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With RL Ireland taking the Master crown, it’s now time to reflect on last weekend’s events in closer detail. RLI had to overcome many obstacles that stood in their path, but no-one was capable of stopping them this season, and the stats reinforce their claim as the best Master team in Season 6.

Top Scorer: Jxffa (RL Ireland) 37 Goals

RLI’s captain showed what he is worth throughout the playoffs, racking up 37 goals at a rate of 0.88 goals per game on his way to clinching his second IEL title in three seasons.

Runner Up: EliteSpartan100 (35)

Playmaker: Jxffa (RL Ireland) 31 Assists

Jxffa looked unstoppable this weekend, providing highlight plays left and right, setting up his teammates to finish off opponents with relative ease. There was nothing RLI’s opponents could have done to prevent them prevailing last weekend.

Runner Up: LTXSam (23)

Saviour: LTXSam (RL Ireland) 68 Saves

RL Ireland’s performance last weekend needed every member of their roster firing on all cylinders, and LTXSam’s title-winning defensive prowess helped them progress forward onto offense, where Jxffa and EliteSpartan wreaked havoc upon their opponents. 

Runner Up: Jxffa (63)

Points Farmer: Jxffa (RL Ireland) 16,616 Points

A clean sweep of the stats award for RLI should not come as a surprise to most people, however, it’s hard to find any more superlatives to describe how good theirs and in particular Jxffa’s performance was. The main RLI trio having the three highest points totals for the playoffs goes to show how well they played last weekend.

Runner Up: LTXSam (14,236)

My MVP: Jxffa (RL Ireland)

When Jxffa and RL Ireland took the master title in Season 4, no-one would have believed they could repeat that feat again. Jxffa was voted the MVP in Season 4 for his resounding ability in the Season 4 playoffs, only to repeat, if not better, that performance this time round. I believe that if it weren’t for him, RLI wouldn’t have made it as far as they did, and Jxffa proved how valuable of an asset he is to the entire RL Ireland franchise.

Honourable Mentions: LTXSam, EliteSpartan100, Fatkneecaphead

Best Goal: RL Ireland

This zero second goal was crucial to swing the momentum in RL Ireland’s favour in their series vs Bad Karma in the lower semifinal to put them up 3-1 in the Best of 7 series. The awareness from LTXSam to spot Jxffa awaiting a pass from him shows the chemistry of the trio, and then Jxffa’s touch is nothing but exquisite to get the ball around two Bad Karma defenders, setting up EliteSpartan for the open net finish. It’s the type of goal that can win you championships, and some say that this goal did exactly that.

Honourable Mention: Golden Age passing play vs Eidolon

Surprise Package: RL Ireland

Coming into the Playoffs as 12th seed after a mediocre league play season, no-one would have expected RL Ireland to go as far as they did. And, after losing in Game 5 to Elated in Round 1 of the Upper Bracket, most people wrote them off as a title contender. However, a spark ignited from within the RLI roster and they were on fire from the moment they lost their series against Elated. Their second series was against a Reflux team playing with a challenger sub in their GM Rubenofski, and they pushed RLI to their limit, despite eventually defeating Reflux in 5 games. Their next series would be against Disconnected, and after beating them 3-1, they would face Elated again for a chance to make Day 3. Another 3-1 win meant that RLI would face Bad Karma in the Lower Semifinal, a match which would go all the way to Game 7, with RLI winning 3-0 in Game 7 to move on to the Lower Final. A quick 4-0 sweep of Golden Age ensured Jxffa his third grand final in a row, and he was more determined than ever to take the title for the second time. A close 4-3 win in the first series of the grand finals vs Clairvoyant reset the bracket, and RLI prevailed in Game 6 of the bracket reset to claim the franchise’s second master title in three seasons.

Honourable Mention: Golden Age

Biggest Flop: Eidolon Esports

Eidolon experienced a highly positive league play, only losing two series all season, to Clairvoyant and eNightmare, however, without one of their main roster available to play in playoffs, they had to rely on their substitute xTugy to try and salvage their season. In their first series versus Golden Age, they went 2-0 up in the series, only to be beaten in the next three games, ensuring the reverse sweep for Golden Age, meaning they would have to face eNightmare in the lower bracket. Another five game series would follow, however, this time, it would be Eidolon coming out on top, moving on to face Galamo in the next round. Galamo would prove to be too much to handle for Eidolon, with Galamo taking the series in four games, knocking Eidolon out of the tournament.

Honourable Mention: Bad Karma Esports

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