather stunted start to the season Johrdi believes his team has it in them to reach playoffs, with seven straight wins being but the start as he “*believes in his team’s ability completely*” and that he believes his team “*will make further strides towards a playoff spot*”. With a complete morale switch in the past few weeks, they’ll be looking to be “*motivated*” going on into the later stages of season 4.
He also noted that his current biggest competition he sees his team facing will be Team Ascendent and that he feels his team will be able to “*contend for the third-place spot in their division*” once they accrue a few more “*wins under their belt*”.
With a team that hasn’t changed since week 1, Will we see this team continue their carnal nature eating team after team in their push up towards playoffs? Or is this only a temporary stint and their skill will slowly diminish over time. I for one will keep watching as we see this team continue to rise up the league table. For as long as they can manage it of course.



Crazi: The first 6 weeks of this league were a perfect 12-0 record for yourself, but with this last week have we seen cracks start to form or are you ready to face RLIreland next week?
Ayd: Our season only just started getting hard these past weeks as we’ve had to play 2 good teams this week and then we’re playing another 2 good teams next week including RLI. I wouldn’t say that we’re cracking, yes, we probably could’ve kept the undefeated record if we played with our main roster, but we have to play our sub for 16 games to be eligible for playoffs. As long as we can start our main team against RLI next week we definitely have a decent chance to win the series, but it should be close as they’re one of the best teams.
Crazi: With a consistent duo of yourself and Will throughout the season, is this a team to stick around till playoffs and beyond, or will we still see some shifts?
Ayd: For now, I’d say this will be the same team for the remainder of the season, the only way I could see that changing is if someone like Joyo commits to a proper team outside of the league and wants to spend all of his energy on that team.
Crazi: Who would you say is your team’s current biggest competition?
Ayd: I wouldn’t say there’s an individual team that is our biggest competition as anything can happen in the playoffs and upsets will also happen for sure, that’s one thing I’ve learned from playing in this league since the start. It doesn’t matter how well you perform in league play, you need to play even better in the playoffs to make it far.
Crazi: How well would you say your relatively new players Joyo and Lukzy are adjusting to your playstyle?
Ayd: I’ve played with Joyo for quite a few seasons now so we have a pretty decent understanding of how to play around each other and will can adapt to pretty much any team you throw at him so that’s great. This was our first week being able to play with Lukzy and I personally only was able to play a couple games with him but he’s definitely a great player with potential, a few more scrims should help us figure out any problems but I’m happy overall with how the team is playing right now.
Crazi: Any other comments to share?
Ayd: Good luck to everyone when the playoffs come around and just remember to have fun!
(Seeing as Ayd was unable to comment about his team’s game against DéjàVu eSports this week, he asked that I contact another member of his team for comment on the match. WILL was gladly able to pass comment)
Crazi: I was wondering if you’d be able to give a little comment about your game against DejaVu this week.
WILL: We didnt play well but we scored a few freestyle goals so that made up for it, no further comment.
-This was not edited by Will.
With Warlocks being the top team and main team to beat with half-league win streak up until this week, I thought it apt to get in touch with their captain Ayd for comment on how a seemingly unbeatable team showed a few cracks. However, he assured me that this is not an ongoing trend and was merely his team doing what they must to be “*eligible for playoffs*”. With his team picking now as a time to get a few games in with a sub, it could be questioned as to how this could not have happened later.
Maybe they lit the fuse on their sub before they were up to speed as Ayd claimed that Lukzy is a “great player with potential” and that “a few more scrims should help them figure out any problems”. It is always useful to iron out any issues, but I guess the only way to know a player is ready for the league is to play them in it, so maybe a loss is a good learning experience for the team.
I asked Ayd who he saw as his biggest competition and he was quick to point out that he is certain in his team’s chances at getting to playoffs yet unsure as to what may happen from that point stating that “anything can happen in the playoffs and upsets will also happen for sure”. It could happen to any team in such a high stress situation, especially one with many eyes on them to perform.
Turning the sights towards his teammates I asked him if we’d see any shifts in the next two weeks, but the only change he could see would be if any of the team “commits to a team outside the league and wishes to spend their energy on that team”. With a history with Joyo, a good player to back him up in WILL and a sub that will only get better with time. It’s easy to see how they landed themselves at the top.
With hopes of an exciting and close game against RLIreland next week, hopefully we will get to see who truly the top dog around the master league is and whether its time for the Irish players time in the spotlight, or maybe we’ll see the warlocks view a win in their crystal ball and follow through with it. Its set to be an exciting week for sure no matter the outcome.

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