Good evening IEL, today we have for you write-ups on both conferences and an interview from Tails with Cape. Shepsi and rl_ross debut some of their articles this week alongside few of my own work due to time constraints. If you would like to help us out then please do apply and enjoy this week’s news!


  1. Team Absolut
  2. Crown Gaming
  3. Primal Esports (-2)
  4. RL Ireland (+3)
  5. Oasis eSports (-1)
  6. Shadow eSports
  7. Reflux (-2)
  8. AEon eSports – tied with Warocks eSports + Prophecy
  9. Warlocks eSports – tied with AEon eSports + Prophecy
  10. Prophecy – tied with AEon eSports + Warlocks eSports (+2)
  11. Austrian Force (-1)
  12. Built By Us (-1)
  13. Instinct eSports – tied with Aztecs
  14. Aztecs – tied with Instinct eSports
  15. Erisean eSports
  16. Triumph



  1. DéjàVu eSports
  2. R3D Water (+1)
  3. Insanity
  4. Enigma (+1)
  5. Glacier (-1)
  6. Sonic Wave
  7. Team Ascendant (+2)
  8. Warhawks (+2)
  9. Xero (-1)
  10. NoHope eSports (-3)
  12. Royals (+3)
  13. Bad Karma eSports (+1)
  14. Throne Gaming (-2)
  15. eNightmare (-2)
  16. Shamrock eSports


TRANSFER NEWS: Team Absolut has released Flamesword, their highest DSN player and signed Clo, 1403 DSN, from Primal Esports! This could be huge for the Actinide conference, but Primal is yet to find a third man. We will have to wait and see what happens because of this, but Clo transferring could be a make-or-break for both teams.




Crown Gaming (10-4) – rl_ross

Crown Gaming have kept the same record as Primal this week thanks to a narrow 3-2 defeat at the hands of Prophecy despite a forfeited victory over Triumph. The team has shown through impressive, consecutive 3-0 victories in previous weeks that they have earned the right to be battling for 1st place. Two hard weeks have cast some doubts on the security of their position at the top. With tough matches against RL Ireland and Shadow eSports upcoming only time will tell if Crown can rise to the lonesome throne of Thorium and possibly Actinide.

Team Absolut (11-3) – rl_ross

Team Absolut have found their momentum from weeks 2 and 3 to bring home another 2 victories taking them to 4 in a row. With a 3-2 victory over Primal and a clean sweep against Built By Us, they find themselves at the top of both conference and division. With upcoming matches against 4th placed AEon eSports and 7th place Instinct, can Team Absolut extend their lead under pressure?

Prophecy (7-7) – Chop

Prophecy have gone up two places this week, an impressive feat considering it’s joint to an 8th place team. This leap may have been due to a 2-0 week, with victories over Erisean eSports and Crown Gaming. They swept Erisean, an outcome to be expected due to their 15th place in the rankings, however beating the second team in the rankings, even in a nail biting 3-2, is noteworthy indeed. This could be a fluke, hence why they haven’t jumped all the way up to second, but I’m certain that no team will be underestimating them after such a peak performance. Next week will be a test to see if they can retain momentum, both series possible but not easy. An average-looking Austrian Force don’t impose a tremendous threat, but Oasis are looking to take second place from Primal due to their recent releasing of Clo, so with big stakes on the lines for both teams, we should be expecting a close series either way.

Reflux (9-5) – Chop

Dropping two places in the power rankings doesn’t bode well for the veteran team of friends who made playoffs last season. Ever since dropping Super for returning friend AndasAP, they have won only half of their games. If to continue then they will struggle to make playoffs again due to only being third in their division as of now. This could be reversed though, due to a desire of not wanting F4RefluxV2.mp4 I expect the returning favourites to get it together once again like last season and secure playoffs. They are only a single win behind second (RLI) and so the gap is easily enough to clear. Reflux are only in this position due to losses against average/good teams such as AEon and Oasis, so if they sort themselves out then I can definitely predict playoffs for this team. If you had to ask how far they would make it, then I would simply respond the first round. Memes aside, they aren’t performing enough to make it far nor will the memes help their mentality as they may in fact believe that is their limit. So, hopefully they don’t become a falling star and we do get to see F for Reflux’s return in playoffs, but it is completely down to outside practice.




