Written by Marbs and andasAP

Last weekend, we saw the 12 best prospect teams take the field to determine the Season 9 Prospect Champion.

Now it’s time to take a look at the key performers and moments from the Playoffs.


Skorch Esports are your Season 9 Prospect Champions! After an incredible Playoffs performance, DoinkJ, Sharp, Eagle and lunar brought home Skorch’s first-ever championship.

After losing 3-2 to eNightmare in their first game, they went on an impressive run, sweeping Bad Karma and Disconnected to progress into the final bracket. On Championship Sunday, they only dropped 1 game in 3 best of 7s, sweeping Aster, beating Zero Fox Gaming 4-1 and finally sweeping RL Ireland in the Grand Final to claim the Prospect League crown.



The MVP of the playoffs would have to go to DoinkJ for his breathtaking performance in the grand finals. His 19 shots landed him 9 goals which is almost twice of any other player in the series. DoinkJ was clear evidence to justify why Skorch were able to breeze through the grand finals as they did that Sunday night. His performance has cemented him as one of the greatest prospects and he definitely has built a name for himself, we all look forward to what he shows us next season!

This clip of DoinkJ getting his hat-trick in game 1 of the Grand Finals was sure a moment that made all RL Ireland supporters and players gulp.


Needless to say, nobody expected a 10-6 Enightmare to pass day 1, but they managed to make it all the way to Sunday in spectacular fashion! They started out their playoff run by beating the eventual champions, Skorch Esports, in a nail-biting game 5. They then proceeded to shock nearly everyone by taking out the #1 team in their conference, Ignite Esports, in another Game 5 win! Even though they were swept by Zero Fox Gaming afterwards, they still guaranteed themselves a spot on Sunday. They continued their rampage on Sunday by beating rivals Auto Celerity in a Game 7 victory but then were brought to a halt by RL Ireland with a 2-4 defeat in the semi-finals. They should look very highly at this performance, given that they beat the eventual winners of the grand finals. 

The biggest fail had to go to Aardwolf Esports where Marbs, unfortunately, ended the game 5 overtime in an own goal giving Auto Celebrity the last spot for playoff Sunday.

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