Written by Leroni

Galamo Esports (6-0)

With week 3 being over, Galamo is the only team who is yet to be unbeaten and their results this week were quite interesting. We are heading into the middle of league play, so keeping a good record will be very important for them. Their series was against Tofu and Family which ended up with a 3-1 win for Galamo, with their sub NotNormi being the MVP with 5 goals scored, 6 saves and 1725 points this is the best scenario you could’ve asked for a sub. Their next series was against eNightmare and it ended up in a 3-2 win. eNightmare was the first team to do good damage to Galamo and they were also using their sub, with Galamo using their main roster so, it was a hard task for them to come out on top, but eNightmare put some good pressure on this team. Next week, Galamo will be facing Fidelity Esports and Silverbacks, their game against Fidelity will be a hard one to deal with, but Silverbacks should be a doable series.

Shaman Esports (5-1)

The top 4 has suffered some changes but Shaman, who was far away from that spot last week is now sitting at 3nd place with an amazing record and some great results to show how much they deserve to stay at the top. This week, they faced Reflux (3-0 win) and Auto Celerity (3-1 win). Against Reflux they scored 8 goals with Ecliptus scoring 4 goals and Nolleren 3 goals, against Auto Celerity this duo managed to score 9 goals and in terms of saves they got 19 saves compared to 34 shots from AC. Many other teams also have two very strong players with a much lower 3rd, and this combination is looking good for them. Next week, they will be facing Zero G and Hamburg Sharks which promises to be a neutral week for them given that Hamburg Sharks in terms of odds it’s 50/50 for both teams.

Hamburg Sharks (4-2)

Just like Shaman, Hamburg Sharks is another team that is trying to make a huge surprise to everyone and they are looking to show they can be a top team. Their opponents for the week were Ignite Esports and Shadow Esports, against Ignite they managed to have a fantastic result and got a sweep in their favour. Facing Shadow, it was a very tough series with both teams putting in a good amount of saves with Shadow having 23 and Hamburg having 14, but it ended up being a 3-2 loss to Hamburg Sharks. Next week, they will be having an intense week since their opponents will be Shaman Esports and Override Esports.

Shadow Esports (3-3)

Shadow has a big team in terms of DSN, and they are a team who was predicted to stay in the top 6 or even make a bigger impact in the standings, however they are sitting at 10th place. Their wins were against Zero-G, Reflux and Hamburg Sharks, but their losses were only against top teams like Shaman, Galamo and Override, so Shadow could start having those 2-0 weeks if they are playing well, due to 3 big opponents being already gone from their games. This week, they faced Override Esports and got swept by them and against Hamburg Sharks the outcome was already mentioned in the Hamburg Shark’s article. Next week, Shadow will need to get a 2-0 week if they want a good chance at playoffs and they will be facing Ignite and Auto Celerity, which will be a very important week for their future.

Game to Watch: Galamo Esports vs Fidelity Esports

The 1st and 2nd place of this conference, clashing with each other and this series will promise to be a very important one for both sides due to pride and a chance to extend their record. This series promises to be very intense and the team that comes out on top could have a good lead compared to the other. In terms of advantage, Galamo takes the upper hand by being undefeated and having a pretty strong lineup but on the other hand Fidelity has a really good roster that could be capable of breaking Galamo’s streak if they are playing on point. Overall, it’s a hard game to predict due to both teams being very good so this series could go to anyone.

Galamo Esports 3-2 Fidelity Esports

Top 6 Predictions

  1. Galamo Esports
  2. Shaman Esports
  3. Hamburg Sharks
  4. Override Esports
  5. Fidelity Esports
  6. Ignite Esports


Written by GM667

Disconnected Esports (6-0)

Disconnected Esports continue their extraordinary record of sweeping every opponent they have faced so far, and this week their sweeps came in dominant fashion. Their first series against Skorch Esports was where VIIxTobi scored 7 out of 15 of Disconnected Esports’ goals in that series. Against eMerge Gaming, Disconnected eSports were always the better team but then decided to stick 11, yes, ELEVEN goals past eMerge Gaming in the last game, with VIIxTobi scoring 7 of those, in addition to the other one he scored earlier on in the series, while xAikx chipped in with 6 goals as well. That game against eMerge Gaming was one of the most devastating attacking displays ever seen in the history of academy league, although you could argue they already stamped their authority on the Omicron Conference before this extraordinary sweep. With a 6-0 record, a win rate of 100% and a goal difference of 50 at the time of writing, it will be almost impossible for any other team to stop them. Speaking of teams trying to stop them, their opponents next week are RL Ireland, and their main source of competition for top spot in the Omicron Conference, Zero Fox Gaming.

