With Master Playoffs fast approaching, we take a look at the teams and games we will se in action this weekend! If you wish to catch the action, make sure to check out our twitch! Without further rambling, let’s get into it!


#1 – Eidolon Esports (14-2) – NeXtFoX
One of the favourites to win the whole thing with a great League Play record (14-2) and a win percentage only surpassed by Bad Karma and Clairvoyant (74.14%). On paper, they look like they’re going to win the whole thing along with other top 2 teams, but we will need to see how the playoff days will go for them, since a bad performance can throw away all their league play work. With an almost perfect league play, the only losses they had during this phase were against eNightmare (2-3) and Clairvoyant (0-3), the rest are only and, with both of these losses occuring in different halves of the season.

Roster consists of: Serve (1802 DSN), Jerky (1800 DSN), Stocky. (1773 DSN), xTugy (1600 DSN)

#2 – Clairvoyant (13-3) – Matty
Clairvoyant have had a hugely positive season, remaining in the Top 2 positions of the Alpha Conference throughout the entirety of League Play, and only fell short of first seed in Week 8 of League Play. Clairvoyant and Eidolon were locked head to head for all of League Play, and after Clairvoyant swept Eidolon, it might have looked like the first seed for playoffs was theirs. However, in the final week of League Play, eNightmare defeated Clairvoyant 3-1, meaning that Clairvoyant head into the playoffs as second seed. Season 1 champion Fatkneecaphead and IEL veteran Milne will be looking to take the team deep into playoffs, potentially all the way to the grand final, a place where both of the aforementioned players have been before.

#3 – Bad Karma Esports (13-3) – Leroni
The top dogs from the Gamma Conference, Bad Karma have shown what they are capable of in League Play in great fashion as they dominated the first half of the season. This team managed to win every single series with some great results, out of those eight series, they only went to Game 5 once, which was against Galamo in Week 1. Going 8-0 is an amazing accomplishment for any team, since at that point you would only need two wins to secure playoffs. However, Bad Karma didn’t stop there as they won enough series to secure them 1st place with a solid advantage over all the other teams. So far when it comes to playing against other teams, in terms of difficulty they haven’t had any issues, so they are most certainly one of the favourites to win playoffs or to even take the title if they continue to show this amount of talent.

BK’s first series of playoffs will be against either eNightmare or Disconnected Esports so in terms of opponents they are looking very good, because these teams are low seeded, and BK swept Disconnected in League Play, so there is a good chance if this match happens again that the result will be the same. After this game, assuming BK takes the win, they could be facing Clairvoyant, in terms of interest that series will be very interesting to see what could possibly happen as both teams have exactly the same record and win %. BK’s chances of taking home the Championship are high, so all the teams playing them will be interested in playing well against them.

#4 – Galamo Esports (12-4) – Leroni
In League Play, Galamo managed to keep a consistent record in various crucial situations and this team were never swept in any of their series, so we could say that they can be a powerful team. The highlight for this team was second half of League Play, since in Week 5 and 6, they got some very important wins over 3 teams in playoff-contention, and two of their main roster players didn’t play in Week 7, which could have been enough for them to not be on playoffs, but Galamo held their own and went 1-1 losing to Primal 3-1 and beating Dormant 3-2. Something that caught my attention is that they are very interested in being on stream, since they had 5 streamed games that originated into 5 wins without them dropping 2 games in any of those series. Overall, Galamo has shown some good talent and some crucial performances, which helped them finish in 2nd place in the Gamma Conference.

The first series of playoffs for Galamo will be against either Elated or RL Ireland, and if they win that series they could face the #1 seed team, Eidolon Esports. RL Ireland and Elated are looking very powerful, so could Galamo show that they are a hard team to face and continue to have crucial results when needed? This journey will definitely not be a easy one for them but getting a good position in playoffs is possible for Galamo.

#5 – Elated Esports (12-4) – Leroni
Elated had a very good run in the Master League, a 12-4 record with plenty of powerful results especially on the 1st half of league play, as they won 6 out of their 8 series, which is good but they never dropped 2 games in any series. In terms of being going into playoffs, Elated stayed in 3rd place on their conference by beating every team that isn’t on the top 4, which is a questionable but also a decent move to make because, going into Playoffs none of these 3 top teams from their conference or even Galamo know the impact that the main roster can pull off within the playoffs, so they could be a surprise to many teams. If they play their cards right, who knows how far they can go into the playoffs.

Many are predicting one of the top 4 seeded teams to take home the IEL Season 6 Master Champions Playoffs title, which Elated are incredibly close to, and with even have a higher win percentage than the 4th seed team (67.24%). RL Ireland will be their first opponents which is good for them, since RL Ireland is the 12th seeded team, however, this team could give Elated a really good challenge so they need to watch out and not get too comfortable.

