Two weeks have elapsed and we are beginning to get an idea of how the teams compare. The conferences are not looking nearly as symmetrical, and the season is well and truly underway. This article will take a closer look at some of the teams to watch, the Game to Watch for next week and lastly, a predicted Top 6 for each conference. Enjoy!


Written by Leroni


Elated Esports (4-0)

With Week 2 over, Elated is still the team in 1st place dominating the rest of their competition. This week they managed to take down Austrian Force with a 3-2 and got a FF win against Zero Fox Gaming. Besides losing their perfect win rate, their current win rate is very high with a whopping 85.71%, this team will be looking to claim their spot in the Academy and win the playoffs! Next week their opponents will be Elysian and Override Esports, it will be interesting to see if Elated will be able to carry on their undefeated record.

Galamo Esports (4-0)

In 2nd place we have Galamo that is, the other team who is undefeated but they are haven’t used their sub yet, with 4 games left and with some strong teams in their path we are wondering, how much time will this undefeated record is going to last, and what is going to happen in these final 2 weeks? This week, they went up against Overture and eMerge Gaming, they took down Overture with a 3-2 and eMerge Gaming with a 3-1. These last two weeks are going to be very crucial for them as they will face four good teams.


Elysian (3-1)

Currently sitting in 1st place, they have managed to take down Shaman Esports with a clean 3-1 to get into that spot, but they lost their perfect record due to playing against Natural Disaster and lost 3-2 however Elysian has decided to use their sub for this game, so this result is not the best, but it’s a solid result for them. This week they will be facing some very tough opponents and if Elysian has a good performance they will be able to secure a playoffs spot for themselves.

Disconnected Esports (3-1)

This team was a big surprise for me, as they were the only team to put up two main roster american players on their team but Disconnected is looking like a good team and very capable of taking down other teams in their conference. They faced RL Ireland and got a 3-1 win and against Puncture they got a 3-2 win, this was their first 2-0 week and if they can continue these results, the reward for them will be a good one. This team’s journey could go really well or really badly, so everything will be on the line for them.

Game to Watch: Elated Esports vs Elysian

The Battle of the E’s, this is a cross conference match between the teams that are in 1st place on the Sigma and Omicron Conference, this match-up will be a very intense one especially for Elated since they didn’t lost a series yet and this could be a huge threat for them due to Elysian being a powerful team. Elated is looking very good but anything could happen and Elysian could be capable of taking down Elated but it will be a hard task.

Prediction: Elated Esports 3-1 Elysian

Overall Predicted Top 6

  1. Elated Esports
  2. Galamo Esports
  3. Elysian
  4. Austrian Force
  5. Disconnected Esports
  6. Shaman Esports



Written by Oli

Elysian (3-1)

A team with high expectations at the start of the season have started to live up to them in the second week of League Play. The team went 1-1 in the first week of the season, although this may be unrepresentative as they went against the top team in Zero Mercy. They went 2-0 in the second week after a tough week facing RLI and Skorch. Both games ended in game 5 victories for Elysian and this can only be seen as a great trait for them as a strong mentality is clear to see with these clutch victories against expected playoff contenders. They are on an upwards trajectory and with an easier week this week, anything but a 5-1 record at the end of Week 3 will be an underachievement.

The Neon Flamingo (3-1) 

A team that ended the regular season as number 1 seed last season are always expected to do well in the next. Similar to Elysian they started off steady with a 1-1 first week but have gone up the gears and achieved an unbeaten week this time around. They swept Fort Templar, although all with 1 goal games, and then dispatched Auto Celerity in a 5 game series to solidify their great week. They can only aim for the regular season success they had last season, as there isn’t much topping it, and this team is in a promising state to repeat the feat. 

Skorch Esports (2-2)

As a juxtaposition from the other two writeups, Skorch’s week was a huge downwards spiral in comparison to the first. After going 2-0 in week one, against Elated and Regulars, it could be said that the week was a false sense of hope for the roster as this week they faced two teams who were highly regarded favourites coming out of the preseason tournament with Elysian, who made the semi-final, and Fort Templar, who lost in the Grand Final and ended the week without a win in mid-table. Although the Elysian game was a 5 game thriller, the game against Fort Templar was anything but a thrill for any supporters of Skorch with scores reaching 5-0 in a dominating sweep in the favour of Fort Templar. This is a week to forget for Skorch but they can always come back as momentum is constantly shifting, especially in the Prospect Division.

Game to Watch: Zero Mercy vs Skorch Esports 

Two teams who were top of the league in Week 1 are going to battle in the third week of league play. Both teams are slowing down but this could be the spark that ignites their season once again. This will be a vital game to the momentum at the top of the table and the winner will be seen as a favourite to win it all.

