Good evening IEL, this week we feature write-ups from both conferences and possibly some of our final for the season. We will begin to talk a lot more about playoffs in the next few weeks, so please enjoy the last few featured!

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  1. Team Absolut
  2. Crown Gaming (+1)
  3. RL Ireland (+2)
  4. Oasis eSports (+2)
  5. Shadow eSports (-1)
  6. Primal Esports (-4)
  7. Reflux
  8. Austrian Force
  9. Warlocks eSports
  10. Built By Us – tied with AEon eSports
  11. AEon eSports – tied with Built By Us
  12. Prophecy
  13. Instinct eSports
  14. Aztecs – tied with Erisean eSports
  15. Erisean eSports – tied with Aztecs
  16. Triumph



  1. DéjàVu eSports
  2. Enigma
  3. R3D Water
  4. Insanity
  5. Glacier
  6. Team Ascendant
  7. (+3)
  8. NoHope eSports
  9. Xero (+2)
  10. Sonic Wave (-2)
  11. Bad Karma eSports (+1)
  12. Warhawks (-3)
  13. Royals
  14. Throne Gaming
  15. eNightmare
  16. Shamrock eSports




Oasis eSports (13-7)
Actinide conference has never been as exciting as now with a lot of teams still having a chance to make their way into playoffs. One of them could be Oasis eSports, as they were able to secure two more victories for them this week against Austrian Force and Instinct eSports. Both games have been rather onesided, with Oasis scoring with scoring almost twice as much as their opponents. Fblade was able to make almost half of the goals go on his own account and is definitely a player to watch out for this seasonn. With Primal eSports only getting a score of 1-1 this week they are now tied on the second place in Thorium Division. It will be exciting to see which of the teams will advance and it might even get decided next week due to both teams facing each other to settle their scores. If they keep up the great work in the offense and improve their defence against Primal they most certainly will be seen in the battle of the brackets.

RL Ireland (14-6)
What a week it has been in Uranium Division! RL Ireland, Shadow eSports and Reflux, the places two, three and four, have met each other this week to fight for the second place in their division. In this battle RL Ireland has made clear that they want to stay second and have defeated Shadow eSports to prove themselves against their opponents early on. With two weeks remaining all of the teams have yet to face Team Absolut, who are unlikely to drop a game for the rest of the group phase, which will probably set them even more even. Because of that it is even more important to grab every win they can and so they have this week, adding two more positive scores to pass their competitors. It remains to be seen if they can keep their spot or if Shadow eSports and Reflux will step up to fight for it once more.

Primal Esports (13-7)
Primal eSports have seen ups and downs this week, which they cannot really afford currently. The roster of Solar, HiighTyde and Dot have managed to beat their division’s first Crown Gaming in a convincing manner. Sweeping them 3-0, with little resistance and a total score of 13-4 has been a good redemption for their earlier upset against Built By Us this week. To their defense, they have been playing with a sub and the games were very close, two out of three only going in favor of Built By Us by one single goal. They have to make sure to play with their main roster, if they want to have a chance to move on into playoffs. And they have to make sure that they are on top form next week as they have their most crucial game for the rest of the group phase against Oasis eSports, their competitor for the second place in Thorium Division. Lets see how this turns out and be ready for an exciting game next week.

Team Absolut (16-4)
Team Absolut are looking solid as ever, even if two of their players have been replaced on their main challenger roster over the past weeks. Their newest member Otz has clicked fast with Spectre and Clover, who are already displaying good team chemistry. Since losing to Austrian Force in week five they have not suffered a single loss, which results in a current win streak of ten games. It has been an absolut(e) phenomenal run through the group phase for the team and they are unlikely to drop one more series for the last remaining two weeks. Currently being second seed for playoffs, they are definitely a team to look out for with a high chance of making it into the finals.




Enigma (15-5)

These guys seem to be going from strength to strength. 5 wins in a row takes Enigma to the top of their division. With a seemingly easy win over Sonic Wave, and a tighter 3-2 against insanity, this team is on a roll. Looking ahead to next week, Enigma play against Glacier and Royals, with eNightmare and Throne Gaming to close out the regular season. Is it possible for Enigma to keep this run going? It sure looks possible.

eNightmare (5-15)

eNightmare have had a hard time of it in the Transition conference, never really seeming to find their footing, their wins have been sporadic, but emphatic. Claiming a 3-0 over Xero and 3-1 wins over Enigma and Sonic Wave in July. As of late, this impressive form hasn’t been continued. eNightmare claim their first win since August this week over Royals, could this be the kick start they need to mount a comeback? Or is it too little too late? With table topping Enigma in their schedule, they’ll be looking to find their previous form to close out the season strongly.

Team Ascendant (11-9)

With a 3-0 win over DéjaVu eSports and a forfeited victory over Shamrock, Ascendant are in a position to challenge for top 2, with games against R3D Water and Bad Karma next week, it’s make or break for Ascendant. 3 wins in a row sees them with some momentum, but with 2 tight games ahead, they’ll need to work hard to get the results they need. After toppling DéjàVu, Ascendant will be confident going into both of their matches. With their last match against R3D Water being a 5 game affair, it’s one to watch.

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