Just a quarter of the season remains as the battle for Playoffs qualification rages. Out of the 32 teams of each league, just 12 will progress into the prestigious Playoffs. Catch up with the contending teams in this week’s coverage of IEL Season 9!



Written by Leroni

Predicted chances for Playoffs Qualification

Override Esports, Ignite Esports, Galamo Esports – 100%

Fidelity – 80%

Hamburg Sharks, Shaman, Shadow Esports, Fort Templar – 50%

eNightmare / Zero-G Esports – 20%

Auto Celerity, Reflux, Tofu and Family, Aster, Bad Karma Esports, Silverbacks – 0%

Override Esports (10-2)

Override has been playing well throughout this season, but since Week 4, they have been on a huge win streak which set them apart from other teams. With this, they have been the only team in this conference to secure playoffs, and showing their dominance in the Academy League yet again, after winning it last season. It’s a great achievement and this week they will be playing against Tofu and Family and Fort Templar which should be a doable week.

Ignite Esports (9-3)

This team had some difficulties at the start, however, Ignite is showing their power and they are doing so expertly. Sitting in 2nd place, they have high chances of making Playoffs. In Week 6 week, they played against Fidelity and got a great 3-0 win, but lost 3-2 against Fort Templar. Next week, they will be playing against Bad Karma and Galamo. Bad Karma should be an easy win but Galamo will be a harder series.

Galamo Esports (9-3)

Galamo is a team that has always been in the top 4 for quite some time, and they will need to keep that going in order to make it into the playoffs. This week was an important one to decide their fate, they ended up getting a ff win against Shaman and won 3-2 against Reflux. Galamo is looking good, but their fight isn’t over yet and this week they will face Ignite and Auto Celerity.

Game to Watch: Fidelity Esports vs. Shadow Esports

This series will be an intense one, Fidelity in 4th and Shadow in 8th, Fidelity with a record of 8-4 and Shadow 7-5. There isn’t much separating them, but there is a slight advantage in favour of Fidelity. Shadow is still in the running for playoffs and they are capable of putting on a good show. Fidelity is looking like the better team and they have been in the top for many weeks.

Prediction: Fidelity Esports 3-2 Shadow Esports

Top 6 Predictions 

  1. Override Esports
  2. Ignite Esports
  3. Galamo Esports
  4. Fidelity Esports 
  5. Hamburg Sharks
  6. Fort Templar


Written by GM667

Zero Fox Gaming (10-2)

Following a bit of a wobble in Week 4, Zero Fox Gaming are back to their winning ways. With a 10-2 record, a win rate of 63.04% and a goal difference of 13 at the time of writing, provided they don’t have a late season meltdown, they are guaranteed a spot in the playoffs. They kicked off the week with a comfortable sweep against Valor Esports. Their series against Fearless Esports was on stream and Zero Fox Gaming took advantage of a series of fortuitous disconnects and won the series 3-1, with new signing Vsiky scoring 7 goals. Next week they face Zenith and LA Gaming. The finish line is in sight for Zero Fox Gaming, they just need to avoid complacency and disregard their easy run in, when compared to their potential playoff rivals.

Dexterity (9-3)

Dexterity have emerged as one of the main challengers to Disconnected eSports’ position at the top of the Omicron Conference, thanks to a multitude of their potential playoff rivals being on the receiving end of some potentially costly upsets. Dexterity on the other hand, used a sub in a dominant sweep against Austrian Force and ddph scored 9 goals, proving his importance to Dexterity. ddph then scored 7 goals and made 6 saves in a hugely important 3-2 win against one of their main rivals, Zero Mercy. While teams around them have lost series they really should be winning, Dexterity have ground out some really impressive results over the course of the season. Their opponents next week are Team Berserkers and eMerge Gaming. They should be able to dispatch eMerge Gaming with ease but they will be put to the test against Team Berserkers.

