We are almost halfway through League Play, and it is time to take a weekly look at each of the conferences.


Written by Leroni

Week 3 is now over, so in the Academy Division, that means we are one week away from the end of League Play. There have been many interesting situations in both conferences. In this writeup, we will be taking a look at 4 teams, our predicted Top 6, mentioning each team’s playoff chances and a game to watch. This week was very exciting so let’s start talking about these moments!

Predicted Playoff chances

Galamo, Elysian – 100%

Elated, Override – 80%

Team Berserkers, Shaman, Disconnected, Zero Fox Gaming – 50%

Shadow, RL Ireland, Natural Disaster, Austrian Force – 20%

Overture, Puncture, eMerge Gaming, Auto Celerity – 0%


Galamo Esports (6-0)

Galamo is looking very strong by being the only unbeaten team in the Academy Division! They have taken over 1st place from Elated in fashion! Taking a look at their performance in the other two weeks, this was by far Galamo’s best week with their first sweep against Disconnected Esports and beating Auto Celerity 3-1 with their sub, NotNormi. Next week they will be facing Elated Esports and Austrian Force. Elated are their biggest rivals since they have been dominating the Academy League for two weeks in a row until Galamo took their spot on the top. This clash will be a very interesting one to look out for and Galamo will need something huge to not get beaten by Elated.

Override Esports (4-2)

Override had a normal journey in the Academy, they were very quiet in the first two weeks by having a 2-2 record, which put them in the middle of the table with two sweeps under their belt against eMerge Gaming and Zero Fox Gaming. This week everything was much more different, they released one of their former main roster players OTB-Snow due to IRL issues and they have put GM667 to fill in for that open spot. With this change, they have made a huge impact and took down Elated with a 3-2 and Shaman eSports with a 3-1, which put them in 3rd place with a 2.72% win percentage lower than Elated. So this new player seemed to give that extra push that Override needed to make into the top. However, they will need to continue this pressure to secure playoffs.


Elysian (5-1)

Elysian has decided to show everyone in this conference how much impact they are able to make within the Academy. Going 5-1 into week 3 is an excellent achievement for any team, but Elysian throughout League Play has made their presence known and that didn’t stop this week. Their opponents were Elated and Team Berserkers and both of those teams lost 3-1 to Elysian, besides Elysian not having swept any team so far, they have been handling themselves pretty well by having the highest goal difference, with 71 goals scored and 42 goals received this puts them with a 29 GD. Next week, they will be facing Puncture and Disconnected, with Disconnected they will be in the battle for 1st place, so it will be an intense series for both sides.

Disconnected Esports (4-2)

This team is very connected to all the action around League Play and they also managed to have better results than what was expected for them at the start of the Academy. For this week, they went up against Galamo Esports and Shadow Esports which was a decent week for them due to sweeping Shadow and getting swept by Galamo. However in their series against Shadow, they went for something huge, their 3 games were 5-1, 5-1 and 6-2. Just from that series alone they have scored 16 goals and conceded four times, 9 of these goals were scored by JayTee. Besides going 1-1, they made a record due to this sweep being the dominant sweep within the Academy! So from our part, we would like to give a huge congratulations to Disconnected for setting this record and good luck to them next week as they have tough opponents ahead of them (Elysian and Shaman)

Game to Watch: Disconnected Esports vs Shaman Esports

This series will be very important to decide what team will make it into the playoffs. Neither team has secured playoffs, but in terms of rankings Disconnected compared to Shaman is looking better due to them being in 2nd place with a 4-2 record and Shaman being in 3rd Place with a 3-3 record. For any teams to make it into playoffs, besides having the proper record their sub also needs to play 2 series and both teams have only used their sub once. In that area, Shaman has an advantage because they can use their sub against RL Ireland but Disconnected has to use their sub on this game against Shaman or else they will have to put in their sub against Elysian which is a huge risk.

Prediction: Disconnected Esports 2-3 Shaman Esports

Overall Predicted Top 6

  1. Galamo Esports
  2. Elysian
  3. Override Esports
  4. Elated Esports
  5. Zero Fox Gaming
  6. Shaman Esports



Written by Oli

Zero Mercy (5-1)

After week one, this team was one of the favourites to stay at the top and that is what they have done. They are the only team in either prospect conference to have more than 4 wins and in doing so they have almost guaranteed their spot in playoffs already at such an early stage as even with a mediocre record they should qualify fine, however, there is nothing mediocre about this team so expect them to be at the top come the end of the season.

RL Ireland (4-2)

The first two weeks were pretty disappointing for RLI but this week they finally showed their true potential. They were a hotly tipped team to be a highly seeded team come playoff time and they are proving those predictions correct with their first unbeaten week of the season and a perfect week at that with a 100% win percentage this week after wins against Galamo and Regulars. This is a shift in momentum for RLI and they have got to hope for this run to continue but only time will tell.

