Written by Leroni

Ignite Esports (8-2)

Ignite is a team that has been performing very well, especially in these last 3 weeks and they are looking to expand their good results by taking down Aster 3-0 and having a really close loss against Zero Mercy in the other conference. If Ignite continues this pace next week they will have guaranteed playoffs but first they will go up against Fort Templar and Fidelity Esports.

Shaman Esports (7-3)

A team that is starting to make a good impact in the Top 6, Shaman has been having the required results to stay in the top, however, the wins they got in these last 2 weeks were FF wins, one of them being against Zero G and another one this week against Silverbacks. This week, their other opponents were Vinctio and they ended up losing 3-2. They are still in 4st place looking to keep that spot, however they will have some difficulties next week as their opponents are Galamo Esports and eNightmare. Next week will be a very crucial one for them if they want to have a good chance at the playoffs.

Galamo Esports (7-3)

Galamo has been very good in their matches, and they have been in 1st place for quite some time, however last week was their worst week. Their opponents were Zero-G and Disconnected Esports and there were some difficulties from their side. They got swept by Zero-G which was an unexpected upset and they lost against Disconnected 3-2, which put them in 5 place. Just as Shaman, next will be very important for them as they will be facing Shaman and Reflux, can Galamo bounce back? We will have to find out.

Game to Watch: Fidelity Esports vs. Ignite Esports

The battle between the big dogs in the conference, with Fidelity in 1st place and Ignite in 2nd, these teams both have the same record but Fidelity has a higher win %. It will be a very interesting series due to the team that ends up winning that has much higher chances to stay in 1st place. Will predict this series to go in favour of Fidelity due to them having an advantage in terms of DSN and their results being slightly better, but Ignite could have the potential to take them down.

Prediction: Fidelity Esports 3-2 Ignite Esports

Top 6 Predictions 

  1. Fidelity Esports
  2. Ignite Esports
  3. Override Esports
  4. Galamo Esports
  5. Shaman Esports 
  6. Hamburg Sharks


Written by GM667

Disconnected eSports (9-1)

Disconnected eSports might not be unbeaten anymore, but they still have the best record out of any team in Academy League, sitting top of the Omicron Conference with a 9-1 record, a win rate of 78.38%, and a goal difference of 52 at the time of writing. This week was one of their toughest of the whole season, but they still won both series. Their cross-conference game against Galamo went to game 5 but Disconnected eSports just about had enough to win it with xAikx scoring 7 goals and VIIxTobi making 12 saves. Their other series against Vinctio was similarly close and also went to game 5, but Disconnected eSports emerged victorious again and now they are almost guaranteed playoffs, the remainder of the season will be about maintaining their place at the top of the Omicron Conference. Next week will be easier for them as they face Overture and an in-form Zenith. Win both of those and Disconnected eSports’ place at the top of the Omicron Conference will look very commanding.

Zero Mercy (7-3)

Disconnected eSports and Zero Fox Gaming might have led the way in the Omicron Conference, but Zero Mercy have never been too far behind, and they have the best goal difference in Academy League to show for it. They started the week with an impressive 3-2 win against Ignite Esports in their cross-conference game, with Ignite Esports using a sub and Mystiful, despite making 14 saves that series, was unable to keep Zero Mercy at bay. They then fell to a narrow 3-2 defeat to Valor Esports, with both teams using their sub and both teams scoring 10 goals across the series. Zero Mercy had 12 more shots than Valor Esports but they were thwarted time and time again and Valor Esports were more incisive and clinical going forwards. This result comes as a bit of an upset and they have the chance to recover next week as they face LA Gaming and Dexterity. They should easily win against LA Gaming but Dexterity will be a big test for them.

Dexterity (7-3)

Dexterity are one of four teams that are on a 7-3 record at the time of writing, only behind Vinctio and Zero Mercy due to their inferior win rate. They can score for fun but their defensive record has room for improvement, with their 3-2 loss to Override Esports in their cross-conference game illustrating that point accurately as they let in 17 goals and only made 11 saves across that series. In fact, Dexterity faced 38 shots that series and 17 of them went in, proving that they need to put up more of a fight and not let their guard down so easily. Their game against Zero Fox Gaming was a different story however, as they conceded just four goals in a huge 3-0 win. Their ruthlessness in front of goal was unrivalled, as they only took 16 shots but still scored 12 goals, resulting in a hugely impressive conversion rate of 75%. Interestingly, Joe’s conversion rate was 200%, as he scored two goals from one shot. This is the only game across Academy League where a player’s conversion rate has been greater than 100% across an individual series. Their opponents next week are Zero Mercy and Austrian Force. Zero Mercy will prove to be tough opposition for them but they should be able to sweep aside Austrian Force with minimal fuss.

