1. StormTroopers (+3)
  2. Ascending Legends (-1)
  3. Esport Berg (-1)
  4. Vector Gaming (-1)
  5. Stabaek Momentum (-)
  6. Gaming Alliance Red (+2)
  7. Disconnected Esports (-1)
  8. Tickling Tentacles willhaben (-1)

Boasting a roster of serious quality and skill, StormTroopers find themselves 4th in the table after week 1 and 1st in the power rankings. With ApparentlyJack, a young and up-and-coming player who will no doubt leave his mark on the professional Rocket League scene, and Polar who similarly boasts phenomenal qualities and ability who will too, no doubt will go far in his Rocket League career. With these two and a solid player in Dead-Monster they are a worryingly strong presence who will no doubt look to be going the distance in the Olympus Series.


  1. The Last Resort (+1)
  2. CrystaL Gaming (-1)
  3. Austrian Force (+1)
  4. Auto Celerity (UK Uni RL) (-1)
  5. Bad Karma Esports (+1)
  6. Turtle Esports (+2)
  7. RL Ireland (-2)
  8. Stay Fresh (-1)

The Last Resort:
Heavy favourites going into the first two weeks of the Olympus Series, and they have lived up to their name, the superstar roster of BoyScHoolQ, Sebadam and Tylacto have gone 2-0 with a 100% win rate thus far, therefore proving they are one of the best teams around, similarily to StormTroopers their unbeaten roster will also be looking to go the distance in this season’s Olympus Series. However, with The Last Resort joint at the top of the table with CrystaL Gaming the big question is: On the last week of the season, who will take it all when they face off against each other?

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PS5 Giveaway - Terms and Conditions

One entry per person. Entrants must have completed the following prerequisites to be entered into the draw taking place on the final day of Season X Master playoffs:

Entrants must remain in the IEL Discord server at all times following sign up until the announcement. Entrants must receive no more than one league play or server infraction during the season. If the winner is in a location where it is unreasonably expensive (>£700) to get a PS5 to them, we will provide the winner with a gift voucher for a relevant store for £650.