Predicted Top 6

  1. Elysian
  2. The Neon Flamingo
  3. Silverbacks
  4. Built by Us
  5. RL Ireland
  6. Fort Templar


Written by NeXtFoX

Week 2 is now in the past, and it’s time for our weekly article! This writeup will cover the usual team writeups, the game of the week, the game to watch and to top it off, the predicted Top 6.

As for the table, Overture leads the Omega conference, not having a single loss yet, being the only team to have no losses in all of the Prospect division.

Aardwolf Esports, Team Berserkers and Disconnected Esports come next in the top, having a 3-1 record.

As for the bottom, we see Tofu and Family, eNightmare, Donde Esports with only one win, and after those, we see Fearless Esports without a single win! Also the only team without a win yet in the whole division.

Natural Disaster (2-2)

Composed by OldhamSte, LwgKhanRL, Sebby and ViolenceWars, the team is in the middle of the table, being tied in record with seven other teams. The team won against Zero Fox Gaming (3-1) and Donde Esports (3-0), recovering from their first two losses last week against Shadow Esports and Hive Athens EC. We’ll see how next week goes!

Tofu and Family (1-3)

Composed by The Big Kahuna Tofu, TheSunderlad, EpgTV^-^ and misuto, the team is on the lower part of the table, only winning against Shadow Esports (3-1) for now. Their other match this week was against Team Berserkers, were they went to game 5, before losing the series (3-2).

Game of the week: Dexterity 0-3 Reflux

Last week, we predicted a 3-2 win for Reflux, but it ended up in a sweep for Reflux! All games went to Reflux, results being 3-2, 4-3, 2-0. Shay got the most Team MVPs for Dexterity, while CONFNT SLAUGHTA got the most Team MVPs for Reflux.

Game to watch: Aardwolf Esports vs Team Berserkers

The two teams that ended up Top 4 this week are going to go against each other next week! Both have the same record, with Aardwolf having the win rate advantage.

It’s going to be an interesting match, where the winner has the chance to get a bit further from their opponent, being able to get above in win/loss record.

Prediction: Aardwolf Esports 3-2 Team Berserkers

Top 6 Prediction

  1. Disconnected Esports
  2. Overture
  3. Aardwolf Esports
  4. Team Berserkers
  5. Reflux
  6. Shadow Esports



Written by Bendik (andasAP) and Crispy

Fort Templar (4-0)

Fort Templar currently sit top of the Delta conference with a flawless record of 4-0 and a win percentage of 75%. Last week, they played Disconnected and Shaman. A sweep over Shaman was a good result, and so was the Disconnected win despite going all the way to Game 5. Fort Templar have been ruthless these first two weeks, however, and do not look to slow down any time soon. Next week, they face Override and Regulars which looks like a comfortable affair on paper.

Fearless Esports (3-1)

After week 1, Fearless looked like a mediocre team, however, their performances in Week 2 have surely turned some heads. Last week, they beat Regulars 3-1 which was expected enough, however, their 3-1 win over Reflux was what surprised most people. Reflux have been deemed favourites to win the Challenger Division ever since their roster formed, and a win over them solidifies Fearless’ status as a high-end Challenger team.

Reflux (3-1)

Speaking of Reflux, they had a worrying Week 2 to say the least. Their scarily close 3-2 win over Shadow was just the start of a poor week, after which they lost 3-1 to Fearless. Fearless are certianly not a bad team, but any loss is a disappointment to Reflux’s standards and they will hope to bounce back. This week, they have gone through a lot of roster changes, having released Francesko and Retzy. They currently lack a roster. Can they perform with their new roster? Only time will tell.

Game to watch: Reflux (3-1) vs RL Ireland (3-1)

Both these teams sit on 3-1 records going into week 3, and sit adjacent in the Delta Conference at 6th and 7th respectively. They will both be keen to push into the top 4 spots, all of which makes this a huge game in Challenger. Reflux had a great start, winning their first 3 series, but faltered late in week 2 by losing to Fearless Esports. RL Ireland however lost in week 1, so perhaps have a bit more momentum going into this game. The other factor to take into account is that Reflux are reworking their roster, so will have a largely new lineup for this week’s games – meaning that this is a great test for their new team.

Prediction: RL Ireland 3-2 Reflux

Predicted Top 6

  1. The Neon Flamingo
  2. Fort Templar
  3. LA Gaming
  4. RL Ireland
  5. Auto Celerity
  6. Skorch Esports


Written by Freddy

Another Week of Challenger has come to an end, and to say that there was a lot of upsets is putting it lightly.

Firstly, we saw both Zero Fox Gaming and Elysian getting their first loss of the season. Zero Fox lost in a Game 5 series to Elysian so as I predicted last week, that game would have been great to watch on stream. A Game that did make it to the stream was Elysian vs Overture, where Elysian lost in Game 5, albeit with their sub.

