The Prospect Playoff is just around the corner and it is time to take a closer look at each of the teams who will be participating in what looks to be a thrilling end to the season. Don’t miss out on the action – tune into our twitch channel tonight at 6 pm GMT!

Note: The predicted finish is based on Matty’s predictions in the Prospect Playoff Predictions article and may not be consistent with some writeups.

#1 – The Neon Flamingo – Group A – Matty

The Neon Flamingo’s season can be described as consistent and overwhelmingly positive, considering they were the only team in the Prospect League to go 8-0 in the first half of the season. Despite going unbeaten in their first eight series, they only managed to win one series via a 3-0 sweep, after winning five of their opening eight series 3-2, leaving them with a lower win percentage compared to their closest rivals. MattDraco then led his team to a 3-2 win over cross-conference rivals Shadow Esports, before Galamo Esports managed to convincingly hand TNF their first loss of the season, in a 3-0 sweep. They would go on to win their next four series in succession, before a 3-1 defeat to Primal left them needing a win against Golden Age to claim first seed in the division, which they managed to achieve in a convincing 3-1 series.

In Round 2 of the playoffs, they’ll be facing either Shadow Esports or Elated Esports, two teams that The Neon Flamingo were able to take down during this season. Against Shadow Esports, they went 2-1 down in the series before pulling it back to win the series in Game 5, putting up 3.4 goals per game in that series. Against Elated Esports, they had a much easier time, taking the series in 3 games, scoring 14 goals in those three games, with Wlowns showing off their attacking prowess with 2 goals per game.

Roster: MattDraco (1457), Wlowns (1437), Diggin8 (1406), Turtle (1100)
Key Player: Wlowns
Predicted finish: 3rd/4th

#2 – Reflux – Group B – Oli

Reflux have looked like the strongest team throughout the entire division this season. This is backed up by both stats and popular opinion. They have seemed virtually unstoppable at full strength and going into playoffs they will be tough opposition for anyone that faces them. Neri has been the key piece of the puzzle for them this season as two of their 3 defeats have come with him out of the game. Neri is a powerhouse on offense, ranking as the top goalscorer, for the second season running, with 83 goals in the regular season. Their goal scoring ability is further emphasised by another of their players, Fusical, also being in the top 20 of goals scored. This is a team that I predict to get to the grand finals, and even though I don’t believe they will be victorious, you can never count out Neri as I’m sure he won’t want another Grand Finalist tag come the end of the season.

Roster: Neri (1499), Fusical (1485), Dispatchio (1295), Lynchye (1102)
Key Player: Neri
Predicted Finish: 1st

#3 – eNightmare – Group B – Matty

eNightmare (13-3) – eNightmare’s season started off similar to The Neon Flamingo’s in that they only won their opening six series by either a 3-1 or 3-2 scoreline, despite remaining unbeaten. Their season then took a turn to the worse when they managed to lose three out of their next four series, including losing to cross-conference rivals Dormant Esports, and The Neon Flamingo, which, in hindsight, could have decided who claimed the No.1 seed for the playoffs.

In their first matchup in the playoffs, they’ll be up against either Primal Esports or Fort Templar, and provided that they can win this match, then they will have already secured themselves a place in the Top 6 for the season.

Roster: MattBlue (1475), MardyJosh (1410), PaTinq (1326), Pingo (1100)
Key Player: MattBlue
Prediction: 2nd

#4 – Auto Celerity – Group A – Oli

Auto Celerity have miraculously come out with a Top 2 spot in the Omega Conference, after a roundabout of third man options partnering Shapi and Borisah, they have overcome all the roster changes and finished the regular season with an amazing record. This consistency, even with factors affecting them, is a testament to the quality of the main duo on this roster. Borisah statistically shines out as the star of this roster , being top 10 in Goals, assists and shots, his offensive prowess is illustrated clearly. With all these roster changes, however, they do not seem to have hit the powerhouse levels in comparison to other top teams. They always seem to fall short against the other leading teams in the division and this doesn’t bode well for playoffs, where only the best of the best are involved. I predict for this team to make day 3 however not go much further than this point as their tendency to falter when against the contenders for the division is what will be their achilles heel. 

