We are now officially halfway through League Play and it’s time to take a look at the teams and games to watch ahead of the second half.


With the end of League Play in the Academy Division, there are no writeups this week, but expect an Academy Playoff Preview coming up soon!





Written by Oli

The Neon Flamingo (6-2)

Out of the five teams who have a 6-2 record at the top of the table, Neon Flamingo bolsters the second-highest win percentage at 63%. This will definitely help them down the line as the top of the table looks extremely close this season with so many great teams at the top. This week, they faced what could be seen as an easy week as they played the struggling Skorch and eMerge, sweeping the first and getting handed a forfeit win against the second. Next week, however, they face tougher opposition in top of the table RLI and the cross-conference game against the high-flying Austrian Force. They will be looking to finish as strongly as they did last season and next week will be a good way to tell this.

Override Esports (6-2)

Override are the 4th placed team in the conference, only behind Zero Mercy on goal difference and have been looking strong in the last few weeks. The long-standing duo of Pius and Brandao is looking like the strongest it has ever been after some disappointment in previous seasons. After the first 3 games of the season, they were 1-2 and it was looking to be a tough season once again but now on a 5 game win streak, even beating the likes of Neon Flamingo and LA Gaming. This momentum is looking strong for this team and at the moment nothing can stop them.

Elated Esports (4-4)

Elated were looking like a bottom team in the first two weeks as they had gone 1-3 and the roster was broken up, but due to some good roster moves with the incorporation of D4nni and Moonface, their fortunes have turned around and since the moves, they have equalled out their record with their only loss coming to Neon Flamingo in a close series. This could just be a honeymoon stage for the roster but with an, on paper, easy week next week, against Galamo and Donde; I expect the wins to continue for this roster.

Game to Watch: RL Ireland vs The Neon Flamingo

In such an ever-changing league, it is not often that the top two teams in the conference are put against each other, however, this week, we get to see the spectacle that is RLI vs TNF, the two highest-placed teams in the league will go head to head and both teams are some of the highest scorers in the league so we know there will be fireworks in this matchup.

Prediction: RL Ireland 3-2 The Neon Flamingo

Predicted Top 6

  1. RL Ireland
  2. Zero Mercy
  3. Override
  4. Fort Templar
  5. The Neon Flamingo
  6. Elysian  


Written by NeXtFoX

The first half of league play has concluded, and with its conclusion comes the cross-conference matches!

With that in mind, we are going to dive into the team writeups, take a look at the game of the week and the game to watch next week, finishing it off with the Top 6 predictions!

Austrian Force (5-3)

Looking at the upper half of the table, we find Austrian Force, currently 7th in the Omega conference with a record of 5-3 and a win-rate of 52.94%. The roster consists of Cobranety :), CubexX, Axiom and JTM. Last week, they had an average performance, winning against Zero Fox Gaming after five games (3-2), and falling short against Fearless Esports (3-1).

Next week, the team is going up against The Neon Flamingo and Donde Esports, the first one being their cross-conference match.

Aardwolf Esports (4-4)

In 9th place with a 48.28% win-rate, coupled with a 4-4 record, we find Aardwolf, composed by CorruptedBlaze, Dynomite, Marbs and Arconix96. They also had an average week just like Austrian Force, winning against Overture (3-1), and being swept against Shaman Esports (3-0).

Next week, they are going to play their cross-conference match against Puncture, and after that, they will play Natural Disaster who are 3rd in the Omega conference.

Game of the week: Tofu and Family 3-0 eNightmare

The clash between the two teams that were in the three last places of the league ended up in a clean win for Tofu and Family!

All of the games ended up going to Tofu and Family, with results of 3-0, 5-0 and 4-1.

MardyJosh had the most Team MVPs for eNightmare, while misuto had the most for Tofu and Family.

Game to watch: Reflux vs Zero Mercy

This is a true top of the range cross-conference battle with two of the top teams in Prospect going head-to-head! Reflux is 1st in Omega while Zero Mercy is 3rd in the Mu Conference. Both teams currently have a record of 6-2. It’s going to be an important match for both since a loss here will have a negative impact on their current standings.

Prediction: Reflux 3-2 Zero Mercy

Predicted Top 6

  1. Reflux
  2. Natural Disaster
  3. Team Berserkers
  4. Shaman Esports
  5. Disconnected Esports
  6. Zero Fox Gaming



Unfortunately, there is no writeup this week for the Delta conference, but make sure to stay tuned for the writeup next week!