Zero Fox Gaming (6-0)

The other team yet to lose a series in the Omicron Conference are Zero Fox Gaming. The main difference between them and Disconnected Esports is that Zero Fox Gaming have gone under the radar somewhat, which is harsh because having a 6-0 record is an impressive achievement, it has just been overshadowed by Disconnected Esports wiping the floor with every team they have faced so far. This week, Zero Fox Gaming won 3-1 against Team Berserkers and then held their nerve to win arguably their most important series yet, edging out Zero Mercy 3-2 in a tense and tightly contested series where the Zero Fox Gaming players had to make a combined total of 21 saves to repel Zero Mercy’s attacking threat. Next week is that all-important top of the table clash with Disconnected eSports and then Austrian Force.

Vinctio (5-1)

Vinctio have proven this week that they don’t need to rely on their opponents forfeiting to maintain their position high up in the Omicron Conference as they sit on a 5-1 record with a win rate of 75% and a goal difference of 31 at the time of writing. Their first series this week was a 3-1 win against Aardwolf Esports, where Fantom was instrumental in that victory, scoring 11 goals and making 12 saves, averaging more than 700 points per game across that series. They then beat Zenith 3-1 in the first ever academy league game to be streamed and shoreux. was required to make 12 saves as Vinctio gave a good account of themselves on stream. Their opponents next week are Overture and Dexterity. They should expect to beat Overture, but their series against Dexterity will be a big test for them to see whether they truly are one of the best teams in the Conference.

Dexterity (5-1)

Another team on a 5-1 record are Dexterity. Not only that, but they have a win rate of 65.38% and they have scored 74 goals, the most out of any team in the league. Their results this week consisted of a 3-2 reverse sweep against Valor Esports, where skidaddle skidoodle scored 9 goals and the team scored 18 goals in total in that series. Their other result was a 3-1 win against LA Gaming where they scored 16 goals and conceded 8. That being said, LA Gaming were using a minimum DSN sub so things might have been different if LA Gaming had their full strength roster to choose from. Next week brings an important match against Vinctio and then a slightly easier series against Fearless Esports.

Game to Watch: Zero Fox Gaming vs Disconnected Esports

This is going to be an utterly mouth-watering clash of the titans in the Omicron Conference. It is where both unbeaten teams face off against each other, and only one of them can stay unbeaten after this series. Academy games are almost never streamed, but if any academy game is deserving to be on stream, it is this one. Disconnected eSports have wiped the floor with every team that has stood in their way so far, but Zero Fox Gaming should prove to be their toughest opposition that they will face all season, and if Disconnected eSports can beat them, then they might just end up being the first team in the history of IEL to finish league play unbeaten.

Prediction: Zero Fox Gaming 1-3 Disconnected Esports

Top 6 Predictions

  1. Disconnected Esports
  2. Zero Fox Gaming
  3. Zero Mercy
  4. Dexerity
  5. Vinctio
  6. Team Berserkers



Written by Yeast

Week 3 in prospect saw A lot of changes in the standings from what there was last week. We see some teams starting to mount comebacks and some teams strengthening their position In the top 4.

Galamo Esports (2-4)

Galamo Esports have had a brilliant week 3. They made a few transfers and it seems that this team is going to stick. They started the week 0-4 without winning a single game. But now they’ve gone 2-0 and only dropped one game against Reflux. It has been really good timing for them to find some as they are not far behind the playoff positions and they still have a very good chance at making playoffs. Next week they face Shadow Esports who are looking to get their season started and the high flying eNightmare.

Ignite Esports (5-1)

Ignite Esports have been flying in their first season. They’ve improved one spot from last week to jump up into the top spot in the conference. Their amazing 77% win ratio is the second highest in the entire prospect division, only being behind Aardwolf Esports in the omega confrence. This week they went 2-0 defeating Silverbacks 3-1 and Sweeping Fidelity Esports. Their next week looks quite challenging as they come up against Bad Karma Esports and the current second placed team, Fort Templar. Ignite, having played 2 sub games already will be looking to field their strongest roster in their most critical week yet. 

Auto Celerity (4-2) 

Auto Celerity have had a tough week 3, as they have been having to play one of their Academy players. Their first game vs Aster saw Auto Celerity come out with the 3-2 win but when they had to face Zero-G Esports they went to game 5 again but ended up on the losing side. This sees them as the lowest 4-2 team in the conference and they are currently in 6th place, looking good for a run at playoffs. In their 4th week they will be facing fellow playoff contenders eNightmare and struggling Shadow Esports 

Reflux (3-3)

Reflux has been having a reasonably quiet season so far. However they are still having a good season, currently sitting at 3-3 and 10th in the conference standings. This week was another up and down week. They pulled off a sweep vs eNightmare but ended up losing 3-1 against Zero-G Esports. 

