Eight weeks of jampacked action have passed and we are now ready for Playoffs! In this article, we will go through some of the teams who prevailed in Week 8 and qualified Playoffs, and some of those who failed to do so.

The Prospect Playoff will take place this weekend, from Friday, 2nd of April to Sunday, 4th of April. Challenger will follow the weekend after, and the season will conclude with the Master Playoffs from the 16th to the 18th of April.

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Written by Oli

The final week is done and the conference standings are completed, it could not have been a more dramatic final week. The conference is so tight that from 2nd to 11th there are only 4 wins in it and multiple teams had a great chance to make playoffs. This close pecking order throughout the whole conference did have some downsides, however, as the expected number of teams to advance to the playoffs from each conference is 6 but due to the way the wildcard system works. only 5 teams from the Mu conference made it into the playoffs. This means that there were huge disappointments for teams who looked certain to make playoffs just a few weeks ago and also for those teams who made a late charge.

In the end, the 5 teams that made it were RL Ireland, Built by Us, Elysian, Fort Templar and The Neon Flamingo. These were all teams that were expected to make it early on with the exception of one, Built by us looked lost after being 4-5 halfway through week 5 but since that point, they have won 7 in a row and even in the last week swept RLI to consolidate their second position.

It was a disappointment for many teams also, Zero Mercy and Override both looked like certain playoff candidates, each team being top of the conference at one stage but they could not deliver in the final weeks and will have to watch their competitor’s progress. Late charges were also made by teams like Skorch and LA Gaming. They both finished the season 1 win away from that final wildcard spot but unfortunately, it was not enough for them.


Written by NeXtFoX

League Play is now over which means we are going into playoffs, but before that, let’s see what happened this week, shall we?

Qualified teams

First of all, here are all the teams from the Omega conference who qualified for the Playoff, congratulations to all of them!

  1. Dexterity
  2. Aardwolf Esports
  3. Shaman Esports
  4. Reflux
  5. Natural Disaster*
  6. Fearless Esports*
  7. Overture*

*- Qualified via wildcard spot

Most impressive qualification

For sure, the most impressive qualification needs to go to Fearless Esports! After a very rough start, finishing Week 3 with a record of 1-5, the team turned things around and qualified for Playoffs with a record of 10-6! It’s going to be interesting to see their performance at the next stage of the competition. If we didn’t count the first three weeks, the team would have a 9-1 record!

The team started with Crisps, xm . , Buddha and Hxrry, ending up with Crisps, xm . , NC. and Buddha.

Teams who just fell short of qualification

Shadow Esports (7-9)

The franchise that won last season is out of playoffs, meaning we’ll have a new champion in the Prospect Division! Shadow Esports was composed by Dennis, Genesis, Infernox and fnx, ending league play with Snoot, Genesis, Infernox and fnx.

Disconnected Esports (9-7)

One of the teams that got Roks in their prospect roster, an ex-challenger player, finishes their journey for this season, ending up 8th. The roster started with TFD Roks, Pingi, Kinetic and Bearded, and ended up with misuto, X0t1c-, Arnouh_RL and Bearded. Roks left the team by the end of week 6.

Games of the week

Here we are with the games to watch from last week, we will show you the prediction () vs result //

eNightmare vs Natural Disaster (0-3) //0-3//
Natural Disaster vs Disconnected Esports (3-1) //2-3//
Disconnected Esports vs Zero Fox Gaming (3-2) //W-FF//
Zero Fox Gaming vs Reflux (0-3) //1-3//
Reflux vs Shaman Esports (3-2) //0-3//
Shaman Esports vs Dexterity (3-2) //2-3//
Dexterity vs Austrian Force (3-1) //3-0//
Shadow Esports vs Fearless Esports (2-3) //0-3//
Aardwolf Esports vs Shadow Esports (3-1) //3-2//
Hive Athens EC vs Aardwolf Esports (0-3) //FF-W//
Team Berserkers vs Donde Esports (3-0) //3-2//
Overture vs Team Berserkers (3-1) //3-0//
Tofu and Family vs Overture (0-3) //FF-W//

And there we go! With this, we end this season’s league play, and we’ll go now to playoffs, which are going to be held next week!



Written by Crispy

The final week of League Play has elapsed in the Delta conference and the qualified teams for Playoffs have been determined. There was a big clash at the top of the table in the Delta conference with Auto Celerity sweeping LA Gaming. This wasn’t enough to get them first place in the standings, however, as LA Gaming remain ahead of second-placed AC by win %. Elsewhere, Reflux take an impressive third place, ending the season with 6 series wins in a row. One of the teams they beat in Week 8 was Fort Templar, who after going 11-0 and looking on for an unbeaten season, inexplicably lost their last 5 series to barely even finish in the automatic playoff spots!

RL Ireland were the first wildcard from Delta, ending a very solid season with two wins in the final week to go 11-5. The final team to make it in was The Neon Flamingo, who beat out Fearless Esports for that final wildcard spot with wins over Skorch esports and Shaman Esports. Fearless do occupy seventh position, and the team that beat them in Week 8, Disconnected Esports, are in 8th to complete the teams just missing out on playoffs.

