At the beginning of the season, many of us clung to the familiarities of our legacy teams like the Warlocks, Triumph, and Insanity. Little did we realize that great and powerful challengers had entered our midst under RL Ireland and iNTACT.gg. 


From the start, the Irish three of Fusure, Walshy, and Jxffa have been sending a challenge out to those who dare and the terror of Timsey, Rxzor, and Saphiix have answered. Now, in the midst of week 4, these 6-0 giants are going head to head to see who is left undefeated.


At 20:30 BST (~15 minutes from this post’s publish time), the Irish-on-a-rampage and the showstoppers of iNTACT will have one best of 5 series to make an early determination of a matchup that will almost certainly repeat itself in the playoffs. It’s no exaggeration to say that this will be the biggest matchup of Season 4 thus far and a showdown that you do not want to miss. 


I’m ready for fireworks, are you?



Tune in to https://twitch.tv/NoHopeEsports to get in on the action.

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