Eight terrific weeks of League Play have transpired as we turn our attention to the magical Master Playoffs. The Playoffs, which has a brand new format this season, will take place across three days this weekend and will be streamed on our twitch. Make sure to read our Master Playoffs Preview which will be posted tomorrow to stay informed about the teams, even if you didn’t pay attention to the league during League Play.

Earlier this week, the Master writers (NeXtFoX, Leroni and Mattymoomoo) got together to predict each game of fast-approaching Master Playoffs. We spent hours discussing the possible outcomes of each game, and we came to a prediction we all felt was fair. Despite all our efforts to attempt to predict the outcome, it is sure to be entirely incorrect, not just due to our incompetency, but also due to the unpredictability of Playoffs. So please don’t take our predictions to heart, and enjoy the article!


Group A will be played on Friday 27th of November.

The group system is a double-elimination bracket where three teams progress from a six-team group. Group A looks to be a thrilling group with some very stellar teams.

We predicted RL Ireland and The Unseen to get first-rounded, but both teams are more than capable to get further, and we all know what RL Ireland can accomplish in the Master Playoffs as underdogs after winning last season.

You would probably not expect Galamo to get as far as we predicted as they’re 12th seed, but there are very encouraging signs as they are yet to lose with their new roster.

We expect Dormant, Elated and Aardwolf to progress into the Playoffs/knockout stage.


Group B will be played on Saturday 28th of November.

Group B looks to be equally exciting as the other group, especially among the Top 4 teams who have to fight for three spots in the knockout stage.

We predict Bad Karma and Donde to get first-ronded, which is expected as they come in as the two lowest seeds in their group.

The games to watch will most certainly be the encounters between Auto Celerity, Golden Age, Reflux and Overture as we’ve predicted all of those games going to Game 5.

We believe that Auto Celerity, Golden Age and Reflux will progress into the Playoffs, with Overture just missing out.


Playoffs will be played on Sunday 29th of November.

The slightly awkwardly named Playoffs will conclude the weekend and promises to have the most exciting action yet. Only the best teams in the best league remain and will battle it out for the crown of the Season 7 Master League.

One thing to note is that Dormant and Auto Celerity both come in with a bye from seeding and skip the first round.

We predicted Golden Age and Elated to get knocked out in the first round to Aardwolf and Reflux respectively. All of these teams finished League Play with a record of 14-2 and it is very difficult to predict these games.

In Round 2, we predict Aardwolf and Auto Celerity to knock out Dormant and Reflux. With Marmoan’s abscence, we believe that Dormant will struggle to perform to the required standard, and we think that Auto Celerity will simply be too much for Reflux.

Finally, nine weeks of action, and even more weeks of preparation, Aardwolf and Auto Celerity face off in the Grand Final. Aardwolf have somewhat of an underdog run after getting into the knockout stage through the lower bracket of their group, and Auto Celerity are yet to lose. It stays that way, too as we predict a 4-2 win for AC to crown them the Season 7 Master League champions!

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