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Alkali Conference

  1. RL Ireland
  2. Warlocks Esports
  3. Team Ascendant (+1)
  4. Austrian Force – tied with Triumph (+1)
  5. Triumph – tied with Austrian Force (+1)
  6. DéjàVu Esports (-3)
  7. Enigma
  8. Aztecs
  9. Erisean Esports
  10. Glacier
  11. Crown Gaming – tied with Prophecy
  12. Prophecy – tied with Crown Gaming
  13. Primal Esports
  14. Shamrock Esports
  15. Oasis
  16. Sonic Wave


Lanthanide Conference

  2. Team Absolut (+2)
  3. Royals
  4. R3D Water (+2)
  5. Insanity (-3)
  6. Shadow Esports (+3)
  7. Warhawks – tied with Xero (+3)
  8. Xero – tied with Warhawks
  9. Instinct Esports (-4)
  10. Reflux (+4)
  11. eNightmare – tied with Built By Us (-1)
  12. Built By Us – tied with eNightmare
  13. Throne Gaming (-5)
  14. AEon Esports (-1)
  15. Bad Karma Esports
  16. NoHope Esports





With 6-0 tied records between the two top teams of the Alkali Conference, the opinion has now switched in favor of RL Ireland! It would appear that those who have taken an interest in the Irish team have liked what they’ve seen as complete sweeps of Primal and Sonic Wave means they have gone two weeks without dropping a single game in any series. Get ready, however, as Week 4 holds a face-slappin’, butt-kickin’, tum-ticklin’, rum-chuggin’, clam-cluggin’ matchup against and my pants are already growing tomatoes from how badly I’ve soiled them.       

The aforementioned cold water wake-up to any high flying team, iNTACT has just come off of a 3-2 stream win against Insanity to assert their dominance over the Lanthanide Conference and will now move on to the next decisive matchup against RL Ireland. I don’t know what we are in for here, but rest assured, the lethal combo of Saphiix, Timsey, and Rxzor will surely make a strong claim for the championship.



Despite another 2-0 week, the Warlocks have been placed marginally below their intraconference rivals in RL Ireland. Keep in mind though: this isn’t an ultimate judgement against their team. There is no reason to believe that we are seeing any dip in form from the mages. They will still have to be on their toes, however, as the cross-conference matchup again Royals this week sees Will face off against his old team and provides another way-point to assess the defending champ’s viability.



The quick risers from their 7th place ranking in week 1, Team Absolut have buckled down and advanced their position to a 5-1 record tie with the Royals in the Europium Division. It will be awhile before Absolut will get the change to rectify their 2-3 loss against the Royals in week 1, but they will still have an opportunity against Dejavu this week to show their class against formidable opposition.



Last week, I predicted that TeaM Ascendant would take another hit in week 3 againSt either Dejavu Or Glacier; and, while I was technically Right in the case of the latteR matchup, it’d feel amiss to not relaY the fact that Ascendant was forced to play tWo challengers in that 2-3 loss (Glacier did also have to play one). Not to slight those challenger players In particular, but the context here is important to understand that no one should doZe off on Ascendant. They are A determined team with a stRong case for a playoff spot in their Division.



An objectively tough week after their 4-0 start, week 3 saw the Royals succumb to a massive sweep from Built By Us. Unfortunately, there are no current game logs for that match so a dissection of the result won’t be fully attainable. Still, the result of the limited analysis is a bit of concern: a tied record with Team Absolut, a recent hit to their confidence, and a looming matchup against the Warlocks all give a feeling of unease for this next week as we may very well see the team dip down from their number one spot in the division.



Well, this week was thoroughly predictable for Austrian Force. A win over Shamrock and a loss to the Warlocks has kept this team right on track for the spot they are ranked. Understandably, tough matchups against Enigma and Insanity in week 4 draw some concern; however, I do have a general sense of security with this team and am confident that they will achieve at least another 1-1 week despite the challenges. 


R3D WATER       

A new-comer to the top team write-ups, R3D Water seems to have warmed up with solid wins over Xero and NoHope Esports. Fortunately, they will be seeing the benefit of a tied record with Insanity as a lower win percentage sets their cross-conference matchup against Erisean Esports. Not easy opposition by any means, but should still give them a bit better of a chance to solidify their position toward the top and not drop series.



The notable surgeon was not able to operate as he had no table.



A 2-0 week has thoroughly helped Erisean push out of their 2-2 start and remain competitive in the tense tie in their division. We’ve seen the results of the merry-go-round, however, and can see that Dejavu and Team Ascendant are test that this team has yet to overcome. There’s still plenty of opportunity with the transition into cross-division play, but close attention of Erisean is warranted as their tough position should be an interesting watch.



Same boat, same division. Glacier has an important few weeks ahead of them as they, too, are in that same group of death as Erisean. Fortunately for them, their win against Team Ascendant has kept them level. Be cautioned, however, as matchups against Dejavu and Reflux in week 3 will be the ultimate decision as to whether Glacier has been warming up or just getting lucky.



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It’s been two tough losses this week as Throne Gaming received harsh sweeps from both Royals and the Warhawks. Now second to last in their division, the team does have opportunities against Built By Us and Shamrock to return to form but nothing is certain here as the confidence of Throne is in question.







RL Ireland vs


Warlocks Esports vs Royals


Erisean Esports vs R3D Water


Austrian Force vs Insanity

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