Roster: Borisah (1439), Shapi (1426), Ken (1368), Misuto (1149)
Key Player: Borisah
Predicted Finish: 5th/6th

#5 – RL Ireland – Group A – Matty

RL Ireland’s season started with a lot of potential, managing to sweep four of their first six series, and despite losing 3-1 to Primal in Week 3, this left them in a highly favourable position going into the remainder of the season. In the remaining ten series of their season, they managed to sweep Auto Celerity in their cross-conference matchup, and after losing to Elated Esports in Week 7, this left them hoping for eNightmare to lose both of their final two matches to get a bye for the playoffs, however, eNightmare would go on to only win one of their final series, leaving RL Ireland with the 3rd seed from the Mu Conference, despite having the highest win percentage.

They’ll face Prophecy in their first-round matchup, and considering that their opponents only managed to go 9-7 in league play, I expect Dave Forehead to motivate his team through to the second round to face Auto Celerity.

Roster: JengaBenga (1495), Dave Forehead (1397), GraHa (1362), HeaT Zyno (1140)
Key Player: JengaBenga
Prediction: 3rd/4th

#6 – Primal Esports – Group B – Matty

Primal Esports (12-4) – Coming in as the preseason favourites to dominate the Mu Conference, the Primal Esports roster may feel a little let down by their performance this season, especially after getting off to such a good start, winning their first six series in succession. After suffering three defeats in their next four series, this left them with a 7-3 record heading into the final three weeks of playoffs, knowing that their chances of getting a bye were becoming less likely every week. A further defeat in Week 6 to eNightmare all but confirmed the fact that they wouldn’t get a bye to the playoffs, and so their attention focussed on qualifying through the Top 4 places, rather than relying on the wildcard positions. They managed to win their remaining four series, ending their season with 12 wins and 4 losses, placing them in fourth place for league play.

For their first-round matchup, they’ll come up against Fort Templar, a team that only managed to go 9-7 in league play, meaning that it is highly likely that Primal will be able to get past For Templar and go through to Round 2 to face fellow Mu Conference rivals eNightmare.

Roster: Yeast (1430), Heatzy (1409), The Eagles Stream (1398), Torchic9454 (1120)
Key player: Yeast
Prediction: 7th/8th

#7 – Dormant Esports – Group B – Oli

Dormant have been a consistent contender since before the season even began, a roster composed of 2 former challengers, Psalm and Quasi then later Psalm and LukeP, is always going to put said players under immense pressure to perform. For the most part they have lived up to the hype. Other than a sticky patch in week 4 and 5 they have looked like a sure candidate for the later rounds of playoffs. Their challenger stars have also performed well throughout the time they have been in the roster with both Psalm and LukeP being Top 5 in points per game as well as Top 10 in goals per game, with Luke P 2nd in that category. This demonstrates the dominance of the roster. I predict it will be a strong showing from Dormant in the postseason, they will make day 3 and fall in the Semi Finals in what is sure to be a close match.

Roster: Psalm (1483), LukeP (1467), ISaucy_Snipez (1317), Dirty Dwarf (1100)
Key Player: LukeP
Predicted Finish: 5th/6th

#8 – Shadow Esports – Group A – Oli

The season 7 Shadow Prospect Team are the most confusing team that have ever played in the IEL, this roster has had the biggest rollercoaster of a season in what overall has turned out to be a great season for them. After 5 games this team had a record of 5-0, in the next 5 games, even though only one playoff team was faced they went 0-5 leaving their record at 5-5 after the first 10. At this point it seemed like the season was over, however in week 6 everything changed. A new peak form was hit and after this point they have gone 6-0 to round out the season with an 11-5 record. With 2 of these final 6 wins coming against Auto Celerity and a sweep against Reflux in week 8, Shadow seems to be the most significant contender in all of the team vying for playoff success. Even if there is some debate surrounding the legitimacy of the results of the team and especially around the player Huwgo, there seems to be no competition for them on their day and this is why I expect them to go all the way and win the playoffs. Even with their 5 losses, they did not lose to a single Omega Conference playoff team, showing their ability to outplay opposition which puts them in the prime position going into the weekend.