Written by Freddy

Overture (7-1)

The Overture Challenger Team has been on a hot streak ever since they had their roster change, and it looks like they are just going to keep going.

Another 2-0 Week has them at the top of the conference, with a 7-1 record and a solid 71.88% win percentage.

In Week 4, they faced their toughest opponent yet, Zero Fox Gaming, whom they took to Game 5 and, despite being 2-0 down with 1 minute and 30 seconds to go, they managed to bring it back to 2-2 in the last 10 seconds and eventually win 7 seconds into overtime. 

In Week 5, we have the cross-conference matchups, where Overture play Fearless Esports who didn’t look great last week going 0-2 against bottom teams Elated Esports and Shadow Esports, with that said Overture should have this game in the bag.

The other game Overture is playing this week is against Austrian Force, who sit with a solid record of 6-2, but last week they went 0-2 getting swept by bottom team Puncture and losing 3-1 to top team Zero Fox Gaming.

Considering both Overture’s and Austrian Force’s run of form this should mean that Overture should secure yet another win, and this would see them finish out the week 9-1, 1 win away from guaranteeing playoffs qualification.

Zero Fox Gaming (6-2)

In Week 4, we saw Zero Fox Gaming dominate Austrian Force on stream, but we also saw them crumble against Overture in a Game 5 which they almost had in the bag.

Zero Fox ended up having some immense issues in their roster as one of their players, Kebabs is now banned, which forces Zero Fox to find another player just as good as Kebabs if possible as he was very solid all around. 

Next week, they play Puncture who they should be able to beat even if they end up using a new player or sub. Their other game of this week sees them face up against an on-form LA Gaming who have not dropped a single game since Week 1 as they sit with a solid record of 7-1. This game could end up being very tough for Zero Fox Gaming as LA Gaming have a certain passing playstyle, and if Zero Fox’s new roster isn’t prepared for that, they will most likely lose this game.

Austrian Force (6-2)

Austrian Force had their worst week yet in Week 4 as they went 0-2.

Losing 3-1 to Zero Fox Gaming is fair enough but getting swept by Puncture who were 2-4 before this game, is not what you want when you are a top team. 

It might have been a fluke but Austrian Force needs to step up in Week 5 if they do not want their season to turn sour.

In Week 5, they have 2 other top teams to play: 8-0 Delta Conference outfit Fort Templar, and Overture who have looked terrific after picking up Merverlin.

Game to Watch: Fort Templar vs Austrian Force

In this cross-conference matchup, the undefeated Fort Templar of the Delta conference will go up against top team Austrian Force from the Zeta conference.

Both teams have looked really good this season, Fort Templar slightly edging out Austrian Force having gone undbeaten so far this season.

Austrian Force have also played against several top teams like Zero Fox Gaming, but having lost those games. Austrian Force also took an upset loss to Puncture who are a bottom table team, so this could affect their confidence going into the game against Fort Templar. 

This game is definitely going to be good, but I believe that Fort Templar will have it in the bag simply due to their rock-solid consistency.

Prediction: Fort Templar 3-1 Austrian Force

Predicted Top 6

  1. Overture
  2. Elysian 
  3. Team Berserkers
  4. Austrian Force
  5. Zero Fox Gaming 
  6. Silverbacks 



Written by Matty

Week 4 of League Play has passed, which means that it is now time to review how things played out in the Alpha Conference this week.

eNightmare (3-5, 11th)

eNightmare managed to pull off the biggest upset of the season so far, as they swept formerly unbeaten LA Gaming, to move themselves up to 11th place in the standings with a 3-5 win record at the halfway stage. In their cross-conference game this week, they’ll face Hive Athens EC, a team that has already proven itself in the IEL in previous seasons, so eNightmare will want to come away from that series with a victory to put them in with a shout at making playoffs.

Reflux (6-2, 4th) – Reflux’s new roster managed to build on their Week 3 performances by beating Fearless Esports and Donde Esports to put them in a very promising position at the halfway mark. This week, they’ll face Auto Celerity in their cross-conference series, as well as having to play RL Ireland, meaning that this series could be a make or break week for last season’s champions.

eMerge Gaming (4-4, 8th)

eMerge Gaming have flown relatively under the radar this season, however, this week, they were able to sweep Regulars and beat Elated Esports to move themselves up into the Top 8 for the first time this season. In their cross-conference series, they’ll be up against Override Esports, a team that is only on a 2-6 record at this stage in the season, which could give eMerge a boost of confidence heading into the series.