Fort Templar (4-2)

Before any games were played, the season 6 prospect champions, Fort Templar, were underdogs. They had one of the lowest DSN main rosters in the conference and not much was expected of them. However, after they reached the grand finals in the pre-season tournament they were predicted as a top team however in the first two weeks of league play they did not live up to those expectations, but this week, much like RLI, they have broken the ‘win 1 lose 1’ curse and gone 2-0. Firstly, with a game 5 win against regulars on stream and then a convincing 3-0 against a competitive Silverbacks team. They have to mirror these results for a few weeks in order to be safe in the playoff spots and at this moment in time, they look very likely to do so.

Game to Watch: Fort Templar vs Elysian

The 3rd and 5th placed teams go head to head this week, and aside from the highly skilled game it will be, it will be an opportunity for Elysian to get revenge for the pre-season semi-finals in which Fort Templar won 3-1 but this time around both teams are 4-2 and it is anyone’s call for the win.

Prediction: Fort Templar 2-3 Elysian

Predicted Top 6

  1. Zero Mercy
  2. RL Ireland
  3. Elysian
  4. Override
  5. Fort Templar
  6. Neon Flamingo


Written by NeXtFoX

We are just one week away from the end of the first half of League Play and the standings are quite interesting at the moment, with a record tie of 4-2 in the top 8. Going down a bit we have three teams tied at 3-3, two at 2-4, and to end it, three at 1-5.

Overture (4-2)

Composed by xL INations, buck. 1, RoasT and PURE KILLA, the team is 8th in the conference, with a 4-2 record and 52.17% win-rate. Overture had a rough performance this week, having their first two losses in this league play, being swept by Hive Athens EC and Disconnected Esports, which means they didn’t win a single game within a series this week as well.

Next week, they are going against Natural Disaster and Aardwolf Esports, the first having the same record but a higher win rate, while the last having one less win, so it’s going to be interesting to see how they perform.

Team Berserkers (4-2)

In the 2nd place of the league, with the same record as the last but with a 62.50% win-rate, we find Team Berserkers, which is composed by TayPie, Arizona, patroid and Jannikfrommg. This week, the team had an average record, with a sweep against Aardwolf Esports, and a loss against Zero Fox Gaming (3-1). They are only behind Reflux, with the difference being the win-rate (66.67% vs 62.50%).

Disconnected Esports and Shadow Esports are their next opponents. Disconnected has the same record, so it will be an important match since it can distance both teams in the table. Shadow Esports, even though they have a worse record, it’s worth noting that they are still a hard team to play against nonetheless.

Game of the week: Aardwolf Esports 0-3 Team Berserkers

The game to watch for this week ended up in a sweep like the last one, meaning it only went to game 3! Team Berserkers showed to be the strongest team in this match, winning all the games, with results of 2-1, 5-3 and 2-1 again. Patroid got the most Team MVPs for Team Berserkers and CorruptedBlazes the most for Aardwolf Esports.

Game to watch: eNightmare vs Tofu and Family

To change things a bit, we are now going to cover a match from the bottom of the table, that one being… eNightmare vs Tofu and Family!

Both teams have a record of 1-5, with Tofu and Family only being above by win-rate (38.46% vs 29.17%), which is going to make this a spicy match, since the one that wins it is going to be above the other and can also make a difference to some extent when it comes to the momentum of this teams, after all, they are both in the bottom three of the table.

Prediction: Tofu and Family 3-1 eNightmare

Top 6 Prediction

  1. Disconnected Esports
  2. Reflux
  3. Team Berserkers
  4. Natural Disaster
  5. Overture
  6. Zero Fox Gaming



Written by Crispy

Fort Templar (6-0)

Now the sole unbeaten team in the Delta Conference, Fort Templar picked off Regulars and Override with ease this week, showing no signs of losing a series any time soon. Next week they have a somewhat bigger challenge against Skorch Esports, who are right up in playoffs contention. If they can get through half the season with an 8-0 record, then we might seriously be thinking about the first ever IEL undefeated season. They will have to keep at it to make sure this happens however, so we will watch their games with great interest.

The Neon Flamingo (5-1)

This team were the other unbeaten side after week 2, but disaster struck last week. They took a routine 3-0 victory over Disconnected Esports, and then they had one game to make it a perfect first 3 weeks of the season, against the 0-5 Built By Us. Surely they thought they had it in the bag – until they were inexplicably swept by BBU! They will hope this results proves to be a blip in form and not the start of a dramatic turn in results.

