Written by Leroni

Galamo Esports (4-0)

Galamo are showing to be a strong team and this week they came in with some great results. This team is sitting in 1st place with almost a perfect win %, so they will be looking to reach the playoffs and stay at the top. Their first series was against Shadow Esports and it ended up in a sweep for Galamo, which was a very crucial win given that Shadow was sliding into the top 4 and could be above them. Onto the next series, Bad Karma didn’t show up, so the result was a FF Win. Next week their opponents are Tofu and Family and eNightmare, which should be a good week to extend their lead in 1st place.

Ignite Esports (4-0)

The other team who is yet to be beaten, Ignite is having an interesting journey so far. Their first week was very shaky with two 3-2 wins, however for this week their series were much better. A 3-1 win over Auto Celerity and a FF Win over Silverbacks, but in the series they played there was a big issue that also happened last week when the losing team ended up scoring more goals. With AC scoring 12 goals and Ignite scoring 10, if this pattern continues Ignite should drop a series maybe even two in Week 3. Next week, they are having their hardest week by going ahead against Hamburg Sharks and Override. Ignite will be needing to improve their car engines and step up their level to get good results.

Fidelity Esports (3-1)

As the highest DSN team, it was expected to see Fidelity performing well at the start of League Play. They are in 3rd place with a great record and win %, so their journey is being a good one! Their opponents for this week were Auto Celerity and Silverbacks, which ended up in a 3-1 win and a FF win for their side. This was an easy week for them however coming into Week 3, their opponents will be Aster and Fort Templar, which should be a harder challenge for Fidelity, but it could be two doable series for them to come out on top, for now we’ll have to see what’s going to happen.

Hamburg Sharks (3-1)

This team made a surprise impact and came out of nowhere to the top 4. Hamburg Sharks is an unknown team, given they are a new franchise but this team is doing good and they are looking to show how much they deserve to be at the top. This week they played against Tofu and Family and Zero-G Esports and secured two wins under their belt, 3-1 against Tofu and a sweep against Zero-G. However, next week their series will be harder since they will be facing Ignite Esports and Shadow Esports. This could be another great week for them to reach even higher if they continue to play well on the field.

Top 6 Predictions

  1. Galamo Esports
  2. Shaman Esports
  3. Hamburg Sharks
  4. Override Esports
  5. Fidelity Esports
  6. Ignite Esports


Written by GM667

Disconnected Esports (4-0)

Disconnected Esports are the only unbeaten team left in academy, having swept all 4 of their series so far. Their results this week consisted of a 3-0 demolition of Austrian Force, where they used a sub for two of those games and xAikx bagged 7 goals in that series, including 4 in the first game. Their other sweep against LA Gaming wasn’t as clear cut, but that did not stop xAikx from scoring 4 goals in one game in that series. With it being so early on in the season, it is very difficult to think about a team running away with the league, but if any team is going to do it, it will be Disconnected Esports. They score bucket loads of goals and usually don’t concede too many so that can only bode well for them for the rest of the season. Their next games are against bottom of the table Skorch Esports and eMerge Gaming which they should fully expect to win. The next week is a prime opportunity for Disconnected Esports to really put some distance between themselves and Zero Fox Gaming, in terms of win percentage and goal difference.

Zero Mercy (3-1)

Zero Mercy had a mixed first week, but they have now made amends and find themselves in 4th with a 3-1 record and a 69.23% win rate at the time of writing. Their first series was a 3-0 pummelling of Skorch Esports, with the Zero Mercy players helping themselves to 18 goals in that series, with 9 of them coming in 1 game. Bubzzz in particular helped himself to a whopping 10 goals across the series. Admittedly, Skorch Esports were using a minimum DSN sub. That being said, even if Skorch had a full strength roster available to them, Zero Mercy’s potency in front of goal was always going to prove too much for them. Their other result this week was a 3-0 battering of Overture, with Boblink tearing Overture’s defence to shreds by scoring 7 goals, including a 5 goal haul in the first game of the series. Overall, they scored a total of 32 goals and conceded just 7 in both their series this week. Things will get tougher next week as they face a potential playoff rival in the shape of Zero Fox Gaming, and Austrian Force.

Vinctio (3-1)

You could argue that Vinctio are rather lucky to be where they are in the conference (3-1 with 75.00% win rate) because two of their wins have been via forfeits. One of their forfeit wins came this week against Team Berserkers and you have to think to yourself whether Vinctio would have been able to win if Team Berserkers were able to fulfil that fixture. Their other result was a sweep against Fearless Esports, with Fantom helping himself to 7 goals along the way. You could argue the fact that Vinctio were helped by Fearless Esports having to use their minimum DSN sub for that series and that the result may have been different if Fearless had a full strength roster on that day. Their next fixtures are mid-table clashes against Aardwolf Esports and Zenith respectively. Whether Vinctio can maintain a playoff place throughout the whole season remains to be seen but they should not rely on their opponents having to forfeit as their main source of series wins.

