Written by Leroni

Override Esports (12-2)

As expected, this week was very doable for Override to extend their lead. With a 3-0 sweep against Tofu and Family and a 3-1 win over Fort Templar, they are looking unstoppable to get that 1st place in this conference and a high seed in the playoffs. This week they will play against Silverbacks and Galamo, which they should get a win against Silverbacks and their other series against Galamo, with two top teams clashing against each other this will be an important series for Override to secure a better seed.

Shadow Esports (9-5)

Shadow has been sitting in the middle, but now they are in 6th place and with a 4 win-streak record in 6th place, they are doing well. Given next week will be the last week in league play, this will be very important for Shadow to extend their win streak and secure a playoff spot. They will be facing Tofu and Family and eNightmare which will be a decent week for them. eNightmare is capable of making Shadow’s journey a bit more difficult. Against Tofu it should be an easy win but their win % is low, so they will have to get some good results.

Shaman Esports (9-5)

Last week, Shaman had 2 ff losses due to most of their players not being available to play, but right after this they bounced back with confidence and aiming to secure a playoff spot. This week, they faced Fort Templar and Tofu and Family as they managed to secure two 3-1 wins which puts them once again in the top 4. Next week, they will be facing Bad Karma and Fidelity which should be a doable week for them if they keep this momentum in their series against Fidelity.

Fidelity Esports (8-6)

Fidelity has been in the top 2 for a good amount of time with some good expectations, they would be a big team, however since week 5 they have been in a 5 loss streak which put them in a bad spot in 7th place, which will make everything hard for them going into week 8. Fidelity will need to make sure this doesn’t continue for any longer, if this downward spiral continues they won’t be able to make it into the playoffs. They will be facing Shaman and Zero-G and they will need to win both series in order to reach the playoffs.

Game to Watch: Shaman Esports vs Fidelity Esports

The 4th and 7th place team, will be facing each other in an epic duel to see who will have a better chance in making it into the big stage. Both teams are in a tough situation coming into this last week, and they will need to secure 2 wins in order to get a good spot into the playoffs. Shaman has been looking like the better team in these past few weeks and with Fidelity being on a losing streak, this is looking more doable for Shaman to take the win, however this series is more important for Fidelity to win, so they could be capable of bouncing back and make a good upset.

Prediction: Shaman Esports 3-1 Fidelity Esports

Top 6 Predictions 

  1. Override Esports
  2. Galamo Esports
  3. Ignite Esports
  4. Shaman Esports
  5. Shadow Esports
  6. Hamburg Sharks


Written by GM667

Over the course of the week, we saw the likes of Disconnected eSports, Zero Fox Gaming and Dexterity confirm their places in the Playoffs. However, we also saw Valor Esports and eMerge Gaming drop out of contention. Now the pressure is on for all the other teams in the Omicron Conference to play as well as possible and book their places in the playoffs.

Predicted chances for Playoffs Qualification

Zero Fox Gaming, Disconnected eSports, Dexterity100%
RL Ireland98%
Zero Mercy80%
Fearless Esports50%
Team Berserkers35%
Aardwolf Esports, Zenith6%

RL Ireland (10-4)

Rl Ireland have been an unstoppable juggernaut for the majority of this season, only losing 1 out of their past 10 series, and that defeat was against already qualified Disconnected eSports. This week, they claimed a forfeit win against LA Gaming, and then followed that up with a sweep against Zenith, to seriously damage their opponent’s playoff bid, while strengthening their own. What is fascinating about that series is that the GM, Dave Forehead, had a 200% conversion rate in that series, scoring 4 goals from 2 shots, becoming only the second player in Academy League to record a conversion rate greater than 100% over the course of an entire series (the other player to do that was Joe against Zero Fox Gaming). Next week could be tricky for them, as they face two teams vying for a playoff spot, in the shape of Dexterity and Fearless Esports. Provided RL Ireland don’t have a late-season meltdown, their playoff place should be secure.