Qualified teams

  1. LA Gaming
  2. Auto Celerity
  3. Reflux
  4. Fort Templar
  5. RL Ireland
  6. The Neon Flamingo


Written by Freddy

Overture (14-2)

Overture come into Playoffs as the strongest team from the Zeta conference. They changed their team in Week 2 getting rid of one of their main players and getting Merverlin instead. Ever since that roster move, Overture has looked nothing but amazing as they have only lost 1 game that being a loss to Team Berserkers, which means they have gone 11-1 with their current roster. Going into Playoffs, their confidence will surely be high as they have managed to beat out most top teams in their own conference so they will want to show that they are in the better conference by taking out teams from the other conference. 

Zero Fox Gaming (13-3)

Zero Fox Gaming had some major roster issues after an unfortunate 3-2 loss to Overture in Week 4 giving them a record of 6-2, this loss could have made their season crumble very easily as one of their main players got banned due to unfortunate circumstances, but it did not seem to face them too much as they managed to recover very well after that. Signing 2 new players instead of their main and the sub they released, they have since then gone 7-1.

Going into Playoffs, only having lost to 3 other Playoffs teams, Elysian, Overture, and LA Gaming who beat them in cross-conference, they are looking very good as this new roster will have more experience under the belt and they are ready to show what they are made of.

Elysian (13-3)

Elysian is a team that could easily be classed as the best team in the Zeta Conference. Their record might be worse than Overture’s and the same as Zero Fox’s but we have got to take into consideration that all 3 of their losses are with sub. This means that the main roster of Elysian is yet to be defeated and this will surely spike their confidence very high going into Playoffs. If they can just manage to keep up the form they have been having this season we will surely see Elysian shine that weekend.

Silverbacks (11-5)

Silverbacks are another team that has looked insanely good ever since they had their roster change. Adding Rafa to the roster after he got released from Disconnected Esports has put their roster in contention for the top in Zeta.

Seeing as they played most of their series against other top teams in Weeks 1-3 it’s not really fair to say that they are worse than teams above them.

With main roster, Silverbacks is a force to be reckoned with and they could easily cause some upsets in Playoffs.

Austrian Force (10-6)

Austrian Force has managed to get Playoffs, but it did not come easy to them as they have looked very inconsistent this season.

The first 3 Weeks saw them going 6-0, but the following 3 saw them going 7-5 which means they went 1-5 just after going 6-0. Two more losses could have meant the end of their season, but they seem to have lucked out against Elysian as Huwgo had internet issues that day effectively giving Austrian Force a much easier game to handle. If they had not managed to win this game, their spot would have been taken by Fearless Esports. Other than that if, Austrian Force can manage to get back their early season form they could easily be a top team, but if they play as they did from Week 4 on their Playoffs run will not be a long one. 

Team Berserkers (10-6)

Team Berserkers have looked very good for most of the season, being very consistent throughout the season, only really taking losses to other top teams, but also causing quite a few upsets, like when they beat Overture 3-2 in Week 6 which was a game many expected Overture to take. 

Berserkers have also looked very inconsistent on the other hand, dropping 1 game to Natural Disaster who ended their season at 7-9, seeing games like this makes me think Berserkers can have-off days and that is very true, as some of you may have seen when they played Zero Fox Gaming on stream in Week 8.

The games themselves were close score-wise but watching the gameplay Berserkers looked nothing like a team that has been playing together for a whole season. It may have been nerves being on stream against a top team but some of the goals they conceded are not goals you would imagine a Playoffs team would concede.

If Berserkers can manage to sort out these issues they will be very strong going into Playoffs but if they do not manage it could end up being over fairly quickly.



Written by Matty

With League Play all done and dusted for Season 8, it’s now time to review how things shaped up in the alpha conference, before heading into the master playoffs on the 16-18th of April.

Qualified teams

1. Fort Templar (14-2)

Heading into the playoffs as 1st seed may carry a lot of expectation along with it, but Fort Templar have shown in recent weeks that they are able to cope with the pressure, having only dropped one game in their last six series, with their roster of Rizle, Kephi, Francesko and sub Crispy proving themselves to be serious contenders for the title this season.

2. Shadow Esports (13-3)

Shadow’s season got off to a very good start, with their roster of Tylacto, Sniper, DeleteriousMac and Loopnovaa going 8-0 in the first half of the season, the only team to do so in the master tier. However, in the second half of the season, they suffered defeats to Zero Fox Gaming, Reflux and eMerge Gaming to leave them with a 13-3 win record heading into the playoffs, and they will want to revitalise their form from the first half of the season in the playoffs.

3. LA Gaming (11-5)

The LA Gaming roster found themselves at the top of the standings after Week 3, after going unbeaten in their first six series. However, in the following three weeks, they were only able to win two of the six series that they played, before eventually rebounding to end off their league play campaign with 11 wins and 5 losses. Their roster will have to put in the work from now until the playoffs if they are wanting to be considered serious contenders for the title. 