Skorch Esports (0-4)

Skorch Esports find themselves at the bottom of the conference, having lost each of their series so far; but their season can still be rescued if they pull together and get a good run of form going. That being said, this week, they were on the receiving end of a 3-0 pulverisation by Zero Mercy, where their defence was picked apart time and time again. Their other result this week was being swept by Dexterity which might not have been as conclusive or as traumatising as their result against Zero Mercy, but it still yielded the same result as they could only muster 2 goals from 16 shots across that series. Skorch Esports cannot afford to be so wasteful in front of goal if they want to pull themselves out of this slump. To come back from such a bad week, Skorch Esports will need a tremendous amount of mental strength, and with the transfer market being open, maybe a roster change or two could be the trick to salvaging Skorch’s season. Things could get ugly if they do not improve as they face RL Ireland and top of the table Disconnected Esports next week.

Game to Watch: Zero Mercy vs Zero Fox Gaming

Zero Fox Gaming have yet to lose a series so far but their wins this week haven’t been as convincing as Zero Mercy’s results. If Zero Mercy can carry on their blistering form and maintain their ruthlessness in front of goal from this week, then they have every right to win this series and make a huge statement early on in the race for the playoff places. That being said, there is a reason why Zero Fox Gaming have not lost a series so far; and the ability to just edge out their opponents without being overly dominant could be the deciding factor. Ultimately, for me at least, Zero Mercy have an enormous goal threat that cannot be ignored and that should be enough for them to win such an important series and give themselves a huge confidence boost going into the rest of the season.

Prediction: Zero Mercy 3-0 Zero Fox Gaming

Top 6 Predictions

  1. Disconnected Esports
  2. Zero Mercy
  3. Zero Fox Gaming
  4. Dexerity
  5. Aardwolf Esports
  6. Team Berserkers



Written by Yeast

In week 2 of prospect we were able to get a slightly better look at the teams who are going to hopefully be contending for playoffs and who would need to step up their form if they want to make sure that they are going to be playing in the post season. 

Fort Templar (3-1)

Fort Templar have always had a strong roster when it comes to the prospect division. The team of Lukefos, Beefcayk and Caff have had a very strong opening two weeks. They started off last week going 2-0 and sitting comfortably in the top 6. This week however, they suffered their first defeat of the season at the hands of Zero-G Esports, who sit just above them in the table. However, they did defeat the team who was at the top of the table last week, Bad Karma Esports. They defeated them in game 5 in last week’s game to watch to hand Bad Karma Esports their first defeat of the season as well. At the moment, Fort Templar are sitting in 7th place but are destined for greatness if they are able to get the full potential out of everyone in their team. 

Tofu and Family (2-2)

Tofu and Family had a very poor week one it’s safe to say, they ended the week 0-2 and 11th in the conference standings. However they haven’t let any of that get to their heads as this week they dominated going 2-0 and recording 2 sweeps against Fidelity and Galamo Esports respectively, outscoring Galamo Esports 13-2 in goals. Last week they came up against two fast starting teams in Ignite Esports and Fort Templar losing out narrowly in both. Next week they have two very hard games coming up against Bad Karma Esports and the only 4-0 team in this conference, Shaman Esports. It would seem that they would need to win at least one of these series to keep in touch with the playoff spots. 

Shaman Esports (4-0) 

Shaman Esports have had the dream start to their season, being the only team in the Mu conference to be 4-0. Their wins have not come easy however, despite being 4-0 and top of the conference, they are yet to record a sweep, and twice have been taken to game 5, beating out Ignite Esports and Silverbacks. A good record at the start of the season doesn’t guarantee anything as it is all decided at the end of the season, but it certainly gives them a very good chance to make the playoffs. Looking ahead to next week, they play Override and Tofu and Family, games that they will be expecting to win, but they will know that they’ll have to bring out their very best if they want to keep their undefeated record.

Shadow Esports (1-3)

It is safe to say that the start to Shadow Esports season 9 campaign has been fairly poor for the high standards that the franchise holds. They are currently sitting with a 1-3 record and are in 11th place, 2 series wins off of Fort Templar in 7th, however, they had a very good showing against a eNightmare team which had a lot of momentum following their previous 2-0 week. Shadow managed to defeat them 3-1 at the start of the week. They then faced off against Silverbacks who didn’t really have anything to show following their week one, having Forfeited one of their series. Shadow unfortunately lost the series 3-2, where if they ended up winning, would be in roughly 9th position. This just goes to show how close the league is at the start of the season and how hard it is to make any concrete predictions for who will make playoffs.

