The Season 7 Master Playoff is imminent! Eight weeks of League Play have passed and we are left with the best 12 teams who will battle it out to decide who gets crowned the Season 7 Master Champions. We have compiled all the background information you need for each team ahead of Playoffs in this article, including their key player and predicted finish. Enjoy!

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#1 – Dormant Esports (15-1) – Group A – NeXtFoX

Probably the biggest favourite to win this IEL season! Dormant has an excellent record of 15-1 with a 78.33% win rate, the best in the whole league! Dormant only had one loss in league play, which was against Fort Templar all the way back in Week 2. Their most significant wins were against Elated Esports (3-2) and Overture (3-0).

Due to having a bye through seeding, Dormant face either RL Ireland or The Unseen in the 2nd round of Playoffs, and we predict Dormant to win that series and reach the winners final within Group A.

Roster: Marmoan (2007), bope (1868), Capra (1691) and Mizery (1675)

Key player: Marmoan

Predicted finish: 3rd/4th

#2 – Auto Celerity (14-2) – Group B – andasAP

Auto Celerity have had nothing sort of a spectacular League Play this season. Led by kayjay, they had performed incredibly consistently throughout League Play, only dropping two games against Reflux and Golden Age, two top teams. With a record of 14-2 and a win percentage of 65.71%, their record is second only to Dormant.

In their first game in the group stage, they face either Overture or Bad Karma.

Roster: kayjay (1942), antmn7 (1907), Queen Scotts II (1750), Azazel (1652)

Key player: kayjay

Predicted finish: 1st

#3 – Golden Age (12-4) – Group B – andasAP

Golden Age also had a terrific League Play, but what really stood out was the tail end to the season. In the last two weeks of League Play, they swept every single series, and the week before, Week 6, they beat two of the top teams, Aardwolf and Auto Celerity 3-2. They currently look unstoppable and will hope to translate that run of form into Playoffs. We’ve predicted them to finish 5th/6th, though they’re certainly capable of going higher!

Placed into Group B, they will face either Reflux or Donde Esports in their first game.

Roster: Standi (1844), KingKong (1834), Unstablekoala (1809), BasicBull_ (1670)

Key player: Unstablekoala

Predicted finish: 5th/6th

#4 – Elated Esports (12-4) – Group A – NeXtFoX

In second place within the Gamma conference, behind Dormant Esports is Elated Esports. The team had a record of 12-4 during League Play with 64.06% win rate, being the 2nd best in Gamma and 5th in Master Division. Their biggest wins were against Overture (3-2) and RL Ireland (3-1). The team has a good potential to win the Master division as well.

They are also in the group that Dormant is inserted (Group A), and we expect them to reach the group final as well! But before that, they need to win against either Aardwolf Esports or Galamo Esports.

Roster: Zee9 (2056), Thms (1789), Brad (1754) and ItsCalski (1655)

Key player: Zee9

Predicted finish: 5th/6th

#5 – Aardwolf Esports (12-4) – Group A – Leroni

Aardwolf has managed to secure Playoffs by showing that they are one of the best teams out there, possessing a 12-4 record with a 66.15% win percentage and just losing out on 2nd place in their conference by 1.04%. Offensively, they look fantastic with 151 goals, with an average of 2.32 goals per game, the top scorer being Kingjs with 65 goals, which makes Kingjs (Alongside antmn7 from Auto Celerity) the 2nd top scorer in the Master League. This team is one of the favourites to take it all and it is very possible for Aardwolf to do that depending on how they perform.

Their first opponents are going to be Galamo Esports. They have never faced each other, so it should be an interesting match-up. Aardwolf has an advantage in terms of DSN and also their record being 12-4 and Galamo only being 9-7, despite a 5 win streak. Both of these teams have the same amount of goals and saves, the team’s records are out the window so anything could happen. If Aardwolf manages to win this series, they will be facing Elated Esports. Both teams have the exact same record and almost the same win % with a tiny 2.15% difference. It will not be an easy task for them to take down Elated since both teams are incredibly close, but they have shown to be capable of playing really well.