RL Ireland (8-4)

This team had a very rough start to the season, having only won one series by the end of week 2. Since then, a 3-1 loss to Disconnected eSports aside, RL Ireland have been in devastating form, losing just one of their past eight series and they have climbed all the way up to 4th in the Omicron Conference. This week they recorded an impressive 3-1 win against Vinctio where they had a total of 37 shots and scored 11 goals, with the Vinctio players making a total of 15 saves, showing that on another day, RL Ireland could have won by an even bigger margin. They followed that up with a resounding sweep against Aardwolf Esports to put a serious dent in Aardwolf Esports’ playoff aspirations. Next week their opponents are LA Gaming and Zenith. It is very important that RL Ireland win both of those games because their final week of fixtures is fairly tough.

Vinctio (7-5)

Vinctio started the season in scintillating fashion, racking up 5 wins by the end of week 3 to sit 2nd in the Omicron Conference with a win rate of 75% to match. Unfortunately for them, things have started to unravel, and they have won just 2 of their last 6 games, leaving them 7th on a 7-5 record but with a respectable win rate of 58.33% and a goal difference of 34 at the time of writing. This week they suffered a shock 3-2 defeat to eMerge Gaming. They were without their star player, Fantom, but they should have still had enough to win against a team that took until week 4 to record just their second win of the season. They then faced RL Ireland, whose form is heavily contrasting to that of Vinctio, and lost 3-1. Vinctio used their sub and really struggled to create chances, taking just 19 shots across 4 games. This next week is absolutely crucial for Vinctio if they want to avoid dropping out of the playoff race, as they face Zero Mercy and Skorch. These are both must win games for Vinctio because they have yet to play Zero Fox Gaming and there is immense pressure on them to turn things around, and fast.

Game to Watch: Vinctio vs Zero Mercy

Both teams have had a dreadful week, suffering humiliating upsets against eMerge Gaming and LA Gaming respectively, and both teams will be desperate to make amends and keep themselves in the playoff race going into the final week. If Vinctio lose this, they will need to win all their remaining games, including against Zero Fox Gaming, to keep themselves in contention for a playoff place. Zero Mercy’s run in on the other hand, is a bit kinder, as they have already played all the teams above them except Fearless Esports. Neither team have been in as much trouble as they are now and it would be so crucial for both sides to get themselves back on track. But only one team can win this, and while Zero Mercy have lost 3 games on the bounce, their winless run has to come to an end sooner rather than later, but Vinctio won’t go down without a fight.

Prediction: Vinctio 2-3 Zero Mercy

Top 6 Predictions

  1. Disconnected eSports
  2. Zero Fox Gaming
  3. RL Ireland
  4. Dexterity
  5. Zero Mercy
  6. Fearless Esports



Written by Yeast

What’s the main story of Week 6? As SunlessKhan once said: “Roster Changes”. We see some teams effectively confirm Playoffs qualification and some last-second pushes towards playoffs.

eNightmare (7-5)

eNightmare have had the week of dreams. They started this week outside of the top 8, and at the end of it, they were in the top 4. They beat Silverbacks 3-1 and then they beat the conference leaders, Ignite Esports 3-1, elevating them multiple places into the Top 4. To keep their spot in the Top 4, they need to fight off a very tight competition, and most likely beat Tofu and Family and Fidelity Esports next week. They’ll be carrying a lot of confidence after beating the league leaders.

Aster (7-5)

Aster are one of the six, yes six teams in the Mu Conference to have a 7-5 record. The win percentage puts them into 3rd above the rest, just 0.3% above eNightmare, which equates to roughly a single game. Aster started their week by sweeping Fidelity Esports and they then beat Shaman Esports 3-1, another 7-5 team. Next week they will face two more playoff-contending teams in Fort Templar and Bad Karma Esports where Aster will likely need to win at least one if they wish to remain in the Top 4.

