Early distribution: These rankings are going to piss some people off. If you suddenly find yourself pissed at the placement of your team, please understand that the first few power rankings are always the least accurate. The ultimate judgements of a team’s ability are playoff qualifications and championship wins. These power rankings are purposed to stimulate discussion and are still mostly conjecture given the limited number of games played at this point in time.


Alkali Conference

  1. Warlocks Esports (2-0)
  2. RL Ireland (2-0)
  3. Triumph (2-0)
  4. Team Ascendant (2-0)
  5. Prophecy (2-0)
  6. Enigma (1-1)
  7. Aztecs (1-1)
  8. DejaVu Esports (1-1) – tied with Austrian Force
  9. Austrian Force (1-1) – tied with DejaVu Esports
  10. Erisean Esports (1-1)
  11. Crown Gaming (1-1)
  12. Primal Esports (0-2)
  13. Shamrock Esports (0-2)
  14. Glacier (0-2)
  15. Sonic Wave (0-2) – tied with Oasis Esports
  16. Oasis Esports (0-2) – tied with Sonic Wave


Lanthanide Conference

  1. (2-0)
  2. Insanity (2-0) – tied with Instinct Esports
  3. Instinct Esports (2-0) – tied with Insanity
  4. Royals (2-0)
  5. Xero (1-1)
  6. R3D Water (1-1)
  7. Team Absolut (1-1)
  8. AEon Esports (1-1)
  9. Warhawks (1-1)
  10. eNightmare (1-1)
  11. Throne Gaming (1-1)
  12. Reflux (1-1)
  13. Shadow Esports (0-2)
  14. Built By Us (0-2)
  15. NoHope Esports (0-2)
  16. Bad Karma (0-2)


Off with a bang, the league has all but wrapped up its first week of Season 4 and left us with 9 teams of 2-0 records. As such, there are several teams within this group that could be interchangeable due to the limited sample size. That said, there are some distinctions that can be made. Unfortunately, due to the effort it takes to write these up, I’ve defined top teams into a “TOP 8 GROUP” excluding one of the 2-0 teams (they still get a write up, don’t worry)


The Season 3 champion team is back and, despite the loss of Kieran, Torex, and Loco, the Warlocks have retained Boyschool Q and bolstered his talent with Will, Ayd, and Stocial. Unfortunately, with the first two tests of the season being against objectively lower skilled teams, it’s hard to draw a direct comparison to their Season 3 performance; however, with two clean sweeps in the opening week, the Warlocks have not given any excuses thus far and have made it reasonable to keep the defending champions in the top spot of their conference.

Let’s be clear. I’ve just said that the Warlocks have made it “reasonable” to keep them in the top spot, but that might have been a different case if these rankings combined conferences. With similar 3-0 wins in their opening week, the team has hammered teams (R3D Water and No Hope) that you’d be hard-pressed to not count as formidable opponents. We’ve seen a couple of these players feature in the Andromeda Cup, but the first league showing of Saphiix and Timsey combined with the formidable league veteran, Rxzor, is already shaping up to be the dominant team in the Cerium Division.



More newcomers and more impressive performances. RL Ireland has submitted their team of Fusure, Walshy, Dry, and Jxffa and they are already surely raising eyebrows. A win against Glacier and a sweep of DéjàVu will surely give their competition pause. The next few weeks will truly determine their ability but it’s clear already that RL Ireland mean business.



Here we go, 2 and 0. With a team of Calzafy (the highest ranked DSN player in the league), Swift, Huke, and PurPle, Instinct have further muddied the waters with excellent performances against Throne and Built By Us. While it’s tempting to label these top few teams as “wait and see”, there’s a certain assurance with competitive players like Calzafy and Swift that this team will be able to maintain their altitude and challenge for the top spot in their division.



At this point, we are thoroughly into the group of teams that could easily trade places with the one above or below due to their strong but incomparable performances in the opening week. Another 2-0 record (against No Hope and Xero) provides very little clarity to the top group but does at least establish Insanity as another front runner. With outstanding lineup options in Switch, Drowzy, Moggy, and Hawky, there can be no doubt that GM Sell has set his team up for success. Be ready, however, as a shared division with iNTACT means that we will be seeing a very important matchup in the next couple weeks.



