Written by Leroni

eNightmare (2-0)

eNightmare decided to start their journey with an astonishing performance, by winning the pre-season tourney and getting two sweeps against Bad Karma and Fidelity Esports. They are starting to show how scary they can be. In their first series against Bad Karma, they scored 12 goals with 10 of those being scored by CrumpetSir (5) and twhaite (5), but their opponents couldn’t handle the pressure and only had 8 shots with 4 goals. Against Fidelity, it was a closer series, the games were 1-0 / 2-0 / 4-3 in favour of eNightmare. Next Week, they face Override Esports and Aster, these two are slightly harder opponents so, it will be interesting to see if eNightmare can continue their perfect record.

Galamo Esports (2-0)

This week, Galamo put their feet on the pedal and got a great start in their race to reach the top. They got two crucial wins against Aster (3-1) and Fort Templar (3-0). Both these series were close besides the results showing otherwise. Against Aster they scored 10 goals in which 7 of them were scored by Ethan_D. In their other series, they ended up using their sub and kept everything super intense with two overtimes and tons of saves for both sides, but in the end they swept Fort Templar. Their next opponents are going to be Bad Karma Esports and Shadow Esports, which could be a more easier week but nothing is guaranteed yet and they will need to keep up this high skill level.

Ignite Esports (2-0)

Ignite is one of the new franchises in IEL, but they pulled off some great moves this week and went to 4th place. Depending on how the remaining weeks go they could be a surprise team in the Sigma Conference. They went up against Shaman Esports and they had some difficulties, since it has a close game but they ended up taking down Shaman with a 3-2 win with their AGM Potter scoring 6 out of the 12 goals, their other series was against Zero G Esports and they also had a tough series but they got another 3-2 win. Ignite besides getting the two wins, conceded more goals in both series but ended up being the smartest team, however given the way they are playing, if their series continues like this Ignite could start to have some major difficulties. They will be facing Auto Celerity and Silverbacks, which promises to be an easier week but Ignite will need to be more scary on the field.

Reflux (1-1)

Reflux have been maintaining their quality in their teams, this Academy Team besides being in 5th place there is plenty of time for everything to change in their favour. They made a peculiar move and decided to use their sub for both series, their opponents were Override Esports (3-2 loss) and Hamburg Sharks (3-0 win). With Override they had a close series, only one game that didn’t have a 1 goal difference, which was game 2 being 4-1 for Override. However that loss could have given them more courage in facing Hamburg Sharks, since they got a clean sweep on them. Kriticxl YT was the highlight with 11 goals and 12 saves combined in these series. Next week, they have the same opponents as Galamo, so it should be an easier week and they will be looking to climb up to the top 4.

Game to Watch: eNightmare vs Override Esports

These teams are currently at the top of the standings looking to stay in that area. This is going to be a very important match, and it could be a good challenge to deal with due to both teams being powerful. There isn’t a big difference here, both teams in terms of DSN have the same number, however eNightmare has a perfect record and is a slightly more experienced team, which puts them with an advantage. Override still has a great chance in being a menace on the field, given that we are only at the start of the season anything can happen.

Prediction: eNightmare 3-1 Override Esports

Top 6 Predictions

  1. eNightmare
  2. Galamo Esports
  3. Override Esports
  4. Reflux
  5. Fidelity Esports
  6. Ignite Esports


Written by GM667

Valor Esports (2-0)

This week has been the ideal start for what is an entirely new and unproven franchise and team. Their results were both 3-0 sweeps, firstly against Overture, and then against Vinctio. Their sweep against Vinctio was particularly impressive because they were using their sub for that series. This puts them in a great position and fills them with confidence going into the next week of league play, where they will face Aardwolf Esports and RL Ireland. If they can carry their performances from this week into next week, they should have no problems with winning their next two series, and that will put them in a commanding position either at or near the top of their conference. That being said, their two sweeps this week consisted of individually close games, with each of their game wins being by no more than 2 goals. They will want their next games to be won by a greater margin to improve their goal difference, which could prove pivotal when the going gets tough.