Top 6 Predictions

  1. Ignite Esports 
  2. Shaman Esports
  3. Zero-G Esports 
  4. Bad Karma Esports 
  5. Fort Templar 
  6. Tofu and Family 

Game to watch: Ignite Esports vs Bad Karma Esports 


Unfortunately there is no writeup for the Omega Conference this week.



Written by Freddy

Galamo Esports (5-1)

Galamo Esports has looked like one of the best teams in the league with a very solid record of 5-1 and their only loss being against 6-0 Reflux who top the Delta Conference.

Galamo has not gone to a single Game 5, having 2 3-0 Sweeps and 3 3-1 Win.

They beat Shaman(4-2) with a 3-0 score last week and a 3-1 Win against eNightmare.

In Week they go up against Fort Templar(4-2) and Tofu and Family(1-5).

Galamo should have these games in the bag looking at their current form, but the game against Fort Templar could be a close one.

Fidelity Esports (4-2)

After going 0-2 after Week 1 and kicking a player from their team Fidelity has gone 4-0 after that and it looks like the roster change did the thing for them. 2 Sweeps and 2 3-1 Win keeps them at the top of the leaderboard in Delta.

Last week saw them get a 3-1 Win against Auto Celerity who I previously predicted as a top team but after they have gone 0-6 I regret saying I was very mistaken. They also Swept Hamburg Sharks.

Going into Week 4 they play Ignite, who’s got a completely new team so that game will be interesting, and they also play Override Esports, which are currently 4-2 Like Fidelity.

Not having a lot of info about Ignite and looking at the fact that Fidelity got a roster change this week, I really have no idea how this is going to go for Fidelity but they will be hoping for 2 more wins.

Shadow Esports (4-2)

Shadow Esports is another team that has looked very solid this season, only losing to Top Team Reflux and an odd loss to Bad Karma Esports.

Huwgo was not playing against BK in Week 3 so we saw them getting swept, but when he played against Override Esports they won 3-1. Going into Week 4, Huwgo and co. will want to step it up if they wanna still compete for the top of the conference.

Week 4 they play Auto Celerity(0-6) which looking at their record will most likely be a sweep for Shadow and they also play undefeated Silverbacks.

The game against Silverbacks will be a nerve-racking one for both teams as they both strive for the top of Delta.

Game to Watch: Silverbacks (6-0) vs Shadow Esports (4-2)

This game is going to be very interesting for both teams. Will Silverbacks keep their undefeated streak or will Shadow Esports prove to be the better team and get a win that would mean a lot as it is against a top team.

Looking at records Silverbacks seem more likely to take it but if Shadow comes in with full force it could end up being a very good match-up and hopefully a game that ends up being streamed.

Prediction: Silverbacks 3-2 Shadow Esports

Top 6 Predictions:

  1. Reflux
  2. Galamo Esports
  3. Fidelity Esports
  4. Shadow Esports
  5. Shaman Esports
  6. Fort Templar


Unfortunately there is no writeup for the Zeta conference this week.



Written by Brun

This week in the Alpha conference, Galamo Esports were taken off their unbeaten throne by Auto Celerity, allowing Reflux to rise to the top whereas Galamo Esports, Shaman Esports and Silverbacks continue to place top 4. With 4 teams at a 5-1 record in the top 4, with a total difference of 14.65 between 4th and 1st, seeding is going to prove to be incredibly close on this side of the Master division. On the other end of the table, Tofu And Family pick up their first two wins and progress through the conference whereas teams like Ignite Esports and Shadow Esports fall down the rankings.

Reflux (5-1)

Reflux are once again a dominant looking team this season, topping the table this week after getting the better of Hamburg Sharks in a 3-1 series who are second to last in the table with a 1-5 record. They also managed to claim a forfeit win over Ignite Esports as they did not have a roster to play with. Marmoan (1993 DSN), Rubenofski (1808 DSN) and KingKong (1743 DSN) all hope to reclaim their former Season 7 glory after an unfortunate past season, getting knocked out in the first round of playoffs. Next week, they will face a remade Silverbacks roster which now has Draaikolk and Dxnny instead of Demize and Ducky, who will prove to be a tough opponent to Reflux. This game should prove to be an interesting match up as the winner has a chance at the top of the conference and the loser may be knocked out of the top 4. Will Reflux come out on top once again?