4. Reflux (10-6)

Last season’s champions didn’t get off to the best start of their title defence, by going 2-2 in the first two weeks of the season, and so a roster change was made before Week 3, with NuggeT replacing Spider on the main roster. Four consecutive wins followed, before a rough 0-2 Week 5 may have spoiled their momentum for the latter stages of the season. Ending off their season with four wins from their last six series, Reflux will be looking to cause a few upsets in the playoffs if they are to claim back to back titles.

5. RL Ireland (9-7) Wildcard

Going into the playoffs as 12th seed may be a tough ask for any roster to pull off a good result, but RL Ireland were in this position before in Season 6, when they went and won the whole thing despite coming in as the lowest seed. Only LTXSam remains from that Season 6 squad, and he’ll be looking to guide his team forward to victory if they are to go on a magical run, just as they did two seasons ago.  


Written by Brun

As the final week of league play has come to a conclusion, we finally know which teams have made playoffs. There were seven teams that made playoffs in the gamma conference: Auto Celerity, Zero Fox Gaming, Dexterity, Skorch Esports, Silverbacks, Overture and Built By Us. 

Auto Celerity (14-2) (2nd seed overall)

Auto Celerity once again claimed the top of their conference in master, after doing so last season. Last season, however, they lost in the semi-finals so they will be hoping to have a better run this season and looks to be a strong contender to do so. This team hasn’t made any roster changes over the course of the season and hasn’t dropped a series since they were swept by Dexterity in week 3 which means the team has gone 11-0 since week 3. With such an incredible record and only Fort Templar standing in their way, this team is sure to make a good playoffs run, especially with the help of XeGi who is possibly one of the best players in master. 

Zero Fox Gaming (14-2) (3rd seed overall)

Zero Fox Gaming have had an incredible week by knocking out the previous top of the conference team Dexterity 3-1. This shows good implications for the team as they continue to impress by beating top side teams. Marmoan, Milne and Tburger are sure to make a good run and may even get their revenge back on Auto Celerity who they were beaten by in week 4. However, they were upset by Overture in week 7 which shows they can falter against the mid-table playoff teams. Zero Fox Gaming are yet another team that has not made a roster change so have got very good chemistry. With hopes high, will they secure a win?

Dexterity (13-3) (5th seed overall)

Dexterity have had an unfortunate week this week after losing to Zero Fox Gaming and The Neon Flamingo, which may show bad signs going into playoffs. The Neon Flamingo 12th place in the conference, missing out on playoffs – meaning that Dexterity should have been able to get a comfortable win, but ended up falling short. However, they have proved themselves against playoffs worthy teams and hope to continue to impress by beating out top side teams. This is once again another team who haven’t made a roster change this season – sticking with the roster of Serve, Bope and Capra who have all made top 4 in master last season. They should be able to get a top 4 spot this season, as they have a better record than 4th seed Shadow Esports who just managed to get above them by placing higher in their conference.

Skorch Esports (12-4) (6th seed overall)

Skorch Esports have had quite a few changes this season as they released Kephi and BeansOnBread for Brucy and Brian. Although this team is 6th seed, they have only managed to win 3 games in their past 6, meaning the new roster may be having some trouble. That being said, this team will be a strong team going into playoffs as they still have a higher seed than most of the other teams. Cruzey managed to finish second place last season, so he will hope to do so once again alongside his teammates. 

Silverbacks (11-5) (9th seed overall)

Silverbacks had a good start to the season, topping the table with a 6-0 record but then began to fall short. So far, they have only lost to one team that hasn’t made playoffs which may show that they fail to keep up with the higher level teams. However, they have been able to get the better of Skorch Esports who are higher seeding than them and Built By Us who are lower. This shows that they are able to beat playoffs capable teams and can go far in playoffs this season – they are most definitely a force to be reckoned with. With the team consisting of Jacksean, Bryn and Andersn, they look incredibly strong. Also, they have not made a roster change this season so will likely have the upper-hand over teams who have recently made a change. 

Overture (10-6) (10th seed overall)

Overture had a lackluster start to the season, going 1-5. However, they are on an incredible win-streak. They have only lost one series in the past 10 games, going 9-1 in the last 5 weeks. This team has managed to take out Zero Fox Gaming and Silverbacks in week 7, so they are looking incredibly good going into playoffs. Although this team has low seeding, I believe they will go incredibly far and have a good shot at making the top 4. Once again a team going through no roster changes, this team has stuck together even when all hope was lost and managed to turn it around and make a miracle run. Can this ‘Cinderella Story’ claim a winning title?

Built By Us (9-7) (11th seed overall)

After winning the pre-season tournament, this team has failed to meet expectations. That being said, they were able to secure a playoffs spot and can keep up with many of the top side teams. Seeding will not be in their favour, however, they have proved themselves on many occasions and in high-pressure ones, especially last week when they beat Aardwolf Esports 3-1 on stream to secure a playoffs position. Once again, this is another team that has not made a roster change and is looking to be a good contender for a top position. With so many tough teams to beat, this team will have to give it their all if they wish to claim the same victory they made in the pre-season tournament.

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