Disconnected eSports (2-0)

Just like Valor, Disconnected eSports’ results this week have both been sweeps, against Team Berserkers and Zero Mercy. Their sweep against Zero Mercy was closer than the series score suggested, with each of the games being won by a 1 goal margin. In addition to this, Zero Mercy were using a sub for that series, and you have to wonder whether the result would have been different if Zero Mercy had a full strength roster on that day. On the other hand, their sweep against Team Berserkers was more conclusive, but just like Zero Mercy, Team Berserkers were also using their sub for that week, and it will be interesting to see whether they can still win against next week’s opponents, namely Austrian Force, and LA Gaming.

Dexterity (2-0)

Dexterity got off to a good start this week, picking up a 3-1 win against Zenith and a 3-2 win against Aardwolf Esports. Zenith were using a sub in their series, but the ironic thing was that the sub for Zenith, mattyhodge05, was outperforming both main roster players, with 4 goals, 1 assist and 9 saves. Dexterity’s series against Aardwolf Esports was tightly contested and highly entertaining, with 28 goals being shared between the teams and skidaddle skidoodle had to pull out 12 saves in that series to prevent Dexterity from losing that series. Despite winning both series this week, Dexterity’s goal difference will be lacking compared to other teams further down the table so they will want to improve their defence and focus throughout the whole series, because in both series this week, there was one game where they conceded 5 goals and that tendency to be caught off guard could come back to bite them. Next week they will face Overture and Skorch Esports where they will be confident in winning both of those series and continuing their good form.

Game to watch: Aardwolf Esports vs Valor Esports

Aardwolf Esports’ games tend to produce a lot of goals but Valor Esports have proven that they like to keep their games closely fought and have consistently scored 2 or 3 goals per game across both of their series this week. This has the potential to be an epic goal-fest of a series and I think Valor Esports will come out on top.

Prediction: Valor Esports 3-1 Aardwolf Esports

Top 6 Predictions

  1. Disconnected Esports
  2. Zero Mercy
  3. Valor Esports
  4. Dexterity
  5. Zero Fox Gaming
  6. Team Berserkers



Written by Yeast

Bad Karma Esports (2-0) 

Bad Karma are the only team to have a 100% record in the Mu conference and the prospect division all together at the moment. However, they did have one of their victories come to them by forfeit against Silverbacks. They also managed to get a sweep against Fidelity with Minorca being involved in 5 of the 7 goals they scored and getting 2 saves. They’re going to look to carry this momentum forwards into week 2 where they face two strong teams in Fort Templar and Reflux. 

eNightmare (2-0) 

Enightmare had a very rough preseason with two of their starter players departing the team before week one had even begun. But that hasn’t dampened their spirits as they have had a very strong week one. Their first game against Zero-G Esports saw them come away with a strong sweep. Deco had a very solid series averaging just under 500 points a game. Their second game wasn’t as easy as they had to reverse sweep Aster. Both teams were playing their substitute and Enightmare only had one goal after two games. They then went on to score 9 goals in the next 3 games with Deco getting 5 of them on the way to a strong 2-0 week. They’ll be looking to carry that motivation into the second week. 

Reflux (2-0)

Reflux have had a start to their season edging out two other strong teams to see themselves sitting in 5th place. They beat Auto Celerity 3-1 in their first game winning the 4th game 6-0. Although Auto Celerity had to use a free agent substitute, they still posed a strong challenge winning one of the games 2-1. The second series that reflux had was up against Shadow Esports. This game went to game 5 with Reflux taking game 5 2-0 to win 3-2. Reflux will be looking to have another strong week which would really help them in the race to playoffs.

Ignite Esports (2-0) 

Ignite Esports have had a very strong debut week in prospect, winning both of their series and only dropping one game. They started their season in very strong fashion sweeping Override scoring 13 goals in the process. 11 of those goals came from the pair of Dispatchio and ShinxisS. The GM was the star of the series averaging over 500 points per game. In their second series, they came up against Tofu and Family where they came out 3-1 victors. They dominated the games they won, especially in game 4 where they rounded out the series with a convincing 6-1 victory with ShinxisS scoring a hat trick. The debutants would be looking to carry this form over to keep their spot in the top 2 they currently have. 

