Actinide Conference

  1. Built By Us (+4)
  2. RL Ireland
  3. Primal Esports (-2)
  4. Team Absolut
  5. Shadow Esports – tied with Warlocks Esports (-3)
  6. Warlocks Esports – tied with Shadow Esports (+2)
  7. Crown Gaming (+3)
  8. Prophecy (-1)
  9. Instinct Esports – tied with Oasis Esports (-3)
  10. Oasis eSports – tied with Instinct Esports (+4)
  11. Aztecs (-2)
  12. Austrian Force – tied with Reflux
  13. Reflux – tied with Austrian Force (+2)
  14. AEon Esports (-3)
  15. Erisean Esports (-1)
  16. Triumph


Transition Conference

  1. DéjàVu Esports
  2. Team Ascendant
  3. NoHope Esports (+1)
  4. Enigma (+9)
  5. Glacier
  6. R3D Water
  7. Shamrock Esports (-5)
  8. Warhawks
  9. Insanity – tied with Throne Gaming (-3)
  10. Throne Gaming – tied with Insanity (+2)
  11. eNightmare – tied with Sonic Wave (-3)
  12. Sonic Wave – tied with eNightmare (-3)
  13. Xero (-1)
  14. Royals (+1)
  15. Bad Karma Esports (-1)





Hello? Enigma? I see you climbing. What’s happened there then? Do I see sparks? Has this team set the fire inside alight allowing them to rise to the top? After week 2 Enigma grab themselves a top 4 spot in the transition conference climbing an impressive 9 spots on the power rankings. Now, that clearly shows the impact Enigma has made in that week, this team has shown their quality. Can they keep it up? Or will they fall as once predicted.


Primal Esports
Is this team falling under pressure? Don’t get me wrong a top 3 spot in the power rankings is a great position to be in. But this team was once number 1. What happened for them to fall to 3? Quite frankly I am just as shocked as you are, this team already looks impressive. They clearly deserve to be up there on the power rankings. But to fall 3-0 to Crown Gaming, surely a fluke. Maybe Crown Gaming have got their act together and we may see promising plays from them in their future, but by my reckoning Primal should have taken that series. I feel if this team keep their head and don’t let this loss get to them, Primal will continue to take series and rise to the top. This team has potential to be champion. We will have to see what week 3 throws at them.


DéjàVu eSports
What is there to say about this team? This team has shown their dominance. Each and every player on this team has something to bring to this roster. This mixture of players has created something special. Anyone keeping an eye on challenger league or competing in the league can see that this team is a force to be reckoned with. If I had to predict a champion as of so far. It would be this time. There is no doubt in my mind that if they stay on track, they can take the whole league with very few losses to their name. But nothing is impossible. We have seen great teams fall in the past and it can happen again. Can this team keep their heads? Or will they frail under pressure?


Built By Us
Surely it can not be hidden that this is a rising star. This team rises 4 spots in the power rankings to take the top spot of the Actinide Conference. Beating both Instinct and Erisean 3-2 in week 2 they have shown they can take series. And for the power rankers to take them all the way up to the top spot, they believe in their potential and so do I. I can’t wait to see what more this team has to offer. Let’s see if they can keep the momentum they have built going.

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