Ignite Esports (9-3) 

The outright leaders of the conference are starting to lose their advantage at the top of the table, they lost a series last week and they dropped another one this week. They took down Hamburg Sharks in a tight 5 game series then, as we’ve already covered, lost to eNightmare 3-1. Following the defeat to eNightmare, Ignite released their highest DSN player ShinxisS. On paper, this would be a bad release, but they replaced them with the current league MVP stats-wise, Woozy_Panda. With this addition, Ignite will be looking to go 13-3 and not lose any more series on the way to playoffs.

Fidelity Esports (6-6) 

A team that’s starting a late charge for playoffs is Fidelity Esports. They’ve had a 2-0 week and are just outside of the top 8 playoff placing spots. They started their week against a strong Galamo Esports where they beat them 3-1. The next day they faced off against Reflux where they came out with a sweep. This is their third week without losing and they are carrying a lot of momentum into next week where they will face Shadow esports and eNightmare. 

Game of the week: Bad Karma Esports vs Aster 

Top 6 Predictions

  1. Ignite Esports
  2. Bad Karma Esports
  3. eNightmare
  4. Aster
  5. Fort Templar
  6. Auto Celerity


Written by Matty

With Week 6 of the Omega Conference all wrapped up, it’s time to reflect on this week’s results and look ahead to the final two weeks of League play.

Zero Fox Gaming (11-1)

Extending their series win streak to 11 series in a row, Zero Fox managed to overcome close rivals Aardwolf Esports in a close 3-1 scoreline, in what was regarded as the main series of the week. They also managed to take down Team Berserkers in four games to leave them top of the Omega Conference heading into the final two weeks of League Play. Heading into Week 7, they’ll face Zenith and second-placed Valor Esports in what will be a crucial match in determining the final standings at the end of League Play in two weeks’ time.

Disconnected Esports (7-5)

Disconnected managed to take down one of the favoured teams in the Omega Conference, in the form of RL Ireland, beating them 3-1, dashing RL Ireland’s Top 2 hopes. In their other series, Disconnected beat Austrian Force 3-1 to further help their case for a wildcard place in the playoffs. Looking across to the Mu Conference, Disconnected have a favourable record compared to the teams in the wildcard places, giving the team hope in the final two weeks of League Play.

Dexterity (6-6)

Dexterity managed to capitalise on having easier opponents this week, taking a forfeit win over Fearless Esports, and sweeping Overture to put them into the top half of the table for the first time this season, leaving them with a three series win streak heading into the final two weeks of League Play. Looking ahead to their next week opponents, RL Ireland will prove to be a tough matchup for the Dexterity roster to overcome, but a win here, and another one against LA Gaming, could be extremely beneficial if they are to make one final push towards the playoffs. 

Game to watch: Valor Esports vs Zero Fox Gaming

This week sees the Top 2 teams in the Omega Conference, Valor Esports and Zero Fox Gaming,  go head to head in what is potentially set to decide who take the No.1 spot in the conference heading into the playoffs 30th July – 1st August. Zero Fox Gaming haven’t lost a series since their first matchup against RL Ireland, meanwhile, Valor Esports are on a ten series win streak, also stretching back to Week 1, where they were beaten by Skorch Esports. I have a feeling this one is going to be close, but due to their impressive form as of late, I predict that Zero Fox Gaming will take this one. 

Prediction: Zero Fox Gaming 3-1 Valor Esports

Top 6 Predictions

  1. Zero Fox Gaming
  2. Valor Esports
  3. RL Ireland
  4. Aardwolf Esports
  5. Skorch Esports
  6. Zero Mercy



Written by Freddy

Galamo Esports (9-3)

Another very solid week from Galamo puts them one game away from Playoffs at 9-3. Last week, they went 1-1, losing to Silverbacks in a close Game 5 series and sweeping Override Esports. Going into Week 7, they face Fidelity Esports (7-5) and Bad Karma Esports (7-5), which could prove to be a tough week as both these teams are top teams. I see Galamo winning both as they just look a lot more consistent. If Galamo are to win both games next week, their qualification for the Playoffs will be sealed.

