Good evening IEL, we are a mere single week away from the end of league play for season 4! Due to being so close to the end, we are not doing any write-ups this week. You’ve seen them countless times before and every team has at least one to their name, if not, many. So, as a replacement in the challenger league, we are writing about the teams contesting for the wildcard spot. If you would like to read about what these teams must ensure that they do in this final week of league play to clutch playoffs then you’re in the right place!



  1. Team Absolut
  2. Crown Gaming
  3. Primal Esports – tied with RL Ireland (+2)
  4. RL Ireland – tied with Primal Esports (-1)
  5. Shadow eSports
  6. Oasis eSports (-2)
  7. Reflux
  8. Austrian Force
  9. Warlocks eSports
  10. AEon eSports
  11. Built By Us
  12. Prophecy
  13. Instinct eSports
  14. Erisean eSports
  15. Aztecs
  16. Triumph



  1. DéjàVu eSports
  2. Enigma
  3. R3D Water
  4. Insanity
  5. Glacier
  6. Xero (+3)
  7. NoHope eSports (+1)
  8. Team Ascendant (-2)
  9. Warhawks (+3)
  10. (-3)
  11. Sonic Wave (-1)
  12. Bad Karma eSports (+1)
  13. Royals
  14. eNightmare – tied with Throne Gaming
  15. Throne Gaming – tied with eNightmare
  16. Shamrock eSports




Playoffs are on the horizon. Teams are fighting for the top spots and wild card positions. For some a wild card is all they can hope for. With the top dogs solidifying their spots some teams will need to step up their game for the final week of league play. As it stands without the final series being played, the teams making playoffs are: Team Absolut, Crown Gaming, RL Ireland, Primal Esports, Shadow eSports and Reflux. With Shadow and Reflux sitting on wild card placements for playoffs their positions are more seriously at stake than others, but, for some of the teams I have not mentioned. DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE. This final game week could change the playoffs seeding dramatically, while those teams listed need to defend their spot. Those of you that are not currently making playoffs need to put on a final show and take that spot. Especially teams like Oasis eSports and Austrian Force, while AF can only hope Shadow and Reflux lose both their series and take them on W/L ratio. Oasis have the chance to take both series and contest the wild card spots. So, in Oasis’s eyes, this week is a do or die situation. Will the playoff seedings change? Or will those already there take their fight to playoffs. Only time will tell.




Only one week will be remaining for teams to improve their scores in the tables to secure a spot into playoffs, which will be happening later in October.
For the Transition Conference only three teams could already secure their advancement to the double elimination rounds, which are the following:

Titanium Division:
– Enigma (1st)

Chromium Division:
– DéjàVu eSports (1st)
– R3D Water (2nd)

As you can see there is still a dispute for the second spot in Titanium Division as Insanity and Glacier are on the same level with a score of 14-8, but Insanity holds the better winrate of 59.77% compared to Glacier’s 50.72%. Every win and loss matters now, neither of them can slack now. What makes it even more intriguing is that both teams will face each other in the next week, which will probably decide the outcome of the competition, due to the fact that both of them will face teams in the second game of the week that they have beaten before. Right now it seems like Glacier will have the upper hand though because they have won against Insanity before. The question now is whether they can do it again or not. Insanity will definitely give them a fight to remain seated on the second place for their division.


For the wildcard spots however, which will be given to the 5th and 6th team overall in the whole conference, there are three competitors, who want to claim that spot for themselves. Competing for one spot? Yes there are two wildcard spots in each conference but one of them will be given to either Glacier or Insanity, whoever gets the worse ranking after next week. Therefore we have Xero, NoHope eSports and Team Ascendant out of both divisions to fight for that last remaining chance. But who out of them will make it? Given the current information NoHope eSports are up ahead one win over the other two teams, but still they are less likely to get the spot. Why? Lets look at the matchups for the next and last week. NoHope eSports has to face both top teams of their division: DéjàVu eSports and R3D Water. It is very unlikely that they will win both games, even one seems hard to obtain. They have beaten R3D Water before, but that was in the first week of the group phase and their opponent has got stronger ever since.

In contrast to that, for the other two teams it is really hard to tell, who will be able to outpace the other one. Both, Xero and Team Ascendant have winnable games up ahead for the next week and it really just comes down to who takes both wins. If both of them are able to add another two wins on the board, Xero still has the upper chance, due to their higher winrate of 50.63%. Team Ascendant would have to increase their own winrate by 5.56% and more to beat Xero to the wildcard spot. Another thing to add in Xero’s favor is that they haven’t dropped one of their last four series, while Team Ascendant had to face R3D Water and DéjàVu eSports in the last two weeks. This could be a big advantage for Xero as the mentality, going into the games should be better. compared to Team Ascendant’s. But yet again, neither of them have anything to lose and we expect solid games from both teams in the upcoming week.

All in all Transition Conference has a lot of exciting games to offer for the last week of the group phase. Especially the game between Insanity and Glacier will probably be the most intense game to keep an eye on, because it will both determine the second spot for playoffs and the first wildcard spot. We wish good luck to all contenders and hope for some high quality Rocket League over the next few days.

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