#6 – eNightmare (11-5) – andasAP
eNightmare are a very solid team, and currently on a 4-win streak, they look to continue their hot run of form into Playoffs. Andyux will certainly hope for his boys to go the distance after the Prospects failed to do so last weekend. In League Play, they managed to beat Eidolon, Clairvoyant and Elated, so they can certainly compete with the very top teams. They have showed inconsistency as they strugggled against some of the lesser teams, but with Playoffs bolstering the best of the best, they could do very well. In their first game, they face Disconnected which is more than winnable for them, they could face more issues if they beat them to face Bad Karma, though.

#7 – Reflux (10-6) – Matty
Reflux’s season didn’t get off to the ideal start, losing three out of their first four series, placing them last in the Week 2 power rankings. After two sweeps in Week 3, things began to slowly fall back into place, although they were defeated convincingly in Week 4 by Conquest and Bad Karma to leave them with a 3-5 record heading into the second half of the season. The team worked out that a roster change was required if they were going to make a serious charge towards the playoffs, and so, Sora was soon to be replaced by Pjoes. This roster move would prove to be crucial, as Reflux went 7-1 in their remaining eight series, leaving them third in the Gamma Conference, despite being 15th in the conference at one stage.

#8 – Conquest (10-6) – NeXtFoX
Kicking-off, Conquest got a 10-6 record with a 58.46% win percentage finishing 4th in their conference. As for league play, besides being 4th and having that record, the team got some interesting wins against Bad Karma Esports (3-2) and Reflux (3-0). The first half of League Play was mostly with a win and a loss per week, while the second half was full of wins wins, with only two losses against Galamo Esports (3-1) and Ruyter Esports (3-0)
Conquest are a team that we can expect a high place from in Playoffs, and they can compete with the top teams. We’ll see how it goes for them, afterall we are in the most important phase of this competition, so we will see!

Roster consists of: Welzy (1908 DSN), ChickenBoneHQ (1733 DSN), Dutchmatty (1677 DSN), LoopNovaa 🙂 (1600 DSN)

#9 – Golden Age (10-6) – NeXtFoX
Golden Age qualified to Playoffs through the wildcard spots, 5th in their conference with the highest win percentage of any of the wildcard teams (with a 60.94 win %). They’re certainly one of the underdogs for the playoffs, but they can give us a surprise, we’ll see! In League Play, one of their biggest wins was against eNightmare (3-0). It was a normal League Play, with a better first half than the second as they got 6 wins in the first half and 4 in the second, losing their last two matches as well. Let’s see how they do in playoffs, but they are undoubtedly underdogs, so anything can happen!

Roster consists of: KingKong (1769 DSN), UnstableKoala (1714 DSN), Standi (1702 DSN), Basicbull_ (1600 DSN)

#10 – Shadow Esports (10-6) – Matty
Shadow’s season has been a mixture of ups and downs, with the team showing lots of potential as a roster, and with Season 5 Challenger Champion Films3 captaining the roster throughout, they will be heading into the playoffs to cause a few upsets during their stay. One of the highlights of their season occurred in Week 4, where they managed to take down Clairvoyant in 4 games, making them one of only three teams to defeat Clairvoyant so far this season. However, heading into the final week of league play, Shadow were placed 4th in the Alpha Conference, only for them to lose both of their series that week, ensuring that they would qualify as a wildcard.

#11 – Disconnected (10-6) – Matty
Disconnected’s season has been a quiet one, when compared to last season’s DeJaVu squad, who were in the Top 2 for most of last season’s League Play. Their first eight series feature six wins and two losses, a record only matched by the top tier teams, giving them hope for the rest of the season, however, it wouldn’t prove to be enough to secure an automatic playoffs place as they were swept twice in the same week, leaving them in a difficult situation going into the final few series.

#12 – RL Ireland (9-7) – Leroni
Normally it’s impossible to qualify for Playoffs with a 9-7 record, but RL Ireland managed to barely survive in League Play and stay in the race for the title. There is plenty of stuff that can be mentioned on what happened for them to stay in this position, however RL Ireland has the potential to be a threatening team as they stayed in the top 4 for multiple weeks and got a huge sweep against the 1st-place team. The only weeks they haven’t stayed in the top 4 is Week 4 and Week 8, the reason behind that is because on both weeks they had a 3 loss streak which stopped their previous win streak. They are going to need a good amount of motivation to get far into the playoffs and maybe the fact that RL Ireland is in the playoffs could be enough to help them out.

However when it comes to their opponents, it’s going to be a very difficult task to get a good result as they will face Elated first. Elated are a team that has shown some great results and they are very likely to keep that going but if they get beaten on Friday, RL Ireland will face Galamo which could be enough to stop their momentum, but if they take down Elated it could be enough to also take down Galamo and go even further into playoffs.