Shadow Esports (9-3)

After a couple of tough weeks at the start, Shadow has got their act together and have started to show how dominant they are. Beating out Galamo in Week 5 was a huge victory for them as they both contend for the top of the league. In Week 6, we saw Huwgo and the squad sweeping eNightmare and Tofu and Family, which will boost their win percentage significantly, which could prove pivotal for the Top 4 spots.

In Week 7, we will see Shadow playing Shaman Esports (7-5) and Aster (7-5), so it’s going to be an interesting week, to say the least. If Shadow keeps up their current run of form and Alanis keeps demoing the opponents, the only thing left is their dust, I do not see Shadow losing any of these games.

Fort Templar (9-3)

Fort  Templar has looked insanely strong since Week 4 where they lost to another top team Galamo Esports, ever since then they have beaten all other teams and they look like they are going to keep at it. A solid 2-0 week where they beat Hamburg Sharks (3-9) and Fidelity Esports (7-5) puts them at 9-3 and one win off playoffs.

Fort Templar will be hoping to secure playoff qualification in the coming week as they play Ignite Esports (3-9) and Override Esports (5-7). This should be fairly easy to handle for the top team and if there’s no upset another 2-0 Week does not look unlikely.

Match of the Week: Reflux (11-1) vs Silverbacks (11-1)

This is by far the best game of the Week as we see two titans go at it for the top of the conference of the league. There’s no doubt in my mind that whoever wins this will finish 1st after Week 8 so it is a crucial game for both teams. Some top class Rocket League is going to be played in this match and we can only hope that we will be able to watch it on stream.

Who is going to win will depend on who just outplays the other team more on the day because these 2 teams are so close that it is hard to say who outshines the other.

Prediction: Silverbacks 3-2 Reflux

Top 6 Predictions

  1. Silverbacks
  2. Reflux
  3. Galamo Esports
  4. Shadow Esports
  5. Fort Templar
  6. Aster


Written by NeXtFoX

One more week done, two to go! We are rapidly approaching the end of league play, meaning the excitement is getting higher and higher, since there are still playoff spots to play for. Let’s take a look at Week 6, bringing to you the usual stuff: team writeups, a game to watch, a week recap and top 6 predictions.

Zero Fox Gaming (11-1)

In first place, we find the favourites to win the conference, Zero Fox Gaming, with an 11-1 record and 82.50% win rate.

The roster consists of yeeeeesssssiirrrrrrr, XzyleTB, Mizery and SnUwU who have all remained on the roster since the beginning of the season. The team has been pulling off excellent results, and have already secured Playoffs with their impressive record. This week, the team won with a sweep against eMerge Gaming, and got a FF win against LA Gaming.

Next week, they are going up against Zero Mercy and Zenith, can they continue this long win streak going on and keep that first place?

Disconnected eSports (7-5)

In 5th place with a 7-5 record and 50% win rate, we find Disconnected eSports.

Composed by 5p3nce, freddy., The_yellow_krab and Borisah, the team has basically changed its whole roster, with freddy. being the only player remaining from the roster we covered in the Week 0 article. Lewishendo ended up going to Fort Templar, while NeXtFoX went to Aardwolf Esports. Roks is now a non-playing GM. 5p3nce and The_yellow_krab were on Dexterity when we covered them. This week Disconnected eSports won against Fearless Esports (3-2) and got a FF win against Valor Esports.

Next week, they are going up against Team Berserkers and Austrian Force, can they keep the momentum and reach playoffs? We’ll find out soon!

Game to watch: Austrian Force vs Disconnected eSports

Last week’s game to watch sadly never took place as Vinctio had to forfeit their game, handing RL Ireland the win.

This week, we are going to cover a series that can be decisive when it comes to qualifying for the Playoffs, this series being Austrian Force vs Disconnected eSports!

It’s going to be an interesting matchup, that can very well decide the fate of both of these teams in the competition.

We expect a very balanced match, which will just about fall in favour Disconnected.

