Good evening IEL-readers, and welcome to our third coverage of the Olympus Series! This article discusses and breaks down how the two conferences lay in terms of how the teams compare as well as touching on the fixtures and standings. This is all nicely capped off with power rankings to easily display how the teams place based on their results thus far. Without boring you further with the introduction, let’s get into the best the IEL can offer, the Olympus Series!  

West – andasAP

  1. Ascending Legends (+1)
  2. StormTroopers (-1)
  3. Stabæk Momentum (+2)
  4. Gaming Alliance Red (+2)
  5. Esport BERG (-2)
  6. Vector Gaming (-2)
  7. Disconnected Esports (-)
  8. Tickling Tentacles willhaben (-)

  Though three weeks of league play may have passed, the standings do not reflect this entirely, with teams having played everything between 1 and 4 series. This makes it difficult to determine the true quality of some teams and how they compare. Regardelss of this, however, we are starting to see the top and bottom teams take shape.

Though it may seem that Ascending Legends are the clear favourites to take the West conference, it isn’t really that way. Thus far, they have taken 3 of their 4 games easily with 3-1 and 3-0 scorelines against Gaming Alliance Red, Disconnected Esports, and Tickling Tentacles willhaben. However, they had a very close call against StormTroopers who have since gotten the better of Stabæk Momentum who are also turning out to be a top team. At the moment, there seems to be 3 top teams: Ascending Legends, Stabæk Momentum and StormTroopers. There is also still the wildcard of Esport BERG who have only played one series in which they beat Disconnected 3-1. Record-wise, it may seem that Stabæk Momentum and StormTroopers are not as impressive as Ascending Legends, StormTroopers posessing a neutral 1-1 record. However, with StormTroopers and Stabæk’s losses occuring between each other and Ascending Legends coming so close against StormTroopers, there is a clear guard of top teams developing in this conference.  

In the middle of the pack, we have Gaming Alliance Red and Vector Gaming both holding 1-1 records, however, they are not nearly as credible as StormTrooper’s, with Gaming Alliance being swept by Ascending Legends and Vector dropping a game against bottom side Tickling Tentacles willhaben. Though I have put these teams in the middle section, it cannot be argued that Gaming Alliance are better than Vector as they swept them in Week 2, and I could easily have put Vector in the bottom section.  

At the bottom, we find Disconnected Esports and Tickling Tentacles willhaben, none of which have managed to scrape together a series win. Disconnected have been the closest, taking one game off Ascending Legends and Esport BERG which shows they are able to compete. They must elevate their game if they are to push out of the bottom as 0-3 is not adequate. Tickling Tentacles willhaben’s performances thus far have been as outrageous as their name as they have only managed to win a single game in 3 series which came against Vector who have turned out to be one of the worse teams in this conference. They look doomed at the moment and are showing signs of going 0-7 if they don’t fix up.  

East – Matty

  1. The Last Resort (-)
  2. CrystaL Gaming (-)
  3. RL Ireland (+4)
  4. Austrian Force (-1)
  5. Auto Celerity (UK Uni RL) (-1)
  6. Bad Karma Esports (-1)
  7. Turtle Esports (-1)
  8. Stay Fresh (-)

  After multiple fixtures have taken place over the past few days, it’s now time to revisit those results and discuss what happened this week in the East Conference. Starting off with the league leaders, The Last Resort, they managed to overcome both Austrian Force and Turtle Esports to maintain their perfect start to the season, with a record of 4 wins and 0 losses. Joining The Last Resort in the top 2 is CrystaL Gaming, who also remain undefeated after their first three series, although having a slightly worse win percentage, hence they take the second position for now. Looking further down the standings, RL Ireland, Austrian Force and Auto Celerity all have one win apiece, despite RL Ireland only having played one series so far. Bad Karma lies next, with two close defeats to their previously aforementioned rivals of Austrian Force and Auto Celerity, they’ll be looking to record some key victories in the near future.

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