League Play is over and the Playoffs are already underway, with the Academy Playoffs having just finished up today! But before all of the other Playoffs content, it’s time to take a look at the final week of League Play.



Qualified teams from the Sigma Conference:

*Wildcard spots

  1. Override Esports (2nd seed)
  2. Ignite Esports (3rd seed)
  3. Galamo Esports (5th seed)
  4. Hamburg Sharks (8th seed)
  5. Shaman Esports (10th seed)*
  6. Shadow Esports (12th seed)*

There are no writeups in Academy in this article as the Academy Playoffs have already finished. However, feel free to read our Playoff articles!


Qualified teams from the Omicron Conference

*Wildcard spots

  1. Disconnected Esports (1st seed)
  2. Dexterity (4th seed)
  3. Zero Fox Gaming (6th seed)
  4. Zero Mercy (7th seed)
  5. RL Ireland (9th seed)*
  6. Fearless Esports (11th seed)*

There are no writeups in Academy in this article as the Academy Playoffs have already finished. However, feel free to read our Playoff articles!



Qualified teams from the Mu Conference

  1. Ignite Esports
  2. Aster
  3. Bad Karma Esports
  4. Auto Celerity
  5. eNightmare


Written by Marbs

The last week of league play has been completed, with many teams experiencing miraculous wins or nail biting losses, it sure was an energetic final week to say the least.

RL Ireland (14-2)

Victors of the Omega conference, RL Ireland displayed a sheer amount of quality and composure, taking out rivals Aardwolf Esports 3-0 and Valor Esports 3-1. With the highest win percentage in all of prospect, they will rightfully take the 1st seed in playoffs as they have proved to be the team to beat. It would be a wise bet to predict them to reach the grand finals.

Zero Fox Gaming  (14-2)

A very unexpected week to say the least from the former top dog of the conference. The dragon has been slain in spectacular fashion as Skorch Esports managed to take a 3-1 victory putting an end to the 11 win streak by Zero Fox Gaming. However, they immediately bounced back with a 3-0 sweep over Dexterity, showing all of us that they are not to be messed with. Zero Fox are clearly one of the best, but now we know that they have a kryptonite known as Skorch Esports. 

Zero Mercy (10-6)

Zero Mercy have been slowly falling out of the playoff race after losing both games last week. Yet, they have managed to be the last team to secure a playoff spot, losing to Skorch Esports but getting a 3-0 sweep over Dexterity to have them just secure playoffs. A miraculous 1.6 win percentage difference separated Zero Mercy and their alike competitor in the Mu conference from getting that final playoff spot. Zero Mercy will be thanking their lucky stars as they clenched a chance at proving themselves in playoffs. Howbeit, luck will still have to be on their side if they want a chance at fighting for survival in the playoff bracket. 

Austrian Force (8-8)

The story of Austrian Force can be summarised with “Too little too late”. After taking a game against one of the most fierce teams in the conference, Valor Esports, Austrian Force were on fire this week, sweeping the likes of Vinctio and Team Beserkers which accelerated their record but it was not enough to claim a playoff spot. It may be that the team did not click in time as if they played like they that in week 1, they could be seen as major playoff contenders. We look forward to what they can pull off next season!

Qualified teams from the Omega Conference

*Wildcard spots

  1. RL Ireland
  2. Zero Fox Gaming
  3. Aardwolf Esports
  4. Skorch Esports
  5. Valor Esports*
  6. Disconnected Esports*
  7. Zero Mercy*



Written by andasAP

It all went down to the wire in Week 8 of the Delta conference as we saw 7 teams clinch Playoff qualification. 3 out of 4 wildcard spots were allocated to the Delta conference due to stronger records.

It was all about seeding for Silverbacks, Galamo, Reflux, Fort Templar and Shadow who all secured Playoffs qualification ahead of Week 8.

It was more nerve-wracking further down the table, however, as Fidelity, Bad Karma, Aster and Shaman all battled for the remaining wildcard spots. Fidelity and Bad Karma emerged victorious in a thrilling four-way battle.