Prediction: Disconnected eSports 3-2 Austrian Force

Week 6 mini-recap

Teams with 2 wins: Zero Fox Gaming, RL Ireland, Aardwolf Esports, Disconnected eSports, Overture, Austrian Force, Team Berserkers

Teams with 1 win and 1 loss: Zenith, Fearless Esports

Teams with 2 losses: Zero Mercy, Skorch Esports, Vinctio, Dexterity, eMerge Gaming, Valor Esports, LA Gaming

Biggest upset: Overture 3-1 Zero Mercy

Biggest game: Austrain Force 3-2 Dexterity

Top 6 Predictions

  1. Zero Fox Gaming
  2. RL Ireland
  3. Team Bersekers
  4. Disconnected eSports
  5. Austrian Force
  6. Vinctio



Written by Brun

As we move towards the end of League Play, Reflux continue to dominate the conference with brand new pickup Stat, Shadow Esports rise to second place as they take out eNightmare and Bad Karma Esports whereas Fort Templar, Zero-G eSports and Override Esports are incredibly likely to miss out on playoffs. Tofu And Family, eNightmare and Hamburg Sharks continue to struggle and will inevitably miss out on playoffs. 

Galamo Esports (8-4)

After a dominant first two weeks, Galamo Esports have seemed to slow down throughout this season and this pattern continues to show as they take a devastating sweep to Silverbacks but manage to even out the week by sweeping Aster. Whilst this team does place high up being 3rd in the conference, they are not completely out of the woods yet, as they face off against Reflux who are top speed and Ignite Esports who have been able to pick up a few surprise wins and may be able to catch them off guard. That being said, Galamo Esports are almost certainly making Playoffs and will prove to be a tough side. They will want seeding to be on their side for the final stretch of the season which means they will want to win all of their next games, including the one vs Reflux where if they succeed they may even move into the top 4 of their conference. Playoffs are not guaranteed yet, can this team keep it up?

Bad Karma Esports 6-6

With Futura, Rafa and TBrood Bad Karma Esports have struggled to reach the top side of the table this season and have held a consistent mid-table spot throughout. Bad Karma Esports have faced most of the top teams with also having faced a few bottom teams, they have to play Galamo Esports, Fort Templar,  Zero-G eSports and Tofu And Family and will be required to win all of these games to secure a playoffs spot. This will prove a tough challenge for the team as third place Galamo Esports have proven to be a tough side this season and Fort Templar and Zero-G eSports are both narrowly behind them on the table. That being said, I’d say they have a reasonably good chance at getting playoffs as the majority of their games have been against the top sides so I can see that being a factor of why their record isn’t as good as it could be. Bad Karma Esports have some important games ahead of them and will need to keep their cool if they wish to proceed to the next stage of the league.

Ignite Esports 5-7

After a complete roster overhaul, Ignite Esports have struggled at the start, although they managed to get the better of Tofu And Family and Fort Templar as they start to move up the table and have a very low chance at playoffs as only a select few have made playoffs with a 9-7 record. That being said, Ignite Esports may need to count their losses now as they have to take on Shadow Esports and Galamo Esports in the final week who are both second and third place. They also play Fidelity Esports who have proven they can be a very good side as well as Zero-G eSports who they carry the same record as. Sessl, Max and Ethereal all hope they can surprise over the next two weeks and pull of the unexpected as playoffs looms. 

Game of the week: Bad Karma Esports Vs Fort Templar

Next to each other in the table, these two teams have both got a chance at playoffs and this game could potentially decide who goes through and who doesn’t. Assuming Fort Templar can gain a spot with a 9-7 record, they cannot afford to drop a game if they want to make the playoffs. Bad Karma Esports have a high chance at losing their chance at playoffs if they lose this match, although if they win vs Fort Templar and the rest of their games they have a very high chance at getting a spot, with only one or two missing out in previous seasons with a 10-6 record. Which team will pull through and have the better chance at playoffs? This game will have an incredible amount of importance.