Elated Esports (0-6)

There are only 4 winless teams in all of IEL at this point in the season. Elated Challenger have the lowest win % of them all, giving them the unfortunate accolade of having the worst record in IEL. Losing 3-0 to Skorch Esports and 3-1 to Disconnected Esports are the latest results in a hopeless start to the season, a start which means they are all but out of the playoffs picture as early as week 3. Week 4 poses a winnable (if you can call any game winnable for this team) clash with Fearless Esports, and a game against Fearless Esports where they will hope to pull off a BBU-style upset.

Game to watch: The Neon Flamingo vs LA Gaming

Two teams sitting on 5-1 records, this is a real clash of the titans in the Delta Conference. LA Gaming have not lost a series since week 1, with 3 of those 4 matches being sweeps. A narrow 3-2 victory last week over the relatively weak eNightmare shows that they are beatable, but The Neon Flamingo will have to be on their game after their own poor result last week.

Prediction: The Neon Flamingo 3-2 LA Gaming

Predicted Top 6:

  1. The Neon Flamingo
  2. Fearless Esports
  3. Fort Templar
  4. RL Ireland
  5. Skorch Esports
  6. Reflux


Written by Freddy

Overture (5-1)

With their addition of Merverlin instead of Drumzorz, this team looks completely new. Currently sat in 3rd place with a record of 5-1 they look reformed.

Their week 3 was nothing but perfect, as 2 sweeps against Hive Athens EC and Galamo Esports, not only gets Overture higher on the board record-wise, but their win percentage has also skyrocketed. 

It’s going to be interesting to see if this team will continue this run of form or if they will fall to another top team next week.

In Week 4, they play Zero Fox Gaming, who’s a contender for best team this season, so this game will be an interesting one to say the least. Overture’s second game is against Puncture which they should be able to handle without any problems.

Team Berserkers (5-1)

Currently sitting in 4th place in the Zeta Conference we have Team Berserkers.

Last week they faced the top team from the conference Austrian Force(6-0) and they lost to them 3-1, getting their first loss of the season. This did not seem to matter to them though as they bounced back in their next game, beating Tofu and Family 3-1.

Heading into Week 4, they play the new Dexterity and eMerge Gaming.

The eMerge Gaming game is most likely going to be a sweep for Team Berserkers as they have looked ruthless against the bottom teams, and eMerge are currently 0-6.

The game against Dexterity should be much more interesting, as Dexterity last week managed to take Zero Fox Gaming to a Game 5, so with their addition of Virtue they look really solid. This game will be tough for Team Berserkers to handle but if they can keep up their work from this season, I do not see them losing. 

Elysian (5-1)

Elysian is another top team from Zeta, but we see them laying a bit further down the table, even with a record of 5-1. They are currently sitting at 5th place because of their win percentage of 62,96%. This is because of all the Game 5’s and Game 4’s they have gone to, as they have not yet managed to sweep a game this season.

In Week 2, they had a tough loss to Overture losing in Game 5 despite probably being the better team in that series that was on stream.

They managed to bounce back in Week 3, beating out both eMerge Gaming and Zero Mercy 3-1 but this was nothing but expected.

In Week 4, they play Tofu and Family and Natural Disaster. Tofu and Family are a team that does not look like they should be top 6 right now so this could be an interesting game, and on the other hand, we have Natural Disaster who are currently sitting at 1-5 so that game Elysian should be able to handle pretty easily.

Game to Watch: Zero Fox Gaming vs Overture

These two 5-1 teams will be going head to head this week, and since both teams look really strong, it could be a great game to watch if it were to be on stream this upcoming week.

Ever since Overture’s addition of Merverlin they have looked really strong, so it’s going to be interesting to see if Zero Fox can handle the new and reformed Overture.

On the other hand, Zero Fox has looked solid all season, only losing 1 game and that was to Elysian in Game 5.

With that said, both teams look great so this game will be one you do not want to miss if it is to be streamed.

Prediction: Zero Fox Gaming 3-1 Overture

Top 6 Predictions:

  1. Austrian Force
  2. Zero Fox Gaming 
  3. Elysian 
  4. Overture
  5. Team Berserkers
  6. Dexterity



Written by Matty

Week 3 of the Alpha Conference has passed, and it’s now time to review what happened over the past seven days in the conference to see who came out on top in this week’s matchups.

Reflux (4-2) – 5th

Last season’s champions have decided to make a roster move to try and revitalise their playoff hopes, dropping Spider in favour of Season 4 and 7 finalist NuggeT. This roster move appears to have been successful, with Reflux beating both Natural Disaster and Austrian Force to put themselves up to 5th in the standings. This week, they’ll face Fearless Esports and Donde Esports, to see if the roster move will truly pay off in the upcoming weeks, with their cross-conference game on the horizon a week later.

Shadow Esports (6-0) – 2nd

After managing to take down close rivals Fort Templar on stream, Shadow Esports have put themselves in an extremely promising position, only being in second place in the standings due to their unfavourable win percentage compared to LA Gaming. Their next opponents will be Zero Mercy and Galamo Esports, both teams which are currently located in the middle of the standings, giving Shadow more momentum heading into their cross-conference series against Zero Fox Gaming in Week 5. 