Game to watch: Shaman Esports vs Tofu and Family 

Prediction: Shaman Esports 3-1 Tofu and Family

Top 6 predictions

  1. Shaman Esports 
  2. Ignite Esports 
  3. eNightmare
  4. Fort Templar 
  5. Auto Celerity 
  6. Tofu and Family

Game to watch: Reflux vs Bad Karma Esports


Unfortunately there is no writeup for the Omega Conference this week.



Written by Freddy

Another Week of IEL has gone by, and we’ve once again had some very interesting results to say the least.

Reflux (4-0)

Reflux has been playing out of their minds this season. Starting well in the pre-season, only losing out to Zero Fox Gaming. They have yet to lose a series after that as they cruising with a 92.31% Win Percentage, with only one Game loss in all those, they are looking like one of the best teams this season. 

They got 2 sweeps in Week 2 against eNightmare and Shadow Esports and will be rolling into Week 3 against Fort Templar who is also 4-0 and Zero-G eSports who are 0-4. With this momentum they have been building up I see them sweeping both series in Week 3 as well as they are just too strong.

Silverbacks (4-0)

Like Reflux Silverbacks has had an amazing start to the season, going 4-0 with a Win Percentage of 85.71% and only dropping 2 games in those 4 series.

Last week Silverbacks swept Auto Celerity and Aster, and that means that like Reflux they will be going into Week 3 with amazing momentum as they play Bad Karma Esports(2-2) and Override Esports(4-0). Both these games should be fairly easy to handle for the Silverbacks roster as they just seem very good, the game against Override could be interesting but I still see it being 3-0 or 3-1 for Silverbacks.

Fort Templar (4-0)

Fort Templar is another team who’s had a very good start to the season like the other 2 teams I have talked about, or though it has not been as easy for them as it has been for the other 2.

2 3-1 Wins and 2 3-2 Wins puts them at 4-0 with a 66.67% Win Percentage.

In Week 2 they beat Bad Karma 3-1 and went into a Game 5 against the bottom table team being Tofu and Family, who currently sit with a 0-4 record and 14% Win Percentage, which is odd for a team currently 4-0.

Going into Week 3 they will have to prove they are better than that as they go into on form Reflux who look unstoppable and Aster who are 0-4 so this will be Fort Templars game to show that they are better than those teams and they don’t just get Game 5 Wins

Match of the week: Reflux vs Fort Templar

I have been talking a lot about these 2 teams and the fact they play each other just makes that better as they fight for the top of the conference. Hopefully, this game will make it to a stream as I imagine that there will be some good games.
Looking at both teams’ record and Win Percentage the favorite to take it will be Reflux as they look really on form.

Predicted Score: Reflux 3-0 Fort Templar


Written by NeXtFoX

Week 2 ended and teams are getting more and more separated! Meaning we can distinguish even more the worst and best performers until now.

Lets go for the usual team writeups, game of the week and top 6 predictions, shall we?

LA Gaming (0-4)

Placed last in the conference, LA Gaming is the only team in Zeta without a single game win! Meaning that they have a 0% win-rate.

Composed by Bang, Oreos, Majk and Larwen, the team got swept in every series this week, being those against Dexterity and RL Ireland.

Next week they are going to play against Disconnected eSports (4-0) and eMerge (0-4), being this last one in similiar record, which can make things interesting.

Team Berserkers (3-1)

Composed by Taypie, oduvanchic, ma1ken and ClassicalsFinest, the team is placed in 4th with a 62.50% win rate.

This week, they played against Austrian Force and Vinctio, beating both of them (3-1 vs Austrian Force and 3-2 vs Vinctio)

Next week, they are going to play against Zero Fox Gaming and Fearless Esports, let’s see what they are capable of!

Game to watch: RL Ireland vs Aardwolf Esports

After last week’s game to watch, where Zero Fox Gaming and Dexterity went against each other, with Zero Fox Gaming taking the series over (3-1), its time for another game!

This time, We are going to see a match between RL Ireland and Aardwolf Esports. Both of these teams are separated by two wins.

Its going to be an interesting match, but RL Ireland seem to be favourites, considering they only lost to Zero Fox Gaming.

Prediction: RL Ireland 3-1 Aardwolf Esports

Top 6 Predictions

  1. Zero Fox Gaming
  2. Disconnected Esports
  3. Vinctio
  4. Team Berserkers
  5. RL Ireland
  6. Dexterity



Written by Brun

Another week passes in the Alpha conference and we see Galamo Esports, Silverbacks and Shaman Esports continue to dominate the conference whereas Tofu and Family and eNightmare are yet to win a series. With the transfer market just opened, some notable transfers have been made including ChrisBeresford leaving eNightmare, Rixy leaving Ignite Esports and Gamble being replaced by Akira on Override Esports.

