Last weekend was a spectacular one, as we saw the twelve best Master teams clash for the crown of the Master League. After three days of thrilling action, Reflux were crowned the champions. Why don’t we take a look at some of the standout performers and moments.

Top Scorer: Capra (49 goals)

Dormant’s captain has scored 49 goals with an average of 1.20 goals per game, making him the top scorer of the season.

Honourable mentions: Zee9 (64/1.05), Marmoan (55/1.02)

Playmaker: Kayjay (46 assists)

Kayjay was the player to set most assists / plays throughout the season, making 46 assists with an average of 0.81 per game.

Honourable mentions: Bope (44/0.81), Azazel (16/0.80)

Saviour: NuggeT (123 saves)

The player for Bad Karma Esports has done the most saves in average, doing 123 total with an average of 2.20 per game.

Honourable mentions: Zee9 (121/1.98), antmn7 (126/1.88)

MVP: RonJayy

Note: This is not the official MVP, but rather the opinion of our writers.

In our opinion, RonJayy is the most valuable player of this season, being a really important player for Reflux, having the most average saves and score. Getting a second in average goals, barely behind first in his team, and third in assists. Besides, he had the most consistent performance during playoffs, especially during Day 3, being one of the most decisive players for Reflux’s victory in the end. With that said, we consider him the MVP of the Master League.

Honourable mentions: Serve, NuggeT

Best Goal: Marmoan

There was so many different high-quality goals to choose from, and it wasn’t an easy decision but we have decided that the best goal was Marmoan’s dribble play in Game 3 of Dormant vs Reflux. Marmoan managed to get two 50/50s against Reflux, with that he beat two players before finishing it all off with a beautiful Musty flick that went above the top of the last defender 

Honourable Mentions:

Semi-Finals – Reflux vs Dormant Esports Game 7 – bumping play by Ronjayy and Rubenofski, giving Reflux the winning goal to reach the grand finals:

Semi Finals – Dormant vs Reflux Game 7 – 0-second passing play into a goal by Marmoan and Bope:

Surprise Package: Bad Karma Esports

Bad Karma was one of the biggest underdogs coming into Playoffs and they were predicted to get knocked out in the 1st round of the lower bracket, however, this roster consisting of Cruzey, NuggeT and Futura showed everyone how much talent they can bring to the table as a team. This playoff-run for Bad Karma started with a close win 3-2 against Overture. After that, they faced Auto Celerity and they were swept, with all three games being extremely close with only a 1 goal difference. 

At this point, most people thought this was the end for Bad Karma, but they showed something very special in the lower bracket by sweeping Donde Esports and taking down Golden Age with a 3-2 win, meaning they were through to the Final Bracket. Their first opponents there were Aardwolf Esports and they managed to take them down with a solid 4-2 win. However, they had to face yet again Auto Celerity, the only team that managed to beat Bad Karma, but this time Bad Karma was on fire and decided not to allow Auto Celerity to score any goals. Their work payed dividence given that Auto Celerity only scored 2 goals in the entire series as Bad Karma swept them which was huge heading into the Grand Finals against Reflux! 

This Grand Final was the ultimate statement for Bad Karma. They went to a Game 7, but with a bumping play from their opponents, they conceded and lost the series. Despite not being this season’s champions, they were the finalists and that’s a really good achievement especially for a team that was predicted to be in 9/12th place.

Biggest Flop : Golden Age 

Well, about this category there weren’t any huge flops in playoffs, and most teams finished quite close to what was predicted. However, in Golden Age’s case they were predicted to finish in the Top 6, but they were knocked out in the 2nd round of lower bracket. Their first match was against Reflux where they lost 3-1, which was not a good start. After that, they played against Overture where they managed to get some momentum going to get a 3-2 win. Their last game of the day was against a potent Bad Karma. The series went to a very close Game 5 but unfortunately for Golden Age, this Game 5 did not fall in their favour.

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