Zenith (6-4)

At the end of week 3, the season looked bleak for Zenith as they lay near the bottom of the Omicron Conference with a 2-4 record. They decided it was time for change and released BigPig, signing Makkert in his place. This roster change has benefitted both parties, as Makkert was rescued from a helpless Skorch Esports team, and over the last two weeks, Zenith have turned it around and won four series on the bounce. As for BigPig, he would eventually join Overture where he proceeded to lose his first two series, essentially vindicating Lewey’s decision to remove him from the team. Their revival continued with a comfortable sweep against eMerge Gaming, and they followed that up with a 3-2 win against eNightmare in their cross-conference game, with eNightmare using their sub. Next week, they face bottom side Skorch Esports, Makkert’s old team, and then a daunting series against top of the table Disconnected eSports. Makkert will have a point to prove against Skorch Esports, but Zenith’s impressive run of form is likely to come to an end at the hands of Disconnected eSports.

Game to Watch: Dexterity vs Zero Mercy

One of the most even matches in the coming week, and one of great importance in the race of an all-important playoff spot. Both teams had similar results this week, both teams have scored similar amounts of goals so far, but Zero Mercy’s defensive record has been considerably better. Zero Mercy’s wins so far have usually been dominant and very convincing, whereas Dexterity’s wins have been generally tense and uncomfortable. Dexterity have the better main roster DSN-wise, but Zero Mercy have proven that they can blow teams out of the water if they aren’t up to the challenge. Dexterity are one of the better teams in the Omicron Conference though, and Zero Mercy usually don’t fare too well against other good teams. I still back Zero Mercy to overwhelm Dexterity with their relentless pressure and lay siege on their goal from start to finish.

Prediction: Dexterity 0-3 Zero Mercy

Top 6 Predictions
1. Disconnected eSports
2. Zero Fox Gaming
3. Zero Mercy
4. Vinctio
5. Dexterity
6. RL Ireland



Written by Yeast

Week 5 saw the cross-conference games take place in prospect along with a lot of high profile games taking place.

Ignite Esports (8-2)

It is safe to say that Ignite Esports are the favourites to claim a top 4 spot, sitting in first place and two series above their closest competitors at 6-4. Ignite had an up and down week, they lost 3-2 in a tightly contested series against a reformed Galamo esports. In their cross-conference game, they were in theory game of the week as they faced table toppers and undefeated RL Ireland. The fact RL Ireland were undefeated made them favourites for this series but Ignite surprised with a 3-1 victory. In week 6 they face eNightmare and Hamburg Sharks as they look to strengthen their grip on the first seed from the Mu conference.

Auto Celerity (6-4)

Auto Celerity were one of the only few teams to have a perfect week in the conference, winning both their cross-conference game and their regular-season game. They started this week in a poor position of 4-4 but with their strong week and results around them, they have managed to move up into second position in the conference. Their regular game this week was against the strong team and top 4 contenders Shaman Esports and they managed to beat them 3-2. The 9th seeded conference game was against Dexterity and Auto Celerity came out with a sweep to jump 7 places this week.

Galamo Esports (5-5)

All good runs have to come to an end at some point, and that’s what’s happened with this Galamo side who had won 5 games after going 0-4 in the first two weeks. Galamo had the 10th placed cross conference game vs Disconnected Esports who are also 5-5 now. Galamo lost their first series in 3 weeks here as they left with a 3-1 defeat. However, the day before, they had a very good result against league leaders ignite Esports winning in game 5. At the moment, Galamo are on a 5-5 record and are still in 10th and in the race for a wildcard spot for playoffs. 

Bad Karma Esports (6-4) 

Bad Karma only have one series win more than Galamo Esports, yet they are a whole 7 positions higher than them in 3rd place. This just goes to show how competitive this conference is and how tight playoffs could be. Bad Karma are one of many teams in the Mu conference who went 1-1 this week. They lost their conference game to Zero Mercy 3-1 but they swept shadow esports in their regular conference game, they have a win percentage 0.3 lower than current second place team Auto Celerity and have a 3% greater win % than their rivals below them, every game is going to count when it comes to deciding playoffs with how close all of the teams are.

Game to watch: Auto Celerity (6-4) vs Bad Karma Esports (6-4)

Top 6 Predictions

  1. Ignite Esports
  2. Auto Celerity 
  3. Bad Karma Esports 
  4. Shaman Esports 
  5. Fort Templar
  6. Tofu and Family 


Written by Yeast

Week 5 in the omega conference has lead to 4, yes 4 teams, having equal records at the top of the table, and we’re going to look at them all.