Fidelity Esports (10-6)

Fidelity Esports showed up when it really mattered last week as they clinched two pivotal victories. As expected, they beat last place eNightmare, and a 3-2 win against fellow playoff contenders Shaman Esports ensured that they had qualified for the Playoffs. Congratulations on a tremendous Week 8 effort!

Bad Karma Esports (9-7)

Bad Karma did just enough as they played one of their toughest weeks all season. Against Aster, it was all on the line in a game where the winner would qualify for Playoffs and the loser sent home. Bad Karma did enough with a 3-1 win, and even with a loss to Reflux the next day, they qualified, albeit with a measly record.

Aster (9-7)

It was agony for Aster who missed out on Playoffs on winning percentage. A loss to Bad Karma meant that they missed out on Playoffs and Bad Karma made it. Even with a win against Override, it wasn’t enough and Aster will be kicking themselves after coming so close.

Shaman Esports (8-8)

Shaman were simply not good enough last week as they missed out on the Playoffs. After starting the week off with a 3-2 loss to fellow playoff contenders Fidelity, it already looked bleak for Shaman, but a humiliating loss to 11th place Ignite ensured that they were sent home. It was down to finer margins for Shaman too, as both losses went to Game 5.

Qualified teams from the Delta Conference

*Wildcard spots

  1. Silverbacks
  2. Galamo Esports
  3. Reflux
  4. Fort Templar
  5. Shadow Esports*
  6. Fidelity Esports*
  7. Bad Karma Esports*


Written by NeXtFoX

It’s over! League play ends and with that, we now know all the qualified teams for the final stage of this IEL season.

Let’s cover the teams!

 Zero Fox Gaming

Position: 1st

Record: 15-1

Winning percentage: 83.33%

Roster: yeeeeesssssiirrrrrrr, XzyleTB, Mizery, SnUwU

The favourites of this season won the Zeta conference! With that, they are now going as 1st seeded team to playoffs, since Silverbacks has 1 more loss and also less win-rate as well.

Zero Fox Gaming proved that they are one of, if not the team to fear the most, and now they are going to playoffs with the first seed in the bag.

RL Ireland

Position: 2nd

Record: 14-2

Win-rate: 73.77%

Roster: Kronik, JengaBenga, LovelyCans, Ryan

Below Zero Fox Gaming, we find RL Ireland, that ends up behind due to having one more loss and less win-rate as well. RL Ireland lost to Galamo Esports and Zero Fox Gaming, their only two losses the whole season. With that said, they seem to be a team that can reach the semi-finals of the playoffs, but time will tell.

Team Berserkers

Position: 3rd

Record: 12-4

Win-rate: 65.08%

Roster: TayPie, oduvanchic, ma1ken, CassicalsFinest

Team Berserkers is one of the teams that also had a somewhat comfortable qualification as well, and is going to playoffs with the ambition of reaching far, just like the other teams. Anything can happen really, after all they are the only team to beat Zero Fox Gaming, so they can definitely be a surprise in these playoffs!


Position: 4th

Record: 10-6

Win-rate: 58.93%

Roster: NoVa, Spooks, Rukia., Jackk

To end the teams that qualified without the need of wildcard qualification, we have Overture. The team had to go until the last week to confirm their presence on the playoffs (and they confirmed them with two sweeps!), and now that they have that out of the way, they will definitely look forward now and get a good performance in playoffs!

Zero Mercy

Position: 5th (Qualified via Wildcard)

Record: 9-7

Win-rate: 54.41%

Roster: boboliek, Laps, PaTinq, crexioN

To end the list of Zeta, we have Zero Mercy. Zero Mercy had to go until the last week and also last game, since Aardwolf Esports had won with a FF win and also a sweep, meaning win-rate was going to matter, since the records were the same. Zero Mercy ended up coming on top with a FF win versus Valor Esports and a 3-1 win against Team Berserkers, and now goes through to the playoffs!