Game to watch: Reflux vs Bad Karma Esports 

Top 6 Predictions

  1. Ignite Esports
  2. Reflux
  3. Bad Karma Esports
  4. Shaman Esports
  5. Aster
  6. eNightmare


Written by Oli

Disconnected Esports (2-0)

With disconnected showing some real potential in the Pre-season tournament, going 5-0 in the group, they were hotly tipped to come out strong this season. They did not disappoint, ending the first week of league play at the top of the Omega conference. With an 85% win ratio, they have started perfectly with a 3-1 victory against Team Berserkers and a dominating sweep against Vinctio, with an 8-1 victory in game 1. They have a tough week next week, with their opponents being Aardwolf and Zero Fox, but if this form continues they could be real threats to the conference.

Aardwolf Esports (2-0)

This was an expected strong first week from Aardwolf. After their victorious run in the pre-season tournament, they are a title contender from the outset and an unbeaten week is proving to everyone that they were not just a fluke in the pre-season. After a dominant sweep against a strong Skorch side they came out as victors of a tough series that went all the way to game 5 against Dexterity. They have an extremely tough week next week against two unbeaten sides, firstly the aforementioned duel against Disconnected and then a game against Austrian Force, which is sure to be a thrilling contest.

RL Ireland (2-0)

RLI always field a strong team in the prospect division and this season seems no different, they had a tough week this week with two teams who were predicted Top 6 before the start of the season in Zero Fox and Zero Mercy. They dispatched both teams pretty comfortably with 3-1 wins in both series. It’s a very good start for the side but it’s a long season and anything can happen in this prospect division.



Written by Freddy

After the first week of League Play, we have a lot to cover We saw a lot of upsets and a lot of unexpected things happen that have put the conference in a bit of an interesting state considering the Top 6 I made last week.

Override, Reflux, Shadow Esports, Bad Karma, Silverbacks and Fort Templar are currently in the Top 6,

Override Esports (2-0)

A team I had not at all considered being near the Top 6 is currently sitting in 1st place in the Delta Conference. With wins against Hamburg Sharks and Auto Celerity which is an insane upset considering their roster, Override is looking good after the first week.

Override is maybe the underdog of this season as those 2 results are fairly good so it’s going to be exciting to watch them in the coming weeks.

In week 2 they play Ignite Esports(0-2) and Zero-G Esports(0-2) so a 2-0 teams go against 2 0-2 teams could mean we could see Override going 4-0 after the first 2 weeks.

Bad Karma Esports (2-0)

The Bad Karma Esports team consists of the players who played on Fearless Esports: Ty, Burn, and Keiirs, with Sup3rm4nx as a new addition this season. The Fearless team last season made a very good run to almost reach playoffs before sadly losing out at the end. Considering they have been teaming before I imagine we can expect great things from this team as a 2-0 start shows what they are made off as they beat Hamburg Sharks and Auto Celerity like Override did.

Auto Celerity did also play sub in this game so it’s not as convincing as it could be but it’s still a good start for BK.

Next week they play Fidelity Esports(0-2) and Fort Templar(2-0) which should be an interesting week for them as both teams have good rosters, Fidelity just got off to an unlucky start so this should be good games.

Auto Celerity (0-2)

A team I did not expect to see with this record was Auto Celerity. The team that went 12-0 last season after week 2 has found themselves 0-2 after the first week.

Both games they lost to Bad Karma Esports and Override Esports was sub-games, but they chose the sub themselves so they should not be blaming it on that.

It’s very poor from a team we have been expecting so much of but if it was indeed sub-issues next week we should see a better AC.

They play Silverbacks(2-0) and Shaman Esports(1-1), which should be interesting games.

If AC play better with main roster and they do indeed use main roster I reckon they can take both games but if they keep losing it could be dismal for the season as going 0-4 is horrible and it’s going to be hard to get back from that’

Game to Watch: Auto Celerity vs Silverbacks

If both teams turn up to this match I reckon it’s going to be a very good one as both teams have very good rosters and this usually means we will get a very good game.