Zero Mercy (9-5)

After a poor run of form that included embarrassing defeats against Valor Esports and, inexcusably, LA Gaming, Zero Mercy look like they’re back on track and ready to finish the season strongly. This week was arguably their most important of the season, and they sent out a clear message to all the teams around them, as they swept both Vinctio and Fearless Esports. Neither of those results were even close, as they scored a combined 26 goals and conceded 8 across both series, with Boblink scoring 14 of those, proving his importance to the team. Next week, they play against Zenith and Aardwolf Esports, two teams whose playoff hopes are hanging by a thread. Zero Mercy aren’t assured of a playoff place yet, but unless they lose both of their remaining games, their impressive win rate and goal difference should be enough to see them through to the playoffs.

Fearless Esports (9-5)

Fearless Esports had a decent start to the season, winning 2 out of their first 4 series, then went on a 5 game win streak, only to see it ended by Zero Fox Gaming. Their results this week have been a mixed bag, as they started it by beating Skorch 3-1, but they ended it by conceding 12 goals as they got swept by Zero Mercy. Vapidz made 9 saves in that series but it wasn’t enough to prevent Fearless Esports from being on the receiving end of a heavy and potentially damaging defeat. Now they face their toughest and most important week yet, going up against already qualified Disconnected eSports, and RL Ireland. If Fearless Esports can win either of those games, it might be enough to book their place in the playoffs

Vinctio (8-6)

This team started the season in red hot form, but tailed off from week 4 onwards and have really struggled for consistency as of late. It feels like 1 step forwards and 2 steps back for Vinctio as they have been unable to rediscover the form which saw them win 5 out of their first 6 series of the season. Their results highlight that perfectly, as they swept Skorch with ease, but then got battered 3-0 by Zero Mercy. Things are getting desperate for Vinctio, as they have yet to play Zero Fox Gaming. Their other game next week should be a straightforward match against Austrian Force, although having said that, they are the team that put a serious dent in Aardwolf Esports’ playoff aspirations. Unless they pull off a shock win against Zero Fox Gaming, Vinctio’s playoff chances are slim.

Game to Watch: Zero Fox Gaming vs Vinctio

Zero Fox Gaming have mathematically qualified for playoffs, and have earnt the right to put their feet up until the playoffs roll around next Friday. That being said, Zero Fox Gaming need to keep their concentration levels up because any complacency in the final week of league play could bleed into their playoff campaign and cause premature elimination. As for Vinctio, it is do or die for them. They have struggled for consistency from week 4 onwards and Zero Fox Gaming are one of the last teams they would want to face. That being said, Zero Fox Gaming lost against Zenith this week, but Zero Fox Gaming were using a sub and that result is likely to be a one-off. It is looking unlikely that Vinctio can bring enough to the table to beat Zero Fox Gaming though, and that will seal their fate.

Prediction: Zero Fox Gaming 3-1 Vinctio

Top 6 Predictions

1. Disconnected eSports
2. Zero Fox Gaming
3. Dexterity
4. RL Ireland
5. Zero Mercy
6. Fearless Esports



Written by Yeast

Aster (9-5) 

Last seasons champions have really started to come strong in the closing weeks of the season having won 5 of their last 6 games, with their last defeat coming in the cross-conference game in week 5 where they were Dismantled by Austrian Force. This change of form in the last month has seen them shoot up the table into the top 2 places, only behind Ignite Esports. However, their spot in the top 2 isn’t confirmed yet, this is because they are tied 9-5 with 3 other teams, eNightmare, Auto Celerity and Bad Karma Esports, their greater win percentage is the only reason they are sitting pretty in the top 2, one poor series and it could see them out of playoffs with how the other conference looks with their records. Next week Aster will play against Fidelity Esports and Silverbacks.

