Hello IEL,

We have had a very exciting week with the transfer window opening on Sunday, our Season 6 combines being hosted and the long awaited IEL S6 draft. Before the draft arrives this weekend we have something to share for you all! Due to the great experience working with them in S5 we have decided that we want to partner with this organisation – they are just as passionate about Rocket League as we all are. For the attentive viewer this isn’t going to be a surprise because this org already helped us with streaming the Master playoffs in Season 5.

This means that from now on IEL is officialy partnered with Gaming Alliance (GA). GA is the biggest BeNeLux org focused on gaming and having fun together. It started as a small Discord server, founded by a group of colleagues, who wanted a platform where they could play some games together.
Now GA has high level esport teams in Rocket League and League of Legends and hosts Tournaments, these are online and LAN based.
Their main goal is for people to get in a community, so they can enjoy their time and make lifetime friends.
You can find more information about GA on their website; or on their discord server, linked on their site.

What does this mean for IEL, you as a member?
– Regular 2nd stream of our leagues on the GA channel.
– Opportunity to take part in benelux tournaments
– Extra influx of players
– New content on the IEL channels to fill downtime.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please dont hesitate to DM your question to our management.
As our Season 6 is nearing its start with exactly one week left, we have some news on how the streams will run.

Monday and Wednesday streams will be running the same way they did last season. In case you are new to the league or didn’t really tune in last season, let me explain. There will be 3 games on Monday and 3 on Wednesday, with the starting times being 7pm BST, 8pm BST and 9pm BST. The aimed schedule is Prospect League at 7, Challenger League at 8 and Master League at 9, so games from each league scheduled for those respective times will have a priority. You don’t have to apply anywhere, it’s enough that you schedule the games at those times, however that doesn’t guarantee you will be chosen. The teams that will appear on stream will be chosen and the captains will be contacted Saturday evening or Sunday as early as possible.

In additon to that, Tuesday and Thursday will have a stream as well! Those days will only have one game, but it will be a game chosen by you, the community. There will be a poll out in #iel-polls channel (in our Discord) made every weekend, where we will list the games with starting times at either 8pm or 9pm BST, and you will be able to vote for one of those games that you want to see the most. To be able to see the channel, and vote in those polls, you can head over to the #roles channel in our Discord and get the Polls role.

As putting a poll out will surely result in having more than one game having a lot of votes, to bring as much games possible to you, our new partner, Gaming Alliance, will be streaming one of the games on their channel as well! They will stream one game you vote for, at 7pm BST every Tuesday. This will give us a chance to stream more games, and help you get to know their org better.

As already expected, we will be starting this season off with a stream of the Division Draw on Wednesday, June 3rd, with the stream starting at 7pm BST. You don’t want to miss it.
P.S. If you want to be informed about the Stream announcements, updates and schedules, as well as be notified when we go live, get the IEL Alerts from the #roles channel in our Discord and keep an eye out on the #media-and-social-feed channel!

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PS5 Giveaway - Terms and Conditions

One entry per person. Entrants must have completed the following prerequisites to be entered into the draw taking place on the final day of Season X Master playoffs:

Entrants must remain in the IEL Discord server at all times following sign up until the announcement. Entrants must receive no more than one league play or server infraction during the season. If the winner is in a location where it is unreasonably expensive (>£700) to get a PS5 to them, we will provide the winner with a gift voucher for a relevant store for £650.