Aster (4-2)

Aster were able to get the better of Silverbacks and Bad Karma Esports in 3-1 victories this week, after making a roster change that has proven to work out nicely for them. Earlier this week, SquintyJr was released and Will was able to take his place. Will comes in at 1896 DSN, exactly 50 DSN below SquintyJr, although this has proven to be irrelevant as their results continue to improve. Aster have only dropped games to Reflux and the ex-Ignite Esports roster who were both tough opponents. This roster change is hopefully going to continue to work for Aster as they push for a top 4 position, which they may get as only one team needs to lose for them to have a chance at claiming a place. They play Hamburg Sharks and eNightmare next week who have only won one series between them, so should be able to take comfortable wins over both teams. 

Tofu And Family (2-4)

After being 0-4 last week, Tofu and Family were able to turn things around as they were able to get dominant sweeps over Fidelity Esports and Shaman Esports. That being said, Shaman Esports were forced to use Stat (1722 DSN), Ols (who is their sub at 1650 DSN) and Crispy (an FA sub at 1666 DSN). This means that only one of their wins could be considered deserved – although they still proved they are not a bottom table team. Syracks is one of if not the highest DSN player in the league coming in at 2076 DSN, Dakseru being 1796 DSN and Tensei being challenger – moving up to 1650 DSN. The duo of Tensei and Syracks has made an appearance for two seasons now, after failing to make a playoffs appearance last season with a 7-9 record. They hope to bring back their record and climb back up the rankings as they approach Fidelity Esports and Zero-G eSports who outmatch them on paper. 

Game of the Week: Reflux Vs Silverbacks

Picking a game of the week was tough this week, as Shaman Esports and Galamo Esports also play each other. Despite this, I believe this will be the better matchup. Reflux are coming off a strong week and have a lot to live up to whereas Silverbacks are a brand new roster and it is unknown how strong they will be. With the element of surprise, Silverbacks have a strong advantage in this matchup and will be able to rival the Reflux roster. However, with this being one of their first matches together, I do not see them being able to win against such strong opponents.

Prediction: Reflux 3-2 Silverbacks

Top 6 predictions

  1. Reflux
  2. Galamo Esports
  3. Shaman Esports
  4. Auto Celerity
  5. Silverbacks
  6. Aster


Written by Wlowns

Week 3 has now ended and we are getting closer to cross conference games and to the time where most teams start to make player changes they see fit. Zero Fox Gaming and Overture are still undefeated, but Team Berserkers are still 5-1 after being undefeated the previous week. Then we have Disconnected eSports, Skorch Esports and Aardwolf Esports all on a 4-2 record close behind. Further down the table we have 4 more teams battling it out on a 3-3 record for the wildcard spots at the end of the season. And finally at the very end of the table so far you have Cinctio who have huge ground to make as they are 0-6 so far.

Team Berserkers (5-1)

5-1 and only losing to the top team currently themselves Zero Fox Gaming, it has been a great start to the season for Team Berserkers and they are probably more than happy about how it is going so far. They don’t have the biggest win% to go off so far and only have 60% win rate which is only enough to be ahead of Disconnected eSports by 2,21% despite having a win more. In that regard tho they have so far managed to turn close games to wins as they have won 3 game 5s so far this season!

Skorch Esports (4-2)
Skorch are also one of the teams at the very top in their conference and have managed to win against the likes of Valor Esports, Fearless Esports and their 2-0 week against LA Gaming and Zenith back in week 1. Their only losses so far have been against Dexterity who are 3-3 and Overture who are in 2 place at this time. Next week they have Zero Mercy and Aardwolf Esports so they will be looking to add to their tally with a win over one of these two teams at least.

Vinctio (0-6)
Having 3 losses to ffs and another 2 to sweeps, Vinctio have only managed to win a single game so far this season and as a result have dropped their roster nearly to a full. Their team now consists of Kingy, BiggieLude, ChrisBeresford and loois. Having a huge amount of DSN cap left this is a weird move on Vinctios side from the outside but, they could have a roster they feel could be capable of getting the results from time to time. It can’t be much worse for them and their next games are against Team Berserkers and Austrian Force so it will not be the easiest of games to start off for them.

Game to watch: eMerge Gaming vs Team Berserkers
eMerge Gaming, a team so close to playoffs last season have got off to a ok start and did but up a respectable result against Disconnected eSports. I think this game will really show if they could bring a fight to the top teams if they were to get into a playoff spot as they have the same roster, with the exception of replacing Itsyaboyafro with Stenkovic. As for Team Berserkers, a game in which they could maybe pull away from the chasing pack to stay in that top 2 fight for now with Overture and Zero Fox Gaming.

Predicted Top 6
1. Zero Fox Gaming
2. Overture
3. Aardwolf Esports
4. Team Berserkers5. RL Ireland
6. Disconnected eSports

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