Ignite Esports (11-3) 

There’s a famous saying of if there’s nothing wrong with it, don’t change it, Ignite Esports however have given that saying a 2 finger salute and are even more dominant with their new roster. They played their 2 series within 2 hours of each other, showing the confidence they had. This is because if they had lost against Reflux, their motivation would’ve been in the gutter when it came to Zero-G Esports. However, Ignite swept reflux, then went to beat Zero-G 3-1. Ignite have cemented their legacy in their first season of prospect, wrapping up a top 4 spot with 2 weeks still to go and bags of confidence for their next 2 games up against top 4 hopefuls Auto Celerity and struggling Shadow Esports. 

Galamo Esports (7-7)

It really is a case of what could’ve been for Galamo, they seemed to be on the rise when they made roster changes after 2 weeks but in the last 2 weeks they’ve only picked up a single win, this being a Forfeited game by Silverbacks. With their form, beating Ignite seemed to light their fire, but the last few weeks have shown us that it’s been quite the opposite, they still have slim chances to make playoffs but would need to beat their opponents of Shaman Esports and Bad Karma, two other teams hopeful to make playoffs.

Shaman Esports (8-6)

It’s somewhat the same story for Shaman Esports, they started their season off perfectly, going 4-0 but since then they’ve gone 4-6 and really seem to be struggling for reasons unknown, everyone knows that they have the potential to be one of the best teams in the league if they’re on form, but recently they seem to have been struggling. In week 6 they beat Shadow Esports but lost to aster. Week 7, they beat Reflux and lost to Zero-G Esports, it seems to be a give one take one situation for Shaman at the moment, which will have to change for their last week as they have to take from both Galamo Esports and eNightmare.

Game of the week: eNightmare vs Bad Karma Esports

Both of these teams have been in incredible form this week and this season, and it could all come down to this one game, with Auto Celerity breathing down their necks and Aster just infront of them, a win could be season making, but a loss could be detrimental.

Predictions: eNightmare 3-1 Bad Karma Esports

Top 6 Predictions

  1. Ignite Esports
  2. eNightmare
  3. Auto Celerity
  4. Aster
  5. Shaman Esports
  6. Bad Karma Esports


Written by Marbs

The final week of League Play is upon us, and quite an intense one with stakes being heightened throughout the conference to secure the desired playoff spots!

Zero Fox Gaming (13-1)

Zero Fox continues to run rampant in the Omega conference, stretching their win streak to a staggering 13 wins. This week they played their toughest competitor, Valor Esports, in a thrilling game 5 series! In Game 5, Zero Fox lead 4-0 over the Valor side, but then Valor tied it 4-4 with 1 minute to go. However, Zero Fox managed to end the game 7-5 deeming themselves victorious and the only team to only lose 1 series in all of prospect! Man of the match had to be Gilzo, scoring 5 out of Zero Fox’s 7 in that game 5, and scoring 11 out of the 16 goals from Zero Fox in the whole series. Those are some noteworthy numbers! Next week their win streak will be tested by Skorch Esports and Dexterity, with Skorch being a relatively tougher opponent. Zero Fox Gaming will sure be looking to keep that 1st place position and does seem likely with the trio of Gilzo, Epg, and Fusical. 

Aardwolf Esports (12-2)

Aardwolf’s roster has been in questionable condition with 3 of the 4 players leaving the team on the day of roster lock. The new roster now consists of Marbs, Bolt, Nations, and Alphafire. Speculation of the new team’s success was quickly thwarted after displaying a convincing 3-1 victory over top team Zero Mercy on stream. Even though they have the highest win percentage (74.51%) in all of prospect, they still trail 1 loss under top champs Zero Fox Gaming. Next week, Aardwolf will be facing RL Ireland who are also 12-2. This match will most likely decide which of the two teams will get that top 2 spot and a valuable bye in playoffs.