Considering both teams’ records I will go ahead and give this game to Silverbacks but I reckon AC can give them a run for their money.

Prediction: Silverback 3-1 Auto Celerity

Top 6 Predictions

  1. Reflux
  2. Shadow Esports
  3. Silverbacks
  4. Override Esports
  5. Bad Karma Esports
  6. Fort Templar


Written by NeXtFoX

And week 1 is over! With this, we have the first change in the league placements.

We are now going to cover some teams, what will be the game to watch next week, and to end it off, our predicted top 6 finish!

Vinctio (2-0)

Placed 1st in the league at the moment, being tied with Zero Fox Gaming in terms of win rate, Vinctio completed week 1 without a single game loss!

Composed by Daysti, Rattles, Exa and xm . , the team went against Zenith and LA Gaming, winning both with a clean sweep.

Next week, they are going against eMerge Gaming (0-2) and Team Berserkers (1-1)

Austrian Force (1-1)

Austrian Force, composed by Joker, DaSpoke, Cobranety and CubexX, the team is placed on 9th with a win against Fearless (3-0) and a loss against Zero Fox Gaming (0-3). With that said, they have, therefore, a 50% win-rate.

Going to be interesting to see how they will play against Team Berserkers (1-1) and eMerge Gaming (0-2)

Fearless Esports (0-2)

With no game wins, being swept two times (by Austrian Force and Aardwolf Esports), we find Fearless Esports.

Composed by DenchBee, C_Submerged, itsCalski and Crisps, the team is now going against Overture and Zero Mercy next week, going to be interesting to see how they will perform!

Game to watch: Dexterity vs Zero Fox Gaming

Probably one of the most anticipated matches! it’s going to be interesting how both sides are going to play, considering they are two of the best teams in this conference. Going to be a tough series and can go to either side, however, Zero Fox Gaming seems to be the favourite to take this match.

Prediction: Dexterity 1-3 Zero Fox Gaming

Top 6 Predictions

  1. Zero Fox Gaming
  2. RL Ireland
  3. Vinctio
  4. Disconnected eSports
  5. Dexterity
  6. Team Berserkers



Written by Brun

As we go into week 2, we see which teams performed and which teams fell short during week 1. Some teams surprised and over performed such as Galamo Esports and Shaman Esports whereas other teams such as Auto Celerity and Fidelity Esports under performed. 

Galamo Esports (2-0)

After an incredible week, Galamo Esports find themselves at the top of the table with an outstanding 100% win record. Zero G eSports who carry a 1-1 record were unable to take a single game off of them alongside Tofu And Family who carry a 0-2 record. Both of these teams seem to be wildcard spot contenders, so these are very important wins for the team. The team is comprised of Jiggi (1860 DSN), Velocity (1814 DSN) and Josh (1790) on the main roster. All of these players are new to IEL except Jiggi who played on Fearless Esports last season who came 8th in their conference, meaning not much is known about them. Despite this, they seem to be a major top 4 contender this season coming off of the first week after being undefeated. They will have to play a 1-1 Fort Templar and a 1-1 Override Esports, two games they should comfortably win. Will they be able to keep up their record?

Fort Templar (1-1)

Fort Templar managed to carry a slightly above average start to this season, claiming a 1-1 record with 55.56% win percentage after beating preseason champions Auto Celerity 3-1 and losing to Fidelity Esports 3-2. They were the first team to beat Auto Celerity after their preseason win and show good signs of competing for the wildcard spot this season, after both of the teams they played were in my predicted top 3. The main roster consists of Distan (2003 DSN), MattyET (1807) and Moggy (1710 DSN). Moggy has previously been 1807 DSN meaning he has decreased in rank and DSN this season, although this does not necessarily mean he has decreased in skill. This will be a good pickup for the team as they have a reliable low DSN player, which will allow them to perform better than most teams. Moving forward, Fort Templar will most likely do well once again this season although they will need to perform well once again, as they play an undefeated Galamo Esports and a 2-0 Silverbacks. 

