With the Prospect and Challenger Playoffs behind us, we take a look at some of the stand-out performers as well as the best moments in the stream.


With Prospect playoffs over and done with we have now crowned our Prospect League Champions. Huge congratulations to Fort Templar for winning the Prospect League in Season 6. It has been a long road to get here for Fort Templar but looking at the season it is nothing short of deserved for this Prospect Team. 

Top Scorer: Badger -_- (Fort Templar) 46 goals.

The Champions’ Main Man was superb throughout Playoffs, and it shows. With 46 goals, he was crucial as his offensive prowess was clearly too much for the other teams you handle. 

Runners up: Sir Cheese (29)

Top Assister Beefcayk (Fort Templar) 28 assists

Another Fort Templar player appears on the list as Beefcayk helped out in playoffs with a lot of assists. As we know, Badger did get top scorer and it’s easy to see why when you have a player such as Beefcayk around out to provide assist after assist. Beefcayk was therefore another crucial part of Fort Templar’s attack that made them so strong.

Runners up: Nerivell (17)

Saviour: Borisah (Nootz) 42 saves

Borisah lands the spot as the player with most saves of the Prospect League with 42 saves. The Nootz player was a vital part of their defense as he had the defense on lockdown all weekend. His performance is also a reason why Nootz made it all the way to the final before eventually losing out to Fort Templar’s immense offensive quality.

Runners up: Sir Cheese (39)

Points Farmer: Badger -_- (Fort Templar) 12,701

Badger once again appears on this list as he topped most points in Prospect Playoffs. This man was on fire the whole weekend and he really shined in the lower bracket as he and his teammates took it by storm when they smashed through every team in their way. With Badger leading the way with most points it’s no wonder that Fort Templar did so good, he was clearly unstoppable this weekend. 

Runners up: Sir Cheese (10,464)

My MVP: Badger -_- (Fort Templar)

The reason I picked Badger for MVP is because he did so much for when it mattered the most. He showed up on both games and scored the goals the team needed to progress in playoffs, with this he nailed top scorer. He also helped around the pitch as we can see he got the most points in playoffs.

Best Goal:

Borisah once again appears on this list as he scored the best goal that was seen in Prospect Playoffs. This goal does not only look good as Borisah finds an insane angle coming off the wall to score the double-tap, but it also meant a lot for Nootz as it was the goal to put them 6-2 up in Game 2 of the Grand Final after the bracket reset.

Honourable mention: Swiper’s pre-flip flip-reset dunk assist

Surprise Package: Fort Templar

It might be weird seeing the Champions on this list, especially when you consider they were 12-4 finishing out league play, but you can still consider the lower bracket run they made on Day 2 a surprise.

The reason they could be considered a surprise is that in the upper semis they were knocked down 3-1 by Primal Esports to the lower bracket and they didn’t really look like they were going to make it far after this point. Then they decided to swap out Crioliix with Sir Cheese, and it seemed like it turned the tide for them. Going into the lower bracket they had to face eNightmare, who they lost to in Week 8 right before playoffs. This game started Fort Templar’s insane momentum as they did lose the first game but then they managed to take 4 games in a row, effectively putting eNightmare out of playoffs.

Heading into the lower final they played Primal Esports who had just lost to Nootz 4-1. The game was initially a very close game with both teams taking 1 game in the first 2 games. The next 3 games showed Fort Templar simply take control of the series absolutely battering Primal in every game. Game 3 they took 4-2, game 4 is the most one-sided game we’ve seen in this playoffs as Fort Templar beat Primal 10-1 which showed that they were a class ahead of them, and then FT finished out the last game 4-2 to take the series 4-1.

This meant that Primal Esports was out and Fort Templar went to the Grand Final to face Nootz.

Fort Templar seemed to have insane momentum as they came into this game sweeping Nootz in the first round of the Grand Finals to trigger the bracket reset. Fort Templar had shown their dominance all day and it looked like there was no stopping them from taking this championship. That was until Nootz managed to bounce back in the 2nd round of Grand Finals after the bracket reset. They won the 2 first games even beating them out 7-2 in game 2. At this point it looked like it was Nootz’ game to take, and that Fort Templar was out of gas after a long day of games, but then it was like the momentum just switched. Fort Templar bounced back 5-2 the game after and shows that they’re not out yet, and from here it just kept going with win after win for Fort Templar. In game 6, Fort Templar ends the game 2-0 and with this win, they won the Prospect League after an insane lower bracket run on day 2. Congratulations to the Fort Templar players, you showed your dominance and you played really well so this victory is nothing but deserved. 