Disconnected eSports (8-5)

Disconnected eSports had quite a shaky start at the beginning of the season. However, since the cross-conference game, there have been no losses in sight for the team. New signing, Eevee, has further lengthened their run with a victory over Zero Mercy and a forfeit win over Fearless Esports has definitely boosted them up the rankings. A playoff spot seems more and more likely and this team will likely continue to impress us in their matches against LA Gaming and eMerge Gaming. 

Valor Esports (11-3) 

The 2nd place team that was 11-1 last week has now fallen down to 5th after an upsetting week after losing two Game 5s to rivals Zero Fox Gaming and also Austrian Force which was unexpected, to say the least. It was their first time losing since their first-ever game against Skorch Esports back in week 1! Regardless, 11-3 is still a superb record and do seem to be playoff-bound. They will be going against RL Ireland in this final week which will surely test them to see if they can still compete amongst the top dogs in the conference, will be a good game to watch for sure!

Zero Mercy (9-5)

Zero Mercy has had a damaging week, taking losses to Aardwolf Esports and a newly evolved Disconnected eSports both on stream. Composed of Hazza, Hoggy, and JTM – they are still a fierce team no doubt. The question is, can they manage to keep their top 6 runs afloat? Hazza and Hoggy will be sure to make that happen. 

Game to watch: RL Ireland vs Aardwolf Esports 

This week’s game to watch will have to be Aardwolf Esports (2nd) going against RL Ireland (3rd) in competition for a top 2 finish and that highly valued bye in playoffs. Perhaps if Zero Fox Gaming loses next week then this could very well be the decider for 1st place! RL Ireland are going to be thrown into deep water this week going against Valor Esports who will be hungry for wins after their previously uncharacteristic 0-2 week. This will be a very intense week for the Irish, it will be exciting to see if they can hold their own against these fierce teams – or could it be too much for them?

Prediction: Aardwolf Esports 3 – 2 RL Ireland

Top 6 Predictions

  1. Zero Fox Gaming
  2. Aardwolf Esports
  3. RL Ireland
  4. Valor Esports
  5. Disconnected eSports
  6. Skorch Esports



Written by Freddy

Silverbacks (13-1)

Silverbacks just look unbeatable this season as they keep taking out top teams like it was nothing. Beating eNightmare (1-13) was completely expected, but sweeping Reflux (11-3) on stream just proves how completely dominant they are.

Need week they’ll play Fort Templar (11-3) and Zero-G Esports (4-10). Both these games should be fairly easy for the Silverbacks roster and I don’t see them losing either.

These 2 wins will secure a very solid 15-1 record to go into playoffs as #1 seed.

Reflux (11-3)

Reflux has looked good all season, only getting 1 loss in the first 6 weeks. Week 7 saw them having a mare as they lost twice. The loss to Silverbacks (13-1) can be justified as they look like the best the league has to offer. But getting swept by Auto Celerity (4-10) is very odd. A top team should be taking games like those, but maybe Reflux just had an off week. Week 8 they will be facing Override Esports (6-8) and Bad Karma Esports (8-6) and they have got to take both these games as both sides are very weak compared to them. These 2 wins could be what Reflux needs to get their confidence back.

Aster (8-6)

Aster has looked on and off every week since week 4, not having won 2 games in the same week once since back then. They have also barely been beating the bottom teams and they have been slapped by the top teams.

Week 7 they scraped a 3-2 Victory against Hamburg Sharks (3-11) and they got swept by Shadow Esports.

They currently sit at 8-6 which means they technically can still make playoffs if they get 2 wins next week. They play Bad Karma Esports (8-6) and Override Esports (6-8) so it’s very possible to see them go 2-0 and secure a stop in playoffs if they come in hot against their opponents.

Match of the Week: Silverbacks (13-1) vs Fort Templar (11-3)

Another week Silverbacks feature in the match of the week and it’s simply because they just are a level above the rest of the teams in this conference.

Going against Fort Templar this time around should not be a lot of trouble as they easily handled Reflux in a quick sweep on stream, and if they come in with the same form as against Reflux I don’t see a way Fort Templar has a chance. 