RL Ireland (4-2) – 4th

After sweeping eMerge Gaming, RL Ireland narrowly missed out on becoming the first team to beat Shadow Esports in a series this season, after being beaten in Game 5. This can show that this RL Ireland side should not be approached easily, and they’ll face Donde Esports and Fearless Esports this week to prove that they should be ones to consider for an outside shot at a Top 2 position.

Game to Watch: Reflux vs Fearless Esports

In this week’s features series, we’ll see two teams that are both on four wins and two losses go head to head in what could be a vital series when it comes down to deciding the final positions at the end of league play. Reflux will be coming into this series coming off of two victories with their new player NuggeT, giving them optimism for this series. Fearless, on the other hand, have had mixed results as of late, narrowly beating out Zero Mercy before losing to regulars in Game 5.

Prediction: Reflux 3-1 Fearless Esports

Predicted Top 6

  1. Shadow Esports
  2. Fort Templar
  3. LA Gaming
  4. Reflux
  5. RL Ireland
  6. Fearless Esports


Written by Brun

With a week away from halfway through league play, teams begin to settle into spots in the gamma conference. Teams like Silverbacks and Zero Fox Gaming continue their dominance by continuing undefeated records whereas teams like Disconnected eSports, Overture and Puncture struggle or even fail to get wins on the board. From here on out, the conference will show a pattern and many teams will stay where they are in the standings. Disconnected eSports transferred high DSN player Motion for Will, Tofu And Family sign Cheggers and Shaman Esports sign Zerkoh in replace of Brandon this week as we see the opening of the transfer market come into play.

Silverbacks (6-0)

4 wins away from a guaranteed playoffs position, this team is yet to lose a game, with an outstanding 85.71% win percentage. However, some may argue that this team hasn’t faced any threatening teams, which would be correct. Silverbacks have played Shaman, The Neon Flamingo, Puncture, Elysian, Tofu And Family and Disconnected eSports, with none of these teams having a positive record. However, that will change this week as they play Zero Fox Gaming who are also undefeated. A win here will pull them above the rest of the competition and will be extremely good if they want a guaranteed playoffs spot. With Jacksean at the forefront of the team at 2022 DSN, he is sure to be the key player for the team and he will need to play perfectly to ensure they win their tough matches.

Skorch Esports (5-1)

One of two teams with a 5-1 record, these guys have only lost to a forfeit. Kephi the top spot on the Team Of The Week this week and has proved himself to be one of the best master players and a good asset to the team. They play Built By Us and Elysian this week who are both tough teams. However, this should be a comfortable week for Skorch as we should see them pull away from the rest of the competition. This team also has former Master grand finalist Cruzey on the team, as he lost to Reflux in the grand finals with Bad Karma last season, this shows the team packs a hell of a punch and is looking like one of the strongest rosters this season. They need 5 wins to secure a playoffs spot and they are in a good position to do so as they are yet to play some of the bottom table teams.

Built By Us (3-3)

A potential dark horse in the competition is Built By Us. With the main roster consisting of Goldie, Shane and Sideline this team is relatively close in DSN compared to other teams and have no obvious “carry” player. This means that the team is less reliant on a particular player playing well and will have to work as a team if they wish to take out big-hitting teams. They are yet to play Dexterity and Silverbacks but still have a lot of bottom table teams yet to play. This means they will have to pull out an upset or two if they wish to have a chance at playoffs and will need to hold their ground against the lower teams. 

Tofu And Family (2-4)

One of several teams this week that have made a roster change, Tofu And Family hope to improve their results with new player Cheggers settling in. However, things have not gone well this week as they fall to Override and Silverbacks with their new player. This shows worrying signs for the team but they have plenty of time to bounce back and improve their results. They play Shaman and Hive Athens EC this week so they will need to perform an upset if they wish to push for the upper half of the table. They have a lot of high teams to play so they will need to pull out all the stops in hope of keeping this team alive. With a playoffs spot almost out of reach, is this team able to exceed their expectations?

Game to watch: Silverbacks Vs Zero Fox Gaming

This is quite possibly the best master match of the season and was an obvious game to watch pick. Silverbacks obtaining a higher win percentage, with Zero Fox Gaming not too far behind. This is sure to be an interesting match and is most definitely going to be showcased on stream. This match will help whoever wins to get above the competition and get even closer to a playoffs position. After this match, only one team will maintain an undefeated record! A reverse sweep would definitely give this match justice.

Prediction: Zero Fox Gaming 3 – 2 Silverbacks

  1. Zero Fox Gaming
  2. Silverbacks
  3. Skorch Esports
  4. Auto Celerity
  5. Dexterity 
  6. Built By Us

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