Last weekend was a magnificent one, as we saw the twelve best Challenger teams clash for the crown of the Challenger League. After three days of thrilling action, Dormant Esports were crowned Challenger Champions. Let’s take a look at some of the standout performers and moments.

Top scorer: Semtex (87 goals)
The Hyve Central player Semtex managed to score 87 goals, averaging 1.40 per game, making him the top scorer this season.

Honourable Mentions: Sid3line: (69/1.33) and tburger: (76/1.27)

Playmaker: Francesko (53 assists)
The Dormant Player and Challenger Champion comes in as the playmaker of the season with 53 assists, averaging 0.88 per game.

Honourable Mentions: Mervelin: (54/0.86) and DaSnake: (53/0.83)

Saviour: Sid3line (90 saves)

The Shaman Esports Player and Semi-Finalist secures himself Saviour Of The Season with 90 saves, averaging 1.73 per game.

Honourable Mentions: Xzyle (94/1.65) and Sq (95/1.57)

MVP: Francesko

Note: This is not the official MVP, but the opinion of the writer.

In my opinion Francesko has deserved MVP for this season for his insane performances all season.

He has looked nothing short of amazing for most of the season and it didn’t stop once playoffs came around.

Fran has had a tendency to get knocked out in the first round in other seasons but he really showed he meant business this season as he and his teammates on Dormant Esports blazed past the other teams.

Fran also managed to become Playmaker Of The Season assisting 53 goals with 0.88 per game, he also had a lot of goals scoring 71 in total and averaging 1.18 per game and he clutched up in defence as well with 75 saves, averaging 1.25 per game

He was the defensive rock in Playoffs that made it easy for Jshly and tburger to work around him, so they could do what they wanted, this sort of consistency is hard to find but Fran pulled it off when it mattered most, and for that, I think he deserves MVP.

Best Goal: Ethereal

Ethereal is in the corner, and he is deadly! Although The Neon Flamingo were unable to win the series vs Elated, they were certainly able to score flashy goals. This goal scored in the final moments of the game kept their hopes alive in Game 2 and helped them get close to beating Elated.

Honourable mentions:
Mervelin, to Motion, back to Mervelin, 50/50 to LionRawless, back to Motion, ITS A GOAL! Overture were unable to beat dormant, but they sure clipped on them!

What a peach of a pass from Francesko to hit it up to Tburger on the backboard with a beautiful angle! The first goal in a dominant sweep of a series.

Surprise Package: Hyve Central

After being predicted to go out in the Group Stage (more specifically the lower finals), Hyve Central went above and beyond their expectations by making it to the semi-finals after winning their group! They beat Shaman Esports in Game 5 of the upper finals in the Group Stage, and then played against the Champions, Dormant Esports, taking them to the same scoreline as Reflux did in the Grand Finals. This makes arguably Hyve Central the third best team in Playoffs. This is no easy feat and Hyve Central really exceeded expectations in Playoffs. Hyve also managed to beat Overture, a very strong team during League Play who just missed out on the semi-finals, after also getting knocked out by the champions in a sweep. Although they were unable to beat Dormant Esports, Hyve Central proved they can challenge the titans and should be very proud of their performance.

Biggest Flop: eNightmare

The top seed coming into the Challenger Playoff, but were only able to win one out of three of their games! This team was forced to play sub going into Playoffs but, nevertheless, flopped under the pressure. Losing to Shaman and Overture, this team didn’t handle the pressure of the playoff well as they were expected to win the lower bracket and come second overall! eNightmare had an unfortunate run and may be disappointed with their performance but unfortunately, it just wasn’t their day. 

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