Aardwolf Esports (9-1)

Results-wise, Aardowolf Esports are the best team in the entire of prospect, holding a very respectable 9-1 record and an amazing 80% win percentage. Their only loss so far came in week 4 with a 3-1 loss to fellow 9-1 team, Valor Esports. Aardwolf had their cross-conference game against an in-form Zero-G Esports and Aardowlf came away with what can only be called a dominant sweep, outscoring them by 10 goals in the three games. Their other win this week was the only way it could’ve been easier for them, A forfeit. eMerge had to Forfeit the series giving Aardwolf a perfect 6-0 week.

Zero Fox Gaming (9-1) 

The team on top of the Franchise standings aren’t disappointing in prospect either, being the second team to join the 9-1 club. Well known names of EPG Fusical and Gillzo are currently in a 4 week undefeated streak as if the end of week 5 having lost back in week one. Since then they’ve dominated and shown why they are a team to be feared. Their cross-conference game was up against Tofu and Family where like Aardwolf, they swept the Mu conference team. Their second series was against Vinctio where they came out 3-1 victors for a 6-1 week on an 8-0 undefeated run since week 2. Next week these two titans collide when Zero Fox Gaming face off against Aardwolf on Thursday in what is the game of the season where someone’s record has to go. 

RL Ireland (9-1)

RL Ireland held their 9-1 record the longest, where their most recent series was where they fell short, being swept by the Mu conference’s top team Ignite Esports in what was a very misleading series as it was 3 one-goal games. RL Ireland have beaten a lot of strong teams so far, one of which being the team above them, Zero Fox Gaming. RL Ireland have a 72% win percentage and have impressively been taken to game five only once when they defeated Team Berserkers. They will be looking to forget about their slip up against Ignite Esports and look to be one of the very few teams in IEL history to go 15-1. Week 6 poses a lot of challenges for them as they face the very frustrating Skorch Esports and Disconnected Esports. 

Valor Esports (9-1) 

Last but certainly not least to join the 9-1 club is that of Valorant Esports. They too, have gone 8-0 in series in the last 4 weeks, after they lost their first series of the season to Skorch Esports. They’ve defeated table-toppers Aardwolf Esports, Disconnected Esports and are looking onwards and upwards for that top 2 place, which is only less than 4% away in terms of win percentage. It is certain that whoever does miss out on the top 2, will be very hard to beat if all of these teams keep up their current form. 

That isn’t even it in terms of teams close to the top with Skorch Esports and Zero Mercy sitting at 8-2 right behind the top 4 of any of the slip-up. 

Game of the week: Aardwolf Esports VS Zero Fox Gaming 

Game of the week is an understatement for this series, it’s the game of the conference, and the game of the division. These two Titans collide and whoever loses this could see them drop from the top 2 to potentially 6th place, with everything on the line, neither team will be going easy on Thursday 

Prediction: Aardwolf Esports 2-3 Zero Fox Gaming 

Top 6 Predictions 

  1. Zero Fox Gaming 
  2. RL Ireland 
  3. Aardwolf Gaming 
  4. Skorch Esports 
  5. Valor Esports 
  6. Zero Mercy 



Written by Freddy

Silverbacks (9-1)

Another week and another amazing show performed by Silverbacks.

The team just keeps delivering every week and they show that they’re the top of Challenger that other teams will have to beat if they are to win this whole thing.

So far this has only been accomplished by #1 seed from Zeta Conference Zero Fox Gaming as they beat Silverbacks 3-2 in the cross-conference game to defeat the only remaining undefeated team.

Silverbacks might’ve just not been in form in the match we will never know for sure until next week as they face top team Galamo Esports(7-3) and Shaman Esports(6-4). 

This will be Silverbacks time to bounce back and show what they are made of and show that they were just having an off day against Zero Fox

Reflux (9-1)

Reflux keeps proving themselves as one of the top teams as they just steamroll most teams that come their way. 

Week 5 saw them getting two 3-1 win against Zero Mercy(7-3) and Ignite Esports(2-8).

Must have been nice for them to win 2 games straight after their unfortunate loss to Aster in Week 4.

Going into Week 6 Reflux will face Hamburg Sharks(3-7) and Fidelity Esports(7-3), where they should have an easy game against Hamburg, but will have to toughen up against Fidelity to show who deserves to be top of the conference.

Galamo Esports (8-2)

Galamo Esports just keep going strong, but every good team has to fall eventually, and that happened for Galamo against Shadow Esports(7-3) who are also a top team. They did manage to beat RL Ireland(8-2) though so it was not a bad week as they beat a top team from the other conference.