Fort Templar has been looking good lately, but going against a titan will always be tough, and nerves will probably interfere.

Prediction: Silverbacks 3-1 Fort Templar

Top 6 Predictions

  1. Silverbacks
  2. Shadow Esports
  3. Galamo Esports
  4. Reflux
  5. Fort Templar
  6. Aster


Written by NeXtFoX

The penultimate week of League Play has finished! We have just one more week until Playoffs, meaning that there’s a lot in play when it comes to teams qualifying!

We will look at team writeups, the Game to Watch and, at the end, the final Top 6 Predictions.

 Team Berserkers (11-1)

With an 11-3 record and a 67.27% win rate, Team Berserkers are in the top 3 of the league and are already qualified for playoffs.

Composed by TayPie, oduvanchic, ma1ken and ClassicalsFinest, the team is now on a six win-streak with wins against Disconnected eSports (3-0) and Skorch Esports (3-1). The roster didn’t have any change since the last writeup they had.

Next week, they are going against Zero Mercy and Dexterity, can they continue the streak?

Vinctio (8-6)

In 5th with a 53.57% win rate and an 8-6 record, we find Vinctio, and they are still in the fight for a spot in the playoffs.

With a completely new roster, composed by nerivell, oRedport, and JaRyan, the team won both series this week, being one against Aardwolf Esports (3-2) and the other against Valor Esports (3-1).

Next week, they are going against Fearless Esports and Zero Fox Gaming, can they qualify for playoffs?

Game to watch: Multiple!

Last week’s Game to Watch ended up in a 3-1 win for Disconnected eSports! Taking the series over Austrian Force.

There are lots of important games this week, as there is still a lot to be decided, but one thing is sure: the Top 3 is already safe, while teams from the 4th place until 9th are still in play for the 4th place and possibly wildcard spot qualifiers.

Wildcard qualification might be very complicated, since Delta has overall better records and also win-rates, meaning that the chances of wildcard spots in Zeta are quite slim, possibly only one team might make it on Zeta via wildcards.

With that said, for this week, you should watch the games of the following teams:

Disconnected eSports
Zero Mercy
Skorch Esports
Aardwolf Esports

Week 7 mini-recap

2 winsZero Fox Gaming, RL Ireland, Overture, Team Berserkers, Vinctio, Fearless Esports
1 win and 1 lossAardwolf Esports, Disconnected eSports, Skorch Esports, eMerge Gaming
2 lossesZero Mercy, Dexterity, Valor Esports, LA Gaming, Austrian Force, Zenith
Biggest upsetValor Esports 2-3 eMerge Gaming
Biggest gameDisconnected eSports 3-1 Austrian Force

Top 6 Predictions

  1. Zero Fox Gaming*
  2. RL Ireland*
  3. Team Berserkers*
  4. Overture
  5. Vinctio
  6. Aardwolf Esports

* – Already qualified.



Written by Brun

Not much has changed as we move forward to the final week, with Reflux and Shadow Esports retaining their places, although Auto Celerity and Galamo Esports did swap places with Auto Celerity rising to 3rd place. Aster, Silverbacks, Fidelity Esports and Shaman Esports all battle for wildcard spots. Bad Karma Esports, Zero-G eSports and Fort Templar all failed to make playoffs following this week. 

Aster (9-5)

After a somewhat slow first two weeks, Aster managed to turn it around mid-season with a 4 game win streak, only being stopped in their cross-conference match against current 1st place Zero Fox Gaming back in week 5. Sp77ch, Kos and Dwis have been able to continue this winning streak after having a drought in weeks 5 and 6 by beating Auto Celerity, Fidelity Esports and Zero-G eSports. This is a great sign for the team as they are able to beat some strong teams moving towards the end of the season. However, they will have to play Shaman Esports and Fort Templar next week and Shaman Esports especially will be a very tough match for them and one that they will need to win if they want a playoff spot. Will this team be able to overcome the final hurdle?