Roster: Kingjs (2013), Caden. (1801), Legend (1766), Kian (1679)

Key player: Kingjs

Predicted finish: 2nd

#6 – Reflux (12-4) – Group B – Leroni

Reflux had a very strong start in League Play, only dropping one out of the eight series in the first half of the season. They finished with a 12-4 record and a 59.70% win percentage and they have shown a great level of quality in their series. Reflux already have a lot of Playoffs experience, which could help them to reach far since consistency is going to be important in this scenario. As well as being the sixth seed, they had a stellar statistical showing in League Play. They scored 158 Goals, with an average of 2.36 goals per game, the top scorer being RonJayy with 56 goals, and they have 300 saves with an average of 4.48 saves per game.

Their first opponents are going to be Donde Esports. With this series, we have seen a big issue from Donde’s side, it was mentioned that they aren’t available to put in their main player iZerk who has 2076 DSN, so because of this Reflux will most likely take the win. If Reflux manages to win this series, they will be facing one of their biggest rivals: Golden Age. This series is going to be an exciting one to look out for, as only 8,49% win separates them, and in terms of stats and skill, both teams are of a very similar level. The only noticeable difference is their team’s playstyle being very different at some times throughout the season. The bracket is looking good for Reflux, but they will still need to secure some good results to guarantee them a better spot in Playoffs and not getting knocked out on Friday.

Roster: RonJayy 1907 DSN. Serve 1903 DSN, Rubenofski 1718 DSN, andasAP 1660 DSN.

Key Player: RonJayy

Predicted finish: 3rd/4th

#7 – Overture (11-5) – Group B – NeXtFoX

With an 11-5 record and a 61.90% win rate, Overture presents themselves as the 3rd Gamma conference team and 7th in the division. They had a very consistent run throughout the season, having at least a win every week. They are not on the favourites to win Playoffs, only strong candidates, but who knows what will happen?

They are going up against Bad Karma Esports in Round 1 and then Auto Celerity if they win, we’ll see how they do!

Roster: Wizard (1974), Vechs (1776), JordyUnknown (1775) and Skizzralde (1696)

Key players: Wizard, JordyUnkown

Predicted finish: 7th/8th

#8 – RL Ireland (10-6) – Group A – NeXtFoX

The Season 5 finalists and Season 6 champions RL Ireland come into playoffs with the objective of winning it back-to-back. Even if they’re not the favourites this season, we can’t forget their amazing Playoff runs in the last two seasons, so we’ll see how they will do this time!

In League Play, they achieved a 10-6 record with a 57.14% win rate. They are 4th in the Gamma conference and 10th in the Master League. Their biggest wins were against Fort Templar (3-0) and Eidolon Esports (3-1).

They face The Unseen in the first round, and as we know, RL Ireland does really well in Playoffs, so even if they’re not favourites in our predictions, they generally have very good runs in playoffs, so they can reach very far for sure!

Roster: Pandaa (1985), Enwrong (1794), Lynsk (1762) and JaRyan (1651)

Key Player: Pandaa

Predicted finish: 9th-12th

#9 – The Unseen (11-5) – Group A – Leroni

The Unseen is one of the most mysterious teams in the Alpha Conference, their journey overall was like a flower. Hidden from view and then a couple of weeks later slowly beginning to grow and in the end, finally blooming. They went 1-3 ahead of Week 3 and finished Week 4 with a 4-4 record. However, their momentum changed in week 5, they started to get some great results against most of the teams they faced and successfully finished League Play with an 11-5 record! This showed they can have a surprise factor due to their good chemistry and the team’s comeback being very visible. In the Playoffs, they could be capable of showing this, but it will be an extremely difficult challenge. In terms of stats, they are the second-highest scoring team, 163 goals with a 2.59 average goals per game, the top scorer being Chrono with 55 goals. 

