The Challenger Playoffs are just around the corner and it is time to take a closer look at each of the teams who will be participating in what looks to be a thrilling end to the season. Don’t miss out on the action – tune into our twitch channel Friday 3rd December 6:00 pm!

#1 – eNightmare (14-2) – Group A – Brun

eNightmare come in at first seed after a dominating season, only losing two games to Puncture and most recently Auto Celerity. Interestingly, neither of these teams made playoffs which may be a worrying sign. These guys are looking like the favourites to win although they may struggle Day 1 as they are missing their star player – Bubblez. If they do make it past day 1, they look like they can win the whole thing. 

eNightmare will have to beat Shaman Esports/Bad Karma Esports in round one which they should win, but it will be close without their star player. We have predicted them losing to Shaman Esports round two but then making an impressive lower bracket run. 

Roster: Bubblez (1629), KingAliz (1572), Beresford1997 (1550) and FTK (1540)

Key player: Bubblez 

Predicted finish: 2nd

#2 – Reflux (13-3) – Group B – Brun

Reflux have had an impressive season, only dropping 3 games and being strong favourites to take it the full way after being top of their conference for most of the season. With the highest win percentage in Challenger (71.67%), these guys have proved they can overwhelm their opponents, but can they do it in a playoffs environment?

Reflux will have to beat a hot looking Neon Flamingo who swept Dormant in Week 7 or a hot looking Elated Esports who has Jauert who made day 2 in Master last week! We have predicted them beating The Neon Flamingo second round and then losing to Dormant in the upper finals.

Roster: Xzyle (1629), CalD (1624), Rvfrsh (1593) and Domhnxill (1509)

Key player: Xzyle

Predicted finish: 5th/6th

#3 – Dormant – Group B – Freddy

Dormant Esports have looked very strong all season, and they’re up there among the contenders to win it all. Dormant finished with a 13-3 with a 68.33% win rate so they are looking really solid. Their 3 losses this season came to Reflux, The Neon Flamingo and Team Peculiarity. Neon Flamingo and Reflux are in Dormants bracket so their start of playoffs will be interesting. 

Due to Dormant having a bye, they play the winner of Aardwolf Esports-Insanely Mechanically. We predict Dormant to beat the winner of the B2 game and the winner of the B3 game to make the #1 seed in Group B before going all the way and winning the championship.

Roster: Francesko (1646), Jshly (1600), tburger (1574) and Crispy (1508)

Key player: Francesko 

Predicted finish: 1st

#4 – Overture – Group A – Crispy

Overture are a strong team that some are even predicting to go all the way in playoffs. They boast an impressive 13-3 league play record and only missed out on the top spot in Delta Conference by less than 2% win rate. They took Dormant to a game 5 in week 1, and have made a roster change since then so they could be a very strong team. They played 2 games in the last two weeks against playoff teams, with mixed results. They were swept by Aardwolf Esports in week 7 and achieved a game 5 win over The Neon Flamingo in their final game of league play. They have the potential to do well in playoffs, but they need to avoid the dips in form that have shown to be possible in league play.

Roster: Motion (1649), Lionrawless (1593), Kevin999000111 (1557), Merverlin (1551)

Key Player: Merverlin

Predicted Finish: 5th-6th

#5 – Hyve Central – Group A – Freddy

Hyve Central have had nothing short of a spectacular season, finishing 12-4 with a decent 65.63% win rate. 

Their roster has looked really good and consistent since they swapped out Zi0n for OhLwdz. 

Going into playoffs, they face #12 seed Primal Esports who barely made playoffs of a goal difference of 1. This game could look to give Hyve the perfect start to playoffs as it is not the toughest competition and this will get them warmed up for the rest of the weekend if they manage to get the win. If they win the first round and beat out #4 seed Overture in the 2nd round they will have made the Final Bracket and will play the winner of A3 to get 1st in Group A. But considering Overture has also been very solid this season it will be a tough game for the Hyve boys. Furthermore, considering their bracket is still tough, their potential lower bracket run appears to be troublesome.

Roster: Semtex (1643), DaSnake (1608), OhLwdz (1575) and Rash (1500)

Key player: Semtex

Predicted finish: 7th-8th

#6 – Insanely Mechanically – Group B – Crispy

IM are a team that many people may not expect to get far in playoffs, as they have a tough draw against Aardwolf Esports in the first round. Should they manage to win, they have a second-round clash against the top seed in Group B, Dormant Esports. They did beat Aardwolf in league play in the cross-conference game, so they will hope to do the same now. Two of their four league play losses came in Week 1, so they will hope to perform over the ability that their record suggests.

Roster: Kebabs (1612), Doink (1569), Retzy (1565), Badger (1527)

Key player: Doink

Predicted Finish: 9th-12th

#7 – The Neon Flamingo – Group B – Freddy

The Neon Flamingo is also a team who have looked very solid this season. They finished at 12-4 with a 63.93% win-rate. The Neon Flamingo have looked really consistent this season considering they had two major roster changes happen. First of all, Sid3line went to Shaman Esports and they got Magik, then Pacey_RL left and ChubbyNinja had to step up from sub to the main roster.