Game to Watch: Shadow Esports vs Zero Fox Gaming

The two titans of the Alpha and Gamma Conferences go head to head for the first time this week as Shadow Esports go up against Zero Fox Gaming in their cross-conference series. Shadow Esports are the only team in the Master tier who are yet to drop a series this season, whilst Zero Fox only lost in Game 5 to Auto Celerity, courtesy of a 0 second goal from xeGi, which AC then managed to win in overtime. This series could see the same series of events occur, as I believe that this series has the potential to come down to a Game 5 overtime.

Prediction: Shadow Esports 3-2 Zero Fox Gaming

Predicted Top 6

  1. Shadow Esports
  2. Fort Templar
  3. Reflux
  4. LA Gaming
  5. RL Ireland
  6. Fearless Esports


Written by Brun

With cross-conference matches coming up next week, things are heating up in the Master Division! Last week, the undefeated teams Zero Fox Gaming and Silverbacks both failed to keep their record, as they both lose a game each – Zero Fox Gaming losing to Auto Celerity and Silverbacks losing to Zero Fox Gaming. This will make the upper half of the conference extremely interesting as the top 4 teams each carry a 7-1 record, which will make things remarkably close for the top spot. On the other hand, we see two teams fail to reach the Playoff: Puncture with a 1-7 record and Disconnected eSports with an 0-8 record. Unfortunately for these teams, they will be unable to reach playoffs. Puncture may reach playoffs but has an extremely slim chance as a maximum 9-7 record needs a very good win percentage to obtain a spot.

Dexterity (7-1)

After only losing to Skorch Esports earlier in the season, Dexterity look like an incredibly strong team this season. On paper, this team looks like a low team, with their maximum DSN player only reaching 1895. However, these players have proved that rank is just a number and exceeded their DSN. With a team consisting of Bope, former champion Serve and Capra they all finished top 4 last season and are a team that packs a lot of punch. They play Fort Templar in a cross-conference match next week and Tofu And Family. They should be able to beat Tofu And Family but Fort Templar might be too tough for them to handle. With only 3 wins needed for a playoffs spot and a hard cross-conference match on the horizon, will they be able to surpass their opponents?

Auto Celerity (6-2)

Auto Celerity managed to overcome Zero Fox Gaming to stop them from going unbeaten this week and have only lost 2 matches. They play Reflux in their cross-conference match this week and top team Silverbacks. This means Auto Celerity have an especially hard week this week, as Reflux are looking strong after they made a roster change at the end of Week 2, releasing Spider for Nugget. Only 4 wins away from playoffs, they will want to not drop a single series the next 2 weeks if they want a good seeding and a playoffs spot. They were also able to beat Aardwolf Esports in a sweep which is going to be incredibly good for their win percentage as they pose a major threat against the top 4. 

Aardwolf Esports (3-5)

After being defeated by top team Silverbacks 3-1 and being beaten by Auto Celerity 3-0. Things are not looking good for this team. With a 3-5 record, only two more losses and this team will lose their playoffs spot. A change may be necessary for this team as they have two tough games this week, facing Zero Mercy and Zero Fox Gaming. If they don’t make a change soon, they could lose a playoffs spot and suffer detrimental losses. However, they have played a lot of the top teams so if they beat Zero Mercy and lose to Zero Fox Gaming, hopes are still high for this team as Built By Us will be their only major threat. Can they pull through and produce an incredible comeback?

Game To Watch: Fort Templar vs Dexterity

Both teams with a 7-1 record and the same exact win percentage, this is going to be one of the closest matches this season. Both teams will need this win to get further away from each other and secure a better seeding for playoffs providing they keep up their fantastic records. Fort Templar definitely look like the better team, with 2054 DSN player PeaKy at the forefront of the team. They have only lost to Shadow Esports who carry an undefeated record which may show that they are the better side. However, Dexterity have looked incredibly strong this season and have more experience in IEL, due to Capra, Bope and Serve all making the top 4 last season. After a close series, I have to say that Fort Templar will take this one home.

Prediction: Fort Templar 3-2 Dexterity

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