The first ever Olympus Series Playoffs are finally upon us as we take a look at the qualified teams, their games as well as the ups and downs they’ve had throughout the season! This isn’t one to miss so make sure to check out our Twitch which will be live very soon. Let’s get into the pre-playoffs overview!


#1 – CrystaL Gaming (7-0)
CrystaL Gaming go into playoffs as the team yet to be beaten with their unbeaten record. They have only lost 4 games giving them a fantastic 84% win rate. As they’re the first seed, they will bypass round 1 and either face mCon Rotterdam Black or Esport BERG. The winner of this round 1 match up will definitely have great momentum going into the game vs CrystaL so they will have to step up if they look to reach the further rounds of Playoffs. CrystaL will not be warmed up as much as their opponents coming through from round 1 therefore this will be a disadvantage in CrystaL’s part. The question is: Can CrystaL bring home the first ever Olympus Series crown? Only time will tell!

#2 – Ascending Legends (6-1)
We take a look at the second seed of the tournament who have performed very well throughout the season, their only loss being against the 4th seed known as Esport BERG. Ascending Legends will be facing the winner of The Last Resort vs Austrian Force. They have a very strong player on their side in JWeyts who won Master League last season with Bad karma, he will definitely be looking to win Olympus and add that to his list of achievements.

#3 – The Last Resort (6-1)
Olympus’ third seed this season and currently holding a better record than our second seed Ascending Legends. The Last Resort have an impressive win percent of 79.17% in comparison to Ascending Legends’ 76.92%. However, The Last Resort find themselves playing in the first round of playoffs against Austrian Force who will definitely not go down easily in this series. The winner will face Ascending Legends in the next round!

#4 – Esport BERG (5-2)
BERG come in as the 4th seed and facing mCon Rotterdam Black in the first round of playoffs with nothing to split the teams, both teams finishing with a 5-2 record and also obtaining a win percentage of 65.22%. Both Esport BERG’s losses from this season have come from forfeits, one of them being their competitors in the first round. There’s a chance for some sweet revenge on the cards in this series!

#5 – mCon Rotterdam Black (5-2)
As stated before. The exact same record as Esport BERG and exact same win percentage! However, looking back at previous score-lines, they were beat by Ascending Legends and Stabaek Momentum. 3 out of 5 of their wins coming from forfeits, so from a neutral perspective, mCon Rotterdam are definitely not the favourites to win this game but the chance of an upset is always possible. If they manage to come out on top in this game, I do find it hard to believe that they will get past the class of CrystaL Gaming in the next round unfortunately.

#6 – Austrian Force (5-2)
Last but not least, we have our sixth seed of this season! Only losing two games once again all season, though the two losses being against the top 2 teams in their conference. They were convincingly swept by CrystaL Gaming and managed to grab a game away from The Last Resort who they will be facing in the first round. The Last Resort, favourites to win this one. However, once again, do not count Austrian Force out, the chance is still there for them as long as they turn up when it counts!

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