Their first opponents will be RL Ireland, who has become a household name in the Master League, RL Ireland has been in the Master Playoffs for 4 seasons in a row and for the Unseen this is their first time in playoffs. In terms of records, The Unseen has a slight advantage with an 11-5 record compared to RL Ireland’s 10-6. However, looking at stats, RL Ireland is the team with the most goals (184) The Unseen having 163 goals. They also have more saves at 283 compared The Unseen’s 260 and assists, RL Ireland having 144, The Unseen having 113. This shows that this series will be a tough one for The Unseen. If The Unseen manages to win this series, they will take on the #1 seed Dormant Esports, the odds are in favour for Dormant to take home this series after having a dominant League Play in the Gamma Conference and having a really good connection in their team. Besides this, there are still solid chances for The Unseen to come out on top but they will need to produce some magic!

Roster: Gustcloak (1929), Clusj (1810), Chrono (1805), Aybss (1695)

Key player: Chrono

Predicted finish: 9th-12th

#10 – Bad Karma Esports (10-6) – Group B – Leroni

Let’s take a look at Bad Karma, they had a strong start in the first half of League Play, but they faced lower-half teams, and Bad Karma only beat all of the bottom teams, which left 4 series against other top teams. It’s hard to predict what Bad Karma’s journey is going to be like in the Playoffs, but besides not winning against any top team in League Play, they are heading into a new chapter where they will have a second chance to try and show what they are truly capable of. Bad Karma already has some experience in the Playoffs in other seasons which could help their chances. In terms of stats, Bad Karma has 135 goals with a 2.29 average goals per game, 275 saves and 99 assists.

Their first opponents will be Overture. Both teams are in very similar positions. In Week 7 both Bad Karma and Overture were at 9-5, in Week 8 Overture managed to get a FF win and a sweep over CORL and stayed at 11-5 but Bad Karma lost 3-1 to Reflux and won 3-2 against Shadow Esports and finished at 10-6. In terms of stats, Bad Karma has 135 goals, 275 saves and 99 assists. Overture has more goals (146) and more assists (111), but they have fewer saves (260). This series is a series that Bad Karma really needs to win if they want to reach far in the Playoff because the opponents they will face are very difficult to beat. If Bad Karma manages to win this series, they will be facing a big powerhouse in Auto Celerity. The pressure will be high and it will be more difficult for Bad Karma to get something in their favour, due to Auto Celerity’s performance throughout League Play. In terms of stats, Auto Celerity has 128 goals, 293 saves and 128 assists. We always like to see some upsets happening, so there is still a good chance of Bad Karma to get a win if they are playing really well.

Roster: NuggeT (1940), Cruzey (1872), Futura (1778), Sup3rm4nX (1650)

Key player: NuggeT

Predicted finish: 9th-12th

#11 – Donde Esports (10-6) – Group B – andasAP

Qualifying through a wildcard spot, Donde Esports aren’t the most convincing team. A 10-6 record with 56.25% win record puts them in 5th in the Gamma conference, and 11th overall. They had a fairly strong end to League Play, winning 5 of their 6 last games, sweeping three of them, their loss being against top team Elated. They’ve certainly shown that they are better than most teams, but can they perform against the best?

In their first game, they face Reflux where they will have to perform at their best.

Roster: iZerk (2076), BOOTH (1711), Ace (1698), Dench Bee (1694)

Key player: iZerk

Predicted finish: 9th-12th

#12 – Galamo Esports (11-5) – Group A – andasAP

Galamo didn’t have an amazing League Play, however, a strong finish sealed them a Playoffs spot. Winning 5 of their last 6 games, including an upset win against Elated where their Playoffs contention was at stake, Galamo look very good at the moment. They haven’t lost since bringing in their new roster and will look continue this unbeaten run into Playoffs.

In their first round, they face Aardwolf Esports.

Roster: Feral (2000), Princey (1748), MechaFox (1724), DLynch (1714)

Key player: Feral

Predicted finish: 7th/8th

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