Teams that ended up with the same record as the last qualified team, but are out:

Aardwolf Esports (9-7) (53.97%)

Vinctio (9-7) (52.31%)

Ended up on Wildcard Spots as well, but had a worse record:

Austrian Force (8-8) (53.73%)

Week 8 mini-recap

Teams with 2 wins: Zero Fox Gaming, RL Ireland, Overture, Zero Mercy, Aardwolf Esports, Austrian Force

Teams with 1 win and 1 loss: Skorch Esports, Team Berserkers, Vinctio, Dexterity

Teams with 2 losses: , Valor Esports, LA Gaming, Zenith, Disconnected eSports, eMerge Gaming, Fearless Esports

Qualified: Zero Fox Gaming, RL Ireland, Team Berserkers, Overture, Zero Mercy

Qualified teams from the Zeta Conference

*Wildcard spots

  1. Zero Fox Gaming
  2. RL Ireland
  3. Team Berserkers
  4. Overture
  5. Zero Mercy*



Written by Brun

As the final week comes to a close, we finally know who has made and failed playoffs. WIth Reflux, Zero Fox Gaming, Overture and Shadow Esports claiming top 4 seeds and a bye in playoffs. Aster, Silverbacks, Bad Karma Esports and RL Ireland were all able to scrape a wildcard spot with Skorch Esports and Fidelity Esports unfortunately missing out by 2%

Reflux (13-3)

Coming in at second seed, Reflux have dominated the past season, only losing once with their new addition of Stat against Auto Celerity, who seem to be the teams ‘kryptonite’ going off past results. Reflux are most definitely the favourites to win out of the Alpha conference although Shadow Esports and Auto Celerity shouldn’t be counted out. Marmoan will be hoping to redeem himself after last season’s finals defeat to Fort Templar, whereas Rubenofski will be hoping to not meet the same fate he did last season and avoid a first round knockout. Stat will also be hoping to claim a title on his first time in playoffs. This team looks strong, but will they live up to expectations?

Auto Celerity (12-4)

After winning the pre-season tournament, Auto Celerity are another key contender for playoffs. Coming in at 5th seed, Auto Celerity are a team that may be considered more of a threat than some of the teams above them in the conference. This team hasn’t lost since week 6 to Aster and had another two losses in week 1 which shows that Auto Celerity have had a much better season towards the end which may make them a massive threat moving into playoffs. After beating Reflux and Override Esports in sweeps this week, hopes will be high for this side. 

Bad Karma Esports (9-7)

Taking the bottom seed (12th), Bad Karma Esports have been a somewhat average side throughout the season, this side managed to clutch up in the final week by beating Zero G eSports and Tofu And Family comfortably. However, their battle is not over yet, as they will have to face a dominant looking Auto Celerity in the first round and are in the same group as Zero Fox Gaming who are first seed. An underdog story may be what this team needs, but can they pull through or will they fall in the first round?

Qualified teams from the Alpha Conference

*Wildcard spots

  1. Reflux
  2. Shadow Esports
  3. Auto Celerity
  4. Galamo Esports
  5. Aster*
  6. Silverbacks*
  7. Bad Karma Esports*


Written by Wlowns

We are now finished with League Play and we will look at what teams have made it from Gamma Conference before the Playoff Preview article in a few weeks time.

Qualified teams from the Gamma Conference

*Wildcard spots

  1. Zero Fox Gaming
  2. Overture
  3. Aardwolf Esports
  4. Dexterity
  5. RL Ireland*

Zero Fox Gaming (14-2)

Finding themselves at the top of the table like they do in most of their divisions, Zero Fox Gaming Master is doing their part with their franchise having 55 wins and 9 losses from 4 divisions which is simply astounding. They were predicted 1st from the start and have finished spot on for Playoffs.

Overture (13-3)

Overture missed out on my starting prediction but have proved me wrong by being in the top 2 battle from the start of the season. Sticking to the same roster from the entire season they have never really looked like missing out and barely missed out on 2nd seed

Aardwolf Esports (12-4)

Again a team I got spot on with my prediction, Aardwolf Esports stand in 3rd after fighting with Dexterity until last week before they finally got past and into 3rd place. They are one of only 2 teams to defeat Zero Fox Gaming they will be confident for playoffs in 4 weeks time.

Dexterity (11-5)

Dexterity clinched onto 4th place after a rough start. Having some of the best form from week 4 and to the very end only losing to Zero Mercy and eMerge Gaming after their roster changes.

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