Conquest (8th) vs Golden Age (9th) – NeXtFoX
A match between teams from different conferences, but also in different places in the league. Even if both teams ended a place behind/above eachother, Golden Age had a better win %. Conquest had more wins against the top teams of their conference so this gives them an advantage. However, it’s by a very small margin so we can expect a very exciting match, and only the match will tell who is the better team!

Elated Esports (5th) vs RL Ireland (12th) – Leroni
There are a lot of different outcomes that can happen especially since these teams have never played against each other, so they don’t know the other team’s playstyle or their weaknesses. RL Ireland has been slightly inconsistent recently with their results as they tried out 3 different rosters for their three last league play games, two of them were against low level teams but nothing worked out. That can’t happen at Playoffs so they will need to find a viable option. On the other hand Elated have done well recently but they still didn’t beat a top 4 team. RL Ireland is very capable of pulling off a surprise factor, but besides that Elated could have enough skill to take them down if they are really focused and because of that we are predicting a 3-2 win to Elated.

Reflux (7th) vs Shadow Esports (10th) – Matty
Coming in as the 7th seed for playoffs, Reflux are expected to come out on top in this encounter after an incredible end to their League Play, going on a seven series winning streak. However, that doesn’t mean that Shadow won’t put up a fight as they managed to take down Clairvoyant, the team that awaits the winner of this match.  Marmoan is the league’s highest shooter this season, putting up 225 shots at a rate of 4.02 per game, it will be a difficult task to stop him getting off shots onto the Shadow goal, however, Shadow have one of the league’s best defenses, so I believe that this will go all the way to Game 5, but still fall in favour of Reflux.

Prediction: Reflux 3-2 Shadow Esports

eNightmare (6th) vs Disconnected Esports (11th)
On paper, this looks to be a one-sided affair with eNightmare having done much better in League Play than Disconnected. Last time Disconnected faced a top team, they were swept by BK, which doesn’t boast well for them with eNightmare having established themselves as one of the best teams in their conference. Disconnected only beat 1 of the 6 teams that qualified for Playoffs from their conference, so there’s only one way this series can go.

Prediction: eNightmare 3-0 Disconnected Esports


Eidolon Esports (1st) vs Conquest/Golden Age – NeXtFoX
After the match between Conquest and Golden Age, one of them will face one of the big boys of the Alpha conference, Eidolon! If we take into account the diferences, Eidolon are clear favourites and should win this match, but it will depend a lot on how they are playing on the day as they did lose to Clairvoyant and eNightmare, which can be a sign that even these teams can win against Eidolon but it will depend on how they do. Once again, Eidolon are clear favourites and we expect them to get to the next round, but it will depend a lot on how they carry their very good league play performance into playoffs.

Galamo Esports (4th) vs Elated Esports RL Ireland – Leroni
In this series, Galamo will go head to head against either Elated or RL Ireland. Now, Galamo and RL Ireland already played against each other and it was a 3-2 win for Galamo, Elated have never played any of these teams so we don’t know what to expect from them. These three teams have big players that can make some fantastic plays in order to get some points on the board. There is a slight difference in this match-up since Elated and RL Ireland are going to have a series right away before this one and Galamo aren’t going to have any series beforehand. What will be the outcome? If Elated play against Galamo I’m predicting a 3-1 win for Galamo, but if RL Ireland play against Galamo I’m predicting a 3-2 win for Galamo. Whichever team emerges as winner of this game could potentially face Eidolon Esports, so I cannot wait to see that game as well.

Clairvoyant vs Reflux/Shadow – Matty
Clairvoyant will be coming into this series wanting to kick off their playoffs campaign strongly, and this will be the perfect opportunity for them to do so. Their opponent will be feeling good after coming off of a win in the previous series, however, I still think that Clairvoyant will be too strong for either Reflux or Shadow, despite Shadow beating Clairvoyant in League Play earlier this season. In terms of predictions, I think that Shadow’s previous experience with Clairvoyant will prove to be valuable to them, giving them the edge over Reflux, who will have no clue how to play out their game plan against Clairvoyant.

Prediction: Clairvoyant 3-2 Shadow Esports/3-0 Reflux

Bad Karma Esports (2nd) vs eNightmare/Disconnected Esports – Leroni
About this game in particular, Bad Karma are going to have some decent opponents either if they face eNightmare or Disconnected Esports. When it comes to recent form in terms Disconnected are on a 3 win streak and eNightmare are on a 4 win streak including a very big 3-1 win against Clairvoyant in Week 8 so, eNightmare is probably feeling very hyped right now. Moving on, Bad Karma has already shown their dominance against plenty of teams and they are very capable of carrying that on during playoffs depending on how focused they really are when it’s game time. The predictions are a 3-1 win against eNightmare and if they play Disconnected a 3-0 sweep. Best of luck to all teams involved, this game is going to be a massive one when it comes to getting far into playoffs.

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