Silverbacks (8-6)

Since the addition of Draaikolk to Spdz and Bn, Silverbacks have shown dominance after sweeping Shaman Esports and Galamo Esports, however, it hasn’t been all smooth sailing. They have suffered losses to Auto Celerity and Shadow Esports. Next week, they will have to beat Zero-G eSports and Tofu And Family who are both out of playoff contention if they wish to claim a wildcard spot. With hopes high for this team, playoffs seem almost certain as this relatively new team surprises the conference. 

Shaman Esports (8-6)

Once again a relatively new roster, Detroit, Azza and TomPillock have had an inconsistent start to the season, being able to get the better of Hamburg Sharks and Override Esports in dominant sweeps but losing to first place Reflux in a close game 5 series with Azza being the key player of the series, with an average of 590 points which succeed both his teammates by over 200 points. They also were swept by a dominant looking Silverbacks. Shaman Esports have a tough game at hand with Aster which will decide their playoffs fate. Will they pull through?

Game Of The Week: Shaman Esports vs Aster

This is an incredibly important match for both teams, as it will be the game that will decide their playoffs fate. Will the new roster of Shaman Esports shine through or will Aster show that bringing in Sp77ch was worth it? Only time will tell.

Prediction: Shaman Esports 3-2 Aster

Top 6 Predictions

  1. Reflux
  2. Shadow Esports
  3. Auto Celerity
  4. Galamo Esports
  5. Silverbacks
  6. Shaman Esports


Written by Wlowns

The final week is here of season 9, and with the final week before playoffs, there are still plenty of twists and turns that could occur. Zero Fox Gaming and Overture are top split by 4% and below that Dexterity and Aardwolf Esports sit 2 wins behind the top 2. The wildcard spots are remaining and up for grabs for 4 teams across the conferences and currently, Aster who are in Alpha and RL Ireland look set to occupy 1 each. 

RL Ireland (8-6)
RL Ireland had a tough week last time around having Skorch Esports who are now 8th place and had a game on stream against Dexterity. They came up short against Dexterity losing 3-0 but showed why they deserve to be in playoffs by winning 3-1 against Skorch Esports. This last week they are against Overture and Valor Esports, both games are near must-wins, but they can afford to slip up slightly against 2nd place Overture.

eMerge Gaming (7-7)

eMerge Gaming looked set for playoffs at the end of the season three weeks ago when they had a record of 5-3, but recent results saw them lose 4 in a row before they got a FF win against Valor Esports and then swept LA Gaming. Going up against 3rd place Dexterity and 11th place Zero Mercy they will have to be at their best to bring the needed results to make playoffs. If they were to win they already have a really good win rate which should let them go through even with close wins.

LA Gaming (7-7)

LA Gaming had a season of ups and downs, and when they finally looked to find their form with a 4 win streak they ended last week with 2 sweeps against. Vinctio who are now 12th was a game LA Gaming should have managed to get something off and because of that they now have a lot more to climb if they are to make playoffs. This week they have a tough game against Zero Fox Gaming who will look to stop the hopes of LA Gaming and then they have a game against Disconnected esports.

Skorch Esports (7-7)

Again a team on the record 7-7, Skorch Esports did well from the beginning and have stayed that way picking up a win in nearly every week. This last week is crucial for them like most teams, but with a win rate of 47.73% being the lowest in the current top 8 in both conferences they will have to win with a good margin in both games. They have 12th place Vinctio and 15th place Austrian Force which is some of the best matchups they could have remaining based on wins.

Game to watch: RL Ireland vs Overture

RL Ireland was on stream last time out, and this game should be no exception as they look to secure playoffs by winning against one of the top teams in the season.

Top 6 Predictions

  1. Zero Fox Gaming
  2. Overture
  3. Dexterity
  4. Aardwolf Esports
  5. RL Ireland
  6. eMerge Gaming

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