Going into Week 6 they play Silverbacks(9-1), which will hasbe a tough game but they could manage to get a good result if they catch Silverbacks off guard as Zero Fox did. Galamo also plays Override Esports(5-5) which should just be their game to take.

Fidelity Esports (7-3)

A lot of roster changes have been happening in this roster but their record keeps improving so you can’t say it’s for the worse.

After going undefeated since Week 1 Fidelity eventually fell to Team Berserkers(7-3) in the cross-conference.

They will want to bounce back as they play Fort Templar and Reflux(9-1).

The Reflux game might be a tough one as that side just keeps going strong even after unfortunate losses.

The Fort Templar game on the other hand should be theirs to take as Fidelity have just looked more solid throughout the season.

Game to Watch: Silverbacks (9-1) vs Galamo Esports (8-2)

These 2 top teams are going to go head to head as they fight for the top 2 spots of the conference.

After Silverbacks loss last week I can imagine they will want to bounce back and show they are still the most dominant. 

This does not mean Galamo does not have a chance, we’ve already seen Silverbacks lose so if Galamo can exploit the same flaws as Zero Fox did I reckon this is going to be a very good game.

Prediction: Silverbacks 3-1 Galamo Esports

Top 6 Predictions

  1. Silverbacks
  2. Reflux
  3. Galamo Esports
  4. Fidelity Esports
  5. Shadow Esports
  6. Aster


Written by NeXtFoX

And the second half of league play begins! With that said, we will take a look at the inter-conference week, with the team writeups, the game to watch, a small recap of this week and we will finish it with the predicted top 6.

Valor Esports (3-7)
In the 12th position, Valor Esports presents itself with a 3-7 record and a 42.11% win rate. Composed by DaLine, RMD08- and Twitch.LeSepii, the team got a FF win against LA Gaming, and lost the cross-conference match to Ignite Esports (3-1) Next week, they are going against Disconnected eSports and Zenith, can they win both matches and keep the dream alive? We will find out next week.

Overture (4-6)
Coming in 9th, we find Overture, with a 4-6 record and a 46.34% win rate.
Composed by NoVa, Spooks, Rukia. and Jackk, the team had a positive week,
beating eNightmare with a sweep (cross-conference match), and beating
Vinctio in game 5 (3-2) Next week, they are going against Skorch Esports and Zero Mercy, can they keep this streak?

Game to watch: Vinctio vs RL Ireland
After last week game to watch, where Zero Fox Gaming ended Silverbacks win streak with a 3-2 victory, we are going to take a look at this week’s game to watch: Vinctio vs RL Ireland!

Both RL Ireland and Vinctio come from an average week, with both winning one and losing one, which will make it even more interesting.
RL Ireland has been more consistent results-wise, since, after all, they are in the top 2 of the table, so it’s expected for them to be favourites in this match, but as always, anything can happen!

Predicton: RL Ireland 3-1 Vinctio

Week 5 mini-recap
Teams with 2 wins: Zero Fox Gaming, Team Berserkers, Dexterity, Overture

Teams with 1 win and 1 loss: RL Ireland, Zero Mercy, Skorch Esports, Vinctio, Valor Esports, eMerge Gaming

Teams with 2 losses: Disconnected eSports, Austrian Force, Zenith, Fearless

Biggest upset: Overture 3-2 Vinctio

Biggest game: Silverbacks 2-3 Zero Fox Gaming

In the case of LA Gaming and Aardwolf Esports, we don’t know yet the results of their respective cross-conference matches, we only know that both have one loss this week minimum, with LA Gaming having a FF loss vs Valor Esports and Aardwolf Esports got swept by Dexterity.

Top 6 Predictions

1- Zero Fox Gaming
2- RL Ireland
3- Team Berserkers
4- Zero Mercy
5- Vinctio
6- Skorch Esports



Written by Brun

After another exhilarating week, we see Reflux hold their top spots with Galamo Esports, Auto Celerity and Shadow Esports lurking behind in their shadow. Aster dropped out of the top 4 this week, with Silverbacks, Fidelity Esports and Shaman Esports all contesting the wildcard playoff spots. Further down the table, we see eNightmare, Ignite Esports, Hamburg Sharks and Tofu And Family struggle to pick up results

Reflux (8-2)

After only losing to Shadow Esports and Overture, Reflux have shown dominance throughout the season. However, things will only get more difficult from here on out as they are yet to play 2 of the 3 top 4 teams that are behind them in the standings; Auto Celerity and Galamo Esports. These teams have both shown their prowess throughout the season, with Auto Celerity losing twice in week 1 and once versus Fidelity Esports in game 5, they also are yet to play the bottom table teams. Reflux also lost to Auto Celerity in the preseason tournament finals which may show Reflux are likely to fall to this team. However, their new addition of Stat after releasing KingKong later in the week will make them even more of a tough cookie to crumble as they begin to face the top end of the table. Will they be able to prove their might against the tougher teams?