With these two teams having taken a hit, we now see Austrian Force and Team Berserkers at the top of the conference both sitting with 4-0 records and a win percentage of 75%+.

Moving forward to next week, it will be interesting to see the fight for the Top 6 as Elysian and Zero Fox will try and battle their way back into 1st and 2nd.

Austrian Force (4-0)

A team that has not been talked about much this season is Austrian Force. Currently sitting at 4-0 with a win percentage of 80%, Austrian Force look like the top team of the Zeta Conference.

Though they haven’t really played any top teams yet, they are still cruising their way through the conference, not going to a single Game 5 as they usually close out their series at 3-1 except for when they swept Natural Disaster.

Heading into Week 3, they play Zero Mercy which is a game that they should easily have under control. The game that is going to be tough here is their game against Team Berserkers, as they are also currently sitting at a record of 4-0. This game will definitely be one to watch as both teams are looking really going after the first 2 weeks and it will decide which team will remain undefeated in the conference.

Zero Fox Gaming (3-1)

Zero Fox Gaming sit comfortably in the Top 3 with a record of 3-1 and a Win Percentage of 73,33 which is really high considering they have already played a sub-game and they have taken a loss. This team is clearly one of the top teams in the conference and it’s unfortunate for them that they did not manage to win both games this week. 

In their game against Elysian they went down 2-0 before starting to reverse sweep Elysian, by winning the next 2 games. It all came down to a Game 5 thriller where Elysian managed to scrape by 1-0.

Heading into Week 3, they play Silverbacks and Dexterity. Both games should be decent games as Silverbacks sit at 3-1 and Dexterity have managed to come back from 0-2 now being 2-2. Both games could easily end up being close if Zero Fox cannot find their groove, but if they do I reckon they will take both games fairly easily. 

Silverbacks (3-1)

Silverbacks are currently sitting with a solid record of 3-1 but their Win Percentage is everything but the best.

Going to 3 Game 5’s, winning 2 and losing 1 has really hurt their winning percentage even with their 3-1 Win against Hive Athens EC.They sit with 57,89, which could eventually hurt them in the long run if they do not manage to get the 10 wins that usually guarantees playoffs, they have to be hoping that 9-7 makes it with Win Percentage, and this is not the case for Silverbacks right now.

The team seems to be a solid team, taking teams like Elysian and Overture to Game 5, beating Overture and losing to Elysian, which makes them look good considering those 2 rosters are contenders for the top this season.

Going into Week 3, Silverbacks have got Tofu and Family and Zero Fox Gaming.

Their Game against TaF should be theirs for the taking, but the Zero Fox gaming might end up being a way harder game considering their roster just looks more well rounded and dangerous in general. Nonetheless it should end up being a good game to watch no matter the score.

Dexterity (2-2)

They went 0-2 in the first week with their sub, but after getting a new main player Dexterity are back now more comfortable sitting at 2-2 with a Win Percentage of 50. They did not have the toughest Week facing Zero Mercy(2-2) and Natural Disaster(1-3), but maybe this is what they needed to bounce back after a horrible Week. If they can keep up momentum with this current roster they are going to be a force to be reckoned with, but the question is if they can keep it up.

Next week they play Zero Fox Gaming who currently sit in Top 3, so this might be the end of the road of Dexterity’s win streak. On the other hand they play Aardwolf Esports who currently need 3 Main Players so as of now that should be another free win for Dexterity. Most likely they end their week 3-3 but if they manage to go 4-2 they will be coming with insane momentum for the rest of the season, as beating one of the top teams will be the best confidence they will get. 

Game to Watch: Austrian Force vs Team Berserkers

Another week another clash of the top two teams in the conference. This week we will see Austrian Force and Team Berserkers who are both 4-0 go head to head on stream. This should end up being one of the most exciting matches we have seen so far this season as both teams look really strong. This game will also decide which team will be the last to remain undefeated in the conference.

Hopefully this week we get the game on stream as both teams look really good and we could end up seeing some good Rocket League

Predicted Top 6

  1. Austrian Force
  2. Zero Fox Gaming 
  3. Elysian 
  4. Team Berserkers
  5. Dexterity 
  6. Overture



Written by Matty

LA Gaming (4-0)

LA Gaming find themselves on top of the Alpha Conference for the second week in a row after managing to beat RL Ireland and Fearless Esports this week, leaving them with a 4-0 record heading into Week 3. In Week 3, they’ll face Elated Esports and Natural Disaster, two teams who are located relatively low in the standings, which could prove to be crucial victories for LA Gaming if they are to qualify for the playoffs at the end of the season.

Shadow Esports (4-0)

Shadow Esports have also experienced success at the start of the season, remaining as one of only three teams who are yet to lose a series this season. After picking up victories against Austrian Force and Elated Esports this week, they’ll face much harder competition in the form of Fort Templar and RL Ireland this week, which should be a good indication to see how good these teams really are.

