Alkali Conference

  1. Warlocks Esports – tied with RL Ireland
  2. RL Ireland – tied with Warlocks Esports (+1)
  3. DéjàVu Esports (+5)
  4. Team Ascendant
  5. Austrian Force – tied with Triumph (+3)
  6. Triumph – tied with Austrian Force (-3)
  7. Enigma (-1)
  8. Aztecs (-1)
  9. Erisean Esports (+1)
  10. Glacier (+4)
  11. Prophecy (-6)
  12. Crown Gaming (-1)
  13. Shamrock Esports – tied with Primal Esports
  14. Primal Esports – tied with Shamrock Esports (-1)
  15. Oasis Esports (+1)
  16. Sonic Wave (-1)


Lanthanide Conference

  2. Insanity
  3. Royals (+1)
  4. Team Absolut (+3)
  5. Instinct Esports (-3)
  6. R3D Water
  7. Xero (-2)
  8. Throne Gaming (+3)
  9. Shadow Esports (+4)
  10. eNightmare
  11. Warhawks (-2)
  12. AEon Esports – tied with Built By Us (-4)
  13. Built By Us – tied with AEon Esports (+1)
  14. Reflux (-2)
  15. Bad Karma Esports (+1)
  16. NoHope Esports (-1)


TOP 10

With the second week of Season 4 complete, we’ve seen a variety of consistencies and changes that have helped bring a bit more understanding to the ability of these Master League teams. Below are the current top 10 teams by record after Week 2.



Much like last week, the Warlocks sit atop their division and conference with 49 goals to their name and a 92% win rate. Fortunately, unlike last week, this week’s matchups provide a bit more validity to the Warlocks number 1 placement as wins against more potent opposition (Triumph and Aztecs) confirm the ability of this squad. There are still more tests to come, however, as both Enigma and Austrain Force will seek to continue win streaks in week 3 against the defending champs.



Over in the Lanthanide conference, iNTACT has also preserved their top position with convincing wins against Xero and eNightmare. It’s still early in the season, but with how ruthless this team looks on the scoreboard, I wouldn’t be surprised if their week 4 cross conference matchup (which most certainly would be against the Warlocks) yields a result even-more convincing of iNTACT’s championship campaign.



After week 2’s finish, RL Ireland have now tied with the Warlocks in conference rankings and established themselves in the group of “narrow margins”. One of two teams in this category, RL Ireland have improved their undefeated record to 4-0 with just 16 goals and a goal difference of 5. If that isn’t crazy enough, consider that they have only lost one game in the entire four series that they have played so far. Excluding one game, RL Ireland have won every game in each series by a margin of 1 goal which I’m sure has made for some very tense matches. Be prepared for some breathing room, however, with easier matchups against Sonic Wave and the troubled Primal Esports going in to Week 3.



A strong sweep of R3D Water and a close victory over eNightmare have still kept Insanity undefeated and just trailing iNTACT in rankings. Establishing a consistent front two of Switch and Drowsy, the team has cycled between Moggy and Hawky with considerable success in the opening weeks. Let’s hope that their diversification of chemistry pays off in week 3 as a matchup against iNTACT could be the biggest challenge to the team throughout their whole season.



I previously mentioned the “narrow margins” group and its first resident, RL Ireland. Now it’s time to appreciate the second: the Royals. With 25 goals for and 23 goals against, the Royals have also pulled off their 4-0 record with very close wins over Instinct (despite the sweep) and Reflux. No doubt about it, this was a tough week for the team matchups-wise, I see no reason to believe that they will need to rise to any greater challenges with week 3 matchups against Built By Us and Throne Gaming. Still, watch with interest as wins this close to the line are always risky business.



After being unceremoniously swept by RL Ireland in the first week, Dejavu have turned things around quick with 3-1 wins over both Primal and Erisean Esports. It’s been a fast jump of 5 points from their initial week 1 position; however, this elevated ranking feels more like a return to class rather than a jump in form. There doesn’t seem to be any surprises in store for the week 3 matchups against Team Ascendant and Prophecy, but I’d still think caution is in order as these series could provide crucial wins before the transition into the other division.



A fall in record but not a fall in rank, Ascendant were subjected to the roll of the Irish boys this week to make them both the sweepee and the sweeper alongside a 3-0 win over Sonic Wave. While I’m not making any initial bets on the week 3 matchups, I’m inclined to think that Team Ascendant might take one or two more hits in these next couple series as Dejavu and Glacier both look primed and ready to claw their way past.



I’ve been very excited for this team ever since I first saw their roster, and, despite a somewhat-mediocre first week, it’s good to see the potential start to manifest in week 2. A sweep over Built By Us and a 3-1 stream victory against Throne Gaming without even fielding Finn are solid points for the definite playoff contenders and have launched them just below the top of the division. It’s quite a shame then that their one loss so far has come against the top of their division as the 2-3 loss to the Royals still leaves some questions on whether they can handle the other top teams or not. Fortunately, it seems as though they have a handle on the rest of the competition and are showing the determination and ability to at least keep the 2nd seed.



I have to admit, I had questions about Austrian Force’s viability in the new competition of Season 4 — questions that were only furthered by their week 1 loss to the Aztecs. However, 3-1 wins over both Crown Gaming and Triumph have helped turn those questions into familiar confidence and returned the expectations that come with one of the top teams of the previous season. Still, in the interest of expectations, their week 3 matchup against the Warlocks comes with expectations of its own and they will most certainly have to defy them if they are hoping to challenge for the top.



For teams that deserve to be talked about.



They say that the best defense is a good offense. In these opening weeks, it seems that Enigma is trying to prove that the opposite is correct as well. The answer, you ask? N-   well…yes? … Definitely maybe.

On one hand, 60 goals for but 44 goals against doesn’t inspire confidence in Enigma’s own half, but on the other, a 3-1 record is all the evidence you need to say that the team is doing some interesting stuff. It seems that no matter who they are up against, Enigma really enjoys keeping it close. With only 1 series ending earlier than game 5, it’s safe to say that this team’s series are destined to be exciting and volatile. Let’s hope they keep it up because I want to see some fireworks when they take on the Warlocks next week.



In my opinion, eNightmare have been quite unfortunate to be 1-3 after the first two weeks. That’s not to say that they deserve to beat teams like iNTACT or Insanity, but they got admirably close in the latter case and I feel like these next couple weeks will see some payoff. That’s not to say that a series championship contention is in the books for this team, but it wouldn’t be too surprising if eNightmare found themselves in a wildcard spot toward season’s end.





I don’t currently believe that Instinct is on a downward spiral, but there are some troubling signs in a 0-3 loss to the Royals and a forfeit to follow it up. There’s still a lot of confidence in this team and I have no doubt that true form will return; however, week 3 will be pretty crucial with important matchups against Team Absolut and Reflux. The question remains, though, as to whether or not the 0-2 week has had any hit to morale.



The ancient history of many cultures has declared the possibility of divine intervention in many different scenarios. Whatever your culture, religion, or history please join me in praying for such divine intervention with Primal. Say it with me:

“O’ great Spaghetti Monster, please stop the impending shame that Primal will be subject to if they continue this unfortunate display. Lend their thumbs your strength, o’ ominous pasta fiend. Guide their shots with your amber waves of squeezed and rolled grain. And if their success is not your will, please let your warm, noodly apocalypse come swiftly so that we can all wake up from this atrocious nightmare. Amen.”




Team Absolut vs Instinct Esports


Enigma vs Warlocks Esports


RL Ireland vs Primal Esports


Royals vs Throne Gaming

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