Despite Dormant winning the Championship, you will see more of another team, and if you’ve read the Prospect-section of this article, there’s more of the same. Fort Templar dominate this, though we have some breakthroughs with Reflux, and interestingly the casters.

Most Goals: Haregan (Fort Templar) 25 goals

Haregan was the star-player for Fort Templar, and you should expect to see him more on this list. He scored a total of 25 goals in 34 games which brings him to 0.74 goals per game, and some of those goals were of the absolute highest importance.

Runners up: ItsMagik (22)

Most Assists: Rubenofski (Reflux) 20 Assists

The Reflux-GM dished out passes left and right for his team, and not progressing to the Top 3, it’s impressive to amass the highest total assists. He assisted 20 assists in 22 games which brings him to 0.91 goals per game, which is only 0.09 behind the highest Assist per game-ratio at 1.00 held by Shower_T who only played 4 games.

Runners up: ItsMagik (19)

Most Saves: Haregan (Fort Templar) 69 Saves

Besides it being the funny-number, 69 saves is extremely impressive, and I’m not even saying who it is in the writeup at this point, because it’s obviously Haregan. 69 saves, 2.03 per game.

Runners up: ItsMagik (46)

Most Points: Haregan (Fort Templar) 14,103

Now total points may not be the best way of measuring carries, but with a points per game of 414.79, he wasn’t too bad on average either. Whether this makes him the biggest ball-chaser is up to you, but you can’t argue he was fantastic.

Honourable mention: ItsMagik (11,260 – 331.18 per game)

Best Player: Haregan (Fort Templar)

Most goals, most saves, most shots, and most points. It couldn’t be anyone but Haregan for MVP. Having dropped down from the Master League, he was the star player for an underdog team who provided quite the surprise package in Playoffs. Outstanding.

Honourable mentions: CammyB, Astral’s wall, TofuElliot’s suspenders

Best Goal:

This is a wonderful passing play between Golden Age. Though their performance may not have been anything to remember, they scored some spectacular goals, including this exquisite play. There were some other absolute belters so I do recommend you go through the clips on the IEL Twitch and take a look!

Honourable mentions: andasAP double-tap, andasAP pre-flip doomsee-dish, Keiirs recovery double-tap, Golden Age passing-play, Flamesword buzzer-beat double tap, JToPrey side-wall read

Best Moment: TofuElliot/Lozza – Improvise, adapt, overcome

Now this is possibly the most prestigious title, which is the reason for the number of honourable mentions, most of which being from the casters. TofuElliot just wins though

With a tense series just having ended, Nellag the broadcaster decides to stop operating the transitions which leaves TofuElliot and Lozza to dance along to the music, good moves to be fair.

Honourable mentions (Some happened during the Prospect portion of the stream): Solarr’s awe-inspiring voice crack, Solarr’s hair drying, Gangster-Chop, Haregan’s clutch save, Nootz vs Dormant 6-minute 0-0 overtime, Everyone get out

Surprise Package: Fort Templar

This article is heavily Fort Templar-dominated thanks to Haregan, and here’s another one. Coming into Playoffs with a new roster and the #8 seed, it looked like it was going to be a mediocre Playoffs for them.

Day 1 saw them beat Bad Karma 3-1, which was expected, but after they beat the #2-seed Hyve Central 3-2, heads started turning. It seemed like their impressive run would stop on Day 2 as they were knocked into the lower bracket by an explosive Nootz-team, but they weren’t done just yet. They went on to sweep Built By Us and denied a reverse-sweep against Reflux with one of the greatest and most pivotal saves you’ll ever see (watch it here).

With momentum high, they beat a frustrated Nootz 4-2 and progressed into the Grand Final where a hot Dormant were waiting.

With fatigue likely plaguing them, the Grand Final was frankly underwhelming as they were swept by the #1-seed, but that shouldn’t take anything away from Templar’s spectacular underdog run.

Honourable mention: Reflux

Biggest Flop: Hyve Central

Coming into Playoffs, Hyve were looking strong. Despite having to drop Locks for Ollie, they had beaten the previously invincible Dormant and held the #2 seed. Things didn’t go quite the same way though as they lost to Fort Templar 3-2 before crashing out of the competition after being swept by Golden Age. Semtex won’t be too happy with his teammates after amassing the highest goals per game at 1.38 and the highest points per game at 518.3, his teammate Ollie conceding 1.75 goals as last defender per game. Underwhelming to say the least.

Honourable mention: Astral’s predictions (massive caster curse)

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