Zero Mercy (2-2)

After losing both of their Week 1 series to RL Ireland and LA Gaming, Zero Mercy managed to bounce back this week, after taking wins against Elated Esports and eMerge Gaming to put themselves on a 2-2 record going forward into Week 3. This week, they’ll go up against eNightmare and Fearless Esports, which could be a good test for this Zero Mercy side to show what they’re truly capable of.

Game to Watch: Fort Templar vs Shadow Esports

In this week’s featured series, we’ll see two unbeaten rosters go head to head to see which team can keep their unbeaten record intact. Shadow Esports will be coming into this series coming off of a positive string of victories, however, they will still know that these victories came against teams that are currently near the lower end of the table, and so they will need to be very prepared for this series. On the other hand, Fort Templar managed to take down last season’s champions Reflux in a convincing 3-0 sweep last week, which should be recognised as a statement of their intentions going forward into the rest of the season.

Predicted Top 6

  1. LA Gaming
  2. Fort Templar
  3. Shadow Esports
  4. Fearless Esports
  5. RL Ireland
  6. Reflux


Written by Brun

The gamma conference is looking to have some strong looking teams this season, as we see only 2 teams manage to scrape a 4-0 record. This will set up the conference for some fiercely close competition and will make the playoffs journey even more exciting! The top teams so far are looking quite clear to see with Silverbacks and Zero Fox Gaming taking the top spots for the second week in a row, whereas the middle of the table looks to be very unclear, with 6 teams boasting a 2-2 record. With the transfer market also opening at the end of this week, we may see some roster changes happen in the lower table teams like Puncture and Disconnected Esports.

Zero Fox Gaming (4-0)

With Marmoan at the forefront of the team, this team is doing incredibly well. Boasting a 4-0 record, this team is yet to lose a series. This team consists of Marmoan (2071 DSN), Milne (1941 DSN) and Tburger (1675 DSN). On paper, this team looks incredibly strong and has proved it over the last 2 weeks. Although being the lowest DSN player, Tburger seems to be holding his own in master this season after proving his worth by winning two challenger titles. Tburger hopes to obtain his third title this season and looks to be one of the top contenders to do so. That being said, Zero Fox Gaming are yet to face Silverbacks, Auto Celerity, Dexterity or Skorch Esports so only time will tell how they will face up to the top end teams.

Auto Celerity (3-1)

Another team which seems to be dominating this season is Auto Celerity. So far, they have only lost one series whilst playing Challenger player Rope. This team with Xegi and Antmn at the forefront seems to be dismantling teams this season as they swept Hive Athens EC on stream with stylish fashion in their first game this season. 1692 DSN player Azazel also seems to be stepping up to the plate this season as he carries an astonishing 100% win record. With hopes of playoffs looking high this season, is Azazel able to continue pushing his skill to keep up with the high DSN duo of Antmn and Xegi?

Shaman Esports (2-2)

Shaman Esports are a mid-table team. They have shown they can beat bottom table teams comfortably but have yet to meet the high-level teams standard after being swept by Silverbacks and Elysian. With the transfer market opening, this meant Shaman made a change to the roster. After week 2, they released Brandon in hopes of signing a player that can lift them out of the mid-table position. Their new player is unknown yet but they will hope that their new player can help Vyluss and Crispy succeed on their new team. With a roster change looming, is this team able to get out of their mid-table position and reach for a playoffs spot?

Disconnected Esports (0-4)

After losing every series so far, this is another team that was forced to make a roster change at the end of this week – releasing star player Motion for 2067 DSN Will. This team has lacked in skill against every team, only winning 3 games in total and getting swept twice in week 2. They will need to go above and beyond if they wish to obtain a playoffs spot and are 4 losses away from completely ruining their chances. Only time will tell if a single player roster change is enough for this team and they will need to practice a lot if they wish to do well. With hope almost lost for this team, will they be able to do enough to succeed? They face up against Dexterity and Puncture this week – if they are unable to win this week, their playoffs chances are almost over. 

Game to watch: Auto Celerity vs Dexterity

Both of these teams carry a 3-1 record and only have a 7.14% difference in win percentage – with Auto Celerity claiming the better percentage. This is sure to be a close match and the winner is a step closer to guaranteeing a top three spot at the end of the week. This series is sure to show pure mechanical talent as we have seen previously from both Xegi (Auto Celerity) and Serve (Dexterity). Serve won master last season so clearly has some experience under his belt which could give them an edge over Auto Celerity. However, Xegi himself has proved himself to be quite a strong force as he has quite possibly one of the best goals ever seen in IEL history. 

Predicted Top 6

  1. Silverbacks
  2. Zero Fox Gaming
  3. Auto Celerity
  4. Skorch Esports
  5. Dexterity
  6. Built By Us

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