R3D Water (9-5)

R3D Water, the team that is currently 2nd place in their division, consisting of Utopia, Laskiri and wizzo_pro_007 have been on a good run, part of the reason being their newest member: Super. Having won the last games, with a clean sweep over Sonic Wave and a solid 3-2 against Xero, this week’s first game seemed like a minor setback, the challengers losing their series against Throne Gaming. The stats speak for themselves: Throne managed to pressure R3D Water into the defense, Utopia needing to save the ball 8 times out of 17 saves in total. In offense things weren’t going too well either. The lack of passing plays with only 2 assists in 4 games might be a reason for the shots not connecting, being too readable for the defense of Throne, who stood their ground, saving 12 out of 16 shots delivered by the trio, while they themselves only save about half of the 33, being sent their way.
Though despite the 1-3 loss, they showed up again strong against Insanity, beating the top team of the Titanium division 3-1 and redeeming themselves for the unexpected outcome of the first game. The series yields a lot more goals and assists than the previous one, even with a sub, who scored half of the goals for the team, while Laskiri and Wizzo supply him with the needed passes.
Their competitors for the second place in Chromium Division and therefore a spot for playoffs, NoHope eSports and Team Ascendant didn’t have a good record this week to catch up, solidifying R3D Water on their way into playoffs. Will they keep up the will and fight to secure their spot or will their competitors, especially Team Ascendant, who went 1-1 as well this week, catch up to them again and rekindle the fight for moving on into the double elimination phase?

Sonic Wave (8-6)

These boys have seen ups and downs throughout the league, recently getting reverse swept by the challenger team of Warhawks. Sonic Wave’s shots just don’t seem to make their way into the enemies net as often as they’d like. Their current standings in the league are on the 4th place of their division, Titanium. Just one glance at the competition in that division shows you how stacked it is, including many teams that are considered to be solid. A few are Insanity, Enigma and Glacier, who are currently fighting in the top three spots to make playoffs. Though after a couple of forfeits due to players being unavailable, Sonic Wave have been playing solidly. Without problems they managed to sweep NoHope eSports this week. To make playoffs seems unlikely in this division, but who knows? If Tyla, Tsvalentin, Nailer and Capra keep up their strengths and start to improve on their weaknesses, maybe there is a slight chance to secure one of the two upper spots. It is certain though, that they can’t allow any mistakes to happen from now on, as their competitors are still multiple wins in front of them. And just next week they are up against DéjàVu eSports, who are yet to be defeated. Will they take down the titan and continue their offense to path a way into playoffs?

Insanity (10-4)

Insanity. The word says it all. With a record of 10-4, they are sharing the top spot with Enigma in Titanium division. This team is definitely one of the top teams in the whole challenger league, powering their way through their own division, only losing to their rivals Glacier and Enigma, who are considered to be top teams as well. Cross conference games have been flawless too, showing no signs of slowing down. The only trouble they have had were against the Chromium division, losing to both leading teams: DéjàVu eSports and R3D Water, the latter one this week in a rather unpleasant manner, R3D Water using a prospect sub to beat the guys, who are considered to be one of the best teams in their division. It will be exciting to see how this team does in the future, as it still has to win a few games to secure their spot in the way to the finals. The games to watch out for are definitely the rematches versus Glacier and Enigma, maybe even Sonic Wave, who are not to be counted out yet. (6-8)

With being ranked 6th in their division, haven’t seen a particularly great season so far. Their record of 6-8 doesn’t seem that good either but actually ties them with NoHope eSports and Warhawks on the 4th place of Chromium Division. In there, games have been going pretty well, but cross conference and cross division series were giving them trouble for sure. Out of 6 games they only won 2, but wait a second…just this week they have swept Glacier, a strong force solid like a rock in their own division. If you think a sweep is out of the ordinary, buckle your seatbelts and make sure you’re seated well. Not only have they swept the team of Glacier, but also did AscendJez, oSkyfall and Cool merely concede 2 goals, while they themselves powered through in the offense, scoring 11 goals, over 50% being AscendJez’s doing. Is this a turning point for team, even a chance to get into playoffs? Their future is definitely not certain, having to achieve good scores against the other teams in their division, especially R3D Water, to make a comeback. But this week’s performance has shown it: are definitely capable of doing just that.





Hello. This will just be a brief discussion with one of last seasons top pro league players. I am joined by Cape and will be asking him how he thinks the season has been shaping up so far.

Tails: So Cape, how have things been so far this season?

Cape: A Shaky start as only being able to play with our sub but now we have a new third we can turn things around

Tails: After a poor first week with the new signing, do you still see this new player as being the key to making playoffs?

Cape: Yes as in scrims we have been playing strong and so far not losing any series

Tails: Lovely stuff, I can see great things happening with this new roster. Any teams looking threatening at the moment?

Cape: DéjàVu are looking like the main threat at the moment

Tails: You looking forward to facing them soon? Or have you got your eye on any other teams or individual players that may oppose a threat?

Cape: Yes we are looking forward to facing them as we nearly beat them with our old team mate in week 1 so it will be interesting for sure

Tails: That’s what we love to hear! Thanks for spending some time out of your evening to speak to me. All the best!

Cape: Thanks!

It seems as though Cape is confident in NoHope’s success. Let’s see if his confidence will translate into games with some exciting matches upcoming for him, Tails and co.

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