Roster: Huwgo (1485), Dennis (1468), Infernox (1265), qF Yeti97 (1153)
Key Player: Huwgo
Predicted Finish: 7th/9th

#9 – Elated Esports – Group A – andasAP

Finishing the highest of the wildcard spots with a record of 11-5, Elated had a decent season. They weren’t one of the very best, but they were always up there with the better teams. They performed consistently throughout and bagged some impressive results including an emphatic 3-1 win against RL Ireland in Week 7. Other than that RL Ireland game, however, they’ve struggled to face the top teams and lost to every other team above them in their conference. They’ll look to channel their Week 7 selves, and as has been proved time and time again, nothing is the same in Playoffs as it is in League Play.

In their first game, they face a formidable Shadow Esports from the Omega conference. I think it’ll be a close one, but I do believe that Shadow will just get the better of Elated in this one.

Roster: Larwen (1457), Crisps (1413), Buddha (1322), Sephic (1169)
Key player: Larwen
Predicted finish: 9th-12th

#10 – Galamo Esports – Group B – andasAP

Galamo had a strong League Play this season, finishing 10-6 with a very good win percentage of 60.00%. There was a clear gap in level between the Mu conference teams, with the team under Galamo having one three games less. They performed rather consistently during League Play and finished off nicely with a sweep and a 3-1 win in Week 8. They will look to carry that momentum into Playoffs.

First off, they play against Dormant who have looked impeccable all season, after which we’ve predicted them to go into the lower bracket and lose to Primal so it may wind up to be a short-lived Playoffs for Galamo, though our predictions are not the best source of predicting the future.

Roster: Moggy (1485), Arnouh_RL (1381), DP76 (1327), sStxrmyy_ (1152)
Key player: Moggy
Predicted finish: 9th-12th

#11 – Fort Templar – Group B – andasAP

Finishing with a 9-7 record, Fort Templar qualify for Playoffs through the wildcard spots. Though 9-7 isn’t a bad record, it’s certainly not very good for a team attempting to defend their Prospect League title. Both Beefcayk and Sir Cheese remain on the roster who won last season, but League Play hasn’t looked nearly as promising as the last. They will hope that their experience from winning the Playoffs last season will aid them in their pursuit of retaining the title.

In their first game, they face the 6th seed Primal from the Mu conference. We’ve predicted them to lose this game and face a disappointing first round exit after losing to Dormant in the next round, but they can certainly prove us wrong.

Roster: Beefcayk (1478), Sir Cheese (1453), ItsHix (1358), Disxsta (1109)
Key player: Beefcayk
Predicted finish: 9th-12th

#12 – Prophecy – Group A – andasAP

Prophecy narrowly edge themselves into Playoffs with a record of 9-7. They barely had a positive winning percentage at 50.77%, and were only able to beat one of the other Playoff teams from their conference who also happen to be the 11th seed, Fort Templar. Everyone loves and underdog story, though, and it’s not uncommon in any of the IEL Playoffs, so no one should be counted out just yet.

In their first game, they face RL Ireland and I think they’ll find themselves fighting an uphill battle. After being knocked into the lower bracket, they are predicted to be sent home by Shadow.

Roster: RoasT (1449), Meowdy (1447), Deadeye (1318), AssassinRL (1102)
Key player: Meowdy
Predicted finish: 9th-12th

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