Welcome to our final coverage ahead of the Prospect and Challenger Playoffs of Season 6! We’ve already covered every team and the first two rounds, so if you haven’t already, I’d strongly suggest you check it out here before reading.

Earlier this week, some of the News Team got together to predict the outcome of the Prospect and Challenger Playoffs. We all discussed every game and came to a mutual prediction. Please do not to take anything we say as “factual” because it will likely all be wrong, and only coming from 3 opinions, it is probably not accurate. So without further pondering, let’s find out who got first-rounded, the upsets, and most importantly: the winners!

If you do wish to watch the action unfold, and perhaps whether your predicitons are correct, check the games out on our twitch! With most games being streamed on the IEL Twitch as well as a secondary stream on Gaming Alliance’s Twitch, there will be plenty of action throughout the weekend, so don’t miss it!



These are the two very first rounds of Playoffs, where all losers go into the lower bracket, and the winners progress into the upper semis.

In Round 1, we predict utter Omega-domination as every Omega-team progress from Round 1, but there may be some slight bias there with 2 out of 3 people doing the predictions play in Omega. One game that could go slightly differently is Dormant-Reflux, where Dormant could take another game off Reflux, if not the whole series.

In Round 2, we predict 1st-seed Primal to beat Prophecy who look dangerous ahead of playoffs. We also think Team Ascendant will just edge out Fort Templar, and with the teams seeded #4 and #5, it would be a very exciting series to watch. We believe that eNightmare will edge out Reflux, courtesy of Inza, and Nootz will beat RLI.


This is where the first few teams are sent home. We find out who gets first-rounded, and who starts off their lower bracket runs!

In Round 1, we predict Clairvoyant, Delta, Dormant and Tofu and Sons to get first-rounded, all being Mu-teams. Most of the teams who do get first-rounded don’t seem like they have the ability to compete with the best, so it is beyond this point that the quality and competitiveness of the Playoffs really begins. Saying this, all of these teams are good as they managed to qualify for Playoffs, but this is Playoffs where only the very best belong.

In Round 2, we predict Reflux and Prophecy to progress ahead of RL Ireland and Fort Templar. Both games could be close, but we believe that Reflux and Prophecy will edge it out.


This is when it starts getting extremely competitive. Only the best team remain, and we’ve already established a Top 6.

In the upper semi finals, we believe that Primal will beat Team Ascendant 3-1. Playing in the same conference, and Primal placing higher at 1st place, we believe that Teather’s players will reign victorious and send Ascendant – who are using a sub – down into the lower bracket. We also believe that eNightmare will get the better of Nootz who had a poor Week 8, albeit with two subs.

And to decide who gets into the Grand Finals, we predict that eNightmare gets the better of Primal with a 4-2 win. With pure individual comparison, we think eNightmare edges out Primal, but it obviously all comes down to how they perform on the day, and it could go either way.


In the lower bracket, the stakes are even higher than in the upper bracket, and the games have started to get even closer.

In the quarters, we believe that Reflux will get the better of Team Ascendant. Ascendant may have beat them in Week 1, but that was with Reflux using a sub in the first game of the season. Now, 8 weeks have passed, and Ascendant are the ones using their sub, so Reflux will win.
We also think Prophecy will get the better of Nootz, but that could go either way. With Nootz just coming off a loss, and Prophecy coming off a win, the momentum would be in Prophecy’s favour. Prophecy’s kevin would also be keen to show his old team why they shouldn’t have kicked him, and Oli and RoasT having been in the same situation last year, they will edge it out with experience and determinaton.

In the lower semi final, Reflux face Prophecy for a game that is a true 50/50. In scrims these teams have struggled to get the better of each other, and it is almost impossible to predict. That is why we decided a coin toss was in order, which Prophecy won, congratulations.

And then, finally, we think Prophecy will get the better of a Primal who have just come off a loss, but that is just as likely to go the other way, as the 1st seed could very well take it. It is an upset of sorts, but the teams are closer in level than their seeds may suggest.


This is the very final matchup of the season to decide who wins it all. Prophecy are in the same exact position as last season, as they head into the Grand Final from the lower bracket.

We predict Prophecy to beat eNightmare with a comfortable 4-1 win, reminiscent of last season’s Grand Final. However, just like the season before, Inza and co. take down Oli’s Prophecy, and are crowned the Season 6 Champions of the IEL Prospect League!




It’s hard to predict any sweeps happening in the Challenger League with how close Challenger is and the nerves of Playoffs coming into play as well.

In Round 1, we predict Fort Templar to edge out an oceanman-absent Auto Celerity in a 3-1 scoreline. Fort Templar have had a good run of form towards the end of League Play, and with Auto Celerity weakened, it’s hard to see it going any other way.
We also predict Primal to rather comfortably beat RL Ireland who haven’t performed near Primal’s level in League Play.
Reflux-Hyve is probably the closest match in this round, but we predict Reflux to just edge out Built By Us. You can watch this game on the Gaming Alliance Twitch Saturday at 6pm BST.
For the final Round 1-game, we predicted Bad Karma to barely beat Golden Age 3-2, though it must be said that this series could go either way with Bad Karma’s inconsistency in Week 7 and Golden Age having a better record in League Play.

In Round 2, we predict a Dormant sweep over Fort Templar. Personally, I would say that Fort Templar are capable of taking a game off Dormant, but with Dormant’s dominant record they should take it.
We also believe that Nootz will beat Primal 3-1, though that is also a very competitive series on paper, with both Zeta-teams having done brilliantly in League Play.
We think that Hyve Central will push 10th seed Reflux to the side and that 3rd seed Juicy will send Bad Karma into the lower bracket.


This is where four teams will be fuming at us, and I expect at least three angry DMs out of the four teams that get first-rounded.

In Round 1, we predict a Bad Karma sweep over Auto Celerity and Reflux defeating RL Ireland. BBU will just about rise above Primal, though that could go either way, and Primal certainly do not deserve to get first-rounded. Golden Age will pick up the win over Fort Templar and proceed into Round 2.

In Round 2, Reflux beat Bad Karma 3-1 and Built By Us send Golden Age home. Golden Age could do better, however, they do not have the greatest track-record facing the better teams.


This is where it gets painfully close and it is almost impossible to decide winners. We think that Dormant will just beat out Nootz, though that could go either way, and Hyve will beat Juicy, but again, you don’t know what’s going to happen on the day.

In the Upper Final, we think that Hyve will replicate their Week 8 performance and just about clinch the Grand Final-spot over Dormant. Again, that could go either way.


Almost every team in this part of the bracket can win the whole thing, but unfortunately, someone has to lose.

In the quarters, Reflux just take down Nootz with their new third, and will get the revenge after being swept on stream in League Play. This is based on the scrim results Reflux have had, though that may very well fail to translate into Playoffs.

And then the Lower Semi-Final. We Think Juicy will finally send the 10th seed Reflux home, and go into the Lower Final.

In the final, however, they do not have the same luck as they lose 4-1 to Dormant who go straight back against Hyve and look to do a comeback.


Finally, the Grand Finals, and how fitting is it that it’s the 1st and 2nd seed. The story-line is impeccable with Dormant falling twice to Hyve in the past. This time, however, Dormant manage to turn the Game 7s into their favour as they are crowned the Champions.
First, they catch Hyve Central off-guard as they have just come off a break, and they just about carry that momentum into the final game of the season in which they beat them out 4-3. (Perhaps a Game-5 Overtime triple-reset decider?)


You can also do your own predictions in the challonge brackets! Click here for Prospect, and here for Challenger!

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