Neon Flamingo have had some really good results with their new roster, sweeping Dormant Esports, but also some rough results like almost losing to Prophecy and getting reverse swept with a Game 5 Overtime own goal vs Overture. 

This proves that Neon Flamingo can be really good but they can also lose games they should be winning.

Going into playoffs, they play #10 seed Elated Esports. This game will prove very important for Flamingo as they will want to start off well. They have to win this game because if they win, they play #2 seed Reflux, and if they end up losing, they’ll have a tough time in the lower bracket of the Group Stage.

Roster: ItsMagik (1648), ChubbyNinja (1584), ethereal. (1572) and Lemon._. (1502)

Key player: ItsMagik

Predicted finish: 7th-8th

#8 – Shaman Esports (11-5) – Group A – Brun

Shaman Esports come in at the bottom of the top 8, just avoiding a wildcard seeding. This means that they will not get a bye, which may cause problems for the team. With an 11-5 record, they have struggled playing against mostly lower teams which is a good sign for this team and could be a sign they are rather dominant with the best. 

Shaman will have to beat Bad Karma and top seed eNightmare if they want to qualify for day 2, however, which they have been predicted to do! With a little bit of playoffs atmosphere, this team has good signs of going far. Will the environment make them or break them?

Roster: Sideline (1630), Sq (1611), GT0 (1555) and Freddy (1520)

Key player: Sideline

Predicted finish: 3rd/4th

#9 – Bad Karma Esports – Group A – Crispy

This team made playoffs with a 10-6 record in league play. They began the season in questionable form, but after a roster change bringing in ‘duts’, they started to gain ground in the table and enjoyed a spectacular run winning 6 of their last 7 series. One of their first games after the addition to their roster was against duts’ previous team, Overture, which they won 3-1 – a win that showed that they can beat top teams, and also one that must have been satisfying after Overture kicked duts in the previous week. Another player to watch out for is the aptly named KB. BK have a potentially tough first round match against Shaman Esports, but they will be confident they can get a result.

Roster: duts (1649), Keiirs (1604), KB (1543), Sabaji (1524)

Key player: duts

Predicted Finish: 9th-12th

#10 – Elated Esports (10-6) – Group B – Brun

Elated come in with the second wildcard spot. As they won’t get a bye, they will need to pull out all the stops to get to day 2. Jauert has already impressed with his performance in the Master Playoff for Elated, making day 2 losing to the eventual champions, Reflux, in round one. This is a good sign for these guys as they have playoffs experience under their belt, although the rest of the team will need to step up for these guys to go far.

Unfortunately, Elated face a strong looking The Neon Flamingo in round one and then Reflux in the second round. As a result of this, we believe that they will unfortunately be first rounded by The Neon Flamingo and Aardwolf Esports. Let’s hope they exceed expectations and prove everyone wrong!

Roster: Indy (1643), Loopnovaa (1617), Jauert (1581) and Sweeni (1518)

Key player: Jauert

Predicted finish: 9th – 12th

#11 – Aardwolf Esports – Group B – Freddy

Aardwolf Esports just scraped playoffs with a record of 9-7 and a win-rate 60.34%, going into playoffs as the second-to-last seed. 

They have had an interesting League Play, especially in Week 7 when they got swept by Zero Fox Gaming which seemingly ruined their chances of playoffs before sweeping Overture to keep their dreams alive.

Week 8 also looked rough for Aardwolf as they lost both their games against two other playoffs teams #3 seed Dormant Esports and #9 seed Bad Karma Esports.

Going into Playoffs, it’s not looking good for Aardwolf as that consistency is not what you want against other top teams. 

In their first game they play #6 seed Insanely Mechanically who have looked way more consistent throughout the season.

We do expect Aardwolf to win this game as they’re coming into this game with nothrath instead of OllieWebb and they’re yet to lose with nothrath. This means they face Dormant in 2nd round and this game they will lose to the #3 seed. 

Aardwolf will have a good lower bracket run beating out Elated and Neon Flamingo to make the final bracket. 

Roster: nothrath (1615), Bernard (1553), OllieWebb (1536) and Pacey_RL (1508)

Key player: Brun

Predicted finish: 3rd-4th

#12 – Primal Esports – Group A – Crispy

Primal made playoffs by the skin of their teeth, finishing above Auto Celerity on goal difference, as they ended with the same win rate. Nevertheless, they are in playoffs, and they will hope to make a run that defies expectations. They have a first-round match against Hyve Central, which although on paper is a tough game, they could make an upset as Hyve have shown inconsistency in league play. Primal have won 5 of their last 6 games, however, so the good form they used to clutch a playoffs spot could serve them well in playoffs.

Roster: Flamesword (1586), Shower_T (1580) The_yellow_krab (1554), uwap (1529)

Key Player: The_yellow_krab

Predicted Finish: 9th-12th

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