Silverbacks (4-0)

Silverbacks are proving to be just as strong as last season as they push forward once again with Jacksean. Last season, Jacksean and his teammates managed to go on an incredible winning streak, unfortunately losing this streak and barely managing to make playoffs. He hopes to turn this around this season by improving the roster tenfold. With Demize and Ducky as his teammates who are both higher DSN than him, they are sure to continue an even bigger winning streak than last seasons. However, 3 of their wins have come from game 5 victories against teams who are much lower than them on the scoreboard including Override Esports and Fort Templar who are both 1-3. Next week, they face off against eNightmare who are 0-4 and Aster who are 2-2. Silverbacks should be able to get the better of both of these teams but may struggle against Aster as they have shown they struggle against mid table teams.

Shaman Esports (4-0)

Coming in at second place, this team of Jweyts (1984 DSN), Tj (1789 DSN) and Stat (1722 DSN) has been dominating the table by getting the better of Fidelity Esports, Auto Celerity, Shadow Esports and Bad Karma Esports who carry mostly mid table spots. Next week, they face off against Tofu And Family and Zero-G eSports. Tofu And Family should be a comfortable win for these guys whereas Zero-G eSports might be a bit closer as they have only lost one series against Galamo Esports who are top of the table and managed to secure a sweep against them. Shaman Esports have a tough game on their hands with this one, only time will tell how they fare against this team. With Jweyts at the helm, not much can go wrong with this team and they should impress throughout the rest of the season. 

Auto Celerity (2-2)

After an unfortunate first week, the preseason title holders managed to pick up a comfortable sweep against Ignite Esports and a game 5 victory against Tofu And Family. Confidence is once again on the rise for this team as their results have improved as time goes on. Ronjayy (1887 DSN), Bope (1829 DSN) and Serve (1776 DSN) have all had multiple titles between them and have proven themselves to be a formidable team in the past. They hope to do the same once again this season, although they have tough matches this week against Shadow Esports who are 2-2 and Galamo Esports who have yet to lose a series. Will this team be able to pick up their results and beat the undefeated team? 

Game to watch: Shaman Esports vs Zero-G eSports

Both of these teams are incredibly closely matched. With Shaman Esports at a 4-0 record and Zero-G eSports only losing to top table Galamo Esports. A close match is sure to happen between these two teams and a win for either of these teams means a lot for the conference 

Prediction: Shaman Esports 3-2 Zero-G eSports


Written by Wlowns

We are now 2 weeks in IEL season 9 and for Gamma in masters we are beginning to see the table form a bit for what we might see as a final standing. We have three teams who have yet to get their first loss in the season and we also have three teams who have yet to win a game. Currently Overture and Zero Fox Gaming are battling at the top with a massive 85.71% win rate after just 4 series.

Zero Fox Gaming (4-0)

Zero Fox Gaming came through and managed to fight off a close comeback from Dexterity as they won in game 5 in convincing fashion. Their second game was against Fearless Esports who were at the time at the complete other end of the table going 0-3 and Zero Fox Gaming managed to get their 3rd sweep in just 4 games!
Next week they face 2 top teams in Team Berserkers and eMerge Gaming who have so far managed a 4-0 and a 3-1 themselves in that order.

Disconnected eSports (3-1)

Disconnected eSports have so far managed to win against Vinctio, Austrain Force and Zero Mercy, but fell short against RL Ireland in game 5. But next week they also have Team Berserkers and eMerge Gaming who are far higher up the table then the teams Disconnected eSports have so far managed to get wins against. Saying that they could very well manage to get at least 1 win off either roster to show why they could be a top 6 side. 

Aardwolf Esports (3-1)

Aardwolf Esports did not have the best start to the season, but have managed to turn themselves around for now as they are closing in on the top 6 as they sit 7th only by win%. Last week they managed to 3-1 both RL Ireland and Zero Mercy to boost their hopes of early top 2 contention. Next week they have a tough game against Overture and later the same day face Valor Esports. Overture being 4-0 will have hopes of putting Aardwolf Esports further down the table when they get the chance to but both teams will surely put up a good series.

Game to watch: Overture vs Aardwolf Esports

Without a doubt for me the toughest game to call as both of these teams rank high up for me and many others. Overture so far has been flying off the start of this season getting 1 sweep and a 2 wins 3-1. Aardwolf Esports however definitely have a good shout to take this game in what I believe to be an early series against two teams who surely will be at the top at the end of the season when that time comes.

Top 6 Predictions

  1. Zero Fox Gaming
  2. Overture
  3. Aardwolf Esports
  4. Team Berserkers
  5. Dexterity
  6. LA Gaming

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