Prediction: Bad Karma Esports 3-1 Fort Templar

Top 6 Predictions

  1. Reflux
  2. Shadow Esports
  3. Auto Celerity
  4. Galamo Esports
  5. Shaman Esports
  6. Aster


Written by Wlowns

Week 6 is over and some teams are ensuring their spots among the top teams and are starting to shift their focus from League Play to Playoffs. Zero Fox Gaming and Overture remain in the top spots, Zero Fox Gaming currently holding a convincing record of 11-1 and an astonishing win percentage of 79.07%! Further down, Dexterity and Aardwolf Esports have managed to get a win away from 5th place and are now also closing in on guaranteed Playoffs qualification. Lastly, at the very bottom, remain Fearless Esports with a 1-11 which is only equalled by the Alpha Conference team Hamburg Sharks who beat Fearless Esports on win rate.

Dexterity (8-4)

Dexterity are now on their best run of form yet sit with a 5 win streak which has brought them closer to every team’s goal of making Playoffs. Capra and Azza left earlier on for Dooz and Claud who have managed to make an instant impact for the Dexterity side who now sit in third, justing edging out Aardwolf on win percentage. Their games next week will be against 5th place RL Ireland and a weaker 13th place Disconnected Esports. They should take Disconnected Esports down with confidence but will struggle more with RL Ireland in a game which can go both ways. 

Aardwolf Esports (8-4)

Aardwolf are another 8-4 side who have stuck with the same roster the entire way, which is contrary to last season when they made plenty of changes. Kingjs and LuKee have both had great individual seasons as stats go as they sit 11th and 13th in the MVP ratings. Aardwolf Esports will be wanting to improve their win rate though as they are only 1% ahead of RL Ireland. Next week, they face Fearless Esports who currently have just two players which led them to forfeit a game last week, and a nearly unbeaten Zero Fox Gaming. Aardwolf Esports will look to bring out a win at all costs so RL Ireland or Dexterity do not gain any ground on them.

RL Ireland (7-5)
RL Ireland currently sit tied with LA Gaming on wins and win rate and will look to gain even the smallest edge for safety. Being the only team to beat Zero Fox Gaming, they will look to strengthen that look this week as they go up against Skorch Esports and Dexterity. Skorch Esports are currently 6-6, winning one and losing one last week. This for RL Ireland will be a real battle because if they lose, they could end up losing their Playoff spot to Skorch Esports and Valor Esports who are hot on their tail.

LA Gaming (7-5)
LA Gaming had a horrible start to this season having been in my top 6 predictions ahead of League Play and this is the first time they find themselves with a positive record. On the way to achieving this record, they managed a 5 win streak with the most noticeable game being against RL Ireland where they won 3-1. LA Gaming have made one change during this season as Badger left for Brxd who looks to be their sub on paper. Next week sees them go up against Vinctio and eMerge Gaming, this week should be fairly convincing as Vinctio have not looked good for all of the season and eMerge Gaming have been on a rough patch as of late.

Valor Esports (6-6)

The final team for this summary is going to be Valor Esports who are way ahead when it comes to win rate compared to Skorch Esports or any of the other 3 teams on a 5-7 record further behind. Valor Esports have so far been slightly fortunate with two forfeits in their favour so far this season but they will certainly not care about that. They, like LA Gaming have Vinctio and eMerge Gaming and for Valor Esports I think eMerge Gaming will be a really tough game and will be an indicator to whether they will make good use of that high win rate they have.

Game to watch: Zero Fox Gaming vs Aardwolf Esports

Zero Fox Gaming are the toughest team across both conferences this season and will be giving Aardwolf Esports a tough task as they look to go as close to 15-1 as possible. For Aardwolf Esports a loss here could mean that either Dexterity go 1 game ahead in 3rd or RL Ireland catch up to Aardwolf Esports and send them further down the table.

Top 6 Predictions

  1. Zero Fox Gaming
  2. Overture
  3. Dexterity
  4. Aardwolf Esports
  5. LA Gaming
  6. RL Ireland

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