A legacy team since Season 1, Triumph has snatched two-time champion, Kieran, and given him a familiar teammate, Cloud. Backed up by Gaimie and Ragnarok, Triumph has now dominated Shamrock and secured their 2-0 record with a 2-3 win over Enigma. This is no time for honest predictions, but any team with Kieran already has a 66% chance of winning the championship. Get ready for an exciting matchup of Warlocks vs Triumph for the first deciding challenge of their season.



GM Kross has struck gold with franchise teams that have collectively gone 6-0 across all leagues. Although Ascendant may not be the team to beat on paper, a sweep of Erisean Esports and a rousing win against Primal have served as markers for what this team is capable of. I’m not sure what to expect, but here’s hoping that Essjay, Wizard, Cal, and Paella keep up the pace.



The last of the top 8 group, the Royals have kept Shadey from the previous season and have also had their GM Nathan step in to play alongside Limits and Trixzy. A 3-2 win over Team Absolut is certainly a good look as most of the other top teams have had easier opposition in the opening week. It will most certainly be interesting to see how they deal with the new level of the Master League as the season progresses.



These are teams that are worth talking about despite being outside of the top 8.



In the middle of writing this, Prophecy snagged their second win to also put them at 2-0. At risk of doing them a disservice, they have been placed as the last of the undefeated group. Simple reasoning: their skill on paper is still questionable at this point in time. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great look to defeat a team like Primal and then further it with a sweep over Sonic Wave, but I’d like to wait until a few more series before declaring them as playoff contenders in their quite-loaded division.



Now 1-1 after their last result, Erisean are also in for a struggle this season but have done well so far to net a 3-1 victory over Glacier. Due to a 0-3 loss to Ascendant, it is safe to say that I have NO expectations for this team of Swapz, Cwonzy, Gucci, and Serve Delight. They could shoot high, they could fall low. Either way, it will be interesting to find out. Good luck.


With an exciting front three of Melovin, Einor, and league veteran Frutz (sub: Mdnmatthew) I have little doubt that R3D Water will be a challenging opponent for most. The question is: can they make it work in the same division as Insanity and iNTACT? A 0-3 loss to iNTACT has at least answered half of that question but they still have opportunities to test Insanity and I am inclined to believe that they will come out on top (however slight) in that exchange.



The wonderful thing about the new Master League is that we can now see Rehzzy in a team environment where he is not the expected carry. With choices between Classy, Milne, and Mit, the potential is high for this rebranded team. However, a 0-3 blow in the first week from RL Ireland is troublesome. Whatever the reason, expect a bounce back as they will also have to stake their claim alongside Erisean and Prophecy to challenge for a playoff spot.



This new team of Buster, Killux, YaBoyFoxy, and ArchCrozzGamin netted a good win early in the week against Reflux. Unfortunately, performances against teams like Absolut are of the biggest concern. It is a long way to the top and if the Warhawks warm up to the league quickly, they could see themselves finding success against the Royals and Instinct.



For those expectant teams with unexpected results.



It’s a bit disappointing to see Glacier fall to both RL Ireland and Erisean Esports. As newcomers to the league, Crooky, Reedie, Beij, and Apollo have certainly got a mouthful of the competition that they need to adjust to. In the thoroughly competitive group that is the Cesium Division, it’s tough to start off 0-2 but definitely not unredeemable. I have no doubt that Glacier will carve out their own part of their division. The question is, will it be inside the playoffs or outside?



Pigeon, Matrix, Flynn, and Torex going 0-2 in the first week? Nah, you are crazy.

…And also right, apparently. A close loss to eNightmare is understandable but getting swept by R3D Water points to some troubles early on in the season. Let’s hope these are just some kinks to work out as I still expect Shadow to be a worthy contender in their division.



Wanna see me go 0-10 to start Season 3?

Wanna see me do it again?

NO. STOP IT. Primal didn’t acquire legendary players like Feral, Liice, and Jordan and place them alongside the absolute GOD that is KVZ so that they could redo Solarr’s hilariously pitiful performance of last season. Get Mr. Bushell on the line because his alter-ego is OUT OF CONTROL and I’m scared. Hold me.



Warlocks Esports vs Triumph

RL Ireland vs Team Ascendant

Glacier vs Primal Esports

Insanity vs R3D Water



That’s all for this week! Tune in for next week’s power rankings as we handle the assuredly interesting results of week 2.



Rankings by: Calzafy, Switch, Roks, Basher, Squeal

Write-ups by: Squeal

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