1. Team Absolut
  2. Primal Esports
  3. Crown Gaming
  4. Shadow eSports (+2)
  5. RL Ireland (-1)
  6. Oasis eSports – tied with Reflux (-1)
  7. Reflux – tied with Oasis eSports (+1)
  8. Austrian Force (-1)
  9. Warlocks eSports
  10. Built By Us
  11. Prophecy – tied with AEon eSports
  12. AEon eSports – tied with Prophecy
  13. Instinct eSports
  14. Erisean eSports (+1)
  15. Aztecs (-1)
  16. Triumph



  1. DéjàVu eSports
  2. Enigma
  3. R3D Water
  4. Insanity
  5. Glacier (+1)
  6. Team Ascendant (-1)
  7. NoHope eSports – tied with Sonic Wave
  8. Sonic Wave – tied with NoHope eSports (+1)
  9. Warhawks (+1)
  10. (+1)
  11. Xero (+1)
  12. Bad Karma eSports (+1)
  13. Royals (-6)
  14. Throne Gaming
  15. eNightmare
  16. Shamrock eSports


Shepsi’s Article



Glacier, who have been looking confident the whole season so far, winning most of their games have had a reassuring week, securing another two wins for their challenger roster. The sweep against Reflux just shows off, how well these guys play together as a team. A good combination of pressure by shots, that are put on target and passes given to create an opening in the defensive line, have shown wonders in Glacier’s offense. A total of 12 goals were scored by the team in that series, spread across Kurs3dWolf, timmy? and MachtFISCH. But also defensive wise this team has strengths: a lot of saves coming from each member prevent the ball from entering the back of the net. They are now tied with Insanity, who only managed to win one match this week, which created an opening for Glacier to strive towards playoffs. If they keep playing like that, we can be safe to expect them in one of the brackets.



Just looking solid as ever, Enigma was able to convert two more league games into wins to add to their record. It almost couldn’t be better for them right now. Only dropping one game this week in two series looks convincing and brings them further away from their competitors, Insanity and Glacier, one more time. At this point they might even rename to “Team Unstoppable”. We will definitely see them in playoffs, also bringing a good chance of winning with them, beating top teams like DéjàVu. But one matchup has to be seen yet and it may be the toughest one, because Team Absolut will not miss out on the playoffs either, being a major threat to anyone, who wants to win the trophy as well.


DéjàVu eSports:

The team, which has been expected to be unstoppable: DéjàVu eSports. After the first loss against Enigma last week, they suffered one more against Team Absolut this time, who took revenge for the first matchup against DéjàVu. At least they took off one game in that series. But nonetheless the spirit remains strong. To make up for another loss, BennyBoii, Shimmy and Shepsi managed to beat the team of Warhawks, setting this week’s record to a stable 1-1. Due to their winstreak until last week, they are confirmed to be in playoffs, but can they win it all? They have shown that they can, but on the other hand have shown their weaknesses as well. Will they keep up the fight to go until the very end? It remains to be seen, as the only team’s who have beaten them are most likely going to participate in the fight for the champion title as well.

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