Shadow Esports (6-4)

After releasing Bryn for Capra at the start of week 3, Shadow Esports have only lost 2 series which were both in their first week with the new roster. Since then, they have only dropped 2 games in 4 series. This shows great signs for the roster, as their only losses may have come from just getting used to each other. Last week, they showed dominance against Aster to knock them out of the top 4 and got the better of Skorch Esports in a cross-conference match. They also managed to dominate Galamo Esports in a 3-0 sweep the week before that. Along with this, they are yet to play eNightmare, Hamburg Sharks and Ignite who have struggled to gain any traction this season and are all either out of playoff contention or have to win every game. As of this, Shadow Esports only have 2 somewhat difficult games left and they are both against Silverbacks and Bad Karma Esports who are lower down in the table. They should be able to confidently finish in the top 4 of their conference. 

Shaman Esports (6-4)

Shaman Esports suffered last week, as they had a complete roster overhaul. After losing Tj, Stat, Jweyts and Ols, they picked up Azza, TomPillock, Detroit and Crispy. This roster has struggled however, losing to a new Dexterity roster in a devastating sweep but managing to get the better of Ignite Esports 3-1. Shaman Esports have a good mix of top and bottom teams left, with them still having top team Reflux and wildcard contenders Aster and Silverbacks to beat. They will need to beat one of these teams if they wish to get a chance at playoffs, whilst also beating Override Esports, eNightmare and Hamburg Sharks. Will they be able to scrape a wildcard position?

Game of the week: Override Esports vs Fort Templar

Although neither of these teams are on the top side, a loss for either team is detrimental at this stage. With Override Esports being 4-6 and Fort Templar being 5-5, a loss for Override Esports means they will be excluded from playoffs contention and if Fort Templar lose it means they will have to beat Reflux if they want a spot in playoffs.

  1. Reflux
  2. Auto Celerity
  3. Shadow Esports
  4. Galamo Esports
  5. Fidelity Esports
  6. Aster


Written by Wlowns

With Cross-Conference now behind us there are some teams that are looking near guaranteed a spot in playoffs, and some in the other end unfortunately. Zero Fox Gaming managed to come out winning their matchup against Overture, a series that went 3-1 to Zero Fox Gaming. Overture did not give up too much ground to the chasing pack as they managed to take Reflux 3-1 in the other conference however. But at the bottom now we see that Fearless Esports are all but out of this season for playoffs as they have gone 1-9 and are now 2 wins away from both Vinctio and Austrian Force

Zero Fox Gaming (9-1)

Back in the news are Zero Fox Gaming who managed to take down Aster in the Alpha Conference and then got themselves some room to breathe at the top of Gamma now sitting 9-1. Along with that their win% is the highest in the league with a 75.68% they have been amazing. Their roster changed yet again with Kephi who joined Zero Fox Gaming last week was removed due to time constraints and instead they picked up Rizle who is considered to be just as good if not better. For next week they go up against Valor Esports and Skorch Esports who will both look to cause upsets to build on a potential playoff spot

Valor Esports (5-5)

Valor did not start off that great but have managed to get on a run of 4 wins to get them back in contention. Most of their losses so far have been games 5s but their next week coming up against Zero Fox Gaming and Team Berserkers we will probably see their run end. Last week they were handed two FF wins and in their game against Zero-G eSports which they actually lost 3-0 got ruled as a mid series FF because of a too high DSN sub.

LA Gaming (5-5)

LA Gaming are pulling together some wins now after I predicted them in my top 6 at the start of the season. They had fallen out a bit with some bad performances, but they finally look like they can maybe prove why they were that high. Next week will be two must wins for them against Fearless Esports and Austrian Force if they want to prove that they should be in the playoffs at the end of the season.

Game to watch: Aardwolf Esports vs eMerge Gaming

eMerge Gaming had two of their main roster players not attend last week and as a result they dropped down the table. This is going to be a tough game for them as Aardwolf Esports are one of the best teams in the league at the moment and will want to push for top 3.

Predicted top 6

  1. Zero Fox Gaming
  2. Overture
  3. Aardwolf Esports
  4. Dexterity
  5. eMerge Gaming
  6. LA Gaming

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