eNightmare (0-2)

After a tough week, eNightmare were unable to take a game off of 2nd place 2-0 Reflux on stream and 1-1 Override Esports. Hopes do not look high for this team who have been playing together since Season 8 – where they finished 9th place in their conference with a 7-9 record. eNightmare looks to be setting the same record for this season with this very rough start. However, it will become easier for the team this week as they face 0-2 Hamburg Sharks and 1-1 Zero G eSports. If they are able to beat both of these teams this week, their hopes will be lifted as they push forward, although, it will still be tough considering how demoralised they will be following the previous week. The roster of Thrashiy (1798 DSN), Zytix (1757 DSN) and JToPrey (1695 DSN) hope to improve on the past week and go above and beyond expectations.

Game to watch: Galamo Esports vs Fort Templar

An undefeated Galamo Esports coming up against a strong looking Fort Templar roster. A lot will be on the line for both of these teams, as Fort Templar risk falling behind the pack and going negative, whereas Galamo Esports risk their unbeaten record being broken and their top spot being taken. Who will come out on top?

Prediction: Galamo Esports 3-1 Fort Templar

  1. Reflux
  2. Shaman Esports
  3. Silverbacks
  4. Galamo Esports
  5. Fort Templar
  6. Ignite Esports


Written by Wlowns

Well with the opening week of IEL officially behind us we begin seeing the league table form to what we might expect during the rest of the season. Zero Fox Gaming take top stop after a perfect opening week followed by Disconnected Esports and Overture who are on 75% each.  Skorch Esports and Team Berserkers are the remaining two teams with the teams mentioned above who went 2-0 for their opening week and that could potentially battle it out for the top spots for the remainder of the season. 

Overture (2-0)

Overture were not mentioned in the top 6 at the start of the season but got wins over Zero Mercy and Dexterity which both ended 3-1 in favour of them. Having managed to prove themselves against Dexterity here they will be coming in with confidence for their next fixtures against 6th place Zenith and 15th place Vinctio. Two strong performances this week could see them get early confidence at the top of the table to maybe push for a a top 4 if not top 2 spot at the end of the season. 

Zenith (1-1)

Zenith pulled out an emphatic win to start off their campaign against the very hopeful Aardwolf Esports with a 3-0 win. Aardwolf Esports used Doink instead of Brunard but Zenith could not care less about that as they managed to score 3 goals per game! Zenith were also really close to winning with a second sweep against Skorch Esports but ended up collapsing after losing game 3 by a goal. Skorch Esports ended up reverse sweeping Zenith to get themselves up to a 2-0 start but Zenith have looked stronger than expected and having a game against Overture and later on eMerge Gaming they will be looking to get at least another win in week 2.

LA Gaming (0-2)

A very disappointing start for LA Gaming who were hoping to get more out of their starting week then this. Their first game against Aardwolf ended in a close 3-2 series score loss especially when they got so close to getting a reverse sweep in this game. Rvfrsh lost connection in game 5 overtime and could not manage the 2v3 to win the series. Then going over to their second game against Skorch Esports they started off well with a 3-0 win in game 1 but lost the 3 games after to lose 3-1 series score. With Valor and Team Berserkers coming up next they will be hoping to turn around this bad season and get some wins on the board, but both of their opponents are in the upper half of the table so they will have to work hard for these wins in week 2.

Game to watch: Zero Fox Gaming vs Dexterity

Zero Fox Gaming are looking to extend their perfect record to 4 wins and taking Dexterity even further down the table would be great for them as they look to really dominate the rest of the league. For Dexterity this will be a test to see where they really rank as their loss to Overture would certainly have been a hit to their expectations but with a win over Zero Fox Gaming would go level with their opponents on overall score assuming they win their second game of the week also.

Top 6 Predictions

  1. Zero Fox Gaming
  2. Overture
  3. Dexterity
  4. Aardwolf Esports
  5. Skorch Esports
  6. LA Gaming

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